Chapter 4: Bleeding out.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Erotic Horror  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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I'd only been working for a small while, and the mouse already looked like she could have passed out. I hadn't even made it to the second layer yet, let alone her innards. That was.. disappointing. I hoped she wouldn't pass out on me.

I, of course, had planned ahead. Though Mouse couldn't see it, there was a pre-laid plastic sheet off to the side somewhere, ready to lay down if need be. Art was messy work.

Thick fingers curled around the handle of one of the blades - whilst my free hand held up the girl's shirt, keeping it up and out of the way as I worked, dragging the blade with a careful precision the same way it had been going - peeling back skin and rippling through flesh -  until it met with the one in the middle, making a clinking sound with the one on the opposite side.

The focus was imperative when it came to working like this. I had to squint beneath my glasses and steady my breath to avoid faltering with the next incision, which came, with great care, as a mimicked notion with the same pair of blades through already torn flesh and muscle, tripling my efforts. 

"Steady, now.." I muttered under my breath when the mouse began to wriggle a bit,  muffled noises around the gag. I couldn't afford to have this bit messed up.
A familiar tension had been tenting downward for a while now, ever since I began this.. session. The building of feeling was making focus difficult, and, without much thought, my hand slipped - scalpel following.

Of course, this meant that the head of the tool had embedded itself into the trembling girl's abdomen, and just for added delight, was twisted by my own hand - earning a cry akin to an animal with its leg caught in a bear trap. Only, there was no escape for this one - only the slaughterhouse.
 I indulged in a glance up at the mouse's troubled features, contentment in her agony.
The mouse looked as if she was about to pass out, though. I couldn't have her death on me before I'd even properly started.

So, turning back to the table, I procured one of many individually wrapped, bright blue candies. Hard-boiled, and full of sugar and.. something else I really shouldn't name.

I used one hand to tilt mouse's chin up and the other to unwrap the candy with great care, pushing it between her lips and into her mouth with a word of praise. She wouldn't die on me just yet.
 I was pleased when the mouse sucked in the candy and then bit down on it after realizing it wasn't dangerous and using it as a way to stifle another whimper when I shoved the blade in again - blue dribble rolling down her chin.

Twin blades continued to be pulled toward each other, ripped from flesh once they'd made their mark. 

The mouse appeared relieved at the release of tension in her gut, only to panic once she realised, with a shiver, that she was bleeding out. 

That was until she realized I'd turned to fetch a thick needle and a speel of thread from my table, and relief turned to quiet panic. 

She wouldn't bleed out, but she would feel everything as I did it.


Submitted: February 28, 2018

© Copyright 2021 NonchalantNightmare. All rights reserved.


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