Pam - A Wife's Journey

Pam - A Wife's Journey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.

Chapter5 (v.1) - Our Casino Spa Trip Begins

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Pam continues her journey to becoming a hotwife on our new casino weekend getaway.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 13, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 13, 2016



It had been a couple of weeks since Pam and I had done our casino weekend where she had come out of her shell and really stepped up her sexy attitude with increased exhibitionism as well as a lot, and I mean lot, of teasing.

I'd promised her another trip back to one of Oregon's many Indian casino resorts and today was the day we were getting to start another short stay a few hours from home. I'd gotten a coupon for free buffets, a couple of nights stay and some free spa services. It seems like this would be another great trip.

Pam started teasing me and telling me that about how she wanted me to watch her fuck another guy. Sure it was my fantasy, but I knew Pam was too conservative and shy to ever instigate such a thing.

Time flew as we talked and drove to the casino resort, we arrived, did the valet and got checked in and settled in our room. Pam was beautiful as always and was acting very sassy as she was looking forward to a weekend of slot play, good food, and of course sex. I hoped it was a lot of sex quite honestly, but that would be seen. 

We headed down to the casino floor with Pam looking as sexy as ever. Tight leggings, knee high boots, a blouse with buttons available to be undone to her navel if she chose and a loose sweater that covered just enough to allow her to go braless. 

Pam is the sexiest women I ever saw. She never believes it, but from the looks she gets from other casino guests and what she does to to my cock, there is no doubt she could have any man she wanted. Her sex appeal is real and honest, the way only a mature 55 year old women could be. I love her completely and deeply, as not only is she my wife, but my best friend.

On our last trip Pam had called most of the shots and got me to do almost anything she wanted. I had some plans for her on this trip, but knew I would again do whatever Pam asked of me gladly. 

Since check in was at 4:00, we had plenty of time before dinner to start our trip off right. I had booked her a massage at 5:00 using a coupon for free services at the resorts upscale spa. We arrived a couple of minutes before the appointment time and realized she was the last appointment of the day. She got checked in quickly by a cute young brunette that told her that Hans would be right with her and then led her back to the massage area. I was told I could stay in the waiting area or come back in 45 minutes. I told her I would come back, but then decided to wait at least to start with.

Pam disappeared down the hallway, turning and blowing me a kiss as she did. She looked great with that pretty ass hugged by those tight leggings. 

I was sitting surfing the news on my phone when the brunette came back up front and picked up her coat and purse. She was surprised I had not left I think, but just smiled a big smile and told me good night before leaving for the day. She told me that the door to the shop was locked, so if I left I would not be able to get back in, but could get out any time. With that she was gone.

I sat there a minute or two and then thought I'd go on to the casino and play a few slots while I waited. I opened the door to leave causing it to beep, but then changed my mind. I instead thought I might slip back to the massage area and see what it was like.

I shut the door back and wandered casually back the direction I had seen Pam go. I found a whirlpool, a sauna and several doors leading off the hallway, but no Pam yet. 

I then heard voices a little further down the hall talking. One was Pam's for sure. The other a man with a German or Austrian type accent. The voices stopped, but I found the door they had come from and carefully cracked it slightly. 

Pam as alone and was finishing getting undressed. She then laid down naked on the massage table pulling  a white sheet over her. I knew I wanted to watch her massage, but thought I would be seen at the door so quietly slipped into the room closing the door behind me and got behind a curtained off area that separated the room and another massage table. This area seemed like a good spot to watch from as I had a great view of Pam and the entire massage table.

It was then I saw Hans for the first time. He was tall and very good looking. Brown medium length hair and a short beard framed his rugged face. I had expected a blonde young man, so Hans being dark completed and probably in his mid-thirties surprised me.

I have to admit knowing Pam was naked under that sheet with this handsome stranger going to be touching her bare skin was turning me on a lot.

He told Pam that she had purchased the full service massage and he wold be using oils and warm stones among other things soothe and relax her. He said he would be gentle, evidently as a response to something she'd said before I got into my hiding spot.

Hans adjusted the sheet so Pam's legs and back were exposed, leaving it just over her round bottom. She looked gorgeous laying there naked except for the sheet on her ass. 

Hans began pouring oil on her legs and gently rubbing her calves. I was rock hard watching him rub my wife's sexy body. He worked his hands from her feet to thighs stroking her legs much how I wanted to stroke my cock. Pam moved slightly and looked to me to be pushing her groin towards the table. I knew she was enjoying this.

Hans worked his hands up my wife's legs nearing her bottom and sweet pussy. Pam had her eyes closed and was smiling. She was enjoying his firm touch very much it appeared.

He abruptly stopped rubbing her legs and moved to her back rubbing from the top of her crack to her neck and to her sides very near her breasts. She shifted slightly lifting herself up allowing me a peak at her very hard nipples. Pam's was very turned on by this mans skilled hands. 

He added more oil and let if drizzle down to the crack of her ass which was very visible to both if us now. Hans was very intent on his stroking of her beautiful body and if I was not mistaken seemed to have a tent pole started in his scrub pants. Was this man getting turned on by rubbing my wife?

Hans moved back down to her legs and seemed to be concentrating on her thighs edging very close to her pussy. Pam subconsciously parted her legs giving Hans a view of her pussy lips that he did not fail to notice. He worked his hands to her inner thighs and brushed her pussy gently as he added more oil. 

Hans was now visibly excited and hard what appeared to be a fairly large erection. Pam was excited, but had no idea her effect on Hans. 

Hans poured even more warm oil on Pam, this time directly on her pussy which was exposed below the sheet. He moved further up her thighs and had both thumbs against her pussy causing her to moan out loud. Hans saw that as his sign to continue and slid his hands further up causing Pam's legs to spread apart more. 

Pam opened her legs yet further giving Hans a view I'm sure he will never forget. Pam shifted a little and moved one hand under her cupping a breast. Hans moved his hands up even more and at that point I am sure had inserted a finger in my wife's very wet and oiled pussy. He moved it in and out of her finger fucking her gently.

With that Pam moaned again and let out a slight shudder. I knew she had just climaxed on his hand. 

It was then that I undid my jeans and began stroking my cock. How much further was Pam going to go and what did Hans have in mind? I did not need to wait long to find out. Hans reached in his pants and freed what was a very thick hard cock. Not as long as mine, but plenty large and fat. He began stroking it with one hand while still rubbing Pam with the other. 

Pam may have known what Hans was doing, but never let on. Pam was still enjoying Hans fingers in her pussy when he could not hold back any longer and unloaded a spray of hot cum on her sweet ass. Pam may have known what had just happened, or may just have thought it was more hot oil, I could not tell. Hans then replaced his cock back in his pants and rubbed his hot seed onto her bottom as he finished the massage.

Hans left to so Pam could shower and dress allowing me time to sneak back into the lobby where Pam joined me a short time later.

"Did you enjoy the show", she asked. I must have looked puzzled, so she added, "I saw you come in and know you were watching. Knowing you were there watching is what got me off."

"Did you cum watching", she asked. I told her I would have if he had not finished when he did. "Good. I need your dick hard and hoped you had saved it for me. Let's go to the room now and finish what Hans started. 

"Hans had good hands, but knowing you were watching is why I let him go that far," she explained. I asked if she saw Hans penis and she said no, but she assumed from his one hand leaving her body that he had it out. "He came on my ass didn't he," she asked me as we road up the elevator to our room. I told her he had and she wanted to know about his cock and how much of a load he shot. I gave her the details which I could see were turning her on. Clearly the fact that he was turned on by her and I was turned on by what had happened had her juices flowing.

Pam quickly striped and sat in the chair by the window. "Eat me", she commanded and spread her legs wide in the chair giving me full access to a very beautiful wet pussy. "Lick me. Taste how turned on I am? Is my clit hard honey?" She knew it was so I did not reply and only took my place between her legs. 

"That's right, eat my sweet cunt. Stick your tongue in my pussy. You know another man had his fingers there just a few minutes ago don't you?" 

That was all it took for me. Now I'm not one to ever cum prematurely, but with what had just transpired I could not hold back. Even though I was still in my jeans I shot a load in my shorts just from rubbing my dick through the material as I ate her out. 

I must have shuttered and moaned a little because she said, "Oh my God, did you just cum in your pants?" I did not reply and just kept eating her very wet snatch. "You did! Oh God, I'm going to cum too." With that she came hard on my face and clamped my head between her thighs, holding me there as she came again and again on my hungry tongue.

I finally came up for air and crawled from between legs to kiss her. She said, "I taste my pussy on your mouth. You really like it don't you. Like eating me and liked watching Hans get me off that is." I told her I did and she hugged me. "That was a great coupon you used at the spa", she laughed. "You got anymore coupons you want to use to get me off? You know I love a special price and of course a great climax."

With that she dressed and I cleaned up do we could head to the casino. Only 90 minutes into our stay and she had cum twice and a I had a show I would not soon forget. What in the world was going to top this great start to the weekend? I would find out soon.


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