Pam - A Wife's Journey

Pam - A Wife's Journey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.

Chapter6 (v.1) - Sharing Stories on Our Casino Trip

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My wife, Pam, continues her journey towards being a Hotwife as we enjoy another casino getaway.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 14, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 14, 2016



Pam leaned over and licked my ear as we road down the elevator to the casino floor. "What brought that on", I asked my gorgeous wife. We had just checked in a few hours earlier and she was still recovering from a very special massage in the Spa followed by a strong climax on my face up in our room.

"I love you", she told me. "Thanks for setting up another weekend here so we could relax and play." I smiled and hugged her. She then told me that since I had gone to the effort to get the weekend arranged she would make it worth my time, and then gave me a knowing look.

"You are sexy", I told her as our ride down in the elevator continued. "I am at a casino", she told me continuing with, "I'll tease you and toy with you all weekend. You will do as I say, no matter what it is I ask, okay?" I nodded as the elevator doors opened and we exited to head toward the casino floor. 
Pam is a great looking woman. She wears her 55 years beautifully, but is normally not confident that other men would find her attractive. That seemed to have changed, however, with our last casino trip and how this one had started. Pam had come out of her shell and seemed to know how truly desirable she was.  When we got away from home a few hours she was freed to release her inner sexiness that at home she kept hidden,

Pam had told me our last trip that some mild exhibitionism was okay since we were not near home and seemed to not have strayed from that idea this trip as she gave me a discreet view down her blouse of her still braless nipples as we entered the casino. "There is plenty more of that to see this weekend", she told me laughing. 

It was dinner time, but neither of us were starved, so we headed over to the food court area, but decided to play slots for a while before eating. We agreed to stay in the area around the food court so we could grab dinner when the time was right.

I lost track of Pam for a while as I hit a winning streak and turned my attention to the growing cash on my voucher. I decided to move a few rows over and it was then I spotted Pam again. She was standing at the end of the aisle with a nice looking middle aged man who was rubbing her shoulder and arm. I could hear him say he was sorry he bumped into her and hoped her arm was okay. She assured him she was fine, all the time he kept rubbing her arm and shoulder.

I noticed that as he talked and rubbed her arm he was looking down at her chest and was very aware of the view her blouse presented of her pert breasts. He was intently looking at my sexy wife and all but was drooling over her. All the time he continued to stroke her arm. I know I said Pam had come to understand how sexy she was, but it was clear to me that Pam was oblivious to the effect she was having on this gentleman, or what he was hoping for. 

Pam again said she was fine, thanked him for his concern and turned and left. As she moved away I watched his hungry eyes stare at her sweet ass and saw him smile as he readjusted his pants, probably to relieve pressure from a hardening cock. 

Pam moved a few rows over and began playing another slot. I followed and was going to speak to her, but noticed her admirer was positioning himself near her as well. He seemed to want to get another look at her sexy body before she got lost in the crowd. 

I decided to text her so he would not know I was with her.


She texted me back a quick thanks for the heads up and continued playing a few minutes more. Pretty soon she cashed out and glanced around an spotted her gentleman friend. As he looked up at her she simply stood up leaning over enough to give him a great view of her bare breasts with what I was sure we're very hard nipples. She had just flashed this stranger and as she did so turned and smiled at me. 

With at she all but burst his bubble by walking directly over to me and leaning down, kissing me and giggled, "Did I make his day?" I assured her she did as he continued to stare at her round ass that was pointed at him as she kissed me. "I bet he would cum fast if I let him see them in private", she purred in my ear still bent over me. 

"I think he would be happy just to look at my breasts as I rubbed my very hard nipples. You think he would stoke off for me while I watched", she went on. "I think it would be fun to watch a guy jack off his hard cock and spray his cum from just looking at me. No touching, no contact, just his overwhelming excitement from seeing my titties. When he was done and left, you would have to service me and ensure I was pleasured to multiple climaxes."

With that she stood up, brushing my hardening cock as she did and said, "You just think about that for a while." She then motioned for me to follow her saying it was time to have some dinner as she was getting hungry. 

We ordered from the casino food court, got our food and took it to a table near the gaming floor. We were hungry so didn't talk much at first concentrating on eating. Pretty soon Pam leaned in close to me placing her hand on my cock through the jeans and said, "So did you like the idea of a guy stroking off his big hard fat chubby for me?"

She went on, "It does turn me on knowing a man wants me, wants something he can't have unless I say. I also would be interested in seeing how he jerked his dick and what it looked like. You know, clearly from a research perspective of course."

She leaned in closer giving me a view of her cleavage as she continued. "I wonder if he is long or average. Is it fat and chubby? You think he would stroke it off dry or need to spit in his hand for lube?" 

Pam was clearly enjoying this conversation and the effect it was having on me. "I'd guess his dick curves to the right. What do you think?" She went on without giving me a chance to respond. "So many questions for my inquiring mind", she laughed. "My guess", she continued, "Is he is six inches long, average thickness, circumcised, curved slightly to the right, would spit in his palm to lube up and would cum in less than three minutes if I rubbed my boobs and told him to shoot it off for me." 

"Oh and I bet his spray would go about a foot and leave a thick, creamy white wet spot on the floor by his feet", she added smiling. "Did I miss anything?"

I have to admit I was impressed. She had put some thought into this and I felt had covered most of the bases. "You didn't describe his cock's color", I teased her back. "Oh, it is pink on the head and above the circumcision scar and a darker tan the rest of the shaft", she added quickly. 

"And his balls are fairly big and hang low. They are heavy because I have turned him on so much. He would hold the base of his cock and balls in his left hand as he stroked his dick fast with the other. That give you a clear picture", she said grinning. 

I had a very clear picture actually and a swollen hard cock to match. I told her I could not leave the table to get a drink refill as my cock was swollen to full mast and I would be noticed, she reached under the table to verify my comments and said, "Quite impressive sir." 

She stood up giving me another look at her great breasts and then turned and walked away to get us refills. She was swinging that ass more than normal and it was doing nothing but making my dick even harder. 

When she returned asked if I enjoyed the view and checked my cock again to be sure. "Oh, you did, you have even let a wet spot of precum soak clear through your underwear and jeans, you horny guy." 

"You love me talking naughty don't you", she asked while keeping her hand on my leg against my stiff cock. "You like me telling you stories about my desires, fantasies and my sexual past." I told told her I did very much and she told me good, because she had a lot to share. 

"If I told you a story up in the room about something that happened a long time ago would you stand naked in front of me while I did and jerk off while I watched you", she asked. "I'd let you see my boobs, but nothing else. I need to know if you are sincere about hearing about my sexual past or not and cumming to a story would be the ultimate proof."

Well, I am no fool and quickly agreed. She told me to meet her in the room in an hour and I would have the chance to hear about her past and prove it turned me on. With that she left me at the table and headed back out to the slot floor. I watched her sweet ass as she walked away and decided to stay at the table a few minutes to hope my hard cock subsided enough to make it to the room. 

I was too turned on to gamble so decided to go to the room. Just before the hour was up I did as I was told and stripped naked to be ready for her story. 

She entered the room right on time and smiled to see me naked. "Good", she said. "Stand there in front of my chair and put your hands behind your back. You are not to touch yourself until I say so." She opened her top and exposed her hard nipples to my causing my cock to jump slightly, 

"Okay", she said. "This happened long before we met and would never have happened if I had known you or even dreamt I'd meet someone like you."

"Anyway, I was a senior in high school and had just turned eighteen, I was a very horny girl, just like now", she added laughing. "I was not going to die a virgin so, as you know, did fool around with about a half of dozen guys or so that I did have experience of some type before we met."

"So, as you I have mentioned one of the guys I was with back then was Tom. He was a friend of mine from school that was a year ahead, so had just graduated. I was not a virgin when I first met Tom, but I had actually never really ever seen a penis yet at least close up. You know as high school kids we mostly did it in a dark car on a dark road, so I never really saw one in the light."

"Tom had just gone off to a local college so had an apartment just off campus. Tom and I had never had a romantic relationship since he was a class ahead and had been dating one of my girlfriends most of high school. I knew she and Tom had at least fooled around some as she had implied that he was well endowed." 

"Anyway, one night Tom called me and said he and my girlfriend had broken up and he wondered if I would talk to him about it. I said sure and set up a time for him to come by. I really don't know what I was thinking would happen, but really just thought I could help them get back together I guess."

"Tom picked me up and we drove around and talked for a while. We visited and soon the conversation came to why he and my girlfriend had broken up." Pam paused and asked me if I was sure I wanted her to go on. I assured her I was so she continued.

"You see Tom was too big for my friend to handle. And no, she was not too small, he was just that enormous. I was shocked by his confession, but also felt a twinge between my legs that told me I was also excited. I asked him what he meant and he said he really didn't know. He had never measured it or compared it to any other guys so could only go by what she said."

"I told him I did not think it was possible to be too big and for some reason asked to see it. We were near his place so headed there to give me a chance to look at his manhood and assure him it was not an issue."

"When we got to his place I quickly had him strip and got a good look at a penis close up for the first time in my life. It was big, I mean really big." She stopped and said, "Last chance to have me stop." I told her go on and she smiled and said I could touch my cock now if I wanted.

"Okay", she continued. "Like I said it was huge. I knew it was way bigger than any I had experienced. No offense, but I know your 8" are 3" bigger than the national average as you love to tell me, but Tom had you beat by a bunch. His cock had to be growing to a good 12" or more in front of my eyes. It was amazing. Not only was it long it was very thick. I mean really big around like shampoo bottle or something."

"I don't know what came over me then, but I reached out and started stroking his massive meat. I felt my panties get soaked and knew I could not stop. It was then I dropped down and started kissing his dick. I had never done a blow job or had a cock in my mouth until then so was not sure what I was doing."

"I took the head of his dick in my mouth and licked the precum off it. I remember I couldn't get much of it in my mouth, but sure did try." As she continued her story I was now stroking my fully erecting cock slowly. I did not want to cum too soon as I needed to hear it all.

"Well", she went on, "I started sucking on his cock head since I'd heard that's what you do. I licked the tip of his cock and tried to take his huge pole into my mouth best I could while stoking his shaft and squeezing his big balls. It must have been right because it was then he shot his load into my mouth. I had never sucked a cock, let alone tasted cum, but there has to be a first time, right", she laughed watching me stroke my penis for her.

"He shot a huge load, but his dick stayed hard. I guess that's being nineteen", she commented. "I was soaked and needed to cum myself so being lost in the moment stood up, told him to lie on the floor and taking off my pants I squatted over that massive piece of meat and dropped my drenched cunt on to his pole shoving it into my pussy with all I had."

"I started bouncing up and down on his pole trying to take all 12" of that tool in my pussy. I never felt so filled up before, nor have I since, and after a few minutes was able to take him almost all the way in my hungry pussy." 

"I don't know if I had ever really climaxed before, because the feeling with his fat 12" of hot pounding cock filling me up was amazing. I came in what seemed like waves." 

"His cock was huge, hot and stretching my pussy to its max. I came again and again grinding my cunt on that tool, until I felt him release another spray of hot cum in me." 

It was right then that Pam's story brought me to a point of climax causing me to shoot my load on the floor by her feet. I watched Pam smile as she saw I truly loved her story.

"It was the only time I fucked, or sucked Tom you know. He went on to another school soon after and I felt guilty fucking my girlfriends ex. I will say however I never have forgotten that massive cock and the way it stretched me open. I sometimes masturbate thinking how that giant cock felt in me and it always gets me off", she told me.

"Looks like you got off talking about it too, so I think it is my turn", she said, with that she took off her leggings and told me to put my tongue to work. I did not need to be told twice and did as told dropping to my knees and slid my hungry tongue into her very wet and hot pussy. Her clit was swollen and seemed to demand my tongues attention. I licked her and gently fingered her, quickly bringing my excited wife to a very strong climax. She had loved telling me the story as much as I loved hearing it.

It had started out being a great casino getaway so far and I knew that there was much more to come. 




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