Pam - A Wife's Journey

Pam - A Wife's Journey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.

Chapter16 (v.1) - Special Delivery

Author Chapter Note

Pam's hotwife Journey continues as she fulfills a shared fantasy.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 05, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 05, 2016



It was the morning of our third day in Vegas. We had five days and four nights left in our extended getaway. We had stayed out fairly late the prior night, going out and hitting several of the strip casinos after we had come back to the room to allow me the opportunity to eat and fuck Pam following several very hot encounters earlier in the day. 

Pam and I were both doing well at slot machines. I was up around $50, with Pam up close to $150. Very seldom do we both win, so this was a rare, but welcome experience. As Pam said most every day in Vegas, she didn't come here to sleep so we got around fairly early and headed out. 

Pam looked amazing as always. She was wearing black leather like leggings that hugged her ass perfectly. The way they emphasized her ass, thighs and calves only made her hot body look hotter. With them she wore a pair of black leather riding boots that she knew I loved seeing her in. Her top was long enough to cover her ass unless she bent over. In front was a zipper that could be lowered slowly to reveal the tops of her pert breasts. Once again, Pam was totally, fucking hot.

We decided to head out, but play close to our hotel today. We had show tickets to a traditional Las Vegas topless revue in our hotel tonight and didn't want to go too far today. There were dozens of casinos just steps from our hotel so our choices were endless even close. Besides there would be time me to venture further out several times before we left. 

We played for several hours, both continuing to do well. We were not starved and since we were doing well decided not to stop to eat in fear of turning our luck. Our show tickets were for the early evening show, but we still had plenty of time to play and eat before the show. 

Around 4:00 Pam spotted me at a game and said, "You want to eat now? I laughed and said something about how I am always willing to eat her. "I know you are and that sounds wonderful, but I had another idea", she said, "Follow me." I cashed out, grabbed my voucher and followed Pam, unsure where we were going. 

I quickly realized we were heading to our room. I smiled and said I see I am getting to eat what I'd hoped for. "Not right now", Pam explained. "I ordered room service to be delivered to the room. It should be there in another 15 minutes, so we need to get up there and get ready." I was confused, what preparation was needed for room service. I was soon to find out. 

Once in the room Pam got undressed and put on the hotel's provided robe. She told me to do the same, but to make sure my clothes were in the closet out of site. Once we were both in our robes she told me to take the desk chair and get in the closet. Being a large suite, it was a large walk-in closet so there was plenty of room for the chair and me. Pam shut the closet door all but about an inch giving me a view of the door as well as the rooms large king sized bed. 

Just as I got situated, there was a knock at the door. Pam told me to be quiet and to just watch. She then undid the robe allowing it to fall open and reveal her unshaven pussy and all of her breasts except the nipples. She looked back at me and smiled before heading to the door. 

I'd been slow figuring this plan out, but was now on to what Pam had in mind. She had teased me about finding her a virgin to teach to please a women the other day.  She knew that was a fantasy for both of us and liked telling me what she would do if the chance came up. I had pointed out the room service guy yesterday in the hall and jokingly suggested he looked like a virgin in need of her training. She had agreed and said that he would be fun to teach and looked to need her services. I'd put it out of my mind and hadn't given it any more thought until now. It was at about this exact same time we had seen him so I knew she was hoping he was back on duty. If it was him at the door and he appeared to Pam to be a virgin, I might be in for one very interesting afternoon. 

Pam peaked through the door peephole, turned back to my hiding place smiling and gave me a big thumbs up before turning to the door and slowly opening it. 

I could see the room service guy was the same one I had pointed out. He seemed very flustered by Pam's appearance. She immediately apologized and brought the robe together, but only after he had had a great view of her sexy body. He sat the food down and started to leave, but Pam told him to wait that she needed to get his tip. 

Her purse was on the floor, so when she bent over to get it she gave him a full view of her ass with her hairy pussy visible between her legs. When she turned around she caught him staring at her. When he saw her notice his obvious start he turned red and stammered an apology. 

"I am the one that should apologize", Pam said. "I am so clumsy in this robe. I bet this happens a lot to you." He told her no, he had just turned 18 and started there. He was only working part time after school to raise money for college. Pam, being bold, as usual anymore, said she was sure he had seen lots of naked women. He admitted to her he actually never had in person, only online. Pam smiled, glanced my direction in the closet and asked him if he would like to change that and see some more of her right now.  He nodded nervously and said, "Sure, I guess, if it is okay with you."

Pam turned toward him and slowly undid her robe again allowing it to come open completely exposing her beautiful sexy body. Her pert boobs were topped with very hard nipples giving away her excitement over the situation. Pam let the robe fall to the ground and then turned slowly in a 360 degree circle to allow him a full look at not only her boobs and pussy, but her shapely ass. He was staring intently, apparently taking in every inch of her beautiful body with his eyes. 

"I probably look a little different than those fake boobed girls you look at online", Pam said to him as he remained speechless staring at her. "A more mature women's body is different. My body is more natural, more sensuous, and more giving than that of a online porn model. Plus a mature women knows what pleases her and is able to share that. A mature women knows how to teach her lover to please her and to please his other lovers."

Pam stepped toward our room service delivery boy and asked, "Since you had never seen a naked women until now, I guess you have never been with one sexually either. Have you?" He tried to speak the word no, but his words failed him, so instead shook his head to her no. 

"That's nothing to be ashamed of", Pam told him. "Being a virgin at 18 is normal. I know men personally that were virgins until 22." Pam was of course referring to me and smiled at me in the closet as she said this. She then spoke to him again saying, "Would the idea of losing your virginity now be something you are interested in? Would you like me to teach you how to please a woman. How to give her pleasure and satisfy her needs?" Pam had her hand on his crotch as she asked these questions and even from my view seemed like his hardening cock gave his answer.

He finally spoke and began talking at a fairly fast rate, "Yes, I'd like that. I would like that a lot. I've never been with a girl. I don't watch porn with college aged girls, I like MILFs, but you are more beautiful than any of them. You are so pretty." With that Pam put her finger to his mouth to quiet him and told him, "I'm glad you already appreciate the beauty of a mature women. I'm going to teach you how to please me, how to service my needs and receive your pleasure by satisfying me."

By now she was rubbing his cock through his pants slowly, but very deliberately. "Seems like the idea appeals to you based on this", she said squeezing his cock in his pants. "Take off your clothes. I'm naked, so it is only fair that you would be too." He kicked off his shoes and began unbuttoning his shirt while Pam went ahead and undid his belt and opened his zipper. Once his shirt was off he pulled off his tee shirt and stepped out of his pants. He was now standing in front of Pam only in a pair of white briefs and his black socks. His hard virgin cock was causing a tent pole in the front of his briefs that Pam was looking at hungrily. "Let's take a look at that big dick of yours," Pam told him pulling down his underwear. "Impressive", she told him. 

I'd guess his cock was about six inches long and average thickness. Not what I'd refer to as 'impressive', but I know Pam was helping teach her new 'student' and he needed self confidence to be able to learn from her. I would soon find out what was impressive about this hard cock was its staying power however.

Pam sat down on the edge of the bed and had him step towards her. She dropped her mouth to his virgin cock and licked precum from the tip. I'm assuming you have never had a blow job", Pam asked him. He quickly said he had not to which Pam replied, "Well that's about to change." 

Pam took his cock in her mouth moving up and down on its length while stroking his meat with one hand and cupping his balls with the other. I knew Pam was a skilled cock sucker from experience, but had never witnessed her doing it on anyone but me. Pam let his cock out of her mouth long enough to tell him not to hold back. That once he came he was going to learn to eat pussy and then get a chance to fuck her if he was interested.

He was very much interested and told her so. Pam said that was good and put her mouth back on his cock. She started stroking him off while sucking on his cock. She continued fucking his cock with her mouth until he told her if she didn't stop he was going to cum. She took her mouth off his dick just long enough to say, "Good, cum for me." With that he came. Pam took his load on her face and in her mouth, letting it seep from the corners of her mouth and run down her chin and on to her chest. 

Pam kept rubbing his cock as it remained rock hard and showed no sign of going soft. "You have a very nice hard cock", Pam told him. "After you learn to eat pussy you are going to use that hard-on to fuck me. 

Pam laid back on the bed and told him to kiss her pussy. She spread her legs wide allowing him access to her very wet and very horny pussy. Pam began explaining to him what he was to do to please her. She told him how to kiss, lick and tongue her pussy to give her pleasure. She explained how to lick her hard clit and fuck her with his tongue. Pam took her time giving him the chance to learn all aspects of orally pleasing her.

"Lick my clit with your tongue slowly. Move it in circles", Pam told him. "That's it just like that. That feels so nice, you are a fast learner. Go slower. Use the tip of your tongue right on my clit. Oh yeah, that's perfect. Go a little faster. Keep licking. Don't stop. You are going to make me cum. Keep going." 

Pam was arching her back pressing her wet pussy against his virgin tongue. "That's it. Lick me faster. Up and down with your tongue. Yes, that it. Don't stop. Faster!" Pam began climaxing and clamped her legs on his head holding him against her contracting pussy. "I'm cumming!" Pam's body contracted as her virgin lover's tongue continued to service her.

She finally let him go and told him to stop. She told him he had done very well and was impressed with his ability to follow instructions so well. "Let me see your cock", she told him. He got up on his knees next to her showing his cock to her. It was still rock hard, as Pam expected it would be.

"Did you like eating my pussy", she asked. "Did you enjoy making me cum an your face?" He told her he did, to which she replied, "I thought so. Are you ready to no longer be a virgin? Are you ready to learn how to fuck", she said putting heavy emphasis on the word 'fuck'. 

Pam laid back again and spread her legs wide. She told him how to get on top of her and positioned his penis just at the opening of her still very excited pussy. Pam took his cock in her hand and asked him, "Are you ready? Do you want your dick in my wet pussy now?" I thought he might cum just from her suggestion of fucking her the way he looked. He was almost trembling he was so excited. 

Pam then put him out of his misery and guided him into her. His dick slid easily in her hot wetness. She told him to push it in all the way and hold it there. He did as told, but soon nature took over and he had to begin thrusting in and out. Pam had her legs wide open and was holding on to him tightly as he started thrusting faster and faster. Pam was not giving instructions any more, as she was lost in the thrill of taking his virginity. 

"Yeah, fuck me. That's it give me that cock deep. Keep going", Pam told him. "You are going to make me cum again. You want to shoot off in me?" He grunted and thrust once more hard and deep. Pam was being filled with his virgin load of cum and I could tell she was climaxing herself as a result. She grasp him tight and held him in her while he continued to cum, dumping what I assumed was a huge load of his seed.

He collapsed on her as she slowly released him. After a minute or so he rolled off her and to my utter shock was still completely hard. His dick was just as large as before and was shining from Pam's and his cum on it. "You are still hard", Pam said, noticing too what I had just spotted from my closet hiding place. I could tell she was impressed by his cock remaining hard having already cum twice. I know I certainly was. 

"You are a great fuck", Pam told him while stroking his hard-on slowly. "You will be popular with the ladies because of that dick, and now that educated tongue. Did you enjoy eating me and then fucking the wet pussy your tongue made climax?"

He did not respond, but instead seemed to be staring at Pam's pert boobs and enjoying her hand moving slowly on his cock. Pam noticed his stare as well and commented, "You like my body? You seem to like my pert titties and hard nipples don't you? A mature woman's body knows how to receive and give pleasure." Pam kept stroking his cock slowly, rubbing it up and down using the natural lube from her pussy and his cum. 

Pam then told him, " You got another load in those balls to share with me? Look at my boobies. You want to kiss them? You can if you want." He leaned forward closer to her breasts. Pam shifted herself and moved her boob toward him all the time stroking his cock, now faster.

"Go ahead, shoot for me. Show me I turn you on. Show me that my 'fucking hot' body makes your dick shoot another big load", Pam told him, now stroking him faster and urging him to blow his load. "Come on, let me watch you shoot. Cum for me." 

With that he moaned and shot a spray of semen a good foot or foot and a half in the air. It was a powerful blast that, despite being his third climax in a short period of time, contained a lot of cum. Oh, to be 18 again.

Pam hugged him and thanked him for showing her that her body turned him on. Pam then got up and slipped her robe back on while he got dressed and prepared to leave. Pam laughed and told him he hoped he would not miss his virginity now that he had lost it for good. 

With that he departed and Pam came to the closet with her robe parted open displaying her gorgeous body and asked me if I was hungry. I asked what she had in mind for me to eat. She laughed and said that she was offering the room service dinner which was salads and cold sandwiches. She planned something that would keep she explained because she expected the delivery to take a while. I said I was hungry for something else, something that appeared to me to be very hot. 

Pam said, "My pussy is definitely on your menu for tonight. But considering we have not eaten yet today and we have show tickets for that topless show in less than two hours, I think you will be getting that hot course for your desert." 

Pam and I ate dinner and discussed the 'delivery boy' show I had just been treated to. I had a hard-on the full meal from the discussion as well as from the view of Pam's hot body in the open robe. Pam laughed when I stood up and she saw my hard cock. I was still wearing the robe she had me put on which gave her a great view of my raging hard-on. She smiled and said, "Save that for later. I'm sure there will be other boners at this show, but only one caused by this", she said pulling open the robe and laughing.

"Come on and get dressed. We are not going to let these tickets go to waste, or for that matter that massive cock." 

We were soon headed out the door. The delivery boy's sperm still between her legs and my cock still rock hard and throbbing. This was going to be an interesting show for sure.

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