Pam - A Wife's Journey

Pam - A Wife's Journey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.

Chapter25 (v.1) - A Story Far From Over

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Pam's Las Vagas trip draws to a close.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 09, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 09, 2016



It was fairly late on our last night in Las Vegas. Pam had just helped a young man learn the pleasures of a true women and helped guide his life choice in what he felt was the proper direction for his true happiness.

Pam stood naked in the middle of our room. One huge load of cum was still seeping from her used pussy and running down her leg, while another was visible on her lips and chin. My wife was beautiful and looked incredibly sexy standing there very used with another man's cum covering her. 

"You are very turned on from seeing me fuck him aren't you", she asked. I told her I was to which she replied, "Good. I like a man that likes to watch me fuck. I also like you wanting to fuck my sloppy cum filled pussy. You are a bit into being slightly cuckold aren't you? I bet you'd eat his cum from my pussy right now if I asked you wouldn't you?" I told her that my pleasure was derived from her getting pleasure, so whatever pleased her made my cock hard. 

"Well, I intend to get lots of pleasure on our casino trips, so your cock will be hard a lot. You are going to have plenty of opportunity to watch me take hard cocks in my deserving pussy and if I choose, lick my cum filled pussy. In fact I kind of think you should eat me out right now. I'm  dripping down my legs from that massive load I took a little while ago and think that you should clean my cum filled cunt with your tongue. You should lick me out while pleasuring my clit", Pam stated firmly.

"You need to lie down on the bed right now. On your back", Pam ordered. Once on my back Pam quickly moved above me and straddling my face lowered her cum filled pussy on my awaiting tongue. Pam sat on my face directly and pushed her groin down hard. The sweet taste  of her pussy was mixed with the load of cum that had been deposited there and was now draining out of her as she rode my face. 

I was pinned to the bed by Pam as she ground her pussy hard on my face and my tongue. Pam was not in the mood for finesse. She was hungry for a climax and was bouncing her pussy on my face while rubbing her nipples. I could see she was watching the whole scene in one of the wall mirrors as well and seemed to be spurred on by the reflection. I licked her pussy and clit for all I was worth. Pam was fucking my face and I loved it.

I'm not sure how long Pam lasted before her climax took over, but for me it was not long enough. I love licking her sweet, wet pussy and can't get enough of her hard clit on my tongue. Pam was cumming however, and cumming hard. She pushed her open pussy down even harder on my face as her vagina contracted in pleasure. Pam now seemed to have all of her weight pushing down on my hungry face as she exploded in intense waves of orgasms.

Pam's climax finally subsided and she fell next to me on the bed. My face was soaked from her pussy and the massive climax she had just experienced. "I hope I didn't break your nose riding your face like that, or for that matter suffocate you. Although you have said if you had the pick of ways to die, that would be it", she reminded me correctly.

You are the best pussy eater", Pam said laying next to me. Since she had experienced several other tongues this trip, I took that as a compliment and stealing one her lines said "Thank you, and don't you forget it."

With my beautiful, sexy wife laying naked next to me, and having just enjoyed eating her to a strong climax I was sporting a very large erection inside my pants that Pam was now aware of. "You enjoyed eating me it appears", Pam said to me while rubbing my cock through my jeans. "So is this hard-on from eating my well used cunt, or from watching me suck and fuck another man?" 

Pam began unzipping my pants and with some effort, worked my erection out of the opening and into full view. Pam began slowly stroking it up and down while talking to me. "You want to hear a story", she asked squeezing my shaft firmly as she did. I assured her I did, so she began.  "Well this happened before I knew you, back when I'd just turned 18 and was a senior in high school and had not yet moved out of home and gotten my little apartment."

Pam continued her story while still stoking my cock slowly, "I was a horny young girl remember and, since I had lots of siblings, had no privacy at home. Like I told you I never touched myself until I moved out, so if I was going to get sexual release it was going to be on the cock of one of the few lucky guys you know about. My first boyfriend, Sam, was the one that popped my cherry as you already know, and other than you is the one that I had I intercourse with the most of any one."

Pam continued stroking my cock slowly as her story continued. "Anyway, I lost my virginity to Sam in the back seat of his parents car as you know. That was pretty standard, experienced boyfriend takes girlfriends virginity, girlfriend does not want to die a virgin and thinks this guy is going to be the one and only. Not a unique story I am sure." 

"Sam and I fucked kind of often for a year or so while we dated, at least when he was in town, back from JuCo. I was too willing to fuck him anywhere and anytime to please him as well as 'have sex', but that was how it was. Like I said I horny and wanted to please. He and I never fucked with a condom since I was on the pill. I remember going home at night filled with cum leaking from my pussy and staining my panties. I'd have to hide my panties and wash them out in the sink and then put them with the dirties later so no one knew." 

Pam was still slowly stroking my cock as she talked. "So I remember one night, he and I were at his parents and we're watching television or something when he suggested going into his room to 'fool around'. We were there alone so we went into his room and pretty soon were both naked in his dark room. Like I told you he sucked at foreplay, but I didn't know it back then. He had, what I remember to be a big cock, bigger than you, no offense, but he was skinny do it looked even bigger I am sure."

"So", she continued, "Sam got on top of me under his bed covers and slid his big cock into me. He pushed that big piece of meat in me and was fucking me deep when we heard a noise in the house and realized that someone had come home. I tensed up some, but he kept fucking me when all of the sudden his grandmother opened his door and asked Sam if he was already in bed for the night. He stopped thrusting into me, and laid still with me still under him impaled by his still erect cock." 

"The room was so dark that she couldn't see me under him as she continued to talk to him. He answered her questions and carried on a conversation, all while keeping his hard,  fully erect dick  buried in me. After what seemed like hours, but was probably just minutes, she left and told him good night." Pam went on with her story while speeding up her stroking on my very excited member. "Before she had the door all the way shut he began thrusting his cock again. This time faster and harder than before the interruption."

Pam was now jacking my cock off fast with the clear intent of giving me an immediate orgasm. "So", she continued, "There I was taking this big cock deep in me when he came, spraying a load of cum deep in my pussy. All the time I knew his family was just outside the door and did not even know I was there let alone being filled with hot sperm." 

It was then Pam succeeded in her mission of giving me a much needed climax. I shot my cum a foot or more into the air spraying cum into Pam's hair and on her pretty tits. Pam laughed, "You love a naughty Pam story don't you? This really proves to me nothing at all I can do is too naughty for you. The kinkier the better huh? You are one horny, horny guy. Oh by the way until our wheelchair friend in Oregon, I had never had a cock in me with someone else in the same room other than this one time." 

It was late, Pam was naked and we had to pack and check out in the morning. The smart thing would have been to get some sleep, but it was out last night in Vegas and after all it is the city that never sleeps, so why should we? 

Pam dressed quickly, just pulling on her leggings, boots, a blouse and loose sweater. She said it was late enough why bother with a bra or panties. We left our room and headed to the hotel's casino. On the ride down in he elevator I pointed out my cum glistening on her chest and on her face near her ear. Pam smiled and said, "I wonder if anyone else will notice? Or if there might be even more on me before we head to the airport."

The rest of the night passed quickly as we enjoyed the slots in the hotel's casino. Pam hit a couple of minor progressives making our lack of sleep financially profitable. Pam teased me with talk of picking up a guy to fill her one last time before we headed home, but didn't find any suitable candidates. She even flashed her boobs at me once following a jackpot before we finally called it a night and grabbed a couple hours sleep before checking out and heading to the airport. 

Our flight was right on time and being mid week  was not very full giving Pam and I the entire row to ourselves. The flight started off uneventful, but soon we were informed that due to expected turbulence we would have no inflight service and that the flight attendants would remain seated the entire flight as should all passengers.

I dozed off a few minutes into the flight, but was awakened when I felt Pam's hand slide into my fly which she had unzipped while I was still asleep. Seeing I was awake Pam asked if me cumming from her masturbating me counted as me joining the mile high club. I told her I didn't know those rules, but she was free to proceed and we could look up the club rules later. 

Pam laughed and began stroking my now hard cock hidden only by my coat that was laying across my lap now. Pam whispered words of encouragement  to me while stroking my cock well over six miles in the air. "Cum for me", Pam instructed me. Shoot a load off for your very sexy, naughty wife to enjoy. I'll lick it all up for you if you shoot for me now. Let's finish this week with a bang." Pam jerked my dick faster and brought me to a climax after a few more minutes. True to her word she caught my cum in her hand and licked it up. 

We landed an hour later and our week in Vegas came to a close. Pam had learned without a doubt she was a beautiful sexy women desired by many men, including of course me. She had become confident in her sexuality and had learned that her naughty sex play excited me greatly. Nothing she said, or did sexually too risqué and did nothing but turn me on. We would have many more casino adventures to come. I couldn't wait.


Pam's story is far from over. Look for more in the sequel, "Pam - A Wife's Journey Continues'.


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