Pam - A Wife's Journey

Pam - A Wife's Journey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.

Chapter3 (v.1) - My Wife Totally Opens Up

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Pam and her husband continue their casino adventure as Pam becomes more aggressive and risqué in her sexual desires.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 13, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 13, 2016



It had been a great trip so far. Pam had really come out of her shell sexually and had spent our first day and a half teasing me endlessly me. Something I am very thankful for by the way. 

We had just finished another hot sex session in our room and headed back down to the casino to hopefully continue our winning ways. Pam continued to tease me in the ride down on  the elevator, informing me she had left her sports bra in the room and was topless under her heavy sweatshirt. A quick unzip proved her words were true as she laughed at my obvious excitement as she flashed her bare boobs at me. She got zipped back up just before the doors opened at the lobby and we headed out.

She told me she was going to play in the area near the buffet for a while and made plans to meet me in about 90 minutes so we could have dinner. I agreed and watched her sweet ass as she walked away to find that winning slot.

I went over to a nearby slot machine and began playing gradually working myself from game to game in a effort to find that magical game that wanted to provide me with a great win. I hit a few wins and felt pretty good about my luck. It was then that it struck me I had not seen Pam in over an hour and it was just about the time we agreed to meet. 

I headed over to the restaurant area and our meeting place and was surprised to spot Pam in a completely new outfit. I asked what gave and she smiled saying the other outfit had been soiled and she had needed to freshen up. When I asked how it got soiled, she only smiled and, as she had earlier said, just, "Believe what you will."

Now, mind you, I was not complaining about her new look. Sure tight jeans and topless under a sweatshirt had me hard, but this look took it to a new level. Black tights under a low cut sweater with most obviously, to me at least, nothing on under it. Now, to most, unless they were looking,  did not see the extent of Pam's subtle exhibitionism like I did. She was too shy to show off like some others in the casino did, but I knew she was dressing to tease and turn me on. 

With that she leaned over and told me that her tights were crotchless and that I would know first hand before the night was through. 

I was a little at loss for words as Pam continued to seem to enjoy more and more teasing me and implying that my fantasy about her being shared with another man had  possibly come true. While I truly believed she would never be with someone else, especially without my knowledge, her constant teasing left me wondering. I also wondered how I was going to know first hand about these crotchless tights she had bragged about. Turns out I would learn soon.

We choose to eat in the sports bar and got a booth near the back. It was fairly dark and we sat side by side facing that night's ball games on a dozen televisions.

We ordered drinks and an appetizer to start. Once our waiter left she said to me, "Give me your hand." 

She then took my hand and put it between her legs . Yep, no crotch in the tights. All I felt was a very, very wet sticky pussy. 

"Put you finger in me", she all but commanded. With that she opened her legs a little more and allowed my finger easy access to that sweet pussy. "Do a second finger and fuck me with them," she purred.

I followed directions, as I love to do. She then slid her hand between her legs and touched her hard clitoris rubbing it in circles gently. 

"I want to cum", she whispered to me. "Stick your finger in me deep while I rub my clit." 

I looked around to make sure the seclusion of our booth and the tablecloth gave us enough privacy for this very risqué, almost public sex act. Either I was convinced we were safe, or I was so horny I didn't care, so followed her orders and slid two fingers into her deeply. She was so excited it took only a few minutes before she closed her eyes, tipped her head back and gently closed her legs cumming on my fingers and hers.

She composed herself just before the appetizer arrived, and licking my ear with her tongue thanked me for the great climax. 

All through dinner she grabbed my hard dick under the table, gave me views down her low cut top at her hard nipples topping her gorgeous cupcake boobs and told me she was going to fuck my cock raw as soon as dinner was over. I never wanted to eat so fast in my life!

The check finally came and I quickly paid. As we left the restaurant I started to head for the elevator and our room. She asked where I was going and I told her to get that raw cock she promised. 

She said that she needed to play another slot game first and that I was to play the game on the other side. I was disappointed, but knew to do as she suggested. So far all her ideas had been amazing, so assumed she knew what she was doing this time too.

I sat down and slid my voucher into the game, all the time wishing it was my cock sliding in her hot pussy instead. I heard her say my name from the games on the back of mine and realized I could see her between the games. 

She was sitting with her legs slightly apart at first and then opened them up slightly more giving me the view of her glistening pussy I knew she was wanting to share with me. I could see her pussy lips under the sweater glowing in the light of the game screens. She does have a beautiful pussy!

Her laugh brought me back to reality. I then saw her cash out her voucher and motion for me to follow. With that I all but raced up to our ninth floor room.

As we entered the room she quickly undressed and had me do the same. With the drapes open and our room lights mostly on she told me to do her doggy style as she leaned over the table in front of the window. She was able to watch traffic in the parking lot and people coming and going as I slid my hard cock into her very wet pussy. I couldn't help but be amazed at how bold and daring my normally demure wife had become. 

"Fuck me hard," Pam demanded. "I need that big cock to fill my cunt with hot cum." 

"Fuck me deep and fast," she moaned approaching yet another of her many climaxes on this trip.

"I bet guys down there would be jealous of your luck to get to fuck my hot pussy, don't you think?" She asked me, not expecting an answer, "You think anyone can see us? You think they know you are filling my pussy now?" 

With that I came, dumping a huge load in her already wet pussy. As she felt my hot seed flow into her she came as well tightening that pussy around my cock to milk every last drop of seed from it. 

I fell back on the bed in exhaustion looking over at her pussy bent over the table with my cum dripping from it. It was beautiful. 

She stood up in front of the window bare ass naked and looked out the window. She gently touched her nipples which were hard as rocks and said, "Will you eat my pussy?" 

Even as spent as I was, I take pride in never turning down the chance to lick her sweet clit so jumped at the chance. 

She again teased me, as she had the night before, about eating her creampie filled pussy. She pointed out it appeared I had soiled her, implying that she had changed clothes earlier for a similar reason. I immediately dropped down to my knees in front of the window as she straddled my face.  

That's it. Lick my clit. Eat that pussy like you know I like. Go slow, I want it to last a while this time," she instructed. I licked slow circles on her very hard clit, realizing she was extra excited tonight. Was it from her teasing me, from the exhibitionism of being in front of the window, or had she taken another lover and was reliving that experience? At this point I did not care. I just needed to bring her off orally. 

She was pinching her nipples and fucking my face with her thrusting hips when she climaxed on my face. "Lick it all up," she said boldly. "Clean up that pussy!" 

I did as I was told and lick her juices and my cum from her pussy and thighs as it ran down her legs. She held my head between her legs, smearing her wetness on my face and in my beard.

"You love eating pussy don't you," she told me. "I'm lucky you like licking a juicy pussy, and you are lucky I like you doing it." 

"Just so you know, you will have more of my pussy to lick and clean up before we check out tomorrow. You will eat me when I ask, whenever, or wherever I ask, agreed?" 

I, of course, agreed quickly and offered to start right then. She told me she had slots to play before I got to play with her slot again.

With that it was back down to the casino to play some more games and recuperate some before the next go round.  


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