Pam - A Wife's Journey

Pam - A Wife's Journey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.

Chapter12 (v.1) - Our Own Vegas Show

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Pam continues her journey to becoming a hotwife by helping an older gentleman fullfill his lifelong fantasy.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 24, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 24, 2016



We hurried from our room down to breakfast and our planned meeting with Robert, the gentleman Pam had met last night in the casino. 

Pam spotted Robert first sitting at a table having already gone through the buffet. We waved hello to acknowledge we saw him and went ahead and went through the buffet before sitting down. Robert looked a little different to me today in the light of the buffet compared to last night in the casino. It appeared to me he had possibly taken a little more time getting ready this morning. His hair was combed neater and he had shaved closer today than he had been, at least yesterday when we met him. 

Pam noticed too and commented to me she thought it was cute he was trying to look good for us. I assumed it was really for her and not 'us', as Pam thought. We would soon find out that Pam and I were both right. 

We spent the next couple of hours visiting with Robert. Turns out we had more in common than I would have ever guessed. Our careers had similar paths although in different parts of the country and several years apart. Robert and I hit it off and I really enjoyed the conversation despite Roberts inability to stop looking at Pam. Now, I fully understand why he couldn't stop looking at her and was in some way very honored and slightly turned on by his obvious interest in my wife's hot body. 

Pam looked better this morning than ever, if that was even possible. She had dressed to impress, if not arouse today. She was wearing tight jean type leggings that hugged her ass incredibly well. With these were knee high riding boots, a button up shirt with very few buttons actually buttoned under a cardigan. The sweater allowed Pam to go braless by hiding her erect nipples beneath the material.

Robert kept trying to see down Pam's shirt and was very intent on her ass as she left the table to go back to the buffet. No doubt he could not see enough of Pam. Our visit eventually turned to Las Vegas and Robert's interest in the 'nudie shows', as he called them. Pam was right, Robert did seem to enjoy nude reviews and was very excited to tell us about the various ones in town. He liked the raunchy shows off strip as well as the classier shows at the bigger strip casinos. It didn't seem to matter as long as he saw naked ladies.

Robert went on to tell us about an upscale adult circus type show on the strip that was very good. "Great acrobatics", Robert said, "Plus a lot of nudity. You should take Pam, it always turned my wife on." I told him I'd already bought show tickets for latter in the week and would have to budget that show next trip. Robert told me nonsense and that he would treat the three of us to the show tonight. 

I told Robert that was too generous and we could not impose on him like that. He told us it was his pleasure and he wanted to see the show, but had hated to go alone. Pam finally said we would be glad to go if it meant that much to him and thanked him for his generosity by giving him a big kiss on the cheek. 

We made plans to meet for the show following dinner and soon parted ways. Last night I'd guessed he might have an erection caused by Pam. Today I knew without a doubt he did. Pam's hot outfit, sexy body, and suggestive talk had left Robert fairly hard I was certain. Again, I could not complain. Pam had that effect on people, me included.

The day passed with Pam and I visiting several of the casinos along the strip gradually working our way to the casino hotel that hosted the show we were to see that night. We grabbed dinner and played slots until time to meet Robert for the show. At our designated time and place, we spotted Robert in line waving to us to join him.

Robert handed a ticket to Pam and one to me. I noticed our tickets were in the front row right in the middle. I also noticed my seat was next to Pam with Robert on Pam's other side. We took our seats and visited while waiting for the show to start. Robert had a nice view of the stage, but an even better view of Pam's breasts barely covered by her very plunging neck line. Robert was engaged in visiting with us, but had trouble taking his eyes off my gorgeous wife.

The show soon started. Robert was right, it was a great show, especially from these very close seats. Performers were standing only feet away from us, many of them mostly naked. Great acrobatics and a very sensuous, bawdy show kept us very entertained and fairy aroused. 

We were all very engaged in the show and the stunning performers entertaining us. About an hour into the show, I felt Pam's hand in my lap. She whispered she was just seeing if the show excited me. I told her yes and asked if she was getting turned on, to which she simply smiled and nodded yes. I asked her if she thought Robert was excited and she whispered to me, "I don't know, you want me to check?"

I never answered Pam, as before I could we were startled by a loud noise from the stage. We all jumped and Pam grabbed my leg as she did. I noticed she had also grabbed Robert's with her other hand right near his groin. She apologized to him and he just smiled and said it was fine.

A few minutes later during a lull in the show Pam leaned over to me and said, "I felt his cock or car keys. If it was his dick he is hard, but maybe not all that big. I'm not sure." I whispered to her I would guess it was his cock, as the show was sexy and there was no reason for him to have any keys.

The show evidentially ended. We stood and waited for the crowd to clear. We agreed it was a great show and would all watch it again right then if we could. Pam hugged Robert and thanked him for the tickets. He hugged her back and appeared to be straining to see down her shirt as he did. 

As we finally made our way out of the theater Pam leaned close to me and said softly, "You were right, it wasn't his keys. I felt his dick against me when we hugged. I'm not sure he is not commando." 

Robert excused himself to use the restroom. We waited nearby as he did. Pam told me, "I don't think he is very big. Not very big at all based on that hug at least." She sighed, "Poor guy, he is nice looking, but has that bad limp and a smaller cock. I bet he never slept with anyone but his wife and now never will. Poor horny guy."

Robert rejoined us and we decided to grab a snack and drinks in the hotel's bar. Robert was very animated and clearly enjoyed our company having a few drinks and discussing the show. After a few more drinks Robert started opening up more about himself and evidentially started talking about other nude shows in town we should see together. I must have made a comment about him liking to watch naked performers and he quickly agreed adding, "I can't lie, I love watching naked women and men. Bit of a voyeur I am", he laughed raising his glass in a toast. 

"Always have been and always will be. I do love watching people naked in person." Robert went on, his drinks causing him to speak even more freely. "I will admit that watching is my favorite thing. Yeah I know that sounds weird, but oh well, it is the truth." He paused, looked around and then said quietly, "To be honest, I am not very well endowed, if you know what I mean. Actually not big enough to really even have intercourse at least to a climax. Mine or my wife's."

"My wife was a saint and never complained. If not for using a dildo, I'm not sure she would have ever had her cherry popped", he explained, the drinks now allowing him to speak completely honestly. "Yeah, watching is what gets me off. That's why Vegas was our vacation spot. She allowed me to watch shows and get my fill of live nudity." 

Pam asked him to go on and explain what he liked. Robert jumped art the chance to continue. "Mostly I have seen the nudie shows here in Vegas, so nothing too hardcore, although I'd love to", he continued. "Frankly, I fantasize about watching a couple have sex as I watch and I play with myself in my pants. Since I lost my wife, I have considered advertising online to see if I could find a couple to watch, but that online stuff is too dangerous for me." 

Suddenly, out of nowhere Pam blurted out, "You want to watch us?"  I was floored, had Pam just offered to let Robert watch us have sex? Now mind you, the idea of Robert seeing my beautiful wife naked was exciting, but now she had offered him to see me naked as well. All without even talking about it. 

Pam could tell I was surprised and turned to me saying, "You like my exhibitionism don't you? You said last night you didn't mind me being Robert's masturbation fantasy. Why not let him have something to really remember." Pam kept going, "I bet Robert would love to see my wet, hairy pussy take your massive cock after you licked me to a mind blowing climax." 

Pam turned to Robert and said, "You have never seen a couple fuck in person have you? Would  you want to at least once?" Robert said of course he would, especially someone as beautiful as Pam. 

I now realized what was going through Pam's mind. She knew Robert had little opportunity of ever fulfilling this most intimate desire and felt it was up to her to come to his aid. Robert was alone, crippled and, as she now knew, very undersized in the penis department. He needed Pam's special assistance and she loved the idea of being able to help this person in need. While I was still a little surprised at Pam's willingness to commit us both to this major act of exhibitionism, at least now I saw what had caused her to make the offer.

"Would you two do that for me", Robert asked. "That would be my lifelong fantasy come true, but is too much to ask." Robert turned to me and said, "Your wife is amazing. Sexy, beautiful and so kind to want to help me achieve my ultimate desires, but I don't think I can accept that offer from Pam, at least without your full agreement. I could never be the cause of any issues between the two of you. I could not live with that as much as watching you and Pam together would be incredible. 

At this point Robert and Pam were both intently looking at me, waiting for me to respond. I paused for a minute and then said, "Let's get out of here and head back to our hotel."  We quickly paid and left, walking briskly back up the strip to our suite. 

Robert explained he would watch, but did not want to participate or get naked. He would play with his penis, but keep it in his pants. Evidently being small allowed him enough access to his cock inside his pants to get to a climax, where that would never work for me. Pam told him that was fine, but did make him give her his phone, as she made it clear he could not film or photograph us. Robert agreed, handing his phone over to Pam for safe keeping.

Getting to our room, Robert said he would sit in the desk chair he positioned near the end of our bed. With that Pam said to me, "You interested in fucking me big boy? You want to put on our own Vegas sex show right now? You want to lick my pussy? Suck my tits? Slide a couple of fingers into this wet cunt?" She emphasized the word 'cunt' for my pleasure as well as Roberts. 

Pam then reached out to me and began undoing my belt and lowered my pants down. I stepped out of them allowing my bulge to be clearly visible. Pam then stepped back from me and took off her sweater and shirt, revealing her beautiful breasts topped by her very hard nipples. 

"Take off your shirt and underwear", Pam commanded. Soon I was standing naked in front of Pam and Robert. Pam sat on the bed in front of me and began kissing my cock. She took the head of my penis in her mouth and used her tongue to lick small circles on the underside. With one hand she held my balls, while the other squeezed my shaft. Pam began sucking my cock for all she was worth. While Pam is a great cock sucker, this was her best effort ever. I could tell she enjoyed putting on a show for Robert as well as the taste of my precum in her mouth.

After a few minutes, Pam took my dick from her mouth and stood up in front of me and Robert. She pulled down her leggings revealing her hairy pussy to me and her sweet round ass to Robert. She spun around slowly in a 360 degree circle saying, "You boys like the view?" 

"I need my pussy licked", Pam told me in no uncertain words. "Eat me baby. Make me cum on you face." She turned to Robert and said, "You okay watching him eating me while I rub my hard nipples aren't you Robert?" Robert said nothing, but smiled and nodded yes. He had one hand in his pants and was clearly playing with his penis as he watched.
Pam laid back on the bed, spreading her legs wide apart to give Robert a great view of her pussy. She the reached down and spread her lips open and touched her very hard clit. She rubbed her clit softly for a minute to give Robert a special view before motioning for me to bury my face between her legs. 

I began licking her pussy. I tried to position myself so Robert had a view of my tongue working her clit, but at the same time did not block his view of Pam rubbing her breasts and nipples. Pam tasted great. She was vey excited and was very wet to prove it. She really was getting off putting on this show for our friend in need.

Pam's clit was swollen and very large and hard, I licked it slowly up and down and then in circles. I stopped licking only long enough to slide my tongue in her wet pussy to tongue fuck her. Pam was telling me, "Eat me. Come on, make my clit hard. Lick that pussy." While Pam always liked telling me how to please her, tonight she was extra vocal due to Robert's presence. Suddenly Pam took one hand and placed it on the back of my head holding my face against her as she reached a very strong climax. "Oh, yes, lick it now", she moaned as she came, flooding my face with her cum. 

"Fuck me. Fuck me now", she said. "Fill me cunt with your cock and then shoot me full of cum. Robert deserves to see my pussy full of your cum. Let's show him a big creampie." I eagerly slid up from between her legs and allowed Pam to grab my very erect member and guide it into her awaiting pussy. I slid in with one, long, slow push and buried my dick deep in her.

I began thrusting slowly at first, picking up sped as Pam grabbed my ass and encouraged my thrusts to speed up. All the while Pam was giving a verbal play by play, I assumed for Robert's pleasure. "That's it fuck me. Oh, your huge. You're hitting my cervix. You are so deep. Your cock is stretching my pussy open. Keep going. Fuck me harder. Faster." 

As always, I did as Pam asked. I picked up my pace and began fucking her like crazy. I was totally lost in my lust for this very hot and sexy women. Suddenly Pam grabbed my ass in both hands and ground her pussy hard on to my swollen manhood as she climaxed hard. "Cum in me now", she begged just as I shot my load. 

I came hard and long, filling her full of cum. I rolled off Pam so she could give Robert a full look at my cum leaking from her pussy. A real wet and juicy creampie just as Pam had requested. Pam spread her legs wide and helped my cum seep from her pussy by contracting her muscles to force more to drip out and give Robert even a better show.

It was at this point I was able to look over at Robert and got a glance of his penis barely visible through his open zipper. He was being honest when he said he was small. Maybe a couple of inches long and not very thick from what I could make out. I looked at Pam and saw she was looking at Robert's crotch as well. She had an inquisitive look on her face and could tell she was fascinated by what she was seeing. We could also both see that he had a wet spot on his pants making it clear he had climaxed watching out hot sex show. 

"Did we do okay Robert", Pam asked, breaking the silence. He was almost unable to speak and seemed very emotional. "Oh yes. It was better than my wildest dreams. Pam you are simply fucking hot and so very sexy. Add to that one monster cock there to serve you and I could never ask for any more."

I'd all but forgotten I was still naked and as exposed as Pam was, although it was her Robert was still intently admiring. Robert slowly came back to reality, saying he could not thank us enough. We had fulfilled a lifetime dream that he never felt was possible. Robert then said his goodbyes and got up to leave. Before he could, my still naked wife jumped off the bed, her pussy still leaking cum, and hugged him goodbye. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and inadvertently left a wet spot, and some of my DNA, on his pants in the process. 

Robert left and Pam turned to me and hugged me tightly. "I love you", she said. "Thanks for making his dream come true." I hugged her back and gave her a big kiss telling I loved her too. We were only on day two of the trip and I had no idea of what he rest of the trip might hold in store for us.

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