Chapter 1: Doggie Door

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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It was one of those great summer nights. I was with Jen Ferguson. Jen and I had been friends since middle school. And now here it was, the summer between high school and college. We were sitting in Jen’s backyard catching up, talking old times. Jen and I had dated, in middle school, had an amicable breakup and remained friends. We had each just ended long term relationships before going off to college and I was kinda hoping that tonight could turn into a friends with benefits sorta deal. Not that Jen and I had even kissed since, well, eighth grade. Still, a guy can dream.

Because we’d both been dating other people the last few years, we hadn’t been hanging out like we used to. I used to be over here all the time. For a kid just hitting puberty, it was a dream. Besides Jen, there was her older sister Celia, a freshmen in High School at the time, and even better looking than her sister. Then there was Mrs. Ferguson their incredibly good-looking mother. I loved hanging out over there! Mr. Ferguson was some big business honcho who was rarely home. If he was home, he had no interest in being in any room that I was in, which suited me just fine.

It wasn’t always fun. Any friend of Jen’s was not a friend of Celia’s. If Celia was alone, she’d usually leave us alone, but if she had friends over then the only thing they seemed capable of doing was bothering us. I would be teased mercilessly about my hair, my build, my lack of experience with sex or drugs. I was very tame then, as was Jen. Jen was and still is the good girl. Her sister was not. Her mother would say as much. Honestly, even for a middle school idiot like myself, it was obvious how much she favored Jen over Celia. “They just liked the same things,” she would explain when she would come home with clothes or jewelry for Jen, but not Celia.

This carried over to the girl’s friends as well. Boys Celia brought home were treated with suspicion, while Jen’s friends, like me, were treated as honored guests.

And this no doubt was why Celia delighted in tormenting us every chance she got.

One night when I was over kind of late, her sister and her friends, who were drunk barged into the TV room and were disgusted to find us just watching TV. “God why aren’t you guys doing it,” her sister screamed. “Gross,” Jen had yelled at her (remember, we were still in middle school). They left, but a few minutes later came storming back in laughing and yelling. “Let us help you get started.” With that they pounced on Jen and pulled her t-shirt off and yanked her bra down to her waist. “Cop a feel,” one of Celia’s friends urged. I just stood there like a fool, not knowing what to do. So this same friend grabbed my hand and placed it on Jen’s breast. I just let it lay there, knowing I should pull away, but well, you know. So Jen pulled away, screamed and ran out of the room.


And now, Jen was screaming again.

“Unlock the door you bitch!”

We had decided to go into Jen’s house, but her sister had locked us out and Jen didn’t have her keys on her. Six years later and nothing had changed!

“Wait a minute,” she said, “the pet door in the kitchen.”

I followed her around to the other side of the house and sure enough there was a pet door cut out of the bottom of the kitchen door. “I haven’t tried this in ages,” she said, “but here goes.” She bent down and crawled through, arms then head then torso. In a couple of seconds she had disappeared.  She poked her head back out and said ‘c’mon, your turn.” I told her to just unlock the door for me, but she said it was dead bolted and her keys were upstairs. So, in I went. I had to struggle to get my head and shoulders through.  Once I could push up with my arms, I figured the worst was over, but boy was I wrong. As I started to pull up, I realized I was not going anywhere from the waist down. I tried to go back out and couldn’t. I was a little panicked, but Jen just kept urging me on.

Suddenly we heard “What the hell,” and there was Celia with her arms on her hips.

“Well don’t just stand there,” Jen said. “Help us.”

Celia laughed. “You got yourself into this,” and started to walk away.

“No,” Jen yelled back, “YOU got us into this.”

“Hey the doggie door wasn’t my idea. Good luck explaining this to mom and dad.”

“C’mon Celia”, Jen said, nicer now. “He’s really stuck.”

She came over and bent down and grabbed my cheeks roughly and said, “are we stucky wucky?” Then she tried tickling me with limited success. “ Long time no see Jakey!”

Then she told me to straighten my arms, which I did. With that she grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it off.

“Damn Jake you’ve filled out nicely. Hasn’t he Jen?”

Jen didn’t say anything. She just blushed a bright red.

“Oh God have you two still never seen each other naked? Well at least now you’ve each seen each other bare chested!”

This made Jen blush even more.

They each grabbed an arm and started to pull. After a minute it felt like we were okay as I started to slide through, until I realized that I was sliding through, but my pants weren’t.

“Wait, WAIT,” I shouted. They stopped.

“Are you hurt,” Jen asked?

“Oh my God, Jen look.” Celia said pointing to my half exposed butt. Again she started to laugh, and again I was wedged in tight.

“He looks like Winnie the Pooh when he gets stuck in that hole,” said Celia.

“Ooh this is too good. Hold on I’ll be right back.” She wasn’t gone more than a second, reappearing with her cell phone in hand. I figured she was going to call someone, but she just aimed it at me and said “smile.”

“Oh crap,” I said. “C’mon, that’s not funny.”

“Oh really,” Celia said. “I think it’s pretty funny. Jen, don’t you think it’s funny?”

“Celia, just get the key to the door,” she said.

“Well I can open the door, but he’ll still be stuck. Let me go around back and see what I can do from the other side.”

As we waited on Celia, I could tell Jen was really uncomfortable. My dreams of scoring with her tonight were fading fast. I was resigning myself to spending a dull evening at the Ferguson’s.

Celia would later tell me that right about that time she was thinking tonight might not be so dull after all.

As she came upon my back end she inspected the door to see what the hang up was. It didn’t take her long to see that my jeans were caught on a screw head that had not been drilled flush with the door. She realized that if they kept pulling me they’d pull me right out of my pants! “Out of instinct,” she later said, “I almost actually released your jeans from the screw.” Well, in fact she did release them, so that she could grab my underwear and hook it onto the screw just below the waistband and then she re-secured the jeans, even better than before. She was about to head back in when she had a thought.

Suddenly I could feel her hands in my pockets.

“What are you doing?” I yelled.

“Don’t worry about it,” she called back. “I’ll be right there and we’ll get you free.”

I actually felt grateful to her at that moment. Even more so when she reappeared and seemed really focused on getting me unstuck.

“OK,” Celia said, “Here is the plan. Jake, lock your arms around Jen’s neck. Now Jen on the count of three, you pull back with all of your might.”

“What are you going to do?” Jen asked.

“Don’t worry about me. Ready one, two, three PULL!”

And with that I came sliding though the doggie door butt naked and landed right on top of Jen.

Oh thank goodness she said, giving me a little hug, not realizing that I didn’t have any clothes on. I looked up to see if Celia had noticed.

She was busy taking pictures with her cell phone!

“No,” I yelled and got into a crouched position to better cover myself.

“YES,” exclaimed Celia, doing a little fist pump.

“Oh Jake,” Jen said, staring at me. And then without quite looking away, said “Celia, Do something!”

“Right,” said Celia, “his clothes!” With that she went back through the doggie door and quickly reappeared…with nothing.

“Good thinking Jen. If we’d just left them there he could have reached them!”

“That is not what I meant! I’m going to get him a towel!”

While Jen was gone, Celia handed me my phone that she had liberated from my pants and told me to look at the pictures she had just sent me. So, covering myself with one hand, I unlocked my phone with the other. And then she immediately grabbed it out of my hand.

“Thanks for that,” she said. 

Jen came back in and handed me a towel with I quickly wrapped around my waist.

“No,” said Celia, “I liked you better the other way.”

“Well tough shit!” I said.

“Oh really,” said Celia. I did just send you some pretty choice pictures of yourself.

Then she looked at my phone and said, “Who is Ms. Lane?”

With growing apprehension I said that Ms. Lane was my math tutor from last year. 

She looked at me, smiled and held up the phone.

She turned the phone toward me so that I could see a picture of me naked on top of Jen.

“Give me that towel or I am sending this to Ms. Lane.”

“You wouldn’t,” I said.

“Oh she would,” sighed Jen.

“Attaching picture,” said Celia.

“No! Stop! Fine!” And with that I tossed her the towel. 

“Jake,” Jen said, “I’m so sorry.”

I turned to Jen covering myself with my hands now.

“Hands at your side mister,” Celia ordered.

As I did so, Jen said, “Celia no, please let him cover himself.”

Celia ignored her and opened and closed a few cabinet drawers.

“Excellent,” she said. “This will make things easier. “Jake walk backwards towards me, please. I want to see your nice tush.” I gave her my best withering look, but she just held up my phone and said, “Who is Grandma?”

“Oh God.” I said and walked backwards towards her.

“Okay, hands behind your back.” I complied and promptly had my hands duct taped together behind me.

“Okay face me.”

As I turned towards her she snapped another picture. I was getting in deeper.

Ooh that’s nice! What do you think? Grandma or Ms. Lane?

“Celia!,” Jen said, “Give him back his phone and let him cover up.”

“Oh come on Jen. Live a little! Remember Prince Charming here didn’t exactly come to your aid when we stripped your shirt off back in junior high.”

“Oh c’mon.” I said, “That was like ten years ago.”

“Five,” Jen corrected me.

Celia could tell she had hit a nerve, so she kept going. “And remember that time you caught him trying to get a glimpse of Mom while she was changing.”

I was guilty of that charge. Again, like five years ago. We had been hanging out in Jen’s room and I went down the hall to use the bathroom. As I passed her parents bedroom, I caught a glimpse of Mrs. Ferguson in a bra and slip. She wasn’t home when I got there, and must have just come in. She obviously had no idea that I was over. I just stood there, wondering if clothes were being put on or taken off? I could no longer see her, and I knew I couldn’t just stand there, but I couldn’t move. Suddenly Jen called my name making me jump and I quickly walked back to her room. A minute later her mother appeared at her door putting on an earring, telling Jen she had just come home for a quick change and she was heading out again. I couldn’t contain my nervousness and left right after her mother did. As I was leaving Jen gave me a funny look and I knew that she knew!

And now she was giving me that funny look again.

“Strike two,” I thought.

“And look who’s in his contact list,” said Celia, holding my phone out so Jen could see the screen.

“Rachel Anders,” Jen said, “my least favorite person in the world.”

“He’s probably slept with her,” Celia said.

“NO,” I yelled, knowing that this would probably be strike three. “Jen, you gotta believe me. I swear I didn’t.”

“Really Jake? Just Like you didn’t watch my mom change clothes that day?

“No, I didn’t, well, I mean, I …”

Jen shot me a smirk and then grabbed the phone from Celia.

“Oh look Celia, I’m in here too. So it’s not just girls he’s slept with.”

She played with the phone for a second and then we all heard a loud beep.

“Oh gee,” Jen said, someone just sent me a text. She fished her phone out of her pocket.

“Oh look, it’s a picture. Oh my Jake, it’s a picture of you and you seem to be naked. Who would send me such a thing? Oh look, it was you, Perv! Well if you sent it to me, then surely you must want me to send it to all my friends.”

“NO!! Jen DON”T! Please.”

“Well what are you going to do for me?”

“What do you want me to do,” I said.

Jen looked troubled. This was new to her. She closed her eyes for a minute and then said,

“For starters, I want to see an erection. If Rachel has seen one then I’m damn sure entitled.” You’ve got thirty seconds. If I don’t see one, I’m forwarding this on.”

I started to protest but shut up when she started counting backwards from 30.

Well of course I couldn’t do it under that kind of pressure. And it didn’t help that my hands were tied behind my back.

She relented, however, when I asked for another chance.

So I shut my eyes and thought of every naked girl I’d ever seen, but it wasn’t enough. Then it hit me. I took myself back to that hallway. There was Jen’s mom in the bra and slip. Only this time she doesn’t disappear. This time she has her back to me and she’s reaching behind to undo her bra, she’s looking in a mirror and she spies me through the open door. Our eyes meet and she smiles. She turns to face me as she drops the bra to the ground. She then steps out of her slip and turns her back on me again, as she places her thumbs inside her panties and starts to slowly pull…


“Damn Jen, that’s the best picture yet.”

“It is says Jen. “I’ve got to send this to somebody!”

“Please don’t,” I say.

“Is that the best you can do? I need you to beg!”

“Please,” I said again.

“On your knees,” she barked!

I slowly got down, careful not to fall since I didn’t have arms to break a fall.

“Now waddle over here and kiss my feet.”

“Ooh me too,” said Celia as she came running over.

And so I did.

Finally they let me stand back up.

“Look Jen,” Celia said. “He’s still hard. I think he likes this.”

“Screw you,” I said, embarrassed, because I was just wondering the same thing.

“Such language young man,” Jen said. “For that I’m afraid you will be punished.”

With that she played with her phone a minute and then said “sending now.”

I screamed out no, but before I could go into a full panic, Celia’s phone chirped.

She flipped it open and said, “aw sis, you shouldn’t have.”

After that, things got a bit calmer. They each had a beer, giving me a sip from time to time, delighting in making me dribble beer down my chin.

I was starting to think that this was all about to end, when we all heard the front door opening…

“Holy crap,” said Jen,” it’s mom and Dad!”

“Wait here,” Celia said. “I’ll take care of this.” She started out of the kitchen towards the entry hall and stopped for half a second and looked at us, smiled and continued on.

“What was that all about,” asked Jen in a whisper.


Their parents came into the house talking loudly, and it became apparent that they were quite drunk, at least Mrs. Ferguson said as much. We could hear them talking about the party they had been to. Who was there, how nice the house was, etc. After just a few minutes, I heard her dad say “goodnight ladies I’m going to bed.” As he went up the stairs I let out a sigh of relief. But then Mrs. Ferguson said, “I think I’ll have one more drink before retiring. Celia, be a dear and make me a weak G&T. “Sure mom,” Celia said, make yourself comfortable in the den and I’ll bring it to you.”

Both Jen and I cursed under our breaths. What was Celia up to? Why hadn’t she urged her mother to go upstairs. You could see the stairs and the front door from the den. There was nowhere else for us to go. How weird this felt! Here I was naked with my hands tied behind my back, just standing there with Jen, eavesdropping on a conversation between my main tormenter and her mother.

First we heard Mrs. Ferguson complain about her drink. “God Celia, is there any tonic in here at all!?” Then she asked her what she had been up to that evening and Celia said that she had spent most of the night tormenting Jen and her friend!

“Now why would you do that,” her mother asked.

“Well she had Jake over, and he’s just so much fun to tease. As a matter of fact, Jen is in the kitchen, cleaning up the mess they made.”

Upon hearing this, we jumped. We took a step forward then back, not knowing what to do!

Then we heard “Jen?”

Jen called out “Hi Mom, I’ll be right there.” And she was gone.

What followed was a quick conversation about what Jen had done that night, (not much), and how was Jake? (Fine).

I stood there alone in the kitchen as they continued to talk. Finally, her mother said she was going to bed, but Celia asked her not to go just yet. She offered to freshen her Mom’s drink. She told Jen not to worry about any mess we had made in the kitchen. She’d clean it up! I could tell Jen was stumped! She had no choice but to say goodnight and head upstairs. She came back through the kitchen and whispered goodnight. She then picked up her phone. “Don’t worry she said, “I won’t send them to anyone, But I’m sure keeping ‘em.” And with that, she was gone.


I was really confused now. This made no sense. Was Celia planning to leave me in the kitchen all night?

“What did you want to talk to me about?” her mother asked.

“Oh I don’t know, I guess I just wanted to talk. Any good-looking men at the party, was anybody making out on the couches?

Mrs. Ferguson laughed. “No dear, our parties aren’t like yours…unfortunately.”

“Well you should have stayed home, we were very entertained by Jake.”

Me! That was me! What was she doing?

“Oh really,” her mother laughed again. “How so?”

“Well, Celia said, drawing out the word and sounding a little nervous, “we got to see him naked.”

“You whaaat,” her mother said, in almost a whisper.

Then to my astonishment, Celia proceeded to relay the high points of the whole evening.

As she went on, Mrs. Ferguson would interrupt from time to time with exclamations like, “oh my God, or did you really, or Celia how could you!” But she was very drunk, so she forgot herself, laughing a few times and finally, towards the end of the story, she even said, “I’d have liked to have seen that.”

Well that was all Celia needed. She took a deep breath and again, sounding a little nervous, she said “well good news mother, he’s still here.”

“What! Here. In this house?”

“Yep, he’s in the kitchen. Naked. Hands tied behind his back. And knowing him, he’s got a raging hard on just thinking about you.”

Make no mistake she knew what she was talking about.

Before I had a chance to really absorb this, I heard movement, then foot steps and just like that, Mrs. Ferguson was standing right in front of me with Celia right behind her.

“Jake, she said, where are your clothes!?”

“There…there…It took me a couple more tries, there…there outside and I tilted my head towards the back door.

“Well put them on!” she said.

“Mom,” Celia laughed, “don’t you think he would if he could! Remember what I just told you?”

“Oh Right, sorry.” Then for the first time she really looked at me. I mean really looked at me. Then she let out a laugh and immediately put both her hands to her mouth. Then she took a step back and shook her head. “This is crazy, really crazy.”

“He’s pretty hot huh Mom?”


“Well he is! And obviously he thinks you are too.”

With this all three of us looked at my erection.

“Oh God she said, where is my drink?”

“I’ll get it,” Celia said.

“Jake, I’m so sorry,” she said. “Here, let me get your clothes. She walked over to the door and yanked on the handle, almost falling backwards when it didn’t budge.”

At this point Celia walked back in with a full drink.

“Celia, the door is stuck”.

“It’s locked,” Celia said laughing and handing her mother the drink.

“Oh thank you dear,” she said, taking a long sip.

“Jake she said again, I’m really sorry.”

“Why are you so sorry mom? He was over here half naked getting your youngest daughter drunk!”

I wanted to protest, but really what could I say.

“I think if anything you should take him over your knee and spank him.”

“Oh Celia,” she said. “Really.”

“Well God if you feel that sorry for him, then grab his cock and put him out of his misery.”

With that thought put in my head, my cock literally jumped.

This made Mrs. Ferguson laugh again.

“Go on mom, when are you ever going to have a chance like this again? And Jake wouldn’t mind. Would you.”

I croaked out a no and it jumped again.

Mrs. Ferguson chugged the rest of her drink and then walked over to me and put one and on my cheek and one on my chest and slowly moved it back and forth as she looked me in the eye. “You are looking wonderful Jake.”

Then she stepped off to the side and said, ”oh what the hell,” and grabbed my erection.

Just that touch was enough for me. I exploded! My knees buckled and I thought I was going to faint.

“Oh my God,” Celia called out as I just kept going.

Finally I stopped and the room got quiet as I tried to catch my breath.

“Celia,” her mom said, “get the scissors and cut this boy loose so that he can clean this mess up.”

There was a firm tone to her voice that hadn’t been there a moment ago.

Celia cut me loose.

“Now get him some wet paper towels.” 

They watched me in silence as I got down on all fours and mopped the floor although I did catch a smile pass between them the one time that I looked up.

Eventually, Mrs. Ferguson told me that I was done.

“I guess you can go now, Jake,” she said.

“I don’t know mom,” Celia said, “I’m thinking you should have spanked him.”

“Oh God he’d probably erupt again and I really like this dress.”

Celia didn’t say anything. She just left the room and returned with a dinning room chair.

She patted the seat with her hand and her mother walked over and sat down looking both annoyed and happy if that’s possible. Celia then grabbed a towel from the laundry basket and draped it over her mothers lap.

“Thank you dear, that was very thoughtful.”

Celia then came and took my hand and led me over to her mother.

“Oh God look he’s already erect again.”

And so I was. And after about six spankings I was unable to contain myself again.

Mrs. Ferguson stood me up and gently dabbed my still erect penis with the towel.

“You really need to learn some self-control,” she sighed.

“Well,” she said, placing the towel on my penis as if it were a hook, I think I’ll go to bed now. “Good night all.”

And with that she drifted upstairs.

I stood there dumbfounded. What the hell had just happened?

“Come on stud,” Celia said, “lets get you dressed.” With that she handed me my keys, my wallet and my phone and guided me to the back door, which she unlocked. Outside she proceeded to help me get my clothes on.

“That,” she said, reading my mind, “was mother being bad. I knew she had it in her. What a night! I got Jen and mom to show their dark sides! You see, much as she likes to deny it, she’s more like me than she thinks.”

“Yeah, if she’s drunk off her ass,” I said.

“But she wasn’t,” Celia said.

“Of course she was,” I said. “She came home drunk and then you kept forcing one drink after another down her throat!”

“No,” said Celia, beaming now. “Daddy drinks like crazy, so Mom has to be sober enough to drive them home. She just likes to play the drunk a little. Then the first drink I gave her had a little gin, but the rest were all tonic water. I gave her the alibi she needed, but believe me, that was all her!”

“Wow,” I said. Taking it all in.

“And you were great,” she said, laughing.

“Psst Hey.” We looked up and saw Jen’s head poking out of her bedroom window.

“What happened with Mom?”

“Oh’” said Celia, “she jerked Jake off and then spanked him.”

“No really,” hissed Jen.

Celia winked at Jake and just laughed.

“Tell you what,” Celia said, “Mom and Dad are going out again on Thursday, would you like Jakey to come over and entertain us?”

“I would indeed” Jen laughed.

Celia gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “ooh are we gonna have fun with you,” and then walked back inside.

I turned to walk home and then Jen popped her head out of the window. I looked up at her, hoping maybe she had had a change of heart.

“When you come by on Thursday, be sure that you are wearing these.” And with that she tossed down a very sexy pair of her underwear.


Walking home, I wondered what lay in store for me in a few days and yeah, I wondered if Mrs. Ferguson might come home early.


Submitted: May 06, 2020

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Please let me know if you enjoyed this. If so, I'll add another chapter.

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it was good, definitely we need another chapter.

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Great fun!

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Sat, April 10th, 2021 9:10am


One of my favorites!

Tue, April 27th, 2021 1:56pm

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