Pam - A Wife's Journey

Pam - A Wife's Journey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.

Chapter2 (v.1) - Our Casino Adventures Continue

Author Chapter Note

Pam becomes more confident in her inner sexiness and begins teasing her husband more and more as she tests the limits of her sexual control over him.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 13, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 13, 2016



We finally got out of bed around 10:00 and started getting ready for the second day of our mini casino vacation. I showered and got dressed while Pam relaxed and recovered from our late night.

It had been a wonderful first night at our Oregon casino resort. Pam had told me she was willing to be a little more of an exhibitionist on our trips while she masturbated to her fourth climax of the night. Then this morning, she told me she had even more sexy ideas in mind for today.

After being fed my first sweet creampie from my hot wife in the early hours of the morning my mind was spinning with thoughts of what she might be thinking of next. With these thoughts racing through my mind, I quickly showered and got ready for the day. Pam followed me and took her turn getting ready.

As Pam was getting ready to hop in the shower she asked if I could run down to the car and get her phone charger. Her phone was needing charged before we headed to the casino to play some more. I said sure and headed down. Her charger was in the front seat and easy to find. Just as I grabbed it my phone rang. It was Pam, she must have thought of something else she needed.

"Hi hon, I see you are at the car," she almost purred into the phone. "See me", I questioned. "Yeah, I can see you from our window. Can you see me?" I looked up and scanned the Windows counting up the nine floors. There she was, a figure standing in the window wrapped in a towel fresh out of the shower. It was far away, but she was there looking down at me.

"Oh yeah, I see you. Love the look," I laughed appreciatively.

"You do? I bet you like this more", she challenged me. With that she dropped the towel exposing her beautiful 55 year old body to me completely. I guess actually to me and anyone else lucky enough to have glanced up, although you would have to be really have been looking to have spotted her.

"You wanting me to cum in my pants down here Pam?", I told her.

"Good with me", she laughed. "I plan on you being hard all day and you can cum as often as you need to as long as that dick gets hard again and your tongue is willing to take care of me as often as I need."

With that she stepped away from the window and told me she needed to dry her hair. By the time I got to the room she was dressed and almost ready to go down and have an early buffet. She was wearing a nice tight pair of faux leather leggings and a sweat shirt since the weather had turned cooler and the casino was always a little cool. I was a little disappointed as I had enjoyed her exhibitionism the night before. I guess she could tell and then unzipped the hoodie some revealing nothing underneath except a skimpy little sports bra.

"Don't worry", she told me. "There will be plenty of me to see by tonight." I have got to say she looked sexy with the bra showing under the coat.

With that we headed down to eat. We got in line with the early arriving senior crowd and people watched as the line moved slowly.

"You think the guy taking the money looks like he needs a mature women to teach him how to please a women correctly", she said out of nowhere. The guy was a young 20 something and a little nerdy looking. He did appear to be the quiet bashful type that was probably lacking experience. "I bet he would love to learn from me", she said as she reached over and discreetly squeezed my hardening cock through my jeans.

"Wow, you like that idea huh? I think I can point out a lot of possible guys needing my help today." As she said this she unzipped the jacket a little more showing more of the sports bra, explaining that she was warming up.

The day went on this way with her pointing out guys that she found interesting sexually, as she pointed these out she did so discreetly at first and then more blatantly.

"I bet he was a good cock," she said pointed out a very tall middle aged gentleman. Then looking at another guy, she said, "You think that guy's dick is uncircumcised? I'd love to peel the skin down on an uncut dick and see what it felt like. Would you want to watch that?"

I was thrilled with Pam's attention to other guys and her willingness to play along with my fantasy of sharing her. I knew she was all talk, but that did not keep me from sporting a very big erection that must have been visible if anyone looked.

"You love me talking dirty, don't you", she asked. "You love the idea of other guys wanting your wife and the thought of her wanting to get fucked."

"I bet you like this too", she said smiling. With that she took two fingers and stuck them in my mouth. I tasted her sex on her fingers. I knew she had slipped off from a slot game to use the restroom, but did not realize she had been fingering herself.

"I almost came touching myself thinking about how much I was turning you on", she announced, "I actually brought down my little vibe and might use it next trip to the restroom if you want," she informed me,

This went on all afternoon. Playing slots, pointing out guys needing her talents and making sure my cock stayed rigid. She seemed to be having a great time teasing as well as doing well on the slots.

"You are up for the day, aren't you", I asked.

"I'm up, but it looks like you are up more." I though she meant my voucher until she reached down and discreetly stroked my cock.

"I need you to eat me"' she blurted out. "I want your tongue to lick my wet pussy until I cum. Will you do that for me? Only thing, I don't want you to cum yet. I want you to hurt more before you get relief."

I did not hesitate in agreeing, however I was not sure I could keep the not cumming agreement. We headed to the room and as soon as we got there she took off her leggings and pushed my head to her pussy.

"Eat my sweet pussy", she commanded. "Service my clit with your expert tongue. Make me cum on your face and wear my pussy juice on your face."

I am a great pussy eater and love doing it more than anything. I could go it for hours, but this afternoon did not get that chance as she came very fast and very hard. She had really been turned on and needed relief. I was thrilled to provide it.

"Your beard is soaked with my juices", she laughed. "Do not wipe that off."

I promised I wouldn't and asked about her helping me get off. She reminded me that I had to wait, but that it would be more than worth it.

She pulled up put on her leggings and headed in to the bathroom. "Feel free to grope my ass down stairs if you want", she offered as she started to head for the door, but stopped short and turned to me. "Would you like me to lose the bra?" With that it came off and she instead slipped on a low cut blouse that would allow me easy access to rub her nipples. She still had the jacket on of course as she was too shy to have her nipples show through the thin material, at least for now.

As we headed back down to the casino she kissed me in the elevator and said she loved the smell of my beard now. We both laughed and my cock rose to full mast yet again.

She explained the plan for the evening. She was going to continue playing slots and then I would get to play with her 'slot' later on. She was going to offer me some glances at her breasts and would continue to scope out good fucks for her, making sure I knew who they were. She then told me if I wanted to fuck her I needed to get a look at some guys cock in the bathroom and then describe to her in detail what his cock looked like. I, however, had to make sure she saw who I was describing. As soon as I did that I might get 'some'.

I was very turned on, so it took me no time to head off to the bathroom. I quickly spotted a place that the mirrors provided a view of the urinals. It took only a few minutes to spot a good looking younger black man at the urinal holding a very large, but flaccid, penis. I'm big for a white guy at 8" erect, but he had to be that big flaccid. Not only long, but thick, I was sure Pam would want to to know about this guys manhood.

As soon as he left the bathroom I quickly followed and found Pam to tell her. I took Pam to the bar area where it turned out the man I spotted was the bartender starting his shift.

I explained his size and girth and could tell as she watched him it was causing her to get excited. I reached between her legs and felt dampness through the leggings.

She found one of favorite slot games near the bar and sat down to play some more. "I'm going to play this kitty slot machine for awhile", she told me adding, "While I watch that bartender and think about him playing with my kitty slot."

She played the slot and watched the bartender for quite a while. She was doing well on the game and was continuing her winning ways. I watched her from the game I was at, and while I too was winning could not take my eyes off her. She was glowing. I don't know if it was that she had done well gambling this trip so far, or that she had relaxed and become comfortable with this new game of teasing me. She was just more beautiful than ever.

She saw me looking at her and after glancing around reached in her blouse and pretended to adjust herself, but I knew she was touching her nipple for me. It must have felt good because she closed her eyes just slightly and almost moaned before directing her finger back to the repeat bet button again.

My slot game gave me a nice bonus and I thought I had done all I could on it so cashed out and walked over to her game and sat next to her. I leaned in and kissed her telling her I needed relief as she was driving me wild. She laughed and said that was her plan.

She suddenly smiled and turned to me saying, "You really are turned on by this naughty talking version of Pam aren't you?" I did not need to answer as she brushed my big bulge with her hand and got her answer. "Are you so turned on, you will do whatever I ask?" I was really not sure what she had in mind, but at this point of arousal not much seemed out of bounds.

"Well", she started and the hesitated. "I want to taste your cum." No problem with that I thought and started to stand to head to the room. She had me sit back down and continued. "I want to taste it here, while I play a slot game."

I was confused, I was horny as hell, but as she always said about herself when I wanted her to flash me, was not wanting to get arrested. "So what are you thinking", I asked. She grinned and said, "Why don't you go to the bathroom and stroke yourself off thinking about me and these pretty boobs that are inches from being exposed." With that she leaned forward and gave me a peek at her very erect nipples. "That should help you", she smiled.

I was still unclear about how she was going to taste my cum. She must have known this because she continued, "I have been thinking how you could get your load to me discreetly. In your hand would be obvious as people would notice me licking your palm clean. In a cup would not work, because even as horny as you are there would not be that much and again too obvious."

"No", she went on, "I think you have to jerk off into your hand and then lick up you cum into you mouth and bring it to me. No one will notice you giving me a big wet kiss as I sit her winning will they?"

"You wanted naughty, sexy Pam and now you have her", she smiled. "Is this too much for you, or do you like the idea of your wife tasting your cum while she plays this kitty slot."

I considered her offer and when she gave me another quick glance down her shirt at her beautiful breasts. I stood up giving her my answer and headed way. I was so turned on by her that it took me only seconds in the secluded bathroom to complete her request. With my cum in my palm I followed through and licked it into my mouth hurrying back to her. On my way I thought what if she had moved and I couldn't find her. Wouldn't that be the ultimate prank?

To my relief she was still there smiling from ear to ear as I returned. She told me she had just hit a good bonus and wanted a big congratulations kiss. I obliged and planted a big wet cum filled kiss on her mouth. She used her tongue to scoop out my seed and took all I had in my mouth.

She licked her lips and told me how much she loved me. She thanked me for accommodating one of her new desires. We decided to continue playing longer, staying in the bar area where she continued to scope out the bartenders well filled pants. I could tell she was still thinking about my description of his huge penis and that with the taste of my cum lingering in her mouth had her pretty excited.

She continued to tease me giving me glances down her shirt and after awhile I was hard and horny. I told her I needed her and she grinned saying just, "Soon, very soon."

"I think I have a quick question I need to ask", she told me. With that she cashed out and walked up to the bartender. "Do you know if you have the slot, 'Kittens' here", she asked smiling and leaning ever so slightly forward, giving him a little to look at. He told her where it was at and she thanked him and headed that way motioning for me to follow. As she walked away I could not help notice him watching her beautiful well shaped ass.

Once we turned the corner toward the game she said, "Let's go up!" With that we quickly headed to our room.

We arrived in the room and we both stripped. She wanted fucked and did not need any foreplay, only my hard dick.

"Tell me more about his cock", she begged. "Would it stretch me even more than you do? God, I bet it would barely fit", she moaned.

As I told her about his huge uncut cock I slid mine in her doggie style. I was do turned on I began pounding her in a very fast, almost uncontrolled manner. She came quickly, but wanted more. She wanted more details about the cock I had seen and was clearly, in her mind, fucking his big black dick right there. It was not my cock bringing her to yet another climax but his huge hard thick dick.

She came a second time on my cock and screamed, "Fuck me with your big cock." With that I unloaded a huge shot of cum deep in her causing her to spasm yet again.

She had just had at least her seventh climax of the trip that I knew of and showed no signs of being done.

"Let's go eat in the bar tonight. I want to see some more of that bartender and check out his bulge", she sighed. "Oh, and by the way, don't eat too much dinner and skip desert as you need to save room for my creampie again tonight. I intend for you to lick my pussy clean of that big load you just gave me and of any other loads that end up there too", she laughed. "Who knows, a good bartender always wants to keep his customers happy I hear."

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