Pam - A Wife's Journey

Pam - A Wife's Journey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.

Chapter4 (v.1) - Good Vibration Conclude Our Trip

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Our first Casino Weekend comes to a conclusion with <br /> Pam continuing to come out of her shell sexually.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 13, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 13, 2016



It was still fairly early in the evening of our second night on our Oregon casino resort getaway. My wife, Pam, had used our trip away from home to come out of her shell and spent the time teasing me as well as pleasing me with some mild exhibition and role playing my fantasy of sharing her with another man.

As I mentioned in the earlier parts of this story, we still had no intention of making this fantasy a reality, or at least I continued to assume that. She continued to imply however, since we arrived, that I could be wrong about that. 

We had made our way down to the casino floor to hit the slots again. She was up a couple hundred dollars, which is huge for us. I was also up, which is also amazing since we never both seem to win at the same time. 

She was now wearing faux leather leggings that hugged her beautiful ass perfectly, a top that flattered her pert boobs showing off just enough and a long sweater over the top. I knew there was no bra underneath, but no one else would unless she allowed them. She told me she wanted to play slots for a while and would be more than willing to flash me discreetly all evening if I was interested. If not, she added, she might have to find someone else to tease with quick looks at her hard nipples or sweet ass.

With that, Pam leaned forward and offered me a view of her sweet boobies. She then told me to pick out a guy I would want to see her fuck. I looked around and spotted a twenty something slightly nerdy looking guy working as a slot attendant. She looked him over head to toe and said, "He could work. You want him to work on my slot," she laughed. "Any other suggestions?" 

I looked around some more and spotted a more mature gentleman at a slot across from Pam. I noticed him because it appeared to me he was giving Pam the once over. In fact it appeared it was more than once. He was all but staring actually. He'd looked Pam up and down and  hardly even was looking at his slot game.

I told Pam that she seemed to have an admirer and pointed out the gentleman. "He's kind of cute," she said smiling. "Look at his fingers, I bet his dick is huge." 

"You think his cock is thick too", she said teasing me. "I wonder if he has big balls full of hot cum he wants to give me." 

She kept going on about this current stranger's penis and how he could service her with it. "You think he would like to feel that cock in my juicy pussy?" 

"You want to watch him fuck me? Huh? You want to see me split open by his massive tool?"

"Do you like the idea of his fat dick stretching me open and filling my pussy full? I think you do based on that tent poll in your shorts honey." With that she squeezed my hard dick through my pants and said, "l think I have my answer." 

Pam was talking quietly, but I kept wondering if he could hear anything she said. He was still sneaking peeks at her and seemed very enthralled by her still. And why wouldn't her? Pam was beautiful. Dressed sexy and brimming with confidence in her desirability. I was close to fucking her right there, but knew better.

Pam then said she thought I needed some relief and suggested I go jerk off in the men's room stall. I suggested we go to the room, but she quickly pointed out she was busy right now. I was unsure if she meant the slot game she was playing or her admiring strangers penis. 

I was unsure about leaving her alone and didn't really think I could enjoy servicing myself in the restroom alone. I told her I'd rather hold off until she could help me. She laughed and said she understood, but I was going to need to wait then. She told me, "I need some more slot play you know."

She told me she was moving a few sections over and was going to play around some before I was going to get any relief from her. I was doing well so stayed on the slot I was playing hitting several bonuses before cashing out a good $60 more than I put in. 

I noticed that almost an hour had past since I had seen her, so I text her to see where she had gone. She said she had run to the restroom and would find me in a minute. It was late and the casino had emptied out some around midnight so I just wandered back toward the restrooms I guessed she may have gone to. 

As I got close I saw her coming out of the restroom, but for just a minute thought I could have sworn it was the men's restroom she had exited. I quickly assumed I was wrong and approached her.

She smiled and said, "You looking for me big guy?" I said I was looking for a beautiful sexy lady and she fit the bill perfectly. 

Pam kissed me and gently gave me a little tongue while doing so, then giggled. "You like the taste of my kiss and tongue?" 

I told her I loved her kisses and she gave me another long deep kiss.  

"Can you do me a favor and go to the room and grab something I left on the table," she asked. I asked what she needed and just quickly explained that I would see it on the table. 

I gave her another kiss and started for the room to retrieve whatever it was I had been dispatched for. As I left her I noticed our gentleman stranger leaving the men's restroom and heading toward the exit. I assumed it was just a coincidence and headed up to the room. It was a coincidence wasn't it I pondered?

When I got to the room I had no trouble finding what she wanted me to get for her. There on the table was a small black controller that looked like a garage door opener. Next to it was a set of instructions and a note from her. The note read simply:


I looked at the instruction booklet and found it did have a good range as she had said and offered multiple speeds. The part she had appeared to be meant to provide vibrations to her clit and inside her, I assumed, already wet pussy.  

I headed downstairs and began looking for her. I hoped to find her without her seeing me. It took a few minutes, but I spotted her at one of the kitty slots she sometimes liked, how appropriate, we would both be playing with a kitty slot in a second.

I sat a row away from her, but where I could clearly see her. Once seated I discreetly grabbed the remote and turned it to the low setting. She jumped and looked side to side with a big smile. 

She settled back in her chair and squirmed just a second before returning to her game. With that I turned the remote to a little faster pulsing setting that seemed to please Pam as she subliminally started to almost hump her chair. 

I noticed her reach under her sweater into her blouse and knew she was touching what I assumed was a hard nipple. With that I boldly cranked up the vibe to a higher setting hoping to send her over the top and into a satisfying climax. 

She stopped playing the slot momentarily and with one hand on her pretty tit and the other on the repeat bet button shuddered slightly as she climaxed hard. 

I considered cranking up the vibe more, but knew she had cum and did not want to do too much now as I wanted to use this new toy again soon.

With that she cashed out of her machine started to look for me. As she spotted me she laughed, grabbed my crotch , felt the hard cock straining against my jeans and said, "Okay, you are ready to fuck me now. Let's put that big pole to good use."

With that she grabbed my hand slid it into her blouse and let me feel her very hard nipple. "Yeah, it's time to fuck," she moaned. "After you taste my pussy first of course." 

We made it to the room in record time. She told me to strip naked and show her my big cock. She looked me over head to toe and said I would be more than adequate to fill her needs. 

"Nice cock you have there sir", she laughed. "I assume you know how to handle it. Just make sure it doesn't go off and hurt someone." 

"Let me see you stroke that big thing." I followed instructions and started stroking my dick. I knew I couldn't do it long or I would cum before we fucked. 

"You like me teasing you," Pam asked. I nodded yes and she said, "Prove it." 

"Cum for me. If I turned you on this trip then go ahead and jerk that big cock thinking about all we did. Stroke it thinking of your sexy wife and spray that load." 

I was not going to argue and told her I was close. "Good", she said. "Cum for me. Spray that load on my face. Let me feel your hot load and prove to me you are turned on by your risqué, sexy, teasing wife. Cum now and I'll know you love it."

That was all it took. I shot my load on her face, and I do mean load. I came harder than I think I ever had. She licked my cum off her lips telling me she loved taking a face full from a big cock. I told her I was always glad to oblige. To that she smiled and simply said, "That's what they all say!" 

I collapsed on the bed, exhausted from the best two days of sex I had ever experienced. Pam truly had really stepped it up and fulfilled my desires as well as hers. It had been a great weekend, 

I'll be booking our next trip as soon as we get back.


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