Chapter 3: Raccoons and Marshmallows

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Reads: 480

After a few minutes, Thomas got up and peeled off his wet underwear, his only pair. It was only then, when he grabbed a clean pair of shorts and a tee shirt that he realized he had left his clothes, HIS MONEY, down at the lake.

There was no way he could go back. He was too embarrassed. Surely Melanie would bring them back for him. Melanie, oh God, she had seen him erect in his underwear and laughed at him.

Miserably, he grabbed his wet underwear and took it out to the deck and laid it on the railing to dry.

Thomas was in his room when the girls finally came back.

“Thomas,” one of them called out. “Are you decent?”

That got everyone laughing.

When he didn’t answer, Teresa called out.

"C’mon it’s time to make dinner. If you don’t help you have to pay."

That got his attention, he needed his other shorts, he needed his money.

He took a deep breath and opened his door. They were all peering up at him from the

down stairs living area and broke into applause as he descended the stairs.

“Where are my shorts,” Thomas asked.

"Umm, you are wearing them," said Teresa.

"No, my other ones, the ones I was wearing at the lake."

All the girls just shrugged.

"All of my money was in them!"

"Well," said Laura, "those other girls must have taken them, they probably got mixed up with their stuff. Maybe you should go ask them."

Thomas turned red at the thought of the other girls and Rachel said what he was thinking,

"Ah, too embarrassed to face them?”

"I’ll go for you," said Teresa, "for 10 bucks."

"I can’t afford that," said Thomas, "almost all of my money was in those shorts!"

"Wait," said Melanie helpfully, "don’t you owe Thomas ten dollars for his singing."

Teresa shot her a withering look.

"Okay," said Teresa, "I’ll go, but then we are even."

"No," said Thomas, "I don’t trust you. Pay the ten to Meg. Meg you go and ask them."

"Cool," said Meg, happy to have a part in all this.

Everyone but Meg set about the task of making dinner and talking about the evening’s plans. After they ate, they would make a run into town for more groceries, as they had only brought enough for tonight’s meal.

Meg came back a few minutes later empty handed. She told Thomas that the girls assured her that they didn’t have his shorts, but she thought they might be lying.

Thomas just groaned.

"Don’t worry," said Rachel, "if they’ve got them, we’ll figure out a way to get them back." With that she patted Thomas on the back and winked at everyone else.

The other girls did have the shorts. After Thomas had run off, the girls got to talking with their new neighbors who were indeed cheerleaders from State. They had been down for a few days and would be leaving soon. Melanie was both excited, and because of her wait list status, a little embarrassed to be talking to these girls. The good news was that Thomas’ humiliation seemed to be the highlight of their trip so far and they were eager to contribute to his further humiliation, especially after they were told about his theft of Melanie’s underwear and other assorted crimes that they just made up. Normally Melanie would have chided the other girls for lying, but these stories seemed to bond the two groups together and Melanie was all for that, especially after she learned that one of these girls, Jan, was also the head cheerleader.

They gave Jan the shorts, after Teresa had pocketed the damp money, and made a plan that they would put into action the next day.


After dinner, Teresa and Laura sat on the deck laughing about the day’s events, wondering how to further Thomas’ torment.

"He is so funny, said Laura, you can tell that he is just miserable with out his underwear." "Yeah," said Teresa, "it doesn’t help that you keep staring at his crotch."

"I know," Laura said, "I bet he can’t wait to get these back on," holding up Thomas' now dry underwear by two fingers. She then lazily dropped them off the deck into the dirt.

Teresa walked over and looked at them and casually poured the remains of her drink on them. Laura laughed and did the same with hers. They then clinked glasses and walked inside.


Thomas came out later to check on his sole pair of underwear. With the way his luck had been going, he was not all that surprised to see that they had fallen off the railing and by the looks of it, were still wet.

Later that night the group headed into town to buy groceries. The last of Thomas’ money went fast. The girls all bought candy as well and marshmallows for roasting. Thomas looked longingly at the clothing store across the street.  If he got his money back, that would be his first stop.

When they got back, Melanie, Teresa and Laura went over and hung out with the cheerleaders. Thomas was coyly invited but quickly turned them down. He did ask them to keep an eye out for his shorts.

Thomas, Meg and Rachel toasted marshmallows out on the deck. As much as he needed friends, Thomas just couldn't help being condescending to the point that Rachel was not sorry for what they had done and looked forward to more. As a matter of fact, after a lecture about how she would want to comport herself to get into a good college, Rachel started collecting roasted marshmallows on a paper plate and bided her time. Sure enough, the next time Thomas got up she smeared them all over his white plastic chair. She could almost hear the squish when he sat back down.

Suppressing a laugh, Rachel said goodnight and signaled for Meg to follow her so that she could tell her what she had done.

When Thomas got up a few minutes later, he could sense something was wrong. He felt behind him and his hand came back sticky. Oh God, someone must have dropped a marshmallow on the chair and he had sat on it. Head bowed, he headed up to his room and stripped out of his shorts. He then put on his last clean pair and headed to the bathroom. He washed the marshmallow off as best he could and then draped them on the shower railing to dry. He was about to leave when he thought better of it (what would Teresa do if she found them there) and grabbed the trunks. Then he remembered the underwear down in the dirt and decided he would rinse them and leave both items on the deck, just not on the railing, to dry.

When Melanie, Teresa and Laura came back, everyone else had gone to bed. They decided to sit out on the deck before retiring. Laura sat down on the offending chair and cursed. “What the..oh crap!” They then saw Thomas’ shorts next to his underwear and sort of pieced together what must have happened.

“Does Thomas not remember that raccoons live in these woods?” Melanie asked.

“Well, I doubt marshmallow gives off much of a sent,” replied Laura.

“No but chicken does," said Teresa, leaping up and heading towards the kitchen.

She came back with some scraps from dinner and put them in the pockets of Thomas’ shorts. For good measure she put a small chicken bite in his undies as well.


Thomas woke up to the sound of pouring rain. “Crap,” he thought and raced downstairs to retrieve his clothes. He immediately spied his shorts, not where he had left them, but more central and close to the rail. “Raccoons,” he thought, “they must have smelled the marshmallow.” He groaned as he picked them up or rather what was left of them. They had been ripped to shreds. He now looked around for the underwear, but it was nowhere to be seen. He ran from side to side and spotted them out in the yard. He clamored down, muttering, “no, no, no,” but sure enough the crotch had been ripped open and they were stained. He flung them further out into the yard and yelled in frustration.

He was startled when he heard a voice asking him what he was doing out in the rain.

It came from one of the big rooms upstairs, but he couldn’t tell which and he wasn’t sure who it was. It didn’t matter. He suddenly realized that he was out in the rain soaked to the bone in his little pajama pants and a t-shirt. He needed to get back to his room before anyone saw him.

He pulled open the sliding glass door and had taken about ten steps towards the stairs when he heard a voice behind him.

"What are you doing?"

He turned and saw Melanie in her robe with a cup of coffee in her hand. He must have raced right by her when he went out.

Mortified, he stammered, “I was just going upstairs,” and turned to go.

"Thomas, your feet are caked with mud, you can’t go upstairs like that. Look at what you have already tracked in here! Wait there while I grab you some paper towels to clean your feet."

While Thomas stood there, the other girls wandered out of their bedrooms.

Rachel was still rubbing sleep from her eyes, but was thrilled by what she saw.

His butt was so cute the way it clung to his pj shorts. It really looked like two oval holes had been cut out of either side.

Melanie handed him some towels and he quickly started to wipe off his right foot, standing stork like. When he shifted to his left foot, he lost his balance and started to hop a bit to regain control, failed and flopped right into Laura’s arms.

“Whoa, big fella, I got ya.”

Thomas quickly pulled away and cleaned off his other foot.

“Now go through those away and grab some others and wipe up the mess you made coming in,” ordered Melanie.

"I’ll do it after I shower," he promised.

"No," she said, "you will do it now!"

“Go Melanie,” said Teresa.

Thomas wanted to protest, but the four girls were blocking the stairs and he shuddered to think what they might do if he tried to run for it. So he walked over to the kitchen, grabbed the role of paper towels, came back and got on his hands and knees and set to work.

When he finished, their was an awkward moment when Thomas didn’t know if he was supposed to wait for inspection and the girls didn’t know what to do or say either.

Melanie finally broke the silence by saying, “good job sweetie, why don’t you go take that shower now.”

As he sidled past the girls on his way up the stairs, Laura repeated, “good job sweetie,”

And gave him a playful swat and squeeze on his butt cheek.


Submitted: May 08, 2020

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