Pam - A Wife's Journey

Pam - A Wife's Journey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.

Chapter17 (v.1) - Show Time

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Pam's journey to becoming a hotwife continues in Las Vegas.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 07, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 07, 2016



We made it to the show just in time to get seated and settled before the lights went down for the show to begin. It was my second show of the day. The first being in our room watching Pam take the 18 year old delivery boy's virginity and bringing him to climax three times in the process. 

I had been looking forward to this show, but having witnessed Pam's performance from the closet just hours before, I really wanted to be eating and fucking her right now more than watching topless girls dance. I leaned over to Pam and told her I needed to fuck her. Pam whispered to me to watch how loud I talked, but added quietly I would get a chance to relieve the pressure in my balls soon enough and that I would be pleasuring her.

The music then began and the show kicked off with a very lively dance number. The show was a traditional old style Vegas showgirl revue with lots of music, dancing, comedy and of course topless showgirls. All of the girls were attractive, but none of them compared to the glowing beauty of the lady next to me that I was fortunate enough to be able to call my wife.

Pam looked radiant tonight. The smile on her face highlighted by the reflection of the lights from the stage was beautiful. I could tell Pam had finally realized how sexy and desirable she was. She had always been beautiful, but Pam always was unsure. That had finally changed over these last few casino trips and Pam had come to realized what I had told her was true, she was 'fucking hot'. 

I continued to watch the show, but kept looking at Pam as well. Maybe it was that she happy she was doing well at the slots, or that she had a load of virgin's cum still between her legs, but she seemed to glow tonight. I am so lucky this wonderful, sexy lady is my wife.

Pam caught me staring at her and motioned for me to watch the show. There were a dozen semi-naked men dancing a suggestive number with a female singer. Pam leaned over and whispered, "Do you think she is fucking any of those guys off stage?" I told Pam I assumed they were all gay guys so probably not. Pam smiled and said, "I bet I could make them go straight, or at least straighten out a certain part of them. Especially that one on the end."

The dancer on the end would have been the one I guessed she found the sexiest of the group. He looked a lot like a pro dancer on a celebrity dance show we watched some on television that she always mentioned she liked. He was a very good looking, muscular black man. He was bare chested and wearing skin tight shorts that left little to the imagination. He was either carrying a plantain banana in his shorts or he was hung like a horse, a fact I am sure was not lost on Pam.

Pam leaned over and softly told me, "I don't think he is gay. I can tell you know." As Pam leaned close she touched my lap to see if I was hard still. "Is that new from me talking about that dancer, or is that still from the room." I told her my cock was still erect from the room, but that her attention to this sexy dancer wasn't hurting either. "You love me talking naughty don't you", she whispered while giving my cock a hard squeeze. 

She turned her attention back to the show and specifically to her new favorite dancer. The number ended and a set of topless girls replaced the male dance troupe. The musical numbers came in fairly fast succession, each seeming more extravagant than the last. A couple of numbers passed before the male dancer Pam pointed out came back out. This new number was an all male strip show type number designed, I was sure, to compete with some other shows on the Strip that appealed to the ladies. 

Before long this group of men were striped down to only speedo like shorts. While they were all good looking, the one Pam had picked out was definitely filling out his shorts the best. "Look at that guy's package", Pam said nudging me. "That is one big dick he seems to have. I'd love to get a look at it. Well actually more than a look", she whispered. 

The show came to its final number and the full cast came back on stage. As part of the final number the main cast members were introduced including the new object of Pam's attention. We learned his name was Devon as he took his final bow. The show soon ended and the lights came up. While we waited for the crowd to thin Pam looked up his name in the program and soon discovered his full name, or at least a stage name I guessed. 

"Can you look him up online for me sometime", Pam asked. "Just curious." I said sure and we started to make our way out of the theater. "You still need some relief for that perpetual hard cock issue you have", she asked. I nodded yes and she said, "If we can come back down and play some more after, then I'd be glad to help you out with that now." I quickly agreed and we headed to our room.

Once in the room Pam told me to look up Devon, the dancer, while she got ready. I quickly found him online. There were lots of images on line of him as well as a few videos. Some of the still photos were of him very exposed and a few of him fully naked. It appeared before this Vegas revue he had been a stripper in an off Strip male revue that feature more nudity.

I pulled up several of the nude photos so Pam could see she was correct about this dancer's penis. It was big, very big. Pam came out back in the robe I had seen her remove earlier for the delivery boy. "You found him", she said excitedly. "Whoa, you found him fairly naked", she said scrolling through the pictures. "Wow, completely naked in this one. I was right, his cock is huge", she said spotting the one that showed his flaccid cock hanging down his leg. "Are there any of him erect, or is this the best view", she asked. I told her that was the best view I'd found so far.

Pam said I could look more later, but she needed fucked right now if I was still interested. She then sat the tablet on the nightstand pointed toward the bed frozen on the image of Devon's big cock blown up on the screen. "It's still sloppy seconds from the delivery earlier if you want to slide in now", Pam told me rolling over on her stomach while placing a pillow under her to lift her ass up slightly.

"Do me from behind, I want you deep. I also want you now. Stick that big cock in me now", Pam requested in no uncertain terms. I easily slid in her pussy and began slowly fucking her very wet pussy. It was wet from her virgin's spunk as well as from her excitement regarding her dancer. 

As I fucked her from behind she was looking intently at the dancers big cock on the tablet by the bed. I knew she was fantasizing about his cock being in her while I picked up my pace and fucked her faster and deeper. I rammed my cock in fully and she moaned, "You are hitting my cervix. Your cock feels huge. Keep fucking me. Fuck me faster."

Pam pushed her ass up against my thrusts telling me she as going to cum. I could not hold off any longer and released a flood of semen into Pam to join that of her virgin conquest from before.  

I stayed in her until my erection subsided and I slipped from her well used wet pussy. Much to my surprise Pam said, "Would you get my vibrator for me? I'm guessing you wouldn't mind watching me masturbate for you." I said of course not and grabbed her mini vibe from her cosmetics bag. "Can you go ahead and pull up a video too", she asked. I said sure and asked what she wanted to see. 

"How about a husband watching his wife do a BBC. That means big black cock doesn't it", she asked. I told her it did and found a video I thought fit the bill. It showed a mature wife being filmed by her husband while she sucked and fucked a cock that was advertised in the link to the video as 13 inches. 

Pam watched the women in the video first suck this monster cock to full erection before telling him she needed fucked. We both watched in awe as his 13 inches eventually disappeared completely in her pussy. 

Pam was touching her nipples with one hand and working the vibrator on her clit with the other while watching the wife in the video enjoy taking the full length of this big cock in her pussy. "She's enjoying that big cock", Pam said. "It is filling her completely. Look how stretched open she is."

Pam was working the vibrator faster on her clit and was nearing climax. I had begun stroking my now hard cock and was close to cumming again myself. I found nothing sexier than watching Pam climax and enjoying the sight of her masturbating for me was one of my favorite things. Watching Pam use this vibe was as hot as it gets and brought me off faster than I would have ever expected having just climaxed a few minutes before.

Pam was aware I had climaxed and continued to concentrate on the cock in the video and its effect on this movie's wife. Her fingers suddenly stopped moving on her nipple as she inverted the vibe in her open cum filled pussy with the other. She arched her back and brought her legs together on the vibe as she climaxed hard on the buzzing tool.

After a few moments she turned to me and smiled saying, "That felt great. That was a good video. You enjoyed it too I see." I told her she was what brought me off, although the video was hot. 

Laying there recovering, Pam told me thanks for letting her fulfill her virgin fantasy earlier so she could get that off her bucket list. I asked what was left on that sexual bucket list, or if we had done them all. Full well knowing we had not. 

"Well we still have that Interracial opportunity you know. I have never been with a black man, or Asian for that matter", she hinted. "A big black cock sounds fun. Never done a three way either. You and another guy remember, not girl. I'm sure there are a few more I will think of even before this trip is over. But now let's go back down and play some more. Who knows I might get lucky. Playing slots I mean, or well maybe with that bucket list."

With that Pam and I got dressed and headed back down to enjoy the rest of night three of our  Vegas adventure. Less than halfway through our trip, we both knew there was much more to come.


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