Pam - A Wife's Journey

Pam - A Wife's Journey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.

Chapter24 (v.1) - A Higher Calling

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Pam continues her hotwife journey in Las Vegas.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 09, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 09, 2016



We arrived at the restaurant just in time for our reservations and did not have to wait but a few minutes to get in. The restaurant was busy, but not packed so we were able to get a nice booth near the Windows overlooking the Strip. Once we had ordered, I toasted Pam and thanked her for a trip of a lifetime. Pam returned the toast saying, "It has been a great trip, but I expect many more like it before our lifetime is over."

We both enjoyed dinner immensely, as this fancy meal was a treat for us. We had done a couple nice meals, but nothing this fancy during our stay. Our combined great gambling luck had given us the chance to splurge on a final nights meal before we flew back home tomorrow afternoon. 

During dinner we noticed a larger group that appeared to be celebrating a graduation or anniversary of some sort. The group caught our attention for two reasons. One, they were fairly loud as some of them seemed to be consuming quite a bit of alcohol as they partied. The second reason was that the person being honored was a very handsome younger gentleman wearing a clerical collar. 

The more we heard, the surer we were that this younger man had just completed his training and had very recently become a Priest. Pam looked at me and said, "I'm sure he will be a good priest, but seems a waste of one very good looking guy to never be able to be with a women. He is pretty hot looking don't you think." I told Pam he was nice looking for sure. 

He was in his late twenties or so and had short dark hair and deep brown eyes. He was around six foot tall and fairly muscular. He seemed to be having a good time, but we both noticed appeared distracted somehow. "I don't think he wants to be a priest", Pam blurted out. I asked where she got that wild idea from watching this young priest enjoy dinner with friends and family. 

"I can tell when a man is horny and that priest is horny", she said. "He wants a women, which therefore means he does not want to be a priest." I just stared at my wife taking in her obviously slightly crazy story. I told her she had to explain why he looked horny to her. "Well", she said, "I believe he has been checking me out if you must know. He was looking at my legs in these tights and I kind of gave him a couple crotch shots I think", Pam said smiling bashfully. 

I now got it. Pam was turned on by this priest and had been flirting with him as we ate dinner by teasing him just enough that he had evidently noticed The young priest now seemed to have trouble keeping his eyes off her. As I watched him I noticed that he did seem a little uncomfortable and very distracted from his group. He kept taking glances at Pam and seemed to be getting a little hot under the collar. Pun intended. 

The priest's party was beginning to break up about the same time our meal to was drawing to an end. Pam again said, "I don't think he really wants to be a priest. I hope he is not making a big mistake he will regret. I know never experiencing a woman's tight wet pussy wrapped around his cock is such a waste of what I bet is a very nice piece of meat in his shorts."

I paid the bill and we left the table and headed to the front of the restaurant, but both stopped before leaving to use the restroom. I entered the men's room to find our young priest inside standing at the urinal. He said hello as we both completed our business and began washing our hands. I said hello back and congratulated him on his becoming a priest. He replied, "Thanks, I guess. I mean thanks." I told him he didn't sound all that sure about his new career and lifetime calling. He suddenly opened up and began talking as if we knew each other well, instead of being two strangers together alone in a men's room. 

"I am fine, but not 100% sure as I thought I was when I began this. I mean I'm making a commitment for life to serve the church and give up personal pleasures of the flesh for life. I thought I could do it, but the lady in the restaurant near the window was really getting to me. She actually was turning me on and I even may have gotten a slight hard-on", he admitted with embarrassment.

I asked him which lady had caused his urges and he replied, "The lady in the booth by the window in the leather leggings and low cut button up shirt. She had boots on too", he added. "She was with someone, but I could not see them well. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was so, well, sexy." 

It was clearly Pam he was describing, causing me to smile. Pam had been right. She was normally right, but this one surprised me. She had picked up on his sexual attraction to her from across the room and her sexy body and mannerisms had caused the priest to be second guessing his calling. 

I knew that he was never going to know if his choice to be a priest was the right one if I didn't offer him a chance to find out right now. I asked him if he would ever consider having sex with the mystery lady, just to see if he was right about his desires, or if his calling to serve was stronger. I suggested that if he enjoyed sex with the lady, then he might be right and should not go into the priesthood. 

"She has really turned me on in all honesty. More than I have ever been, at least that I remember. But I don't know her and a priest hitting on a sexy lady is not a good thing. She could be totally shocked and make a scene. I'd be kicked out and never even know if I wanted to leave." 

I told him I actually knew the lady he was describing and felt that she might be more than glad to help him make this critical choice. He then looked at my hand and seeing my wedding ring said, "She's your wife? No, that's adultery, coveting thy neighbors wife. What have I done, I am so sorry".

I stopped him from saying anything else and explained to him, no it was not coveting my wife, nor adultery if I was there and she and I were both willing. Now I had no idea if any of this was true, but needed to tell him something as he seemed quite distraught. I told him that if he really wanted to be sure that this was his chance and that Pam and I would help him.

He was very unsure, but could not bring himself to tell me no. I told him to give it some thought and if he wanted to know for sure then to come to our room in one hour. I gave him the room number and left him in the restroom. 

Pam was waiting for me outside and asked if I was okay. I told her great and that we needed to run by the room. As Pam and I left the restaurant she spotted the priest standing near the men's room watching us walk away. "I think he is staring at me", Pam said. I assured her he was and began to share the conversation we had had with her. I told her if he was at all unsure of his calling, he would be at our room in about another fifty minutes to find out if he pleasures of the flesh were all he hoped for. "Do you mean I turned him on and he might come to our room to find out if sex is better than celibacy?" Pam asked smiling. 

We headed to our room so Pam could get ready for what she hoped would be her chance to help this confused priest make he correct calling with his life. Pam told me once in the room, "I'm not sure this is fair. If he does show up and we have sex, odds are he will quit the priesthood tonight. I mean you tell me I am 'fucking hot' don't you? I do owe it to him to let him find out, being that I was the cause of his arousal at dinner and all."

Pam got ready for his potential visit by undressing and putting on the robe provided by the hotel. Pam was completely naked under the robe awaiting his possible visit. She seemed nervous unsure if her would show. After all I had arranged this visit and not Pam, so she did not know if I had convinced him.

The time came for him to arrive and there was no knock at the door. Pam was disappointed, but said, "Well I guess he made a choice, so I helped him anyway. Let's go back down and spend our last night in the casino here." It was just then there was a soft knock on the door. Pam looked through the peephole and turned to me saying, "It's him."

Pam took a deep breath and opened the door letting him in. "Hi, I'm Pam. Nice to meet you, um do I call you Father?" He told her to call him Chris, that Father seemed kind of wrong considering why he might be here. He asked her if I had talked to her and if she was good with helping him know if he was making a bad choice going forward into the priesthood.

Pam assured him she was more than fine with helping him out. "It is my pleasure to help you know for sure. I actually consider it an honor to be able to make sure you go down the right path whatever it is." He thanked her and then kind of nervously asked what was going to happen now.

"You let me take the lead and I'll make sure you have a proper chance to know which way your life should go. Okay with you", Pam asked him. He nodded and Pam moved close to him kissing him on the lips while moving her hands to each side of his face to hold him in place. She kissed him gently as she moved her body very close to his.

Pam then suddenly stepped back and pulled her robe open. She kept it on, but with it gapping open her left breast and hairy pussy were visible to Chris's hungry eyes. He stared intently at her amazing body and I could tell was getting excited. 

"You seem to be becoming aroused Chris", Pam said pointing out the obvious. "Let me help you." Pam's young priest was frozen in place looking like her had never seen a naked women before. Who knows, maybe he hadn't. Pam deftly undid his belt and opened his pants to allow them to fall to his ankles. At Pam's guidance, he stepped out of the pants and removed his shoes and socks. 

"Go ahead and take off your shirt and underwear too", Pam instructed. "You need to be completely naked and if you get naked I will too." The priest quickly undressed and now stood naked in front of Pam. He was well built and well hung. Young and muscular with a hairy chest and a very erect cock pointing directly at Pam. His cock was uncircumcised with average to large balls hanging below it. It was a good six inches long if not slightly bigger, but was very thick. Thick actually doesn't describe it correctly. It was fat, very fat in fact. Not quite pop can thick, but close.  

Pam kept her promise, removed her robe, and now naked, stepped forward taking his cock into her hands. "You have a great cock Chris. Your dick is built to give a women pleasure. I'll show you how to use it if you want", Pam told him. Not waiting for an answer, she held his cock in both hands and stroked it very gently. Her fingers were not long enough to be able to wrap around him completely, but were still having an amazing effect on this young priest as his penis seemed to be continuing to grow even longer.

Pam led him to the bed and had him lie down on his back, while she continued to hold his impressive penis firmly in her hands. She had stopped stroking him, so evidently knew he might climax prematurely if she played with him too much, too soon. 

Pam let his cock go from her hands and instead lowered her face to his groin and the large cock she had been holding. She seemed to be examining it closely before beginning to gently blow air from her mouth onto his shaft's full length. She then tenderly licked the precum from the tip of his cock before moving away from his cock and back to his face.

It was then that Pam told Chris what she had planned for him. "To truly know if you want to give up being with women for the rest of your life you need to fully experience giving pleasure to a woman. I'm going to teach you how to please me with your tongue and once you successfully bring me to a climax, you will get to service me with this big cock." As she spoke she had reached back and taken a hold of his balls and held them firmly to emphasize her plan for him. 

"Once I cum you will be free to empty your balls into my wet pussy", Pam continued. "Does that work out okay for you." It clearly did because his cock now seemed to be leaking precum like a fountain. This young priest was clearly turned on by Pam and her plans for him. My only thought was could he hold out that long before spraying his load. 

Pam then rolled on to her back and told Chris to kiss he breasts and suck on her nipples. She cupped them in her hands offering them completely to his very eager mouth. He took her left breast into his mouth and sucked the nipple as instructed. Pam told him to lick her nipples as he sucked them which based on the way Pam was breathing, it appeared he was doing. He moved to her right breast and gently kissed and sucked it as well.

Pam then told him she needed her pussy eaten. "Will you lick my pussy for me now? Do you want to make me cum on your face and cause my pussy juices to completely lubricate my tight cunt. If you do, I am sure that big cock of yours will fit in very nicely. You do still want to fuck me don't you?"

The young priest did not hesitate and moved down her stomach from her breasts and put his face between her legs which Pam had opened wide to give him full access. She spread her pussy lips open for him, giving him a view of her beautiful pussy and the very hard and swollen clit that need his attention. 

"Lick up and down", she instructed him. "That's it, lick from the opening to my pussy all the way up to my clit. Oh, yes, that's my clit right there. You are doing fine, just keep going." He was following her expert guidance perfectly it appeared as she had begun rubbing her nipple with one hand while still holding her pussy lips with the other to help him. Pam was definitely enjoying the lesson she was moaning slightly and seemed to be nearing a climax.

He continued following her instructions while at the same time was thrusting his hips slowly against the bed rubbing his big cock on the sheets in almost an involuntary effort for his own relief. Pam had clearly turned this young priest on and he needed relief now as bad as she did. 

Pam had stopped giving him instructions and now was fully enjoying his tongue servicing her hot pussy. Pam was rubbing her nipples while lifting her hips to meet his tongue as it worked now directly on her clit. This young man of the cloth was focused on my wife's beautiful pussy and on bringing her to the climax she had requested from him. Pam suddenly moaned and held her hands on her breasts covering her nipples, but no longer rubbing them. She was cumming hard arching her back to push her pussy hard against his face. 

Pam convulsed softly for a few moments as her pussy continued to contract with her waves of climaxes. She had wrapped her legs tight around the priest's head, holding his face tight against her very wet pussy. Eventually Pam real eased her legs from his head and released him from her grip.
Pam finally spoke, "You are a very fast learner Chris. That was very well done, especially for someone who is considering giving up ever getting to do that again. What a shame that would be. I know there are lots of women that would love to cum on a tongue that skilled. I'd do it again for one." 

"Let's see how you are at fucking now", Pam said. "If you fuck pussy as well as you eat it, then you are one stellar lover." Pam then rolled over on her stomach placing two of the big bed pillows under her to lift her ass high for his easy access. Once in position, Pam told her young priest lover, "Go ahead and fuck me. Push your cock in me, but do it slow. I'm wet, but you are very big."

I had noticed that when he moved up the bed to position himself behind her that had left a very big wet spot where he had been rubbing his cock against the bed earlier. I wondered if this was  just a pint of precum, or if he had fucked the bed to a climax of his own. Either way he was still rock hard now and ready to fuck my wife's wet pussy with his fat, hard cock. 

"Be gentle going in", Pam requested surprising me with this request. I'd not had a request of this type since our first time together when she had told me not to hurt her as I was entering her for our first time. I did understand however as this young priest's cock was very fat and even though Pam was drenched, it was sure to stretch her pussy to its fullest. 

Come on, fuck me. I need your fat cock in me. Show me how you can please a woman with that monster dick", Pam demanded of her priest lover. With that he moved behind her and placed the tip of his cock against the opening of her dripping pussy. He started pushing his cock into her slowly going in an inch or two before withdrawing only to push in again slightly deeper. 

Pam braced herself against the bed as he continued to work his very fat cock deeper into her pussy. He was determined to get his thick pole in Pam, and she was determined to take his meat fully into her. "Give your cock, put it in me all the way now", Pam instructed him. Hearing her urging he pushed one last time and buried his tool in her balls deep. 

"Oh, yeah, that cock feels amazing. You are stretching my pussy wide open." Pam moaned to her heavenly lover. "Fuck me. Fuck me fast and deep. I need to cum on that big cock." With Pam's encouragement the Good Father began thrusting his fat, thick monster into Pam hard and fast just as requested. 

He grabbed her hips in his hands and pulled her ass to his groin the ensure each thrust penetrated her as deep as possible. His big balls were slapping on her ass with each thrust as Pam continued him to encourage him by saying, "That's it fuck me hard. Give me your cock. I need you to fill me with your cum. Come in me." The priest's big cock was now pounding Pam's pussy for all it was worth. 

Pam began climaxing and climaxing hard! Pam moaned, "I'm cumming. Fuck me!" It was then that Chris pushed once more deep into her and too came, crying out "Oh God!" He held his cock deep in my wife unloading his balls into her contracting cunt. Pam pushed back against his spasming cock taking his full load deep in her wet and willing pussy. 

He held his cock in her until the last wave of his climax past. He then pulled out leaving her stretched pussy to flood out a mixture of his cum and hers. He rolled off her onto his back and began to cry. Hearing him sob softly, Pam moved to his face and kissed his forehead telling him he was a wonderful lover. 

He told her that sex with her was amazing and that he did not want to give up being able to make love to a beautiful woman like her. He was upset that he had failed his calling to God as a priest, but was also relieved he had found out when he did. He thanked Pam for showing him that he was not meant to be celibate and needed to provide and receive pleasure in the arms of a women. 

We all talked for nearly an hour about his future. He and Pam were still naked as we talked, but no one seemed to notice. Chris was going to inform the Church of his decision in the morning as he was sure that he was making the correct choice. Chris had relaxed with the decision being made in his mind and expressed his gratitude to Pam and me for helping make and supporting this important choice. 

Pam hugged him, saying, "I am so glad I helped you. You are a great lover that should not be lost to women in need of a giving partner." Pam's hug stirred Chris's penis which began to rise to attention once more. "My, my", Pam said reaching down and squeezing his now erect cock. "I think we should celebrate your decision with a congratulatory blow job. Would you mind if I sucked your cock and drank down a hot load of your cum?"

He of course made no effort to stop Pam from lowering her mouth to his fat cock. Pam began stroking him with her right hand as she sucked his cock while fondling his balls with her left. Chris laid back on he bed and closed his eyes as my beautiful wife worked his cock to climax. 

Pam knew he was not going to last long and was close to cumming. Pam was a great cock sucker and knew how to drive a man crazy with her mouth. She toyed with him for a few minutes before sucking his cock harder causing him to cum and shoot his seed into Pam's mouth. While Pam swallowed on occasion, it was not something she normally did. In this case however she seemed to be starving for his hot cum. She sucked him dry greedily drinking down his man seed. 

Pam licked his cock clean of the last few drops of cum and said, "Congratulations Chris. You now know the pleasures of a woman. You will make the women you bed very happy."

We all talked a few moments more before Chris thanked us again, dressed and made his way from our room, this time without the clerical collar he had worn in. 

I hugged Pam, who was still naked, and told her she had done him a great service as he was about to make a choice, that for him at least, would have been the wrong one. Pam looked at me and said, "What can I say? It is my duty to help those in need." 








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