The Harem - The Burning Beauty

The Harem - The Burning Beauty

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Stolen in the chilled darkness of winter; taken into the arms of a stranger that shunned the aura of human. Cassandra knew death twice that night by the flames...and by a strangers deadly kiss. To awake only to a world that never existed in her most lucid dreams where she is claimed a servant to the menacing beauty of Julius Laurent. While discovering what abilities he possess, Cassandra soon comes to the realization that not only is there more than what appears to be in Julius' regard, but that there is something other, more starved and cruel that dwells inside her. Will she be able to reign control on this darkness? Can she withstand the pull of something strong and out-worldly for the man that stole her? What of the brother with the wicked glare filled of famished flames; ready to swallow her whole with lust? Can she fight it all and keep the morals of the woman she thought she was? They will find soon that there is a greater worry; a greater evil that taints their horizon. Perhaps they will discover it when it was too late. Come and entangle yourself in this dark tale of unquenchable lust and a twist of love lost, denied and gained.


Stolen in the chilled darkness of winter; taken into the arms of a stranger that shunned the aura of human. Cassandra knew death twice that night by the flames...and by a strangers deadly kiss. To awake only to a world that never existed in her most lucid dreams where she is claimed a servant to the menacing beauty of Julius Laurent.

While discovering what abilities he possess, Cassandra soon comes to the realization that not only is there more than what appears to be in Julius' regard, but that there is something other, more starved and cruel that dwells inside her. Will she be able to reign control on this darkness? Can she withstand the pull of something strong and out-worldly for the man that stole her? What of the brother with the wicked glare filled of famished flames; ready to swallow her whole with lust? Can she fight it all and keep the morals of the woman she thought she was?

They will find soon that there is a greater worry; a greater evil that taints their horizon. Perhaps they will discover it when it was too late.

Come and entangle yourself in this dark tale of unquenchable lust and a twist of love lost, denied and gained.

Chapter8 (v.1) - Sweet, Sweet Honey

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Sweet, Sweet Honey


The theater was grander than Cassandra expected it to be. The ballroom had been transformed with backdrops, platforms for the stage and props to set the scene of the play. It wasn’t the first play that Cassandra had ever seen before but for some reason it was a bit more realistic than the others felt.

The play told a story about a vampire that fell in love with a human woman but kept his true nature veiled so that she wouldn’t see him for the true monster he could be. Eventually she figures out his secret and he is not pleased. He tries his best to scare her away because his hunger for her has grown from not only her body but her love. The young girl, Savanna, sees his reasoning as something too close to torture and refuses to leave the love of her life, Sebastian. The tale ended on what Cassandra felt was a depressing note. Savanna goes to Sebastian just before dusk, waits for him by his coffin with self inflicted wounds to her wrists in hopes to make him take the step he so wishes to avoid. When Sebastian awakes with the scent of Savanna in his lungs it is all he could do to not drink from the veins that spill her blood for him. This was considered a happily ever after tale but to Cassandra it was sad.

Why would Savanna want to be a monster? She had life in her, she had the choice to be free, to stay with or leave Sebastian if she wished. Cassandra didn’t have that choice and that made her hate Savanna’s careless decisions. Sure it was only a play, but it seemed to mock her predicament a bit too much. As the curtains fell and the audience below cheered, she turned away from her view over the ballroom and folded her arms over her breasts. The rounded mounds bunched up in the turquoise top she wore. It was similar to the one she had adorned the night before except there were more sequences of jewels and there were two long strips of ribbons that wrapped about her midriff. Her trousers were the same color as her top, eyes made smoky and alluring with coal and her lips darkened to a ruby red with rogue, but no one would know of it due to the translucent turquoise veil that hung from ear to ear and cover from the bridge of her nose and down. Getting dressed had been another treat for the handmaidens that had assisted her but Hana was not there this time. Cassandra had asked of her whereabouts but the other women had only looked from one another and said they were sure she was attending to their master’s harem. Cassandra didn’t believe them due to the faintest whiff of a lie.

She looked to the seat opposite her and found Habashi watching her with hooded, eyes. She stared back at him but he hadn’t so much as blinked. They’d not quite spoken since what had occurred in Julius’ chambers. She wasn’t sure if that was because he was upset with her, feared her or hated her for what was happening to her and how it affected everyone else. Either way, she wasn’t enjoying the silence between them; it was pointless especially when she needed a few questions answered.

“Where is Hana?” her voice whispered from behind her veil. He didn’t answer her right away; in fact she assumed he hadn’t heard a word she’d said. He continued to stare at her as if there was something he was trying to understand and failing.


“Hana is well,” He finally answered but it was just as hushed as she had spoken.

Cassandra took her time with her next question because she could smell the same off scent of a lie and knew like the others, he was keeping something important from her. Just as she was about to question him about it, the door to the balcony swung open slowly and Habashi stood to greet the person there.

“Leave us Habashi.” A deep voice said from the threshold.

“I’m not allowed to do that.” Habashi spoke up. Cassandra could hear the malice in his voice. She knew it was definitely not Julius and she knew who the voice belonged to. She kept her eyes averted and down; the last she heard that voice it was inside her head. She had been unconscious and trapped in her mind waiting for this man to take her. Marcus...

“I’m sure my brother would make an exception just this once.” Marcus countered.

“I’m afraid he won’t. You have already stepped too far over the boundaries given unto you. Please leave before my master-”

Marcus walked onto the balcony and closed the door behind him. Cassandra felt her breath coming in pants and she was trying her hardest not to think of honey and the sweet taste of it that was already upon her tongue. She swallowed and the taste got stronger; what was he doing to her?


“I didn’t come to see you Habashi. My brother has a lovely jewel hidden in the dark and yet it still shines brighter than those he flashes to his guests below. How do you expect me to stay away?” He asked as he took a slow step in Cassandra’s direction. It was hard for her to not look up; she was fighting the pull with all her will. She felt when Habashi moved to block Marcus’ path and then she got a good sight of him on the floor before her. A gasp tore from her throat and before she could stop herself she looked up in deep pools of honey. She felt her breath coming back to her as it collided with the veil. Cassandra thought that there could not possibly be another man that looked the way Julius looked, but his brother was almost his identical except for a darker look to his eyes. It had nothing to do with color but it made her see that something dark and evil lived in him.

“He’s just asleep. He will awake when there is need of him, but as I’ve stated I didn’t come here to see Habashi.”

Marcus’ dark hair fell in his eyes but was pulled back in a careless ponytail. It was not as long as Julius’ but close enough. The wicked grin he gave her made her incapable to look away. He continued the short trip to her, taking his slow time and Cassandra began to stand. She wasn’t sure what she was suppose to do but she was certain that this man was not suppose to come near her much less touch her.

“Are you afraid of me?” He asked and the thought of it excited him.

“No, simply cautious.” She answered softly.

“Clever answer. I do enjoy the sound of your voice, I am certain I would enjoy the lips that it passes through.”

“You do not have access to them. I think you should leave.” She said. She was tempted to look over her shoulder to see if Julius was below.

“I am known to take that which I want. I want a kiss from you my passionate little creature.” He said coming to stop before her. Cassandra could feel warmth pulsing from his body and she knew if he touched her she would be lost.



“Julius will be furious; just leave now and he will know nothing of this.”

“He already knows. I can feel his rage now as he draws closer. So do hurry and kiss me.”

He placed both hands on the wall behind her and leaned closer. Cassandra watched him lean in for a kiss that would destroy her.

“I know it was you that filled us all with need the night before. I want to build that passion again...taste it.” He whispered inches from her veil covered lips.


The balcony door crashed open and Julius came storming in. Cassandra looked to him and felt relief instantly. She knew he would protect her. Marcus’ hands peeled away from the wall and he turned with a speed that suggested he had all the time in the world and there was no threat behind him. Julius’ eyes rested upon Cassandra and he out stretched his hand for her to come to his side. She was still more or less cornered by Marcus but she would have to trust him and she couldn’t resist him even if she wanted to. Julius’ silent call was a resounding one through her body as some metaphysical pull made her ache to be next to him. She made an attempt to move as Marcus began to chuckle at something that was funny only to him.

“I can make her come to me Julius, and you know I can. Is that what you fear?” Marcus said as the silent Cassandra took another easy step away from him. She tried her best not to draw any attention to herself as Marcus continued his taunting.

“She will not come to you. Only to her master, and only I carry that title. You need to remember that Marcus.” Julius warned. A light was growing brighter behind his eyes and sent off that eerie golden glow that made Cassandra shiver in fear and excitement. If her heart could beat right then it would be beating down the walls of her rib cage to escape. Just a few more steps and she would be in Julius’ arms.

“You say that now, why not give me her name and see what wonders I can do? You have gotten weak in your practice ever since you decided to surround yourself with women and humans. We were made for carnage and carnal lust. Let me show”

Just as Cassandra dashed for Julius, two things happened: she heard Julius yell no and she felt herself being yanked backwards by her arm. The force she was moving with had nearly pulled the limb from its socket. Suddenly, and indeed it was rather sudden, Cassandra found herself wrapped up in Marcus’ arms with his fangs locked deep under her flesh. She felt him pull at her blood and she screamed as her memories poured out over him. She felt him searching in her mind, watching her very recent past and even memories that meant nothing. Julius’ hands came about her waist as he attempted to pry her away from Marcus. The very act drove her into hysterical screams as her flesh began to part with her due to her attackers hold on it.

“Julius!” She sobbed as Marcus pulled more of the life liquid away from her body.

“Let her go Marcus! You are hurting her! Stop!” Julius growled as he drove his fist into his brother’s side. The blow was bone shattering but Marcus was determined. The struggle continued and the three shifted closer to the balcony’s banister in their fight to free and to bind. Cassandra’s arms were locked by Marcus’ stronger hold from behind and Julius tried his best to hold onto her and fight his brother off. It was because of this that the three went falling over the bannister and plummeted to the ground below where their guests scattered to move out of the way. Servants moved clear and took their master’s harem away from the fight. The women were not willing to go without a fight but they knew it was best to stay out of the way.

“Cassandra are you-”

“Cassandra is it?” Marcus had released his hold the moment he heard her name. He’d gotten what he wanted.

Julius grabbed her and placed a good distance between them and Marcus. The dark brother stood with a savage grin that was evidence to his victory. He looked over the sobbing frame of his brother’s female and wondered if now was the time to show him his little trick. Perhaps he would ignite that power that surged through the castle the night before and made them all lust for fleshly desires. Just as he was about to do just that, she shifted her head, her veil slipped down her face and blue eyes, so deep, so perilous looked upon him with utter pain. She was beautiful in Marcus’ sight. She was the first catch his brother had ever made that held him dumbfounded. Surely this beauty wasn’t real...

“You dare hide such a jewel in a den of savage thieves?” Marcus whispered, and it was loud enough for all to hear because the room had grown silent. All eyes were cast upon Cassandra and her master. Julius was panting with rage that was boiling over. Marcus had spoiled everything and what was worst, he had not only revealed Cassandra before her time but he had hurt her. If he was not afraid of what would happen to her by placing her down, he would sink his brother’s face into the earth with just the force of his fist.

“And you have proven that you are indeed one of them. Leave my home now Marcus or it will be the last you ever set foot in these halls.” Julius demanded as his brother continued to stare in awe at his Cassandra. Yes...his, no one else but his.

“But I can’t, not now, not after seeing...”

“Get out now!” Julius growled he sent a wave of power behind his words that made the whole room shiver, especially Cassandra.

Marcus looked at his brother then at the guests present, then at Cassandra. If he risked staying, he could forfeit his welcome from his brother’s home forever. He leave now, there was hope of an apology and then access granted again. Then, Cassandra, oh the darling who was even now still staring after him, she would be more accessible than she was now. Yes, he would have to wait until the next Midnight Ball to view her again. Then, he would have her in his arms before Julius could catch wind of it.

“Yes, I will leave now brother. Please do forgive me of my unfashionable behavior.” With that and with one last glance at the woman his brother held close, he was gone. The room began to stir back to life as murmurs filled it and servants tried to assist their master in bringing order. Julius did not like the stares that were given to Cassandra. He told her to turn her face towards him and she did so, though it was painful. The wound was still raw but he sensed it trying to heal as fast as possible. He wanted to run back to his chambers with her in tow and leave the remainder of the evening’s activities to his servants. That would be rude and he simply couldn’t run away and leave without apologies.

“I must express my deepest apologies for the evening’s mishaps and disturbances. We will have the actors continue from where they were interrupted and I will ask pardon as I will leave your presences this eve.”

He turned then and felt eyes follow him and whispers beseech him to say who she was. The low murmurs were too much more interested in what had quickly transpired than what entertainment he was providing. For them to even try to continue with the play was going to be silly as no one cared of the story that the actors wished to convey, but rather what the host, his brother and the mysterious female tried to hide from their eyes. Gossip would be throughout the castle and for the rest of the Midnight Ball. Julius was tempted to cut the entire event short and send the lot of them on their way, but that would be unwise and very selfish as they had all travelled from far and gambled the sun to get to attend every year. He didn’t need new enemies; this could be fixed without attaining any.

Three more nights and he would be free of them.

“Julius?” Cassandra’s voice was small and uncertain as she shifted her head against his chest. His breath caught at the feel of it and it was all he could do to focus and make to his chambers.

“We are almost there...just be silent until we are behind closed doors.”

Moments later he was in his chambers, locked away and with Cassandra’s pale and dazed frame laying atop the sheets. He rushed to the wash basin across the room and wet a towel with lukewarm water. Just as quickly, he was back at her side, cleaning what was left of the now closing wound and whispering encouraged words to her in another language. He wasn’t ready to meet her eyes; he tried to direct all his focus on cleaning her and calming her.

“Julius...” She tried; her voice a croak.

“You need to rest now. You would feel exhausted after losing so much blood and your wound needs to finish heal. Perhaps I should call a servant for you to feed upon. Yes that would-”

“Julius!” She shot up and gripped the collars of his tunic, holding them so tight the fabric was threatening to part.

“Stop...please. I am well, tired yes, but well nonetheless.”

There was silence as the two of them struggled to breathe and fought for words. Cassandra knew he was as shaken about what had had happened as she was. It was odd to see it manifested completely, even in his eyes, but it was there. She touched his cheek slowly and looked at him with the same curiosity that had hit her when he had left her in his room earlier. Could this man really feel for her or was it all a faux to keep her and imprison her as his forever?

“I am sorry.” He spoke softly. He closed his eyes and leaned into her caress. She watched him and saw that he appeared to be relaxing now. The tension released his shoulders and his body was calm again.

“Why do you worry so? Why do you care what happens to me? It is...” She trailed off; she was not willing to think what her instinct was suggesting.

He opened his eyes and they were a golden but in gentleness this time, as he finally gave his gaze to her. She realized that there was tension in her as well because the moment he looked at her she relaxed.

“I failed to protect you...” He whispered. Heavens he was truly depressed about the matter.

“No, you were just in time. Things could’ve gotten worst and where would I be now if they had? Thank you...”

“Not good enough for me.”

“It is for me now please stop punishing yourself for this.”

“You are too understanding for something that was-”

“Then as penance I would ask that you accept my forgiveness and let the matter go.”

She watched him try to do as she asked and slowly he came to accept it. His hands came about her waist and his head rested upon her chest. His embrace caught her by surprise and left her tingling for awhile. He was holding her and there was no sexual implications about it; just an embrace. But this was not right. He was still the murder and thief that stole both Stephen and her life. So why was she feeling warmth and safety in his arms? Why then was she willing to finish the embrace with one of her own and feel the completeness of it all? No this was not smart at all. It would go against all she planned to defy. Cassandra could not fall for him no matter how tempted she was. She pulled away from him gently but felt the resentment the moment they were apart. He looked into her eyes and she knew what he saw there. She saw what he felt as well and it hurt her to know she’d placed the pain there.

“Yet I repel you with my touch.”

“It is not that. And I feel no disgust at all.” She explained, dropping her gaze and ringing her hands.

“Then what is it?” His voice harden. She refused to look up or respond. When she did he captured her chin and made her look at him. Still she looked away.

“Look at me Cassandra. What is it that makes you look away from me now? What thoughts encourage you to stay away from my touch?”

“Please Julius. As you stated, I need my rest.” She evaded.

“And you will have it as soon as you give me an answer to at least one of my questions...”

Another silent moment passed between them. What could she say? Perhaps the question was, why couldn’t she say it? She felt as if telling him how she truly felt would only hurt him later when she got the chance to leave him. Cassandra hated a lie especially one to herself. In the short space of time it took for her to become somewhat acquainted with Julius, she was beginning to fall for him. Falling for her enemy; what was she thinking? It wasn’t as if she could blame the feeling on his forward behavior or even the blood lust. Julius was easing his way into her heart’s shield and she was afraid what it would do to her. Maybe this all had something to do with him being her maker...her master. Maybe that was why she felt so strongly for him. Maybe-

“Cassandra? I wish to not have to invade the privacy of your mind to get an answer, but I can feel you thinking too hard about an answer that is already there.”

“You are being presumptuous.”

“Am I? I am usually right on target when I speak such things. Though I must say you have found a way to elude me at times.”

She thought for a bit longer how she should proceed. Persistence seemed to be something Julius was fond of so to try for elusion would be silly. She licked her bottom lip and took a deep breath. There was no turning back after this and there may even be a horrible argument after all was said.

“Julius, I can’t allow my body to rule my judgment. It responds to you eagerly yes, but I feel it is because of the tie you made between us both. I feel it would be different had you not made me what I am and if Stephen were still alive. I can’t allow this because you are still the one that stole my life and a love that I was content with.”

“Rubbish Cassandra! If you truly feel so far in love with a trickster who is where he belongs right now then you would feel nothing for me. Yes, there is a tie between us that compels you to want to be near me, but for your body to respond the way it is...”

Tension made his muscles hard and his stare heated. Cassandra felt her anger stirring with the long ladle of his words. She looked up at him and frowned.

“Are you so cold, so arrogant and ignorant all at once-?”

“Proceed your speech with caution Cassandra-”

“Nay you follow your own speech Julius! God, you keep reminding me what you are!” She slid of the bed and knew when he stood and turned to face her. She took her time facing him because her anger was making her see red.

“Is that so?”

“Yes! Yes Julius! You keep reminding me why I need to keep clear of you, why being near you is an idea that is wrong and only going to destroy me. You killed my husband! A man I loved Julius.”

“He didn’t love you...” He murmured.

“How dare you stand there and lie to me! Stephen showed me true love everyday of our life together. He took care of me, he held me...Julius he completed me and you took that away from me.” She couldn’t help her voice from raising a few octaves in frustration.

“I am trying to replace that-”

“You can’t!”

“Wrong! You won’t let me! You fear what you’re feeling because it is so close to what you felt for Stephen. Ha! What probably scares you more is the fact that it maybe more than what you felt for him.” Julius was making his way around the side of the bed she stood. Cassandra followed his every step, her chest rising and falling quickly with every word he said.

“You speak things you could only hope.”

“You can never lie to me Cassandra! I know you better than the man you claim to have loved.”

“It matters not and it matters not what I say. You will believe what you will and nothing more. It confirms what I think of you. You are heartless and cruel and very selfish.”

She didn’t see it happening until it did. Julius foot connected with the frame of the bed and sent it skidding to the other side of the room. The air around him crackled with power that made Cassandra want to ball in a corner and hide. She stepped back as he strode closer and when her back met the wall she tried to run and ran right into him. He was so horribly fast! She yelped and shuffled away from him. He trapped her in a corner and a hiss escaped her lips as he snarled. The look in his golden eyes made her wonder if he would truly hurt her. His fists smashed into the wall behind her and she screamed in fear. Cassandra hated this fear she had for him but he was not human. He could destroy her too easily with those hands. A roar came from him and Cassandra covered her head and curled up into a tight ball on the floor. Whimpering and shaking she awaited whatever pain Julius was about to give her.

However, moments past and he just stood there over her, fists still planted and body still pouring heat and power. She didn’t bother to look up or move.

“I can’t...” He whispered as he stepped away from her. She heard his steps retreating and then the sound of something big and heavy scraping across the floor. She peeked up then and saw that he had fixed the bed back into place. He sat on the edge of the bed and swept his hands over his face and through his hair. Calmness came over him and she saw it with his eyes closed and his lips relaxed. A knock came to the door and he bid the person to open. It was Habashi who came into the room and went straight to the master.

“Master, you called...”

“Take her...give her to her bed with the others.” Julius’ voice was weary and defeated; had that truly been all because of her?

Cassandra lifted her head all the way and looked from him to Habashi who was approaching her and back to Julius. Where was he sending her? Habashi took her forearm and lifted her from the floor. He began to pull her into a walk and she dug her heels in.

“Where are you taking me? Wait! Julius!” There was no controlling the choking panic that rose in her voice. Her eyes were wide when he met her gaze. There was hurt there, hurt she’d placed there and Cassandra felt her heart breaking all over again...but why?

“Julius, where are you sending me? Please...tell me! Please!”

“With the others where you belonged from day one. Go, you will not have to fear my caress.”

He looked away from her and then to Habashi.

“Bring me Elizabeth, she will restore my spirit tonight.” He stood then and removed his shirt. Cassandra took in the sight of him and tried to fight Habashi’s hold but the man was too much stronger than she was. He pulled her along to the door as she called out to Julius and got no response.

“Wait! Please!”

“Come now little flower. The Master has spoken; you will sleep better with your sisters.”

What had she done? Julius had sent her away as she had hoped in the beginning and it felt as if the further she got from him the more her soul was being ripped from her body. She kept looking back as Habashi pulled her along. Tears stung her eyes and made her stumble as she attempted one foot after the other.

It was the same room she had awoken in the night with the many women. They were all there lounging about on the cushion bags she’d seen them using earlier in the evening and some upon beds.

She stood in the doorway with all eyes upon her and she felt her skin prickling with unease and tension. Habashi took her to her bed and had to pull her along like a stubborn mule. The last thing she wanted was to share a room with these women. She wanted to be anywhere else but with them.

“Here you are Cassandra. Rest now and restore your strength.”

“Habashi, can’t I go back? I wish to tell Julius something...please its impor-”

“I’m afraid the time for that has passed little flower. Rest now.” He turned away from her and called out to Elizabeth. The red head beauty moved like sex and something liquid. Her smile was so brilliant and eager when she heard Julius would have her tonight. Cassandra’s stomach was doing violent jolts as if she was falling from some place high. Habashi told Elizabeth that he would return for her as soon as she was ready. The woman went to work quickly. She stripped her clothes free and revealed high peeked, pink nipples. Where there was suppose to be red curls between her thighs, the mound was shaven clean and exposed. Cassandra heard of such customs and always wondered how such a fashion would look.

“Fill your eyes with me till you can see no more Cassandra. It makes me moist between my lips to know you cannot look away.”

 Her words had Cassandra curling her fists into her hands and cutting into them. She loathed herself for looking and giving the other woman such satisfaction. Instead of a reply, she lay back on her bed, turned her head to the wall and threw the covers over herself. She couldn’t watch, couldn’t listen to the taunting words of her ‘sisters’. They teased her as if she didn’t lay there saying she was too inexperienced to please their master. Perhaps she was. Perhaps Julius had been hoping differently and had only come to realize that because of her undecided hate for him, she was not worth pleasing him.

She listened as Habashi returned and collected Elizabeth. Thankfully she was gone, but the reason of her absence disturbed Cassandra. She was going to please Julius. She was going to touch him, make him moan, taste him and do things to his body that she wasn’t even capable of fantasizing. Worst than that was...he would return her touch. She wanted to claw the woman’s eyes out and claim what her body needed with Julius’. She couldn’t and if she could fight it...she hoped she wouldn’t.

Julius stood by the hearth with bare feet upon the soft fur rug and a goblet of wine in hand. He stared at the flames and saw Cassandra. He was going to have to look away and focus his thoughts elsewhere. He could smell Elizabeth approaching and his loins stirred with anticipation. Elizabeth was skilled with distracting him and pleasing him the way he needed. A knock came and the door opened to reveal his first. She stood beside Habashi with a silk emerald robe draping her body and he knew it was all she wore and not another piece of cloth. Yes, that excited him. That made him yearn to taste her flesh in a familiar way his body had been deprived. Habashi was wise enough to dismiss himself without need being told to. The door creaked lightly as it closed and Elizabeth moved like something unreal towards him. Her every step was a promise that he would not be disappointed and that everything she was about to do to him would be more her pleasure than his. He loved that about Elizabeth; always knowing what her master wanted and needed.

“I was beginning to believe that you were too enthralled with your new addition to be bothered by any of us Master.”

He remained silent as she shook the red flames of her hair back and slid her hands over the rich silk to release the knot that held it closed. Her eyes were blazing as bright as the emerald with fire behind it. Elizabeth’s aura filled the room and her arousal made his fangs elongate in anticipation.

“Oh but I was so overjoyed to hear your call upon me. You could’ve chosen any other tonight and only a fool would deny you master, but I was the one you wanted.”

Again he said nothing as she slid the robe off her shoulders and let it sigh as it touched the ground. Elizabeth was beautiful. Already he was pushing hard at his pants for release; to plunge deep between those cleanly shaven lips that were so sweet and moist. Her nipples puckered, begging to be ravished mercilessly. She was standing before him now and he watched her through dark lashes and golden eyes as she took his goblet and finished his wine. She dropped it to the rug and licked her lips, revealing fangs of her own. This was what he needed; to feel wanted and have someone wanting his touch. Cassandra had planted a seed in his heart that made him think too much of whom he was and what he had done. He wanted her- heavens he did, with every breath he took. Even now as Elizabeth’s essence drowned the atmosphere to her flavor, the sweet scent of Cassandra fought and stood its ground. It was sending his cock insane to have the two scents merging and meeting in his lungs.

Elizabeth never asked questions, she simply gave and took all the right things at the right time. As she moved her palms up his chest, Julius found her waist and pulled her hard against his body. He wanted to hold her so close she would think they had become one physically. He wanted the spicy cinnamon and rose petal aroma that she exuberated to mesh with his and suffocate him. He wanted her.

“I need you now...” He murmured as she stroked her knee up the bulge in his pants.

‘Then have me...” She whispered against his lips, and they were all the words need saying.

Julius held the woman in his arms as if she was the only driftwood in a raging sea storm. Her lips parted under the onslaught of his prying tongue. The moan that sung from her made him grind his hips against the heat that was coming from the milk white lips between her thighs. He could smell the alluring aroma of her juices dewing for him. If he didn’t have a taste it would be a sin and that sin was not one he could indulge in.

In a moment that was blurred by his speed, he had Elizabeth laid out beneath him, stirring to his caresses. He licked her bottom lip and finally took it into his mouth where with eager suckling he tasted what she smelled like. She was a delicious treat he had been silly to ignore when his need had first arrived. Elizabeth, the one who had been the first and the easiest to love and see to what her master truly needed.

She was upset, and she knew why. As she nibbled on her left thumb nail and stared off at nothing, she came to realize that it was because she was with him. She knew it was the fact that Elizabeth’s every moan and every sigh of pleasure irked her because it was Julius’ hands that made it so. The other women didn’t help her much either; they relished the notion that she had finally been expelled from the master’s bed and been brought down to the level she was meant to be. Hours had passed of taunting and finally the topic had gotten too old and boring to entertain them any further. They’d returned to their evening hobbies; some even given the option to leave the room. Cassandra was not granted the choice given her stubbornness to accept her fate. Oh how she yearned for some distraction; to see the moon surrounded by the glittering stars on a canvas of velvet sapphire sky. If they would simply grant her access to a window to perch upon, that would suffice her. Instead, they’d watched her all evening, periodically checking to see if she needed anything. It seemed every time they asked, her thoughts were Julius. She groaned softly as she rolled to her side and covered her face with her palms. Was he even thinking about her? Did his mind even bring her to the forefront for just a moment’s consideration? Of course not, at least not for this evening. Not with that red haired, fiery vixen wrapped about his body. That would be ridiculous. Elizabeth was everything Cassandra wasn’t and everything Julius wanted in his bed. She was...a nuisance. All she’d managed to do was upset him. Still, she couldn’t see why she cared so much. Every problem she’d caused, Julius had merit it for all he’d done to her and all he’d taken from her.

As she wrapped her arms about her body, she felt a cold creep down her spine. There was no cold breeze or the slightest stirring of air to give reason to it. She knew it was her tattered nerves. She wanted him. That was the truth. Julius, though he’d never known the mysteries of her body, was already inside her. She could taste him like something sweet and thick on her tongue. She was burning up for more of him, but that wasn’t going to happen; she had vowed it.

* * * *


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