Pam - A Wife's Journey

Pam - A Wife's Journey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.

Chapter21 (v.1) - Rock Hard

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Pam pushes being a hotwife to a new level and her husband has no complaints.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 08, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 08, 2016



It was the morning of our fifth day in Vegas. Our trip had successful on the casino floor as well as sexually so far and we both expected more of each to come during these next few days remaining.

As Pam had said numerous times, we didn't come to Las Vegas to sleep, so got up fairly early, cleaned up and headed out to try some of the other casino hotels we had yet to try. Since we had backstage VIP passes to a classic rock festival this evening we determined we would slowly work our way that direction and end up the afternoon at the hotel-casino that was hosting the show.

Pam looked great as we headed out. Ass hugging leggings with boots, topped by a lower cut shirt and light sweater made her once again cause men's heads to turn and my cock to stir. I was so proud to be married to this sexy lady that other men desired. Pam looked hot and seemed to realize it today. 

"We have VIP passes for the show tonight", Pam reminded me as we were walking down the Strip to our first stop. "I bet one or two of the band members might like a new groupie don't you think? Maybe something to play with besides their guitars." I smiled as Pam continued to tease me with her thoughts about meeting these various classic rock band musicians later tonight. 

"You wouldn't mind if one, or two of them needed help working off a little show related stress would you? It would be my duty to the betterment of classic rock", Pam said smiling and holding my hand tight as we neared our destination. "I tried looking the bands up while you were getting ready this morning. Did you know there were sites that discuss rock performers penis sizes?" 

I told Pam that I was unaware of that fact and asked what she had found out. "Well", she began, "The drummer in the main act tonight is said to be hung like a horse, a big horse. And their base player has that long tongue of course. Rumor is he has great control of his tongue too." 

I asked if she had heard about the opening two acts and she said, "Nothing too detailed on the other two bands. At least that I found looking quickly. I'm not as good searching as you though." We reached our first casino so our conversation about rock penises came to an end and we began searching for slots that we enjoyed playing. 

We played about an hour and decided we wanted to move on to another casino since this one did not have a lot of games we liked and seemed slow to provide bonuses as well. It was close to lunch time so we decided to stop and take a break to eat an early lunch. We found a quiet booth in a nice little fast casual restaurant at the next hotel-casino we stopped at and placed our order.

While we were waiting for our food, I turned the conversation back to Pam's penis research asking if she had really looked up facts about famous and semi-famous penises. "Of course I did", she proudly announced. "You know I like to learn and have an inquisitive mind. Besides that, I told you I have always been interested in a good penis. I told you even before I moved out of home as teenager I would sneak looks at Playgirl Magazine in Woolworths while shopping. All in the name of research, of course. It's just faster and less public to use the Internet now rather than a store's magazine rack while your mother shops." 

I told Pam I loved the fact that she had always been so interested in sex and still was. Pam agreed saying, "You and me both. When I was 18, I was determined I was not going to die a virgin so, as I have shared in more detail than I thought I ever would, I did have a few, let's call them 'flings'. Even then you know I never masturbated until I was probably 20." I had forgotten this fact, if I knew it at all and asked her why not.

"I had a lot of siblings and of course my parents were home a lot, so never had enough privacy to feel comfortable touching myself", Pam shared. "Masturbation would have been a really big taboo and not something I dared do at my parent's home growing up."

Pam looked at me and laughed, "I know instead of me masturbating in the bathtub at home, I went out and fucked in a Buick. I consider that showing initiative and taking care of a couple of problems at once. I needed sexual release, and did not intend to die a virgin!" I laughed and agreed. "Besides", she went on. "If I had not had those experiences with guys before we met, you might still be a virgin 35 years later."

Our conversation got interrupted by our food arriving, but soon turned back to sex thanks to my prodding a little I guess. I asked Pam about masturbating for the first time and what she remembered. "That was a long time ago and I have masturbated a lot since then you know", Pam said. "I never had a vibrator, so I am sure used my fingers. I think I have always touched myself with my right hand while touching my breasts with the left."

Pam suddenly stopped and said, "Is this what you wanted to know?" I assured her it was so she continued. "I just don't understand women in porn movies that don't touch their nipples to get aroused. Maybe mine are more sensitive than most, or maybe porn actresses are not getting pleasure and only acting. You'd think the amateur stuff we watched they would be getting off, but only a few seem to touch their breasts much at all. Anyway I digress."

Pam continued as we ate, "Okay, I am sure the first time I touched myself was in my bed at my apartment I got after I graduated high school and got my first full time job. That was not all that long before we met actually. Okay, details. Well I would have used the right hand on my hard clit and wet pussy", Pam smiled as she emphasized the words pussy and clit for my pleasure.

"I thought you'd like to hear this story with a little added detail", she said while brushing my hardening cock through my jeans with her hand. "I see I am right. So, where was I. Well I don't know if I would have been naked, honestly probably not. I most likely I was in pajamas and panties, but took off the bottoms to have full access to my pussy. I would have rubbed my nipples under my top as you know I am fairly shy."

I urged Pam to go on. "Well", she continued. "I am sure I was in the bed naked from the waist down, but covered under the sheets and blanket. I'd read a lot of books with sex scenes, so I knew enough to get started and then once you begin the pleasure just kind of takes you the right direction I guess."

"I don't remember all of the details, but I do know that the first time I masturbated I climaxed. I mean really climaxed hard like I never had before in my life", Pam said almost shuddering slightly from the memory. "I'd kind of cum before, but never fully I guess. Touching myself was much more intense than anything I'd ever experienced before. It was so much better than anything else, at least until you taught me the joys of cumming on a willing tongue."

"I still enjoy masturbating occasionally. On my fingers, or with a little discreet vibrator is fun from time to time. I know you love watching me play with my pussy too which adds to the fun. Looking up and seeing you stroke your hard cock while watching me finger my hard clit and nipples is a thrill. Knowing you are turned on by me is a big kick", Pam said as she again checked my cock for hardness. "Good, still hard. What is it they say? A good penis is hard to find and a hard penis is great to find." 

We finished eating and headed in to the casino to check the slots out before moving on down the Strip further edging slowly closer to the nights concert. We both started having good luck so stayed put in this casino longer Hagan we planned. A few hours past when Pam ground me and suggested we head to the hotel hosting tonight's show. 

We headed down the street past another half dozen major casinos before we got to the one with our classic rock concert. The show was three bands from the 70's. The opening act was a band we both liked, but had never seen. They had numerous top twenty songs we both liked so we're looking forward to their set. The second band was a progressive rock band that Pam and I had followed and seen in person on several occasions and were really excited to see again and meet backstage. The main act featured the group with the well hung drummer and long tongued base player. They were a major 70's band that got a lot of attention for their costumes, makeup and pyrotechnics, but also played great music.

Since we were not hungry yet, we played a little in the casino until it was time for the show. We then cashed out our vouchers and headed to the theater at our designated VIP ticket time. We neither really knew what to do, but followed the lead of the stage crew and other VIP guests. Soon we realized it was good we had not eaten, since there was food provided for the bands and VIP guests including us. 

We grabbed some food and were soon visiting with other fans as the band members began arriving. I spotted the well endowed drummer Pam had mentioned and thought to myself it could be true based on how his stage costume fit what was apparently a big package in his pants. I pointed him out to Pam, but she was more interested in our favorite progressive rock band that was now arriving.  

Pam and I were sitting near the buffet line eating when a couple of the band members came over and shared our table with us striking up a conversation. We shared we had seen them a several times in the last year and were happy to get to see them once more on their current tour. It seems we had a lot in common with these two band members who introduced us to the rest of the band as big fans. We talked the entire time before the show was to start and as we were parting ways got invited to the after show party, which we quickly accepted.

Pam and I took our seats, which were on the third row dead center do offered spectacular a view of the show. The show was over four hours long and had dozens of great classic rock from all three bands. The show ended to a series of standing ovations for all of the bands and the lights coming up to allow our exit. Pam and I worked our way to the designated spot to gain admission to the party and once our names were found on the list headed in.

It was a pretty good crowd at the party, but honestly less people than I might have expected. There was more food and an open bar to keep the guests busy while the bands finished up and worked their way to the party. There were plenty of decent looking women, but in all honestly none looked sexier than Pam. Her tight leggings hugged her sweet ass and her low cut top showed a touch of cleavage that was very enticing. 

Several of the different band members worked the crowd and thanked us for coming. I soon noticed that almost every band member made an effort to speak to Pam. Some offered her a drink others just a warm thanks for coming. I do believe my wife was getting hit on by band members interested in meeting her and knowing her better.

About then our progressive rock band members entered the party and  the lead singer and lead guitarist spotted Pam and made their way to continue their earlier conversation. I was still visiting with the bass player from the main act about his business ventures so missed a lot of Pam's conversation with the her new friends. 

We stayed several hours before he party started to break up. Pam grabbed my arm send said it was time to go, so we thanked our hosts that were still there and headed out. I started to head for the exit to catch a tram back up the Strip to our hotel when Pam stopped me and said she had another favor to ask me. I smiled and wondered what she had in mind. 

"Well", Pam started before hesitating. "Remember that little story about being a groupie for he band I mentioned earlier? Well it is going to come true if you are okay with it. I got invited to go up to the room with the guitar player and lead singer I think. I said I would not go without you being there, but you will only get to watch. Your going to be my cuckold tonight if that works for you. Will you let me be a groupie for the night? You know for he betterment of rock and roll."

Never being able to deny Pam a new sexual experience, I agreed. Pam questioned me a little further to make sure I was good with the plan. "I'm serous about the cuckold part. To get you to be there I told them you really liked to watch me be serviced and enjoyed seeing me filled by other men and taking their cum. I might even have to rub in the fact they are servicing me to complete what I told them. Can you handle that? If not I'll walk away, but I think it might be fun and I promise you will get relief afterwards."

I agreed it could be interesting and giving her the green light we headed to the room. We arrived at the room and were greeted by the lead singer, Randy. He welcomed us in and told me he appreciated my willingness to share my beautiful wife. A minute later the guitar player, Rick, entered the room also thanking me for my being open minded and hoped I enjoyed watching their pleasuring Pam.

I took my place, as Pam directed, in the chair by he bed. She then took control of he situation and told her two do on to be lovers she liked to direct the action. "Are you both willing to do what I ask? I promise you will both have fun pleasuring me and in turn get lots of pleasure yourself."

They both laughed and said they were normally in charge, but liked the idea tonight and would give it a try. Pam asked what they liked when they double teamed a groupie saying she would do her best to meet their desires. Getting a quick run down of heir sexual preferences Pam quickly said, "No problem. We are going to get along just fine. Let's start by seeing those cocks of yours. Let's get you two naked now."

As the both striped down Pam took off her sweater and shirt. Much to my surprise she was braless and was displaying very hard nipples already. Once they were naked she motioned them to he edge of the bed where she had taken a seat. Pam began stroking both cocks, one in each hand while alternating licking the tip of each as she did. Pam stroked both cocks getting them hard before sucking on one and then the other.

Pam had them both fully erect in no time. Each was well endowed, but not overly so. Six to seven inched I guessed. The lead singer was the bigger of the two by just a little, but the guitarist had the biggest balls. Bigger than any I'd ever seen before actually. 

Pam was still stroking them both when she pulled them close together and attempted to suck both of their cocks into her mouth at once. Her attempt was successful actually as she was able to get a good two inches of each cock into her mouth. I knew Pam was in heaven right now being a true groupie sucking on two cocks at once. 

Pam finally came up for air and stood to remove her boots and leggings. As she pulled off her leggings, Rick, the guitarist, began sucking on her delicious looking nipples. Pam leaned back on the bed and Randy, the singer gently spread her legs apart and lowered his face to her sweet pussy. 

Both were now pleasuring Pam with their mouths. Rick kissing her pert breasts, while Randy was working her pussy and clit expertly with his mouth. Pam was very much enjoying the service they were providing and was getting close to cumming. Randy seemed determined to bring her off on his face as Rick continued on her chest and neck. 

Randy's determination paid off as Pam began a long hard climax on his tongue. Pam liked a good licking and Randy had brought her off to a great climax. Once Pam completed her climax and unwrapped her legs from Randy's head he quickly rolled her over on her stomach and crawled up to her ass and slid his very erect cock into her wet pussy. He began thrusting into her with deep, long thrusts while Rick moved in front of her and presented  his dick to her open mouth. 

Pam had one dick in her pussy and another in her mouth and was working herself to give them both as much pleasure as she could. Thrusting her ass against Randy hard while sucking Rick deeply. Pam was determined to bring them both off and it appeared to me that she soon would.

Pam was close to another climax it appeared to me when Rick moaned and shot his load into her mouth. She gamely tried to take his load in her mouth, but I could see his cum on her face and running down her chin from the corners of her mouth.

Pam released his shrinking cock from her mouth and began talking to me. "Did you like seeing me take his big load in my mouth? Did you like seeing his big cock sucked off by your 'Fucking Hot' wife. You like his cum on my face? You want to lick it off for me, or are you going to clean my pussy when Randy finishes fucking my hot cunt?" 

"That's it", Pam continued now talking to Randy who was pounding her pussy with his hard cock for all he was worth. "Fuck my wet pussy. Give me that big rocker's cock deep in my cunt. Come on fill me with cum for my husband to clean up. Fill me with that big load", Pam cried out as he climaxed and Randy gave her what she requested. 

He pushed in her deep and unloaded his cum deep in her demanding pussy. He held his cock in her for a few minutes before pulling out and allowing his spunk to stream from her and down her thighs. She was soaked from his cum and hers. 

It was quite a show and I was ready to leave to get back to our room to relieve my hard cock when Pam turned to me and said, "I need cleaned up. You need to get to work now." I was taken aback slightly,  but could see Pam was serious saying, "Lick my face off first."

I did as told and moved to her sweet face and began kissing and licking her checks and chin clean. "That's it, clean my face off. Clean his spunk from my face completely", Pam said before giving me new instructions. "Clean my pussy now, lick Randy's cum from my sweet pussy. Lick it up from my legs and where it ran between my cheeks." 

I moved to her pussy and began licking her as instructed. "That's it, clean me up. Lick my pussy lips. You can cum in your pants if you want. Will you do that for me? Will you cum from cleaning me up from these two big loads of cum? Go ahead and shoot your load in your jeans if you want. Show me that pleasing me gives you full pleasure. That's it keep licking me."

Pam continued, "Oh yeah, keep cleaning my pussy. That's it lick my clit too. I'm going to cum again. Just then Pam grabbed my head and pushed it against her cum covered pussy. She climaxed hard on my face just as I shot into my pants as Pam had requested. 

After Pam finished cumming she released my head and sat up to get dressed. Pam and I gradually got up started to leave. We told our hosts thanks for their hospitality. They told Pam and me it was us that was owed the thanks and exchanged contact information with them. They asked where we were from and promised tickets to any shows they ever had in our area. Turns out Pam made a quite an impression as Rick and Randy both offered to look her up next time if she would allow it.

We said our goodbyes and made our way out of the hotel. Pam turned to me and thanked me for being so giving to her pleasure. I told her I could still do more for her tonight, to which she replied, "All in good time. The night is young and that wet spot in your pants hasn't even dried yet. I'll let you feel that hard cock in my tight pussy soon, but we have more to do before we head to the room tonight. It's Vegas and I'm not here to sleep."

With that we headed off to play some more and enjoy the rest of our fifth night in Vegas. I was sure there would be much more still to come.


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