Chapter 6: Chapter Six

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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Chapter Six 


“Well, here we are, Mrs Maxwell,” Philip announced as he pulled up outside the old lady’s home. 


“It is good of you, Philip. I do appreciate you going out of your way like this,” she smiled warmly at him and patted his knee. “Would you like to come in and have a cup of coffee with me? I’ve got some of those home-made scones of mine that I know you like.” 


“That’s a very tempting offer, and normally I’d have been in like a shot, but I’m out to a barbecue lunch today, so I need to get back and change into something less formal.” 


“Oh, well, I won’t keep you then. Same time next Sunday?” 


“Same time next Sunday, as always, and thanks for the offer of coffee,” he smiled at her as he leant over to unfasten her seatbelt. 


“Thank you again, dear.” 


Slowly, she got out of the car and stood and waved as he drew away. He was a charming boy, she thought as she turned towards her little garden gate. She felt sure he must be a good teacher and she just knew he would make a perfect husband for some lucky girl. It was such a sad shame there were no young women in the congregation for him to meet up with each Sunday morning at church. A pity her niece Emily wasn’t a bit younger, she thought as she fumbled in her handbag for her front door key, convinced she was destined to a life of spinsterhood. 


Philip scrutinised his cricket pullover critically in the bedroom mirror. He had to admit grudgingly it was a bit grubby, but was it too grubby? Could he get away with it? He flung it round his shoulders and nonchalantly tied its arms loosely round his neck, then modelled the look in his mirror. He frowned critically at himself but thought that, on the whole, he could get away with it. The pullover looked good on his pale blue shirt and co-ordinated well with his cream chinos. With a nod of satisfaction, he picked up a pair of sunglasses and made for the door. 


“Philip, how handsome you look!” Maxine Child, in a beautifully tailored  swimming costume with a tastefully kaleidoscopic sarong knotted over her right hip, greeted him lavishly, pulling him down so she could peck each of his cheeks. 


He blushed slightly at the close proximity of her ample cleavage. 


“Darling, a Pimm’s for Philip,” she called to Jeremy who was assisting his son at the barbecue. “Let me introduce you to Clive and Angela. Clive, Angela, this is Philip Henderson, Nathan’s favourite teacher. Clive’s our solicitor and Angela is a physiotherapist. 


They exchanged pleasantries and were quickly joined by Nick and Georgina, both in bathing costumes. 


“Oh darlings, you could have changed here. There was no need to arrive in your bathers,” Maxine trilled as she greeted them both. 


Georgina countered that she planned to take a dip before the barbecue and that that was why she and Nick were as they were. 


“In fact, I’m not waiting a moment longer,” Nick added and broke into a run to the edge of the pool into which he inelegantly plunged and swiftly completed two lengths without stopping. 


“Typically Nick!” Jeremy laughed as he sauntered over with Philip’s drink. “Hallo, Philip, get this inside you before you get into your swimmers.” 


“Oh, I haven’t brought anything, I didn’t know I was supposed to . . . “ he broke off rather lamely. 


“Didn’t Nathan tell you?” 


“I don’t think I – “ 


“Didn’t Nathan tell him what?” Nathan asked as he strolled over. “Hello, Sir.” 


“Nathan, didn’t you make it clear to Mr Henderson that it was to be a swimming party and barbecue; not just an ordinary Sunday lunch?” 


“Dad, I told him everything you told me to.” 


“I’m sorry, perhaps I missed your telling me about the swimming part,” Philip apologised to Nathan. 


‘Great’, Nathan thought. “Never mind, Sir. I’ll get you a pair of mine,” and he charged into the house before Philip could make any protest. Triumphantly, he took the stairs three at a time, confident that his plans were about to be fulfilled. 


“No, no, really. Don’t go to any trouble. I don’t really think I would have bothered anyway.” His voice trailed off. 


“It’s no trouble, Philip. No trouble at all,” Maxine soothed him with a few pats. 


She was determined to get Philip Henderson out of his clothes and under a full body inspection. Wasn’t that the whole reason she had suggested the barbecue and pool party idea in the first place? 


Jeremy, meanwhile, led Angela and Clive off to get changed, and Georgina went and lowered herself gracefully into the pool in which Nick was still thrashing around in circles. 


“Honestly, I’d be perfectly content to just sit here, and . . .” 


‘Perish the thought’, Angela vowed to herself. 


“Nonsense. Nathan will sort you out in no time. It would be such a shame for you to miss out, and on such a lovely warm September day, too. Aren’t we lucky?” She smiled up into Philip’s concerned face and gave his wrist a squeeze of reassurance. 


It had taken Nathan longer than he had thought to sabotage the trunks he was about to produce for Philip. The waist tie-string simply refused to pull out in one piece, and he had had to go and fetch some kitchen scissors to complete the job to his satisfaction. 


He arrived back on the terrace with a satisfied grin on his face and thrust the garment at Philip.  


“Here you are, Sir. These’ll be fine for you. 


Maxine silently blessed her son as she looked with pleasure at the extreme brevity of the bathing trunks he had produced for Philip to wear. They were the type she knew her husband Jeremy disparagingly called ‘budgie-smugglers’. 


“Oh no, I can’t possibly wear those,” Philip began. 


“Not another word! You’re among friends, Philip. Relax and enjoy the freedom,” she said as she wrapped an arm around his waist beneath his draped sweater. He stiffened perceptibly. 


“But I’m afraid they’ll be far more revealing than I’m really comfortable with,” he murmured, a look of startled alarm crossing his face. 


The more revelatory the better, both mother and son were forced to silently agree. 


“You’ll look gorgeous in those. A brilliant choice, Nathan darling.” She smiled at her son, who had to agree on all counts. 


Philip took the garment and held it up for a somewhat dubious inspection. It was minute. The skimpy shiny fabric was embossed with vividly coloured tropical flowers and foliage Two little eyelet holes in the waistband should surely have had some sort of tying device in them at one time, but now seemed singularly lacking in any such facility. Furthermore, the very thought of it being a waistband was surely wrong. The item would never stretch further than his hips and the strip of cloth that covered from hip to leg hole was less than a bare half inch, surely. 


“Darling, take him in to get changed. Clive and Angela are changing out here.” 


Nathan stepped forward and ushered Philip into the house. 


“Dad’s study will do fine for you, Philip. This way.” 


Philip noted the use of his Christian name again but chose to ignore it. 


Nathan showed him into the tastefully furnished study and pulled out his father’s chair from under the desk. 


“You can put your clothes on there, he said, as he pulled off his shirt and began unfastening his jeans. 


“What on earth are you . . . ? No, Nathan! We cannot get changed together,” Philip started. 


“Why not?” the boy stood frozen, his zip already halfway down. 


“It would not be right. Think of school. Staff and boys have separate changing facilities.” 


“So? What are you saying?” 


“I’m saying we each need to change in private.” 


No, we don’t, not here. This isn’t school,” and so saying, he pushed down his jeans and began to step out of them. 


Philip was somewhat relieved to discover that Nathan already had on his swim shorts under his jeans. 


“Come on, Philip. Hurry up and change.” 


“What about towels?” 


“Oh, don’t worry about towels. There’s loads in the pool store.” 


“Well, would you mind going and getting me one? I don’t want to walk out wearing just this little thing,” he asked as he tentatively began to slide the pullover from his shoulders. 


“Oh, all right,” Nathan begrudgingly agreed. He’d wanted to watch his teacher strip, but he consoled himself with the comforting thought that it would not be long before all of Philip Henderson would be revealed. 


As the study door closed, Philip went into overdrive and shirt and trousers were off in quick succession. Glancing nervously out of the study window where he could see Maxine on the terrace with her drink, and comfortable that she was in no way attempting to approach the window, he thrust down his underpants and hauled up the minuscule trunks. 


Pulling off his socks, he balefully regarded the taut technicoloured bulge protruding above the fork of his legs and swallowed hard. Turning, he caught his full-length reflection in a glass-fronted bookcase on the wall opposite. 


Philip did not have a lot of chest hair, but what he had pursued a sort of cruciform shape across his pectoral muscles and surrounding each prominent nipple before descending in a straight line and growing in profusion before plunging into what would normally be where his waistband would normally be. With this garment which was really little more than a posing pouch at the front, the low-slung front only succeeded in drawing the eye down to the profusion which spread much wider across the lower stomach immediately above what of course was his pubic bone. 


“I can’t go out in this!” he breathed aloud, and began to push the garment down. 


At that particular moment, Nathan opened the study door and was met with the glorious sight of Mr Henderson’s bare bottom. 


Philip leapt to haul the slip back up and ran his fingers round trying to find a home for as much hair as was humanly possible. 


“Here’s your towel, Sir,” Nathan smiled broadly as he handed it out to him. “They look great on you, by the way.” 


“I think they’re too much on the small side, actually.” 


“Oh no! They’re all the rage like that now on the continent.” 


“And they seem a bit loose at the waist – if indeed I can call it a waist.” 


“They fit you like a glove, Sir. You look really cool.” 


Self-consciously aware that the boy’s eyes failed to stray long from the bulge at the front of Philip’s skimpy suit, he reached for the towel and wrapped it round him, discovering that it barely met at his waist and realising Nathan had provided him with what was really just a hand towel to barely cover his loins. 


* * * 

Submitted: December 01, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Nder. All rights reserved.


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Curious about what come next...

Sun, December 1st, 2019 7:54pm


Unable to resist a pun, Sir, when I tell you "all will be revealed!"

Mon, December 2nd, 2019 4:01am


Can't wait for the next installment. I'm hoping for some vivid word-pictures of the young teacher in his student's bathing suit. From the earlier chapters, the front should be quite hard-pressed to keep him covered.

Sun, December 1st, 2019 8:45pm


Thank you for your kind comment, Sir. From a man of your writing talent, I am truly thrilled that you are following my tale, whilst at the same time warily nervous my "word pictures" will be found wanting. - Sincere regards, Nder

Mon, December 2nd, 2019 3:58am

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