Pam - A Wife's Journey

Pam - A Wife's Journey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.

Chapter13 (v.1) - Good Things Cum From Small Packages

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Pam's curiousity leads her to return to a recent acquaintance for some 'investigative' work.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 27, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 27, 2016



We woke up fairly early. Pam told me she wasn't in Las Vegas to sleep, so we needed to make the most of every minute. We got around and headed down to to eat breakfast before working our way up the strip to play slots in a few different casinos. 

As we finished breakfast Pam opened her purse to get her lip gloss, as she did after every meal to keep her lips moist. "Whoops", she gasped. "I still have Robert's phone. I took it last night to make sure he didn't film us as we performed for him and in the excitement never gave it back. Looks like we might be seeing him again if he notices." 

I was a little unsure about seeing Robert, after all he had seen my junk up close and personal, so seeing him again seemed weird. Pam explained, "Hey you like me all but flashing strangers and you in public, and on top of that Robert saw all of me nude too, so what is good for me, should be good for you." I agreed with Pam, since she really had me there.

We had no way to reach him of course, so were going to need to rely on him finding us since he knew where we were staying. I told her she seemed excited about the possibility of seeing him again. "Don't be jealous, it is purely clinical curiosity. You know I was only with four guys before you, and yes Tom had that monster cock so I've seen a big one, but even though I thought Sean was below average he was nothing like Robert. I guess I'd like to just get a real good look at it to see if it was as little as I thought." Pam continued, "I think it was only like an inch long or so. I'd guess he needs to sit to pee since it would not reach beyond his pants so standing he might wet himself." 

Pam, as she tends to do, had given this man's penis some thought. I asked her how she thought she was going to arrange getting a look at his penis. "Don't be silly, I'll just ask him. I might have to show him my boobies, but I'm sure he would drop his trousers for me", she announced confidently. I asked if she had plans for his genitalia beyond a professional clinical exam. She laughed and said just, "We'll see won't we." 

We headed out and were at a casino a few down from our hotel a couple hours later when Pam's purse started ringing. It was Robert's phone. "Should I answer it", she asked me. I told her sure it could be Robert. 

"Hello", she softy purred into the phone with a sexier voice than she normally uses. " Hi, Robert. Yes this is Pam. Sorry I forgot to give you your phone back last night. I was preoccupied you know." Pam paused listening to Robert. "That should work. We can meet you there in an hour if you want, I think we a pretty close to there now actually.  Okay, great. See you soon." Pam hung up and told me we were going to meet him in the lobby of his hotel at the food court at noon. 

Pam decided we should head that way to be on time and could place slots there until time. We were not as close as Pam guessed, but made the walk with time to spare. We found the food court and saw Robert waiting on us well before our agreed upon time. Pam approached him, giving him a kiss on the cheek while handing him his phone, 

Robert motioned for us to sit down and join him. First thing he said was thanks for getting him phone back. I guess he was afraid he had left it in the cab he took from our place. 

Robert then quickly added, "And thanks for last night. I never thought I'd ever get to live out my fantasy and you two made it possible. Older guys with bad legs and a little penis don't get much female interest  unless they are rich, so that leaves me out." 

Pam smiled and said it was our pleasure adding, "I really mean pleasure." As she spoke she reached over stroking my face and mouth suggesting fairly boldly that she liked me eating her pussy while Robert watched. 

With the conversation already turned to our show for Robert from last night, Pam pulled no punched and asks Robert directly about his penis. "I didn't see your cock very well last night", she told him. "Not really fair. You saw my boobies, ass, pussy and everything else as well as everything nature gave my husband here, but kept your goods covered. No fair."

"You said it was on the small side, but never went into much detail." Pam pushed on for more information, "So share more with me about your little pocket rocket." 

Robert was surprised at her bluntness for a second, but then smiled and looked at me and said, "Your wife is amazing. Beautiful, sexy, smart, and very inquisitive. No one else I ever met ever had the nerve to even mention my small dick, let alone call it a little pocket rocket." He laughed and told me how lucky I was. "She is a keeper you have there. Wow, pocket rocket, huh? So what can I tell you?" 

Pam said to tell her everything he could think of and she would ask questions as he went. "Okay", he started, "My dick is little. Not much different erect or flaccid actually. I would say it was two inches long to impress you, but in honesty it is just over one inch. Maybe one and a half when I am really excited like last night. It does work, so I can rub it to climax, but not like most men by stroking. More just rubbing I'd say. You want more details?"

Pam nodded yes, leaning in closer to him and placing her hand on his leg. "Well", he said, "What else can I tell you? My wife did perform oral sex for me, but it was only kind of successful most of the time. Yes, it all fit in her mouth, but, oh well, maybe she just was bad at it, I don't know." Pam asked if he ever been inside a women. "Sure we tried a few times, but it is too small, so more frustrating than fun", he shared looking down as he said it.

Pam held his hand and said she was sorry if she embarrassed him and that she had not meant to at all. He smiled and said, "Not at all, it's fine. I just haven't talked to anyone like this since my wife." 

Pam smiled and hugged him gently before blurting out, "Can I see it?" Whoa, can I not take my wife anywhere? Her filter has always been fairly wide open, but on this trip it seems to have been left behind. Then, to my surprise Robert said, "Sure!" 

Pam immediately draped her jacket over Robert's lap and deftly undid his zipper finding his mini tool easily since as she had guessed last night he rolled commando. I could tell by her face she was giving his cock a digital exam, but of course could not see it here in the casino food court. Pam continued groping Robert's manhood looking him in the eyes as she did. 

He was small enough apparently that she was able to have complete access without causing much notice around us since he had little to dramatically tent pole his pants. I could not tell what she thought since she just looked so studious in the effort. 

Pretty soon Robert said if you keep that up I might cum. Pam immediately stopped and said, "Now sir, this is an exam and climaxing is inappropriate." Robert looked embarrassed until Pam added, "At least here. I want to see your cock and watch it shoot off."

Pam stood up and asked Robert if we could go to his room. He agreed and she took off toward the elevators, motioning me to follow. Pam continued fondling Robert's penis through his pants on the ride up in the elevator. We made a bee line to Robert's room with Pam commanding Robert to strip naked as we walked through the door. "My turn to look at you", she said to him. 

He seemed embarrassed as he removed his pants, and not because of his penis as much as of his legs. They were small and damaged from an accident or maybe a childhood disease. My attention was drawn from his legs to his penis however. It was small, really small. His one and a half inch measurement was right on. His cock appeared to be hard and still was this small size. While Robert's cock was little, but his balls appeared normal sized. His cock was circumcised I believe. There was not much excess skin anyway. It was hard to tell as small as it was.

Pam sat on the edge of the bed in front of Robert and looked him over intently. She seemed almost amazed at the mini-cock she was staring at. Without asking anyone she leaned down and took his entire cock in her mouth. She sucked it only briefly before sitting back up and saying, " Wow, that was fun, I've never had an entire cock in my mouth before." 

Pam the reached out and took his cock between her thumb and forefinger and started kind of tugging on it. She was going to finish him off now it appeared. "How far does it shoot", she asked Robert, but before he could reply she got her answer as his cum began more leaking than shooting. Pam looked totally enthralled by this site and watched intently as his cum dripped from his cock and Robert moaned.

"Thank you Robert for letting me see your penis and help it cum. I enjoyed that and will never forget you", Pam told him. Robert quickly said it was he that needed to thank her. "Not only did I get jerked off by a fucking hot women, you taught me that maybe I shouldn't be embarrassed about my body." 

We soon parted ways, this time leaving Robert's phone with him and headed back down to the casino and then out to the strip. I told Pam I was lucky to have her as my wife and that I thought  she was nice to Robert and had given him some much needed confidence. She hugged me and said she hoped so. She then groped my crotch and felt my semi-hard cock. She laughed and said, "No, I'm the lucky one. Your wonderful and on top of that hung like a horse. I'll never take you or that big guy between your legs for granted again."

With that we made our way out of the casino and on to the strip. We had four more nights in Las Vegas and I am sure lots more excitement in store.

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