Pam - A Wife's Journey

Pam - A Wife's Journey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.

Chapter22 (v.1) - In Hot Water

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Pam treats her husband to a relaxing visit to the casino hot tub.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 08, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 08, 2016



The rest of night five was fairly uneventful gaming wise as we worked from one casino to another staying mostly even to slightly up. Pam had promised me a chance to bury my hard cock in her sweet pussy once we got to the room. Something I was not going to let her forget.

It was fairly late when we finally made it to our room, but not too late for me to want to make Pam keep her promise of letting me feel her tight pussy wrapped around my hard dick. "You enjoyed watching me suck and fuck the band didn't you?", Pam asked grinning. "You love to watch me get off. You always said you loved me getting pleasure most of all and this trip has proved it. You get off on me getting off." 

I told her that I always had made that clear. Her climaxes made me cum, plain and simple. Anyway she wanted to do to get off was fine as long as I was with her, participating or watching. If I needed to lick cum from her pussy to get her off, then I was good with that. "Whatever 'Mistress Pam' wants", I teased her.

"In that case I need you to use that big hard cock and add some more cum to my pussy", she said. "You UP to that? Can you put your load in my already well used cunt? Let's see that cock of yours."

I quickly dropped my pants and exposed my very hard and horny male member. My underwear was now mostly dry from me cumming in them hours earlier at Pam's direction. "Take all your clothes off", Pam instructed in no uncertain terms, while undressing herself. "Let me see that dick up close."

I walked to the sitting area by the bed where Pam was standing, now naked. It was near the suites oversized windows which were floor to ceiling that currently had the curtains pulled wide open. "Get closer", she now softly requested. As I moved to her we hugged and she placed my hard cock against her belly and held me very tight. "I love you so much" she said squeezing me even tighter against her. "Thank you for being my husband, best friend and of course my fuck buddy. You are great at all three you know." 

We continued holding each other tightly and began slightly swaying to the music on the radio that had been left on by the house keepers as they did everyday. We held and danced close until the song ended. We both laughed when the next song started and it happened to be by our progressive rock band friends that Pam had just hours before become very intimately involved with.

"I guess that is our sign for you to get to work with that very large cock", Pam said stepping back from me slightly to let it fall from against her and point at her instead. "Carry on sir", Pam said grinning as she laid back on the bed and opened her legs to expose her still wet and cum filled pussy to my view. I moved forward and lowered my face to her pussy as I normally did before sliding myself into her, but was gently stopped by Pam.

"I've been licked twice tonight, but only fucked once", Pam explained. "I need your cock in me  now, if I need more after that you can watch me masturbate like we discussed earlier. Come on over here and fuck me. Give me that big dick. I made it wait while you watched me take two other cocks at once, so your cock deserves its turn to fill my pussy too." 

I slid between Pam's legs and thrust my very hard cock fully into her wetness easily. Despite my job in 'cleaning', it was still wet from her excitement and the band member's huge load deposited there hours before. I was once again enjoying my new treat of sloppy seconds and knew I might not last very long before adding my cum to her pussy as well.

Pam seemed to want me to cum quickly as she was pushing her hips against me as I thrust in to her and had grabbed my ass to pull me deep in to her. On top of that she became very vocal and was talking to me as we fucked which she often did knowing it turned me on to the point of no return. 

"Come on fuck me harder", Pam moaned into my ear. "Fuck my pussy with your big cock and shoot your load into your wife's well used pussy. You liked watching me suck off that guitar player while the singer fucked my pussy from behind didn't you? You loved watching them both cum in me. You get off on other men wanting to please me and me getting pleasure don't you?"

Pam continued talking as I was now very close to cumming. "That's it fuck me deep. Shoot your load in me with that singer's spunk. Cum in me now. Don't hold back, I need your hot cum!" With that I pushed once more and shot off deep in Pam's pussy, adding more cum deep inside her now contracting pussy. Pam and I both moaned as we climaxed together. She wrapped her legs around me and held me deep in her seemingly to ensure she got every drop from my spasming penis. 

Pam held me tight until we both finished climaxing. She released her grip and I rolled off her and ended up next to her still hugging my beautiful sexy wife. I told her how amazing she was and she laughed and said "You are so sweet. You make me feel so sexy. I could never enjoy sex this much without you being there for me. It is you being there taking part by participating or watching that gives me the confidence to be sexual." 

I told her I did very little, but encourage the release of this new sexy Pam and that she was 'fucking hot' all by herself. I then asked if she was still going to masturbate for me still. Pam laughed and said, " Not now. I'm more than good, but I promise I will touch myself for you before we leave Las Vegas. I'll let you watch me cum on my fingers if that is what you want." I assured her it was and we were soon drifting off to sleep. 

I woke up about six hours later to the sound of Pam in the shower. She definitely didn't want to waste our last full day in Las Vegas sleeping I thought to myself. I got up and went into the bathroom to tell Pam good morning. She was standing in the oversized glass shower washing her hair under one of the three different shower heads that were raining down hot water on my very hot wife. My cock started reacting to the beautiful view and began to swell and rise.

Pam rinsed the soap from her eyes and looked out of the shower at me and laughed saying, "Are you up already? And by 'up' I mean that woody there in front of you."  Pam finished and stepped from the shower, wrapping a towel around her. "I hate to waste such a nice hard-on, but we have places to go still before we leave", she said. "Your cock might just to get to stay hard all day. I enjoyed keeping you hard a lot the other night so might try it again, who knows" 

"Here, help me dry off", Pam requested undoing her towel from around her. Get my back for me. I love Pam's back so drying her naked shoulders and back did nothing to decrease my now even firmer erection. "Don't forget to dry my boobies", she said smiling as she watched me in the mirror. "Get underneath them, and don't forget to dry my inner thighs as well." I dried Pam off with the towel continuing to rub her with it even though she was dry. I would have continued for quite some time left of my own accord, but Pam stopped me saying, "Okay, your work is done here for now. Go ahead and take your shower and let's go get something to eat." Seeing me smile and look between her legs, she quickly added, "I know what you want to eat, but that will need to wait a little longer too. Come on get ready."

I showered and dressed fairly quickly and we were soon ready to head out for day six of our Vegas adventure. We had no show tickets for tonight, so did not have any specific need to go one direction down the Strip over another today. As such, we decided that we would just stay in the area around our hotel today and revisit some of the casinos we had liked the best so far. We were both feeling a little tired of all of the walking and thought staying close would give us more time to play as well as save our feet.

We were hungry so decided to eat an early lunch before venturing out. We had seen a nice little burger restaurant in the shopping mall connecting our hotel to several others so headed there and got a table. After placing our orders, I again worked the subject to sex since, well, that's what I do. 

Pam laughed as I brought up the subject, saying, "I could have guessed that's what you wanted to talk about. Anything in particular?" I told her it didn't matter, but not to forget the promise to masturbate while I watched before we left. "I still have 30 some hours left to accomplish that mission, so I am sure, unless I get off some other way, it will happen" Pam assured me.

"You realize", Pam informed me, "I've had six different penises in me, counting yours, since we got here. Until two months ago I only had six in my first 55 years. You have really made me a naughtier lady it seems." I told her I didn't do anything, but help her allow the sexiness I always saw to be finally be visible to others.

Pam grinned and said, "Well if you put it that way, you know every one of our little sexual activities here has been done for the betterment of mankind." I looked a little puzzled I guess, so she continued. "Well Robert, even though his penis wasn't one that was in me, was to come to the aide of a lonely older gentleman missing his wife. And the was doctor was just a medical procedure." I nodded in agreement as she added, "I did a great service in teaching the room service delivery guy how to pleasure a women and gave him much needed experience since he had never been with a women."

"And you know it was 'Mistress Pam's' duty to provide Devon with more control in servicing a women with his monster cock", Pam continued sighing slightly as she relived the memory of his large penis, "And of course being a band groupie for our two rock stars was only to give them inspiration as they go back and cut that new album." 

I asked her about the guy she dirty danced with in the bar and she replied, "Hey, I can't help it if the guy couldn't control himself simply dancing with me." I laughed hard and agreed with her, then reached out and held her hand telling her how much I loved her. "I know you do, and I love you too. Our meal arrived cutting our conversation short as we ate. We discussed our rent active plans for the day. 

"I'm tired of all the walking and want to stay in this area for the rest of the trip if that is okay", Pam asked me. I said sure my feet hurt too and in fact I'd love to soak them. Pam jumped at he idea saying, "Let's do the hot tub in the hotel spa. It's free with our room you know. Since we have the suite and the all access pass." I agreed and asked her when she was thinking of using it. "I want to play some games now, so later. Maybe we can go across the street and play at those two casinos again, grab some dinner at that restaurant we were thinking of trying and then come back to our hotel and try the spa. We need to check the hours, but I think it maybe open all night."

We finished our meal and made the short walk across the street to begin playing some of our favorite games in a casino we had done well in a few days before. As the afternoon proceeded we worked our plan and tried our luck at a couple of other casinos before making our way to our hotel. I'd had a great afternoon at the slots and was feeling pretty good about my winning streak. 

It was late afternoon when we to headed to our room to change for the spas hot tub. I suggested we soak in the tub for while and then enjoy a nice dinner to celebrate our winnings and our great trip. Pam thought that was a great Ida so we quickly changed. Once in our suits we both coved up with robes and made our way to the hot tub to soak our tired legs and feet. 

The pool area of the spa had a large hot tub along side the big indoor pool. This area was adults only in the evening so the pool and hot tub were devoid of any families with children. There were a couple people swimming laps in the pool, but the hot tub was empty so we went ahead and got in the warm churning water sitting shoulder to shoulder looking toward the pool and through the large glass windows on the other side that gave a beautiful view of the Las Vegas Strip now starting to lite up in bright inviting lights. 

"This feels good", Pam said snuggling even closer to me under the warm water. "I've had a great time. Thanks for arranging this week." I told her I had fun as well and that we would need to do more weekend casino trips once we got home to Oregon. 

We both closed our eyes and just sat enjoying the warm jets moving the water over us. I thought Pam might have dozed off when I felt a hand reaching up the leg of my suit toward my now slightly stiffening penis. I opened my eyes and found that Pam had her eyes closed, but was very much awake. She was smiling as her hand found its prize and squeezed my rapidly hardening cock inside my swim trunks. 

Pam squeezed my cock hard in her hand and began slowly stroking it up and down until it was fully erect. "You have a very good cock", Pam said complementing the now hard member in her hand. "I hope you don't mind me playing with it", she continued. "You know that with the water bubbling like this no one can see into the water so even if I pulled that out of your shorts only you and I would know." As she said this she slid my cock out of the left leg of the trunks freeing it to be now fully stroked by her.

Pam was now moving her hand up and down my cock faster, moving me closer to releasing a load into the warm spa waters. Before I could cum, Pam let go of my cock and reached back into my swim suit squeezing my balls firmly. I jumped a little from the sudden pressure, but did not mind her firm grasp. Pam then said to me, "You understand your cock and these balls are mine to enjoy. I know you like me to be risqué and there is nothing too naughty I can say or do."  I nodded agreement. "Good", she went on, "I like getting pleasure and need you to remember that what I want I get. Like you have said you get pleasure from me getting pleasure, so that's what is going to happen from now on. Deal?" 

With this Pam squeezed my balls harder and then abruptly moved her hand from my hard cock. She shifted her weight slightly and slipped her hand between her legs as she pulled her suit to one side to allow access to pussy lips. I could not see her fingers working below the water, but knew that she was opening her lips to the touch of her fingers. I realized now that Pam intended to masturbate in the hot tub next to me rather than jerk me off as I first thought was going to happen. 

Pam shifted around even more and was positioning her pussy in front of one of the many  hot tub jets. I could tell what she was doing and was a little surprised as she always had said that she didn't think that the jet sprays would feel good on her pussy, but here she was giving it a go.

I asked her if she was okay as she moved around. "I'm good. These jets feel really good the way they are hitting me and I think might bring me off. You wanted to watch me cum so you might just want to pay attention and enjoy. You are not to cum however."

Pam let this jet spray on her hard clit which she had exposed by parting her sweet lips apart with her fingers. She began slightly moving her hips against the jets as she also used he right index finger to massage her hard clit gently in conjunction with the water spray. Pam was touching herself faster and pushing against the pulsing jet spray as she  brought herself off to a strong climax. 

She quickly moved away from the jet and sat back down in the seat in the tub. Once she calmed down from the climax, she turned her attention back to me. "Whoa, I didn't think a water jet could feel that good. Your cock still hard, I hope", she asked reaching down to my groin again. "Yep, still hard. I think I can help with that."

Pam began stroking me again as my cock was still sticking out the leg of my trunks as she had left it. "Here move over some", she suggested, having me slide a little over her direction as she moved to give me room. "You feel that", she asked positioning the underside of the head of my penis directly in front of the jet she had been sitting on a few minutes ago when she had climaxed. Pam held the base of my cock allowing the pulsing spray to hit the bottom of the head of my cock. She moved my erect pole so the the pulsing was hitting the most sensitive part of my shaft.

I groaned softly I guess causing Pam to say, "Oh you do feel that, don't you. That is the jet nozzle I just climaxed on you know. It has a great pulsing spray that feels like a strong massager don't you think? Seems your big hard cock likes it a lot. He feels huge in my hand. In fact he feels very, very big right now. I bet that would feel really good in my pussy don't you think?" 

I was close to climaxing and while I loved the idea of my cock deep in Pam, she made no attempt to stop masturbating me on the pulsing spray. Pam then turned to me and kissed me hard sliding her tongue into my mouth before moving back and saying, "You need relief now don't you? I've turned you on so much this trip your cock can't get enough. Go ahead and cum for me. Spray that load into this warm water." 

With that she began moving my aching cock over the water jet faster as she moved it closer to the spray. The feeling was intense as she worked the spray directly on my now throbbing cock. "Shoot off for me", Pam instructed. "I'll let you eat me later if you cum right now." With the jets hitting my hard cock and Pam's encouragement I could not hold off and shot a load into the swirling warm water. 

Pam smiled broadly as my cum mixed with the hot tub water. "Very nice", Pam said. "Looks like you are going to get to eat me tonight. I need to keep my promise you know." 

Pam then suggested we showed dress for that nice dinner I had suggested. And with that it was off to our room to cleanup and continue our Vegas adventure. I couldn't guess what might happen next.






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