Pam - A Wife's Journey

Pam - A Wife's Journey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.

Chapter19 (v.1) - Thank You Gift

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Pam's efforts are rewarded with a gift that will lead her further down the path to becoming a hotwife.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 08, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 08, 2016



It was the morning of our fourth day in Las Vegas. We had fallen asleep in each other's arms earlier after Pam completed getting a couple of more items off her sexual bucket list. 

We were awakened by a knock on the door. Pam slipped on her robe and looked out and saw it was the bell man so opened the door. He had a vase of flowers and an envelope. Pam took the flowers and closed the door, but not before giving the gentleman a good look at her body in the open robe. I asked who they were from, but she didn't see a tag on the flowers. She sat them down and opened the envelope. As she read the note she began smiling. "Well", I asked, "What's it say?" 

She read the card out loud, "Thank you Mistress Pam for an exciting lesson. Please except these flowers and tickets as a token of my gratitude. It is signed Devon." She looked in the envelope and found three sets of tickets. One set for this afternoon for a magic act, another set for front row seats for tonight at an all male revue and then another set of VIP passes for tomorrow night to see a one night only performance at a sold out classic rock festival. Devon had been quite impressed by mistress Pam it appears. Pam was thrilled her job as 'Mistress Pam' had been so appreciated saying, "Whoa, maybe the Mistress needs to teach some others in need."

After cleaning up and getting ready for another full day, we headed out to conquer Las Vegas and win our retirement fortune. We, of course don't still really expect to hit the big wins since we never max bet, unless it is by accident.

Once out of the room we decided to try our luck up the Strip at some of the hotel's we had not been to yet. We now had tickets for a matinee show at a hotel that direction, so thought it made sense to just meander slowly that direction taking in the slot play as we went. 

Pam looked beautiful as always. She was feeling more free and sexy than ever, and why shouldn't she. In the last couple of days she had been of service to several men in need and all with great results. Pam was wearing her riding boots for her comfort, but mostly because I found them sexy over her tight ass hugging leggings that I also loved on her. 

We were not in a rush, so took our time at each casino we stopped at. Pam and I both were not winning much, but were staying mostly even so were pleased with the results at this point. We grabbed a quick lunch and continued playing until the time for the show. It was an enjoyable comedy magic act that kept us entertained, but it was not these show tickets Pam was most interested in. She seemed as if she couldn't wait until the male revue that night and mentioned it  several times.

The afternoon passed quickly and we headed toward the show venue. I was surprised when we found it to be nothing like I expected. I had assumed it was like the traveling male dance acts from Australia we had seen advertised at the Oregon casinos we normally frequent. This however was not that at all.

From the pictures in the lobby and signage it appeared this was a nude male revue. I was suddenly feeling totally out of place, but Pam wanted to see the show and wanted me to eat dinner with her after. We found our seats which were just feet from the stage and runway that soon would be occupied by dancers. I looked around and felt relieved that I was not the only husband in the crowd, but I was the closest to the stage it seemed.

The lights went down and the music began to rock. About two dozen good looking dancers took the stage and began the show. They were all dressed at this point, but the tight shorts left little to the imagination, especially just feet from the stage. 

Each dancer did a short solo performance gyrating sync thrusting as they did so, but all were still dressed. I thought maybe I was wrong about the nudity, but soon realized I had indeed been right. As the first number ended a good looking dancer took the stage and began striping as he move to the music. About a minute into the song he was clad only in a small jock strap that came off a few seconds later.

Suddenly I was almost face to cock with this strangers very large and very erect member. I looked at Pam and she was very intent on the sight just inched away. His cock was a good ten inches long and really thick. It was apparently circumcised and definitely bounced almost violently as he danced. 

Pam was all but licking her lips as he danced directly to front of her now. She was shifting in her chair as I knew this hard cock was exciting her. Just then another two dancers joined the first and quickly were naked as well. Seeing the three of them already naked and fully erect this early in the show, I knew there would be a lot more hard cocks on display for Pam soon. 

These two dancers were both as well hung as first guy. Both were black and were fully erect and dancing in a suggestive way that gave you the image of thrusting into a wet pussy. I guessed there were many wet pussy's in the crowd willing to be on the taking end of those thrusts, Pam potentially included. 

This number ended and the three naked men left the stage. New music started that was slower and more sensual sounding than the first number's hard rock feel. A handsome, very buff guy took the stage wearing a speedo basically and nothing else. He moved slowly and deliberately, but like the first dancers had what appeared to be a big package in those small shorts. 

He got on a raised podium and began doing pushups that moved into a hand stand. Before long he shed the shorts and was back doing a hand stand with his massive member hanging down past his stomach nearly to his chest. His cock seemed thinner, but at least hanging upside down it appeared very long. 

He flipped off the podium landing on his feet directly in front of Pam. I didn't realize it right away, but when he did his flip he actually hit Pam with his hard cock as he made his gymnastic move. He apologized to Pam as he continued to dance. Pam, in what was typical style now, only said, "No problem, feel free to hit me with that monster anytime."

The show went on this way for almost two hours. I lost track of the number of big, erect cocks that were on display for Pam to enjoy. It had to be two dozen or more at least. The show ended with a line of naked men dancing in a row directly in front of Pam's seat on the front row. They thrust their hard erect dicks in the faces of the happy ladies in these prime seats. Since I was not getting a dancers attention, Pam had two guys waving their cocks at Pam, a fact that she was quite enjoying.

These two big cocks were thrusting, bouncing and waving all around just inches from Pam's face. Pam was laughing and smiling taking in every second of this close up show, then just before the number ended Pam moved slightly forward and took two big cocks to the face. Once these two dancers made contact and knew Pam was good with it they moved forward as well and began rubbing their shafts on her face. Soon their balls were near her mouth and I could tell she was enjoying the show finale completely. 

The music came to a crescendo and the dancers retreated to take a final bow. The sight of this row of 20 to 25 men with huge erections brought everyone in the crowd to their feet for a standing ovation. The dancers left the stage as the lights came up so the audience could file out. I turned to Pam and asked what she thought of the show.

"I loved it. What red blooded girl wouldn't want an up close view of dozens of hard cocks", she asked me grinning. "I do need to see one more cock, however. I need to see your big dick up close and very personal right now. Let's get to our room so I can see you dance for me. Will you do that? Will you dance like they did for me?" I, of course, said I would and we headed to out suite. 

Once in our room Pam instructed me to strip down and prepare to dance while she put on some music and then took a seat in the desk chair she had rolled to the middle of the room. "Dance big boy", Pam instructed me. "Come on and show me your moves. I want your big hard cock swinging like at he show."

I began doing my best to dance for her. She seemed to enjoy my efforts, but I knew they were far inferior to the professionals at the show. What I could do better however, was to make a lot more contact with her offer some additional suggestions on how I could perhaps continue the dance between her legs with my tongue. 

Pam smiled and said, "Just keep dancing. You will be licking me soon enough. Right now I want that cock to dance for me." With that, I did as told and continued to wave my very hard cock in front of her. It was not long before she grabbed my hips and pulled my member to her face send began sucking on my cock and cupping my balls. My dancing had stopped and her kissing, licking and sucking of my cock began. Pam was devouring my hard cock the way she had wanted to the dancers just an hour before.

Pam was roughly stroking, my dick and licking my precum off the tip with her tongue. She was squeezing my balls as she worked my dick closer to climax. I told her I was going to cum if she kept it up which caused her to let go of my dick and tell me, "A true professional can control his cock and hold back to satisfy his customer's needs." I explained a true professional didn't get the kind of work out she was providing me. 

Pam smiled and told me if it was up to her every dancer there should get this same service and more. Pam then stood up and began removing her clothes, telling me as she did that it was my turn to provide additional services beyond dancing. "You ready to eat my pussy now", Pam asked full well knowing I was more than ready.

"Come on then. Put that tongue to work and get over here and eat me", Pam said as she sat back down naked and opened up her pretty legs wide to provide me full access. "You are going to lick my pussy until I cream your face. Come on get to work, I need some relief, I really need to cum and your face is my favorite way to climax."

I dropped to my knees between Pam's legs and eagerly began to lick her very wet pussy. I already knew she was very excited from the show, but her pussy confirmed this fact. Her clit was swollen and hard. I could tell that I was not going to enjoy licking her sweet pussy very long as she was already close to climaxing. I licked up her sweet juices and fucked her slowly with my tongue before licking her hard clit lightly. Pam ground her pussy against my face saying, "Come on, lick my clit. I need to cum."

I followed her guidance and directed my attention to her clit and began licking it in circles with the tip of my tongue. I was using my fingers to spread her lips wide to fully expose her beautiful pussy to my hungry tongue. Pam was enjoying my tongue and was touching her hard nipples with her fingers to heighten the sensation further. 

I slowly slid one finger into Pam while now licking her clit now faster and more directly. Pam was moving her fingers faster on her breasts and pushing her hips forward providing me full access to pleasure her. As I slid my finger in fully Pam moaned and began climaxing on my still licking tongue. She clamped my head between her thighs and held me there while her climax reached its peak. 

Pam held my face on her pussy until her waves of climax past. When she released me she looked at me and said, "I need your cock in me. Fuck me now." Pam got out of the desk chair and moved to the couch by the window of our suite and laid down on the couch, laying on her stomach with the couch pillows under her lifting her ass up to give me deep access into her very wet pussy.

I followed her to the couch and positioned myself behind her and easily slid my hard cock into he pussy in one smooth push. "Hold it in me all the way", Pam commanded. I pushed it in as deep as her pussy allowed. While I tried to hold it in deep, I was overcome by the need to move it in her. Her tight, wet pussy felt great on my cock and demanded that I thrust deep, hard and fast. 

I began moving it in her and was soon fucking her fast and hard. "Fuck me", Pam told me with no uncertainty in her voice. "Come on, fuck me faster. Give me your cock." I knew I was close, so told her I was going to cum. Pam responded by saying, "Fill me now. Cum for me and shoot your hot load in me." Her words took me over the top and caused my balls to start to drain in to her now contracting pussy as she began climaxing as well.

I thrust one last time in to her and held my cock there as I felt the last of my cum spray out. Pam's pussy continued to milk every drop from me as it contracted around my still throbbing member. 

I laid on top of her hugging her tightly as our orgasms subsided. I love Pam completely. She is a loving, smart, beautiful, sexy, hot lady that has my full heart. I've loved all of our 35 years together, but have to admit this new outgoing self confident Pam was very exciting to be around. She dressed less conservatively, but was still fairly modest compared to others we see on 
our casino trips anyway. 

We held each other for some time before Pam kissed me and said we didn't get dinner yet. "Let's go eat and play some more", she said standing up to get dressed. "I didn't come to Vegas to lie around the room, unless of course I have a hard dick in me while I do." 

We dressed and headed out to eat and play. The night was still young and Vegas never sleeps, so we would have time for some more fun yet tonight. More fun than I ever imagined it turned out.




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