Pam - A Wife's Journey

Pam - A Wife's Journey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.

Chapter14 (v.1) - Pam Takes a Licking

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Pam continues her sexual journey as she satisfies an immediate need.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 03, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 03, 2016



Pam and I decided to spend the rest of the day in downtown Vegas rather than the strip since there was some live rock music scheduled on Fremont Street. So our plan was, besides slot play, to enjoy some great music. 

We made the quick cab ride downtown and decided we should grab a bite since we never ate back at the food court, instead getting involved in 'inspecting' the package of our friend we had met the day before. We found a nice quiet little restaurant and got a table near the back. After ordering I turned the subject to sex, honestly my favorite topic, especially with my very sexy wife. 

Knowing we had expanded our sexual boundaries lately, I asked Pam what her favorite thing sexually was. "That's quite an open ended question", Pam replied smiling. "Well my favorite thing to do is for you to eat my pussy. If I could only do one thing, that would be it."

"I've had some great climaxes doing other things and enjoyed them, but your tongue on my clit is almost a sure fire climax every time and something I would not trade anything for", Pam shared then reaching over and kissing me giving my a little of her tongue in the process. Pam continued, "Thanks to your generosity I have experienced some other fun things, especially lately. All were great, but none I have to do again, especially if it meant giving up you, your tongue skills or that man meat in your pants."

"You surprised", she asked me. "Did you think it was being with that women, or serving the wheelchair bound gentleman, or getting that massage, or even being a complete exhibitionist and letting someone watch us fuck? Or going back into my youth that twelve inch fat cock I told you about?"

I told her I was not surprised at all. After 35 years I had come to know her. I then told her the thing I found most rewarding and exciting was to satisfy her sexually and agreed if I could do only one thing it would be to lick her pussy to climax. "We are the perfect couple", she laughed. "Good thing you feel that way, because after my exam of Robert this morning I am feeling a little in need of your expertise. You know he got off, but I didn't."

I hugged Pam and told her that service was available twenty four hours a day, anytime, anywhere. "Careful what you offer", she warned me. "Don't let your mouth make promises that tongue can't keep!" 

Our meal arrived and being as hungry as we both were our conversation slowed down as we both concentrated on eating. As I finished I touched her leg and told her I loved her totally. I told her how happy I was that she finally appeared to understand how beautiful she was. 

"You make me feel that way", Pam said. "You gave me the confidence to dress a little sexier and told me I was beautiful. I know you feel that way, but you have shown me other men feel that way too. I never noticed guys checking me out until recently, even though you said they were. You were being honest. They were looking at me and that is exciting for me and I believe for you too." I nodded that it was.

"Knowing guys are checking me out is a thrill for me. Knowing other men are interested in your wife is a turn on for you too, so as they say, a win-win", Pam acknowledged. "Again, the perfect couple."

"So", I asked, "Anything left on our sexual bucket list we need to accomplish?"

"Well", Pam began, "Nothing I can think of at this second, but I won't say I have done it all by any means. Were you hoping for some secret desire like interracial sex or a three way?" I laughed and said I had nothing in mind and was just curious. "Well count out a three way with another women, no desire for that, another guy, maybe", she said smiling.

"You like the idea of me fucking a virgin I know", Pam told me. "You have mentioned several times I took three guys virginity, but I don't know that for sure. I'm not sure James was a virgin and had no idea you were until months later, so didn't get the thrill of knowingly popping your cherry.  I think Sean was a virgin and thought so at the time, so I guess you could say I did know, or assumed, I was his first." 

With that Pam reached over and checked my crotch. "Yep, hard as a rock. I figured as much", she laughed. "You are a horny gentleman and like the idea of your wife helping out others. You like the idea of me teaching a horny, inexperienced 18 year old how to please a women correctly don't you? You know that I could teach a virgin the proper techniques to ensure he was able to please women correctly. I'd have to show him how to satisfy me with his tongue and cock", Pam continued while rubbing my swollen cock through my jeans.

"I'd need to instruct him on each part of pleasing a women. It would all be for his benefit to make sure he had the confidence and skills needed to service a woman the way she deserved. I'd teach him to be a giving lover and to always service his lady with his tongue, putting her pleasure before his. He would learn from me how to be a good lover. I of course, would only be doing this to help him", Pam added.

"Would you like to watch me teach an 18 year old virgin? Watch me train him properly how to satisfy a woman? I'm sure I would have to suck off his first load to give him the proper staying power to fuck me, don't you think. I mean an 18 year old virgin would cum fast, so would need some release to allow him to last long enough to be taught properly. I know his dick would never go soft, not at 18, and be good for several more loads if trained properly." 

All the while Pam explained teaching this virgin, she was rubbing my hard cock through my jeans under the table. "You do want to watch me teach a virgin don't you", she said. "You would have to hide, of course. He would be too shy and nervous to learn if he knew you were there." 

I was rock hard and leaking precum. Pam was being very graphic in describing something she knew I found a turn on, and I loved it. Pam kept talking and rubbing, "You could hide on the balcony of our room, or maybe the closet. Both would provide you a view of the bed. I could suck him off right in front of you and then teach him to eat my pussy on the bed. I would spread wide so you could see him lick me. You could jerk off watching if you wanted. I'd expect you would need to as turned on as me teaching him would make you."

"He would lick me slowly to a climax. I'd make sure he knew what it took to made a women cum. Once I came, I would show him how to fuck. How to slide his virgin meat into a woman. What it felt like to have his cock in a tight wet mature pussy that was hungry for a fat virgin cock", Pam told me as continuing to rub my cock in my jeans. 

"You're very excited aren't you", she asked. I smiled and asked what gave it away. "That's a big log in your pants", she said knowing I already knew the answer. "I'm horny too", Pam acknowledged. "My pussy is aching. I need your tongue to do its magic. I need licked. Can you do that for me?"

I told her sure and said I'd get us a cab to head back to the hotel. "No", Pam said, "I need it now.  I want licked now, somewhere close. My pussy is wet and needs relief now. You told me any place or any time didn't you." I asked Pam what she had in mind and how she though she was going to get my face between her legs here in downtown Las Vegas. 

"Well", Pam began, "I saw a family restroom in the restaurant that could work. I promise I'll be quick. I'm close just thinking about it." I was amazed that Pam had thought this out and was dead serious. 

"I want your beard soaked with my juices and cum", Pam laughed. "Your face will smell like my sex all night. Smelling me all night will keep you hard because even though you are eating me, you will not get relief, not yet anyway. That going to work for you", Pam asked, not really as a question, but more as a statement of what was going to take place. 

With that, Pam asked for our check and we quickly paid and left our table. I was unsure if Pam was serious or not, but really should have known she was the way she was smiling at me. Since it was late afternoon the restaurant was not crowded we were able to discreetly slip in to the family restroom unnoticed, not that Pam seemed to care all that much.

Once in the restroom, Pam locked the door and immediately pulled up her dress to reveal her black tights were the crotchless ones she had worn on one of our trips a few weeks before. Pam pulled them open enabling me a full view of her very excited pussy. 

"Come on, start licking", Pam said to me as she spread her pussy open with her fingers for me. "We can't take too long, some family may need this for its intended purpose." With that I moved between Pam's legs and started to service her the way she deserved. I licked her pussy opening slowly working my way up to her hard clit. 

"That's it", Pam sighed. "Lick my clit, eat me wet pussy. I want to cum on your face. Service your deserving wife with that talented tongue." I, of course, paid close attention to Pam's instructions and did as told. 

Pam continued to tell me what she wanted and how to lick her lick her. "Fuck me with that tongue", she began. "Okay, I need that tongue on my clit now. Go slow. That's it. My clit feels so hard, lick it a little faster." 

With that Pam grabbed my head and came hard against my face drenching my beard with her cum as she had promised. She came in waves on my face until she gradually released my head and moved her pussy from my tongue. "Thanks, I needed that so much", Pam sighed. 

She then stood up straightened her dress, opened the door, peeked out and the motioning for me to follow her from the restroom. We made our 'escape' from the restaurant out to the street where she broke out laughing. "That was fun"' Pam exclaimed. "I told you I was going to have you service me with that tongue wherever and whenever." 
Pam then added, smiling broadly, "Okay, let's go find me that virgin we were talking about earlier." 

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