Poor Little Petey

Poor Little Petey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Peter moves to a new school and three of the most popular girls befriend him. Do they have ulterior motives? Yes, yes they do.


Peter moves to a new school and three of the most popular girls befriend him. Do they have ulterior motives? Yes, yes they do.

Chapter2 (v.1) - The Girls Come Over

Author Chapter Note

This seems like a good place to state the obvious, this is all fantasy and in no way reflects real life or a desire for this to take place in real life.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 28, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 28, 2020



The girls showed up right on time the following afternoon which just happened to be a Friday. Peter opened the door and let them in.

Carol came running up to meet them. “Oh you must be the girls that Petey is always going on about. Thank you guys so much for taking care of him at school.”

“Oh it’s our pleasure,” Amber says and then introduces herself and Gail and Katie.

“So Petey tells me you’re helping him run for student council?” Says Carol.

The girls looked at each other and then at Peter.

“Yes,” says Amber, just going with it, “our first task is to get Peter more popular, to enhance his reputation at school. That’s why we are meeting today, to brainstorm on how best to do that.

“By the way Amber, I love that purse” said Carol, “it looks like you could carry the world in that thing!”

“Thanks,” said Amber. “It’s good for carrying textbooks and stuff.”

“Right,” said Carol, “well don’t let me keep you guys any longer. I’m sure you have lots to do. Now Petey, honey, I’m going to be down here, so why don’t you take your little friends upstairs to your room?”

Carol laughed to herself as she watched Peter’s eyes almost pop out of his head. And she was pretty sure that she heard one of the girls say “yes” under her breath.

“Aren’t you excited Petey honey? You’re about to have three horny girls in your bedroom,” said Amber.

Peter was decidedly not excited. He didn’t know what was coming, but he was sure that it would not be good. He was sure of one thing, however, he would now be known as “Petey” for the foreseeable future.

Peter made a point of leaving his door open.

Amber snorted out a little laugh as she promptly closed it.

“Now, Petey,” she said, what is going to transpire here is pretty complicated, but if we all work together as a team, I think we can get the desired results.”

“OK,” Peter said, wondering where this was going. 

“So, first of all, we need you to strip off your clothes so that we can see what we are dealing with here.” And with that she waved at his crotch area.

For the second time in ten minutes, Peter’s eyes almost popped out of his head.

“I, I’m not going to do that.”

“Yeah,” Amber sighed, “we figured you’d say that.”

With that, she set her purse on Peter’s desk and started rooting through it. “Screw it,” she said, “I can’t find anything in here,” and with that she started pulling items out and laying them on the desk. A tripod with extendable legs, some nylon rope, handcuffs, an electric razor, scissors, and a bandana among other things. 

While Peter was transfixed by this array, Gail and Katie each grabbed one of his arms in vice like grips. Amber grabbed the bandana and twirled it in on itself to make one long string and then walked behind Peter and holding it with each hand flipped it over his face and attempted to gag him with it. 

Peter kept his mouth shut and turned his head from side to side. But then he made a crucial mistake. He yelled out to Carol for help. He got no further than “Carol He…” before the bandana was in and tied securely.


Downstairs, Carol heard a panicked cry from Peter’s room and just smiled and flipped the page of her magazine.


Next came the handcuffs. 

Once his arms were secured behind him, Gail and Katie released their grips and the three girls now stood in front of him grinning.

Amber looked him over and smiled. 

“There,” she said, that’s better.” Then she squinted at Peter’s shirt. “Is that a loose thread,” she said, picking at an imaginary loose thread. 

“Would you like me to snip that off for you Petey?”

“Mmphff,” came Peter’s reply.

“I think he said yes,” said Gail.

“No,” said Katie, “he said we should just take his shirt off.”

“Mmphff mmphff mmphff.”

“Well we can’t do that Petey, because, you know, the handcuffs and everything. Oh wait, I have an idea. Gail, hand me those scissors.”

“Would you like us to cut it off? Just say yes or no.”

“Mmphff, Mmphff”

“So that’s a yes then.”

Peter started to back away, so Gail and Katie simply grabbed him again. 

Amber made a small snip at the bottom of Peter’s shirt and set her scissors down.

She looked Peter in his panicked eyes, grabbed material on either side of her snip and pulled as hard as she could. The subsequent rip made such a loud noise that all three girls couldn’t help but laugh. 

A few more strategic cuts and the shirt was no more.

“Oh Petey,” Amber said, “your hairless, rib showing chest has me so turned on right now.”

She ran both her hands threw her hair, mocking uncontrollable passion and then quickly reached down and unfastened Peter’s belt and whipped it off before he could react.

Peter then tried to back away from Amber and in so doing, fell backwards onto his bed.

“Well that saves us a step,” laughed Amber.

Gail and Katie leapt on the bed and dragged Peter up so that his head lay on his pillow. 

Amber walked to the foot of the bed and pulled off each of his shoes. She then teasingly pulled down each of his socks and twirled them on her finger until they flew off.

Before he could react, Amber pounced and was kneeling on top of him, her thighs locking his in place. With the other two girls putting pressure on his shoulders, he could not move.

“Okay, Petey,” Amber said. “I think you know what is coming next. Now if you promise not to kick and thrash about, I promise to just pull your pants down and not your underwear. Okay?”

This time Peter nodded vigorously. Hoping against hope that this would be the end of things.

Amber smiled and ran a finger down Peter’s chest. 

“Here we go Sweetie.” 

Knowing that there would be no resistance, Amber took her time undoing the button and then slowly unzipped the fly. She then shimmied the pants down his thighs, pulled them back up a bit, down again and finally all the way off.

Peter closed his eyes in humiliation and Amber took advantage by grabbing his discarded belt and used it to secure his legs at the ankles.

She then sat astride Peter again and said, “Well, here we are. Months of planning have brought us to this moment. Now I know I promised not to pull down your hot red boxer briefs, and I won’t, but Peter, we can’t roll out our campaign of you having the biggest penis in school and not know if that is even remotely true, now can we?”

With this, Amber produced the scissors from earlier, made a few snips in the air and said to Peter, “for God’s sake, don’t move!”

Peter, bug eyed, obeyed.

Amber cut up from the right side of Peter’s crotch and let the material slide down to the bed and then did the same on the left, leaving just a piece of material covering his penis and balls.

“Ready Gail? Ready Katie?”

Both girls just smiled.

“Ready Petey?”


With that, Amber peeled away the last piece of cloth. 

There was silence as all three girls gasped and stared. 

And then the laughter, booming joyous laughter.


Carol looked up at the ceiling and smiled. She knew “mean girl” laughter when she heard it.


“Oh Petey,” Amber said, “How wonderful! You really might have the smallest penis in High School. We are going to have so much fun together.”

Peter squirmed and mmphffed a bit. 

“It’s okay, sweetie, we just have one more thing to do and then it’s picture time.”

Peter squirmed and mmphffed a bit more.

Amber went over to the desk and came back and assumed her position on top of Peter.

She held up an electric razor and said “Once again, I think it is in your best interest not to move.”

And with that the hum of the razor filled the room and Amber got to work.


Carol crept up the stairs after she heard the laughter to eavesdrop and see if she could glean what was going on. All she could make out was muffled conversation, but then she heard something electronic. What was that? Was that a razor? Okay, what the hell was happening in there? She was going in.


Peter was staring down at his crotch as Amber grabbed his penis with two fingers and held it to the right so that she could shave off his pubic hair. If you had told him a week ago that Amber would be holding his penis in her hand and he wouldn’t be erect, he wouldn’t have believed you.

It was something, that he fantasized almost every day, but not like this, not at all like this. 

His attention was pulled towards his door as it slowly opened and Carol walked in.


Carol took in the scene. Peter, gagged and naked on his bed being held down by Gail and Katie who were currently looking at her like two kids who had been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and Amber, who seemed to be shaving her step son’s pubic hair, now quickly turning the shaver off and holding it up and staring back at Carol with what looked like a sly smile.

Carol waited a beat and then said, “Petey, have you even offered your guests something to drink?”

Without waiting for an answer, she said, “No I’m sure you didn’t. Ladies, can I get you anything?”

Gail and Karen just stared at her, eyes wide and mouths agape.

“No thank you ma’am,” Amber said, “we’re good.”

“Ok then,” Carol said. “You kids have fun. Call me if you need anything.” And with that she stepped back into the hall closing the door behind her.


“I like your stepmom,” Amber said and turned the razor on and got back to work.


As Carol headed back down the stairs, she heard the razor turn back on and threw her head back and laughed.


When Amber was done, she blew away the few stray hairs. 

“Okay,” she said, “Pictures! Katie, obviously we don’t need to worry about the gag anymore.”

“Right,” Katie laughed and pulled the bandana out of Peter’s mouth.

Peter was working his jaw and about to spew out a litany of curses, hollow threats and ultimately beg for his freedom, when he heard, click, click, click.

“Ooh, this is a nice picture of you Gail.” Amber held out her phone for Gail to see. 

“It is,” laughed Gail. “Show Petey.”

And of course she did.

Peter’s heart sank. There he was in all his glory. He couldn’t imagine a more embarrassing photo. Gail was pointing down at his small, hairless penis with a big grin on her face while Katie also smiling was making the universal small penis sign.

“Now Petey, we are almost done,” said Amber as she walked over to the desk, grabbed her tripod and proceeded to set it up at the foot of Peter’s bed.

“I know what you are thinking. ‘Gosh, I hope Amber doesn’t send those pictures to everyone at school. I hope that there is something, anything I can do to keep that from happening.’

“Well good news Petey. There is! We just want more pictures. We promise we won’t share them with anyone else.”

With this she rolled him over and and undid the handcuffs. She went over to his jeans and pulled out his phone. She walked back over to Peter and had him unlock his phone. She then set it on her tripod and had Peter pose for more pictures. She made him smile in a few and then took some close ups of his penis. 

When she was done, she selected the best pics and used the group text to send them to herself, Gail and Katie.

Once that was done she turned back to Peter.

“You know why I promised you I wouldn’t send those pictures? Because it is illegal. But that didn’t stop you, did it? No sir, you took pictures of yourself and even your junk and sent them to all three of us! Maybe you were inspired by Katie sending out that picture of herself in the lace bra and just didn’t realize, but ignorance is no excuse.

Gail, show him what you are going to do when you get home if Petey doesn’t do everything we ask from now on.”

On cue, Gail bites her lower lip and looks like she is going to cry and holds out her phone towards Peter and says, “mommy, look what some boy at school sent me.”

“And what do you think Mommy will do? Show daddy? And what will daddy do? He will either come over here and beat the crap out of you or just call the police.”

Peter just stared at them all dumbfounded. A day or so ago he had a pretty normal life. Even an hour ago it seemed like something he could handle. Now, he was standing here naked in front of these three she devils and his life was no longer his own.

“Well wasn’t today fun!,” said Amber. She packed up her bag. I’m leaving the razor Petey. I expect you to use it everyday. We will be checking.”

And just like that, they were gone. 



Monday morning at school, the girls ran up to Peter and said “You are brilliant!”

“Well that was unexpected,” Peter thought.

“Student Council,” said Amber. “C’mon, we are going to go and get you signed up to be a candidate. We worked all weekend on your posters.”

Peter let himself be dragged down to the main office to register his candidacy. He didn’t understand what this had to do with “Operation Big Cock,” but he soon would.

After he was signed up, the four of them walked down the hall which was empty since classes had already started. As they passed by the girls restroom, Peter was suddenly yanked inside.

“Alright, drop em,” Amber said.

After some feeble attempts at protest, Peter complied.

All three girls peered down at his exposed crotch.

“Still tiny,” they all agreed.

“Hmm,” said Amber, “did you shave this weekend, I honestly can’t tell?”

Peter mumbled out an answer. “I, um, did this morning.”

“No, no Petey, you don’t get to take weekends off. Everyday means every day. Got it?”

Peter nodded.

“Good boy,” Amber said as she patted his cheek.

“Can I pull my pants up now? Peter asked.

“Of course,” said Amber, “as soon as you put these on,” and with that Amber pulled out a lovely pair of women’s underwear from her purse. “We felt so bad about ruining your pair on Friday, that we got you these. And look, they are red as well!”

Peter gulped as he looked at this pair of satiny, laced underwear.

“Amber gave Peter a hard smile. “You will put these on now. I have six more pairs that I will give you later. One for each day of the week. We will do an undies check everyday. If you aren’t wearing them, you will regret it, believe me.

“But what about gym class and laundry?” Peter protested. “Carol does my laundry!!”

Amber just laughed. “Figure it out.”

As to the shaving, you are on the honor system for the most part, but you never know when there might be a surprise inspection.

Peter quickly put on his new undies and was just fastening his belt after pulling his pants up when a girl walked in. 

“She did a double take when she saw Peter and asked the group, “um, what is going on here?”

“Oh Peter was just showing us his massive cock,” Amber said, as the three laughing girls dragged Peter out of the restroom.


And then the posters started going up.

A HUGE change is coming!

A MASSIVE change of student leadership.

A candidate that can’t be contained.

Why grow by inches when you can grow by a foot?


Oh sure, the signs all referred to food portions in the cafeteria or a bigger flag pole out front, but the implication wasn’t lost on the student body. Peter was running for the student council on a platform of: “my dick is bigger than yours.” And the illustrations of said flag pole and large sausages helped to drive the point home.


Peter couldn’t help but notice that everyone was starting to steal glances at his crotch whenever he walked the halls between classes.


Fortunately, now that PE was such an afterthought in High School, he rarely had classes or when he did no one bothered to change into shorts. On the rare days when they did, he traded visual confirmation of his small penis to letting anyone see that he was wearing panties. He worked it like a magician does sleight of hand. He would pull his pants down, careful to keep the panties in his pants, knowing that anyone who might be looking, was looking to see his massive cock. The snickering always confirmed that once again, he had been found out.

The funny thing was, try as they might, his gym classmates could not counter the current narrative. First of all, it is not a natural conversation starter. Then there was the “why are you so interested” accusation, followed by the “you’re just jealous” refrain. So as frustrating as the lie was to these guys, it wasn’t worth pursuing. But not to worry, their time would come.


Peter was not so lucky at home. He had taken to washing his panties when he could, leaping to it whenever Carol was off running errands. Some times he’d just get them washed but then have to “air” dry them in his closet if Carol returned earlier than expected.

Static electricity was ultimately his downfall. 

Carol’s first thought when she came across a pair stuck to the top of the dryer was that her husband was having an affair and somehow a pair of this woman’s underwear had gotten mixed up with his. 

But then she thought about Peter and all that was going on with him and the girls and she figured that this scenario made a lot more sense. Her suspicions were confirmed when she left them on his bed with a note that he had left them in the dryer. His lack of a response told her all she needed to know. 


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