Pam - A Wife's Journey

Pam - A Wife's Journey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.

Chapter8 (v.1) - Room with a View

Author Chapter Note

Having already taken a huge step on her journey to becoming a hotwife, Pam continues to open herself to new experiences and finds the opportunity to enjoy a little voyeurism further moves her along this new sexual journey.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 15, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 15, 2016



It was the morning of our second day at the casino resort. Last night Pam had fulfilled my fantasy of her fucking another man while I watched all while fulfilling a couple of fantasies of her own. 

"You ready for some more sexual awakenings today", she asked laying next to me in bed having just woken up. "I had fun yesterday with Mark and Hans, but I think you need even some more teasing, taunting and toying today. You'd better be prepared to do as I tell you today as I have some ideas in mind again today."

I went ahead and got up and showered while Pam stayed in bed and dozed some more. When I came out to let her know it was her turn in the shower I found her sitting on the bed looking at my tablet. 

"Are you looking at porn", I asked her. "No", she replied. "Well not really. I pulled up that casual encounters site you had showed me. Did you know that there are ads for guys wanting couples and couples wanting couples right here at the resort for today? You wouldn't believe these. This guy wants to watch a husband and wife fuck and then will eat her out after. Another wants to eat pussy and suck cock of a willing couple. There are a dozen of them for tonight at this resort. Some even have pictures."

I told her it didn't shock me, but wondered why she was looking. "Don't get you pants too excited", she laughed. "I'm not looking to answer an ad at all. But honestly I swear I saw this couple in the elevator coming up early this morning. They got off on the floor right below us. Says here they are looking for single or married men to join her husband in cumming on her. She wants to have a dozen guys circle jerk looking at her as they shoot all over her."

I laughed and said that sounded like something she would have written. "No, not me", she chuckled. "I'd definitely enjoy watching a dozen cocks being stroked off. All of them hard due to me. Oh yeah, that would be a turn on, but I'm not going to advertise online." 

"I am very curious," she continued, "about that couple below us however. I wonder it this is a fantasy she wants to act out, or one she has actually done before? I'd love to watch that." 

With that she got up, gave me a kiss and headed to the shower saying she really needed to cleanup. I'd forgotten she was still wearing my cum and Mark's from our little get together last night. 

A short time later Pam came out of the bathroom looking drop dead beautiful. She had on leather like leggings, black riding boots, a sweater dress that hugged her awesome ass in back and being low cut in front revealed just enough cleavage to attract slight attention. She had a bra on, but it was her very skimpy revealing one that emphasized her cleavage even more. 

"Do I look good enough to eat", she challenged me. I told her yes and if she wanted me to show her I would do do right then. "Always eager to lick my clit aren't you", she said smiling. "Not yet, but soon. You need to want it and be hurting for it first. I want your balls swollen and aching before you get any relief. I guess I liked you so excited you shot off in your pants yesterday. You might get to that point again."

We soon headed down to the casino to play slots, drink some free soda and use our free buffet coupons for lunch. Yep, Pam and I are really high rollers.

Down on the casino floor Pam went into her teasing mode, flashing me views down her shirt and rubbing her ass against my crotch whenever we stood close. She was beautiful and sexy. Today she even seemed to realize that.

We decided to take a break from slots and eat lunch at the food court. We got our food and headed to a table off to the side giving us a little privacy to talk. 

"So", Pam began, "What you want to talk about? You want me to share some more past stories? I can if you want, but do remember I did not have all that many guys, so don't think I was easy or anything. Also remember it was before I knew you and would never have happened if I had known you. It was just that once I turned 18 I knew I was not going to die a virgin if I could help it."

I told her I understood and wanted to hear more. She said, "Okay, what then? Do you want to hear about Danny the first guy that ever tried have sex with me? He came too fast and never even got it in me, so I remained a virgin. I think his cock was kind of small, but am not sure because I never felt it. Either he had a premature issue or getting my shirt open and pants off was all he could take. All I got was a load of cum on my groin."

"Or do you want to hear about Sam, my boyfriend that took my virginity in the back seat of his dad's Buick? Sam loved to fuck me, but never was much into foreplay and never brought me to a climax that I remember," she went on. "Sam had a big cock, but honestly now that I know more, was a selfish lover."

"Then there was Tom, I already told you about him and his the monster cock that filled me like I have never experienced since. Or there was the first virgin I ever had, Sean. He was my girlfriend's brother that I kind of seduced one night at her house I guess." 

"We could also talk about the second virgin I ever had, Jimmy. He was a country boy that I am fairly sure had never felt the inside of a women's pussy until mine. He was a cute heavier guy so was not overly impressive size wise, but fun to fuck since I was most likely his first."

"Or there was the third virgin I ever had", she paused, "Oh, that was you wasn't it." She laughed and touched my cock through my jeans. "Or maybe the first guy that ever went down on me of his accord. Oh, that was you too. A virgin that ate pussy. I never knew you were a virgin until you told me. You knew way more than my other virgins and sure fooled me."

"Funny, until last night and Mark, half the guys I ever fucked were virgins. I guess I need another virgin now to get back to 50/50 again", she laughed and winked at me.

"So? Which tale of my sexual past is it today? You want me to tell you now at lunch so you can grow a hard on here at the table for me", she asked. 

I told her that the way she explained she seduced Sean sounds intriguing. "I was thinking you might pick that one", Pam sighed a little nervously and started the story. "Sean was a year younger than me and had just turned 18 when this happened. I had gone over to his house to see my girlfriend and found she was not home. Sean said I could wait for her, but she was with their parents and would be at least a couple of hours until she got back."

"I decided to wait rather than drive back later. Sean told me to come in and that I could wait in their living room if I wanted. I'd always thought Sean was cute, but he was my friends younger brother so never really thought that much about him sexually at least. Now you have to remember I was a horny 19 year old that  spent time at Woolworths looking at penises in Playgirl when I could sneak a few peeks."

"Anyway, I was on their couch watching TV when Sean came into the room and sat on the other end of the couch. I don't know why, and I feel embarrassed about it now, but I decided right then I wanted to fuck him, and make sure he was no longer the virgin that I knew he was at that point. Taking his virginity was wrong, but I wanted to so badly that I acted upon my urge and made a move." 

Pam continued sharing her story with me as we sat in the food court, all the time rubbing my cock under the table, as it had grown down the leg of my jeans in anticipation. "I knew I had a couple of hours but also knew it was not going to take that long", she continued. "I slid over to him on the couch and asked him something like did he think I was cute, or some other dumb line."

"He was taken aback by my question, but did not pull away when I put my hand in his lap and started rubbing his growing cock. I boldly unzipped his pants and extracted a hard 5" circumcised cock. It was what I now understand to be of average length and I remember it had a decent bend in it, something I haven't experienced any other time."

"I was getting wet and knew time was short, so I pulled off his pants and rubbed his dick until it was as big as I felt it would get. With that I lifted my skirt and pulled off my underwear. I was not going to take a chance this moment would pass, so I then simply sat on his cock, taking that virgin meat in my wet pussy." 

"With my direction, he began thrusting his hips, causing that virgin tool to throb in my hungry cunt. It was a huge turn on to be fucking someone I knew had never had a women before. I knew he would always remember this moment and that I would be his jerk off image for years to come." 

"He came fairly fast of course, I mean a horny 18 year old virgin fucking his big sisters friend. Who could blame him? He sprayed a load of cum in my pussy filling me full of his virgin load." 

"Well, that's the story. I still feel bad I did it, although I'm guessing he never had an issue with it. He was a cute, nice guy, but being my friends brother was just too uncomfortable to go anywhere I guess?" 

She stopped rubbing my cock and got up to get us drink refills. When she returned she said that she hoped her story was okay and that I did not think less of her. I kissed her and said nothing she could say or do would ever cause me to think anything but the best about her. I smiled and added that the kinkier she was the better. She smiled and said, "Tell me something I don't already know!"

We left the food court and decided to head to the room to give me some relief from my throbbing hard on I was carrying around. 

When we got to the room Pam sat in the chair by the window and motioned me to drop my pants and give her my cock to suck on. I did as ordered and she began giving me an amazing blow job, sucking, licking and stroking my cock.

It was then I glanced out the window and saw the women we had seen earlier on the elevator on the floor below now in a room window just below us in the adjoining tower. She was totally naked sitting in the desk chair near the window of her room. Wanting to share this sighting with Pam I had her stop her tongue work on my cock and take a look.

"Yes, that's the women I saw in that online ad", Pam confirmed. "Oh, look. There is a guy there. Whoa, he's naked too."

Pam was right there was a naked man approaching our mystery women in her chair with a full staff cock that he was stroking furiously. His dick was swollen and red from the abuse he was putting it through. Pam was taking this view in and had reached under her shirt and was rubbing her hard nipples watching.

We watched a few minutes as he stroked his cock until he shot a load on the women's tits and face. Pam and I were both very turned on from his show having trouble even looking away for a minute. 

Just then we saw a second man approach the women. This man had a cock bigger than the last and was stroking his rock hard dick as well. "She found guys to cum on her", Pam said realizing the women's ad had worked. "Fuck me now", Pam added, quickly stripping naked and positioning her back side where I had easy access to her wet pussy while  giving us both a view of the women below still.

I slid my cock in Pam as we both starred intently at this second man emptying his balls on the women's face adding his cum to the first mans. 

I started thrusting into Pam when two more men came into view. Both were rubbing their cocks with the clear intent of spraying yet more cum on this women. It took little time for two more loads of cum to be deposited on this women. I wondered if that was it, but quickly realized that it was far from over as a dark completed man with a huge cock came into view.

"Wow, I bet he has a big load for her", Pam said, adding "Fuck me faster." Pam was rubbing her clit as I slid in and out of her. Her fingers were massaging what I knew to be a very hard and swollen clit.

Pam was right, this guy came buckets on the women and appeared to leave more cum than the first four guys combined.

About then, naked man number six and seven came into view. Pam smiled and told me to keep fucking her. "What a cock show", she exclaimed. "I've already seen more cocks just now than I've seen in person in 55 years. 

Number six and seven came on the women and were soon followed by eight and nine, I wondered did she get the full dozen she advertised for or not? 

At this point, even from our room, we could see the women was drenched in cum.She glistened with hot thick cum and had begun masturbating, using the cum to lube her clit as she rubbed it. She was obviously close to cumming when three more guys approached her and shot loads on her face. She climaxed while sticking out her tongue to taste these last loads. She had gotten her dozen guys and apparently had just experienced a strong climax as a result.

Pam was also enjoying this women's dozen cocks and she too climaxed as the last guys sprayed loads on the horny women below. Feeling Pam climax sent me over the top and I became lucky number 13 to shoot a load, mine deep in Pam's hot climaxing pussy.

Pam and I moved away from the window once we recovered. "Let's go back downstairs", Pam  determined. "I'd like to see if I can spot our mystery women and any of her friends."

What did Pam have in mind I wondered. Of course I would soon find out.

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