Pam - A Wife's Journey

Pam - A Wife's Journey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.

Chapter20 (v.1) - A Hard Night

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Pam enjoys teasing her husband as she moves closer to the realizing she is becoming a hotwife.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 08, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 08, 2016



It was late evening on our fourth night in Las Vegas. We had picked a small restaurant not far from our hotel and enjoyed a casual dinner before hitting the casino again.

Pam was back in her black leggings and riding boots along with a form fitting top with lace fringe. I love Pam in all of her leggings, but these were my favorite, although they were solid faux leather in the right light it looked like they were slightly see thru tights. While this was an illusion only, I still loved it. I noticed as she sat at a slot game I was not the only one liking the view of her legs. Several guys took long looks as they passed her on the end of this bank of games.

I told her she seemed to have a lot of admirers tonight and she replied, "I actually noticed a couple of guys looking at me myself. They seemed normal and were decent looking", she added laughing. I told her she had more than just the two she spotted looking, but why shouldn't they. She was gorgeous looking. Pam told me I was sweet, and still horny so was prejudice in my opinion about her. Even though she had new sexual experiences and now with several admirers, Pam still was not as confident as she should have been. She was 'fucking hot' and I knew it. She just needed to realize it to reach her full 'naughty' potential.

We agreed to stay in the same part of the casino, but to play independently. We were in the area of the night's live music, so we're having a good time playing slots, listening to music and watching people dance at the bar. I hit a few fairly good bonuses and lost track of Pam for awhile. I was intent on another bonus when Pam snuck up behind me and poked me in the side.

"You want to dance with me", she asked. "I love this band and feel like dancing tonight, come on." I cashed out and we took a spot on the edge of the dance floor. Now I don't really dance, so mostly it was me moving to the music with Pam dancing in front of me and against me. Pam was rubbing her groin on my leg grinding against me in rhythm to the music. When not riding my leg between her legs, she would bump her hips against mine and rub her ass on my crotch. 

I'm not sure if we were dancing or more actually just dry humping on the dance floor, but was not complaining in the least. Pam was turning me on and her dancing had grabbed the attention of several of the guys in the bar area near the dance floor. Pam was thrusting her crotch against my thigh and appeared to be almost mounting me as she moved seductively to the music. 

The song ended and Pam said "Come on let's dance another. I like the feel of your hard cock in your jeans. I like the fact I'm making your dick hurt", she added. The next song was a slower number, but that just meant she could grind her hot body against me the full song without losing contact with my growing cock.

We finished the second dance and sat down by the bar. Before we sat very long a gentleman came up and asked if Pam would like to dance. Pam asked if it was okay with me and seeing it was jumped up to join this gentleman in what was a faster paced number. 

He was a tall good looking guy in about his early forties or so. He was not much better of dancer than I was, but I could tell was hoping that Pam would dance with him the way she had with me. He tried to keep close to her on the dance floor making sure he was near her at all times. Pam did bump her hips on his several times during the number, but seemed more demure in her dance style to this song at least.

The music changed and a more rhythmic number started. She took his hand and pulled him close and began dancing against him and what, from my view, appeared to be a growing bulge in his pants. Pam moved her hips and beautiful ass against him rubbing herself up and down him in time to the music. She slightly straddled his leg as she rubbed her crotch against him slowly up and down his leg. I saw her hand 'accidentally' brush his now obvious erection and saw her smile and say something to him. 

He appeared to be nervous, but continued to dance against her. Pam continued to rub her groin against his leg, alternating with her hips bouncing off his now very hard erection. Pam said something else to him and again touched his tent pole with her hand through his pants before she turned from him and placed her ass against his straining cock. Pam swung her hips to the music as he began to bounce his pant covered penis against her.

Pam was moving her hips against his thrusts causing her dance partner to grab her hips and pull her against him harder. I could tell he was now rubbing his hard cock on her and appeared to be all but cumming in his pants. The music finally ended and Pam turned to him to thank him for the dance. When she moved from in front of him I could see a large wet spot in his pants making it clear that Pam had actually just brought this gentleman to a climax by her sensual dance number. He had cum rubbing himself on my wife's very sexy ass. He said something to her and then left the dance floor, I am sure to clean up the load of cum Pam had caused in his pants. 

Pam returned to her seat next to me and told me she had brought him off in his pants. I told her that I couldn't blame him at all. How could he help himself from cumming when being able to rub against her sweet ass and thighs. 

"I had noticed him watching us when we were dancing and could tell he was excited watching me with you, so was glad when he asked me to dance. I felt his hard-on from the moment we began dancing, but could tell it was getting bigger as we danced more", Pam explained. I asked her what she said to him and she shared, "I just told him that if he wanted to shoot a big load in his pants for me while we danced that would be fine. You know, just a little encouragement that it was okay and I understood rubbing against my ass could cause him to cum."

"I'm not sure how big his cock was, but he did seem to really have a lot of cum. He either cums in buckets, or had been saving that up for some time", Pam explained. I told her that as sexy as she looked and moved it was a wonder the dance floor was not covered in cum right now. From him, me and every other guy there. Pam laughed and simply said, "Oh, I'd like that!"

I told Pam I had a load of cum for her and suggested we head to the room. Her dancing had made me hard as well and I wanted to show her my appreciation for her sexy dance by fucking her with it. Pam decided, while it was late, it was still too early to head to the room quite yet and that I should keep my cock hard for her until she was ready for it. "If you keep that big cock of yours hard for me it will be worth your while", Pam said. "I'll be checking every so often, so it better remain hard from you thinking about me if you want to use it tonight."

With that we left the bar area as the band was packing up and headed back out to the gaming area. I was watching Pam walk in front of me and the way she was swinging her ass was keeping me hard as requested at this point.

I played a couple slots, always keeping Pam in sight and continuing to think about her bringing her recent dance partner off. I was still hard when Pam stopped by and discreetly felt me up. "Good, it's still rock hard. Keep it that way. If I check it and it's gone soft, then no pussy for you tonight. Am I clear? No pussy means no fucking, sucking or licking, so you need to remain hard." 

Pam's rules were clear and since I was wanting all of the sexual activities she had listed agreed to remain hard, but told her I couldn't wait too long. "Oh, the longer the better", she purred into my ear again squeezing my very hard cock. "Long is good you know, and the way I like it."

Pam walked away to play a nearby game. I moved to be able to see her since the view of her sweet ass and legs were helping my dick strain against my jeans as she was requesting. Pam knew I was watching and sat at her slot machine with her leg up on the machine and her thighs spread slightly apart. Her legs were beautiful in the leggings and the view was definitely not lost on me as my dick remained erect as I watched her. 

Another fifteen minutes or so passed before Pam stopped back by me and groped my crotch checking to make sure I was still hard. "Nice", she said. "But I need it harder. You want to see down my shirt? Would that make your boner hurt more?" She the leaned forward and let me see her breasts under her shirt. She then felt me up again and said, "That's better."

I asked her how much longer until I got to use my now aching cock. "If you can keep the big dick hard another hour I'll make it worth your effort", Pam whispered into my ear. "If you stay hard thinking about my very wet and horny pussy, I'll let you provide me multiple climaxes just sixty minutes from now. Is that a deal?"  Not being a fool, I of course said yes. 

Over the next hour Pam checked up on me about every fifteen minutes to make sure I was still hard. After the hour passed and I had remained hard as instructed, Pam finally told me it was time to service her and to get some relief. I cashed out an got up from my game and started to leave to head to the room, but Pam stopped me. 

"How do I know you are really hard", she asked me. I explained she had felt my hard cock to which she replied, "How do I know that isn't a big green banana in there or something? I need to see it to be sure." Pam motioned me to follow her to the restrooms and sent me in to the men's room to see if it was empty. It was late, so the restroom was completely empty and I text Pam to let her know. 

A minute later Pam entered the men's restroom and told me to go into one of the handicap stalls. Once there she followed and shut and locked the door behind her. "Pull it out", she demanded. "If it is hard, then we head to the room and you will get to cum. After me of course. If it isn't, then you go to the room, or gamble and I'll come up with another way to get off." 

I unzipped and displayed to Pam a very thick, long, hard swollen cock. She smiled and said "Okay, you earned my pussy. Let's get up to the room." Ten minutes later we were back in our suite and Pam was ready to tell me what she had planned. 

"You are going to service my pussy fully before you get relief", Pam informed me. "You will keep that cock hard while you satisfy my pussy with your tongue. Then you will fuck me and make me cum on your cock. Once I tell you it is okay to cum, I expect you to shoot your load. Agreed?" 

Pam stripped naked and then laid back on the bed and opened her legs wide providing me a view of her beautiful pussy. She spread her pussy lips open revealing her wetness to me. I quickly took off my clothes and got between her legs and moved my face to her sweet womanhood. Pam opened her lips up further now providing me access to a very hard and swollen clitoris. "Lick me", Pam told me while still holding her pussy open for my tongue. "My clit is really hard and sensitive. It needs your tongue to lick it slowly."

I began slowly licking my tongue up the full length of her pussy. Starting at the bottom, I licked up across her wet opening to her hard clit. I licked her up and down with the full length of my tongue. She had moved her left hand to her hard nipples, while her right hand was still holding her pussy open for my tongue. I continued to lick her slowly until she said, "Suck on my clit."

Once given this direction, I gently took her hard clit between my lips and sucked it into my mouth. I felt her hard little clit between my lips swell further as I provided it slight vacuum suction  with my mouth. While sucking, I licked her now very hard clit with the tip of my tongue causing her to begin rubbing her nipples harder now with both hands having moved her right hand to her other breast.

"Lick my pussy now", Pam instructed. I followed her guidance and released my suction on her clit, beginning again to lick her wet opening as well as the hard clit that topped it. I licked her wet pussy, tasting her sweetness on my lips and thought I might cum myself in doing so. Her pussy was wet and wonderful. I licked up her juices eagerly as she began slightly pushing her hips toward my invading tongue. "Put a finger in me", she requested. "Not all the way, at least yet."

I slid my index finger to her wet opening and played gently with her lips before sliding it easily in just an inch or so. I continued licking up and down her pussy the way you might lick a dripping ice cream cone. While her pussy was sweet, wet and dripping, the ice cream cone comparison ended there since her pussy was definitely not cold. Quite the opposite in actuality, being hot to the touch. 

Pam was getting close to climaxing. Having 35 plus years experience eating this gorgeous snatch, I knew well when she was near cumming. I could also tell, in many cases, how hard the climax was going to be and if I was not mistaken she was close to a strong orgasm any minute now.

I slid my finger in her all the way and held it firmly against her vaginal wall under her clitoris while I continued to lick her clit, now in little tight circles. Pam then arched her back pushing her pussy against my finger and tongue as cried out while cumming hard. Pam's pussy was contracting hard on my finger while her clit pulsed on my tongue. My face and beard were covered in her juices. 

Pam lowered her hips and laid back fully on the bed. She looked at me and said, "I assume that dick is even harder now. If so show it to me. If it is really, really hard, we can continue." I stood up and presented my very hard dick to her for inspection. "Whoa, did I do that?"' Pam laughed. "I  think teasing you and keep you hard pays off. That cock, sir, is quite impressive. You must love waiting for my pussy. You are bigger than ever, quite swollen and thick too. Damn, I think I found a new way to get a big cock." 

Pam smiled and said, "Well that should still fit, but it might be tight. We should try it anyway I suppose." She stroked my cock and told me, "I'd like that big thing in me now, if you don't want it to remain hard all that much longer anyway." 

Pam laid down and rolled over onto her stomach after placing a couple of pillows under her to elevate her ass up dramatically. This was a position she liked when she wanted deep penetration. 

I quickly positioned myself behind her and guided my cock into her. While I was bigger than ever, Pam was wetter than ever as well. I pushed in slowly as Pam reached back under her to feel my thickness moving in. After a few pushes, I was in her 'balls deep' as they say. I began thrusting in her slowly as she moved her hand from my cock to her clit. Pam was touching softly her still swollen clit as I fucked her deeply from behind. 

I was turned on beyond much control feeling her tight pussy milk my dick, while also feeling her fingers work now more rapidly on he clit. I was thrusting deep when I felt her pussy contracted hard on my cock as she stopped touching herself and clamped her hand on her pussy. "Cum now!", Pam commanded, giving me the permission I needed. That was my final push as I unloaded a spray of cum deep into Pam. We came in unison, both lost in orgasm and overwhelmed by passion, lust and love.

"You are one great fuck", Pam sighed. I thanked her and returned the compliment. Pam then commented, "Looks like you really love me teasing and taunting you a lot. You want me to be naughty, tawdry and suggestive don't you?" I told her I did and kissed her shoulder while my cock was still lodged in her cum filled pussy. 

"I believe you now", Pam continued. "You said that there is nothing I could say or do that is too naughty for you and I see that is true. I also get now that you find me 'fucking hot', as you like to say, since I kept that cock of yours hard nearly two hours in the casino. I'm glad, because naughty Pam is having a great time and this is only beginning her adventures." Pam wiggled her sweet ass under me for emphasis as she gave me the heads up that she was planning more for us before our trip ended.

I finally pulled out of Pam releasing a virtual flood of cum, and juices from her pussy that flowed from her down her thighs on to the bed. "Good we were on your side of the bed", Pam laughed. "Seems you are sleeping in the wet spot tonight. But I guess you like wet pussy juice mixed with your cum don't you."

It was very late and we rolled over and quickly went to sleep. Night four was in the books, but we still  had two nights left on this trip. Much more could happen I thought as I dozed off. How much more I would soon find out.


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