Chapter 1: Peter Makes New Friends

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Small Penis Humiliation

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Chapter 1


Peter took a deep breath and took his tray over to an empty table. He had anticipated that this would be the worst part of his first day at a new High School. Sophomore year and it was like being a freshman all over again. 

Thanks to both his parents cheating on each other and divorcing, he found himself living with his  dad and his stepmother, Carol, in a new town and subsequently a new High School. 

His first few classes had gone okay, but everyone of course already knew each other and no one had bothered to acknowledge him much less ask him to sit with them at lunch.

That was okay, he’d just flip through his phone and hope that some other kids might join him eventually.


Amber, Gail and Katie sat down at what everyone knew was their table. They had always enjoyed their status as 3 of the hottest girls in school, and being seniors this year was just icing on the cake. 

“God it is day one and I’m bored shitless already,” said Amber.

“I know,” said Gail, “for the last 3 years we have dated seniors and now the seniors are our age.

What the hell do we do now!?”

“I guess we could date a freshman,” Katie said, smiling sarcastically.

“Right,” snorted Gail, “like that one?”

With that, they all looked over at Peter as he passed by on his way to sit down at the empty table.

“More like adopt him,” said Amber.

They all laughed and changed the subject.

After a bit, Gail and Katie exchanged a look as they noticed that Amber had not really been listening to them as she stared intently over at Peter.

Finally, a smile spread across Amber’s face and she said, “you know, maybe we could adopt him.” 

She then turned to Gail and Katie and said, “Ladies, let’s have some fun! Follow my lead.”

With that she picked up her tray and walked away.

Gail and Katie scrambled to their feet grabbed their trays and followed.


Peter was scrolling through Huffington Post, he fancied himself politically aware, when a very pretty blonde girl suddenly sat down right across from him. Before he could take this in, two more pretty blonde girls sat on either side of him.

“Hi,” the one across from him said, “My name is Amber” and with that she thrust out her hand.

Peter reached across to shake it and said, “um Hi, I’m Peter.”

“Nice to meet you Peter. That’s Gail and this is Katie.” 

Peter had already forgotten which was which. He was having trouble taking this all in. He wasn’t alone, people at other tables were turning in their chairs and looking over with curious expressions on their faces.

He was peppered with questions. Was he a freshman? Was he new in town? Where did he come from? Did he have a girlfriend, no, a boyfriend perhaps? What did his father do? His mother? Did he have any brothers or sisters?

Soon the bell rang and the girls stood up. Follow us Peter and we’ll show you what to do with your tray.

“Thanks for being so nice to me,” said Peter.

“Of course,” said Amber, “we’ll take care of you until you’ve made some new friends. Come sit with us again tomorrow.”

And just like that Peter was friends with the three hottest girls in school. 


As Peter walked away, Gail and Katie turned to Amber and Katie said, “okay what the hell was that all about?

Amber just threw her head back and laughed.


All through September and October, Peter would be allowed to join “the girls” for lunch sometimes. He went to one of the high school football games with them, a movie and even a couple of parties. He wasn’t really making friends, but a certain “cool factor” had been bestowed upon him. They even set up a text group so that the four of them could share funny stories, gossip, etc. 

One time Gail sent a picture of herself in a bra and panties and asked “do these make me look sexy?”

 Then Amber sent an “LOL, did you remember Peter was on this!?”

Gail followed up with ”Noooo, Peter please delete!!” 

He said he would, but of course he did not.


Then things started to get a little weird. Gradually, the girls weren’t so nice. They would ask him to fetch them things at lunch or have him pay for movie tickets and not pay him back.

When he would complain, they would remind him of all they had done for him and accuse him of being ungrateful. They were not wrong.


One day at lunch, Amber informed Peter that it might be time for him to become his own man so to speak, maybe join the ranks of the “sophomores” once again. 

Peter was both crushed and relieved at the same time.

“Now we don’t want to just cut you off,” explained Amber. “We want to help you fit back in. We’ve given this a lot of thought, and we think you need a ‘thing,’ something that will get you noticed, create some buzz around you.”

“Okay,” said Peter warily.

“So here is what we’ve come up with. We are going to spread the word that you have a massive cock, I mean HUGE.” And here Amber raised her arms so that here hands were about three feet apart.  “We’ll get everyone talking about it and then we’ll have a big reveal and it will be hilarious when you turn out to just have a normal sized penis. It is normal sized right? I mean it wouldn’t be funny if it was huge, but I haven’t seen any signs of that,” she said, staring down at his crotch. “Or tiny, it would be even better if it was tiny. Is it tiny?”

“No,” Peter said, “it isn’t tiny.” 

Was it? He really didn’t know. It certainly wasn’t as big as ones he’d seen online, not even close, but weren’t those pictured because they were so big?

“No,” Peter said again. “Listen, this is crazy and I want no part of it.” He stood up to leave.

“Sit down Peter,” Amber sighed. “We don’t need you to do this, but,” and here she showed Peter a smile he had never seen before, “but it would be so much more fun if you were involved. You have happily taken advantage of our friendship for months and now it is payback time!”

Peter started to object but Amber cut him off.

“Pull out your phone and go to photos.” 

Peter did so and Amber snatched the phone out of his hand. It didn’t take her long to find what she was looking for. 

“There,” she said, holding the screen towards Peter.

Peter gulped as he stared at the picture of Gail.

“She asked you to delete this Peter. Some friend you are.”

Peter just sat there. He didn’t know what to say.

“Right,” said Amber, “so we are coming over to your house tomorrow after school and begin planning ‘Operation BiG COCK.’ You might want to clean up your room.”

Thinking quickly, Peter said, “Oh we can’t go up there, my step mother wouldn’t allow it.”

“I thought she didn’t give a shit about you,” Amber said.

“She doesn’t,” Peter said, “but she is big on rules, and one of her main rules is no girls in my room.”

“Okay, Amber said, “we will just meet in your den or whatever.”

“Tomorrow, might not be such a good day to meet,” said Peter, pushing his luck.

“Tomorrow, four o’clock ,” said Amber.


After Peter walked away dejectedly, Katie asked Amber, “what’s the point of going over there if we can’t get him alone.”

“We’ll take our chances. I am not sure I believe him. I mean really, why would that even need to be a rule? I bet he hasn’t had a girl over since he was like eight. If this doesn’t work out, we can always use your basement, but I so love the idea of being in his own room for all this.”

And then again, that smile.



That afternoon, Peter was understandably antsy. He couldn’t settle down. Were the girls really going to spread this crazy rumor all around school!? And what about them coming over tomorrow? He wished his dad was in town, although he had no idea what he could do. Carol he knew was worthless, but maybe he could make her an unwitting ally. And now he was suddenly worried about the size of his penis. He decided to measure it and then do some online research.

He dropped his pants and grabbed a ruler. He wasn’t sure how to measure exactly. Did you start here or down here? Either way it wasn’t looking good for him. He was so absorbed in this project that he didn’t immediately notice Carol standing there with her hands full of his laundry with a big smile on her face.

“Jesus Carol,” Peter said, “can’t you knock!?”

Carol just chuckled and set his clothes down as Peter scrambled to pull his pants up.

“It’s small, Petey, it will probably always be small, if your father is any indication.”

“Yeah, but size isn’t important, right,” he asked.

“Well,” Carol said, “I am part of the SDBW club.”

Peter looked at he blankly.

“Small dick big wallet,” she said as she walked out of his room.


Peter and Carol were actually eating dinner together, a rare thing. Peter decided there was no time like the present.

“Hey Carol?”


“Will you do me a favor?”

“Probably not, but ask away.”

“Those girls I have been hanging out with are coming over tomorrow to um, work on a project.”

“ A project huh? Is that what the dick measuring was all about?”

Peter almost chocked on his food.

“Oh My God, it is!”

“No, no, cried Peter. “We really do have a project we are working on!”

“Oh yeah, what project?”

Peter’s mind raced and he just blurted out “Student Council. I am running for student council.”

“You?” Carol snorted. “So much for children being our future. So what’s the favor?”

“Will you tell them that we have to stay in the dining room. That they are not allowed in my room.”

“Why, are you afraid that they will mess with your action figures?”

“Yeah,” he said, grateful for a better excuse than anything he could have come up with.

Carol looked at him for a long beat and then smiled, “Sure Petey, I can do that.”

“And please don’t call me ‘Petey.’”

“Well I can’t promise you everything,” she said.

Peter sighed. “I’ll take what I can get,” he thought.



Submitted: June 28, 2020

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Loving it so far!

Mon, June 29th, 2020 12:42am


intriguing as always.

something about exposed nudity in high school is my favorite avenue for humiliation

Mon, June 29th, 2020 2:25am

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