The Harem - The Burning Beauty

The Harem - The Burning Beauty

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Stolen in the chilled darkness of winter; taken into the arms of a stranger that shunned the aura of human. Cassandra knew death twice that night by the flames...and by a strangers deadly kiss. To awake only to a world that never existed in her most lucid dreams where she is claimed a servant to the menacing beauty of Julius Laurent. While discovering what abilities he possess, Cassandra soon comes to the realization that not only is there more than what appears to be in Julius' regard, but that there is something other, more starved and cruel that dwells inside her. Will she be able to reign control on this darkness? Can she withstand the pull of something strong and out-worldly for the man that stole her? What of the brother with the wicked glare filled of famished flames; ready to swallow her whole with lust? Can she fight it all and keep the morals of the woman she thought she was? They will find soon that there is a greater worry; a greater evil that taints their horizon. Perhaps they will discover it when it was too late. Come and entangle yourself in this dark tale of unquenchable lust and a twist of love lost, denied and gained.


Stolen in the chilled darkness of winter; taken into the arms of a stranger that shunned the aura of human. Cassandra knew death twice that night by the flames...and by a strangers deadly kiss. To awake only to a world that never existed in her most lucid dreams where she is claimed a servant to the menacing beauty of Julius Laurent.

While discovering what abilities he possess, Cassandra soon comes to the realization that not only is there more than what appears to be in Julius' regard, but that there is something other, more starved and cruel that dwells inside her. Will she be able to reign control on this darkness? Can she withstand the pull of something strong and out-worldly for the man that stole her? What of the brother with the wicked glare filled of famished flames; ready to swallow her whole with lust? Can she fight it all and keep the morals of the woman she thought she was?

They will find soon that there is a greater worry; a greater evil that taints their horizon. Perhaps they will discover it when it was too late.

Come and entangle yourself in this dark tale of unquenchable lust and a twist of love lost, denied and gained.

Chapter7 (v.1) - Tempted By The Master

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Tempted By The Master



The sun was barely down with its descent beneath the horizon, but Julius was the first of his household that feared the searing ball of flames, to arise. His body appeared to inflate slowly as air filled his lungs and life poured itself back into him. His eyes opened with a flutter and instantly he was aroused by the exotic scent of the woman that lay motionless in his arms. She was still dressed in her garments from the night before and the feel of the fabric against his skin drove him mad. Her curls were in disarray and unruly about her head and he indulged himself by running his fingers through the silky mass. Julius vowed that he was going to have this woman. He would claim her before another snatched her away from his arms. He would sooner walk willing into the merciless radiance of the sun before that happened.

But last night his brother had shown the interest that had him contemplating a means of delivering him a swift demise. He knew Marcus; the calculating, manipulative rogue he was. He’d known that even through the cloud of lavender he’d perfumed the ballroom with the bastard would still be able to scent and sense his Cassie...

His Cassie. The thought had him holding her closer. Julius was going to wish he had not bothered with her. Cassandra’s wrath went so deep for him that he was sure centuries would pass before she gave in, especially after his refusal the night before. They had time, a hell of a lot of it at that. He would make her love him eventually.

For now, there was much to see to before his guests awoke from their slumbers. With much reluctance, he peeled himself from the beauty in his bed and felt an instant chill. Julius had forgotten how the cold felt in his bones. He ran the back of his fingers down the side of her jaw and felt warm again. An interesting thing that was. Even without a meal she was still so warm. He’d never felt it with any of the other women. He’d have to study more into the anomaly; perhaps a visit from Simone would give him answers.

Till then, he had to find Habashi. Work needed to be seen to. Clean up from the many messes were probably done already, but he wanted to see so for himself. So he got up, pushing away coverlets, dressed himself quickly and moved to the door of his chambers. She would soon be awake, and he was sure he wouldn’t be able to control himself if she looked at him with those hungry eyes she possessed. He was sure she wasn’t even aware of the sultry look she gave off when she looked at anyone. A special one, his Cassandra was. She was the only of his Harem that fed off the lust of others. He’d thought he’d sensed it in Elizabeth, but after a few good meals she was all blood. What made Cassandra different? Another problem he would present to Simone the sorceress that swore her life to him. He had saved and protected her many years ago twice; first from villagers that saw her natural gifts as something to destroy and then from a wicked master who wished to sacrifice her to his god. Humans always sought to destroy that which lived out of the guidelines of normality. His kind had to learn that the hard way and since then they were the greatest pretenders mankind had ever danced with.

As Julius made his way down the hall he pondered to himself if he would ever be able to not keep her in his bed every night. It felt so right to die with her inside his arms and to awake from such a deep slumber with her still there. He wanted that every evening and to have her wake there as well. Then he would capture her lips and feel her whimper and croon beneath him. have Cassandra like that would be his undoing. He’d never wanted another woman the way he wanted her, not even the other women of his harem. That thought had him pausing in midstride. It was the truth; there had never been a stronger urge of need for any other woman than it was with Cassandra. Perhaps it was because she was giving him more of a struggle for her affections than the other women did. Indeed she was stubborn. Maybe that was what made her more alluring to him; for her to claim she loathed him but the moment she was trapped in his arms she was all moans and soft lips. An interesting game they were playing.

There was no time for getting lost in thoughts. He had much to do before his guests stirred for the evening with a hunger that would be insatiable. He was certain his servants had begun preparations for their meals hours ago, but he was never comfortable with assumptions; he needed to see so for himself. As he rounded a corner to another hall, he spotted Habashi holding up Hana against a wall. The servant girl seemed weak and out of breath. A frown creased Julius’ brow as he approached the two. Before he could reach them, Habashi turned quickly and acknowledged him with a slight, awkward bow.

“Master. You are awake.” Habashi stated. His eyes seemed nervous and Julius could smell the emotion pouring through his pores.

“Yes.” He answered then shifted his gaze to Hana who seemed to be on the verge of climaxing.

“Why does Hana smell like lust? It can’t be because of Cassandra; I would’ve been able to scent that.”Julius asked as he touched the young woman’s cheek.

“I’m not sure that you will be able to master but it is the name that she cries for. She was headed to the main halls with the basket of napkins and she simply collapsed against the wall. I ran to her but she has been in this state for some time now.”

Julius placed his nose directly under Hana’s jaw. He inhaled deeply and finally smelled it. Lavender.

“No. It is Cassandra. Though I am not sure why. Lift her and bring her into my chambers.” Julius turned back in the direction he came from and led the way to his chambers with Habashi and Hana behind him. What could his little flower be up to now? He hoped that it was something that could easily be corrected. Hana squirmed in Habashi’s arms and called out for Cassandra again. Julius looked over his shoulder at her and then Habashi. The other man stopped to throw her over his shoulder then continued to follow his master. Julius came to his door and unlocked it. When he opened the door he saw that Cassandra was now on her back with her chest moving in short jolts. She was the first to awake for the evening, besides Julius and his aid, but she was still asleep. Was she dreaming? That should be impossible; their kind did not dream but wait in the darkness until the pull of the grave released them.

“Lay her on the bed gently Habashi. Be careful not to awake Cassandra.” Julius whispered. Habashi did as he was told and stepped back. He looked from Hana to Cassandra and then to Julius with a confused frown.

“She’s still asleep, but a normal one. Is she dreaming?” Habashi wasn’t his right hand for nothing; he picked up on things quickly and it was usually to confirm what Julius was thinking.

“It is my guess that she is and if I am not mistaken, it is about our little Hana.”

“Truly this one is full of more surprises than the others were. What do we do now?” Habashi asked as he watched Hana slide closer to Cassandra. When her skin met hers she went into a series of convulsions and screams of pleasure.

“Nothing. We simply wait.” Julius mumbled as he folded his arms. Cassandra kept doing something out of the norm that left him confused. If this kept up she would actually make him age. The thought had him sustaining a chuckle. Habashi folded his arms as well and watched.

Hana rolled slowly onto Cassandra, both of their eyes still closed, their bodies dripping sweat. Hana grinded her hips against Cassandra and it made her part her lips in a low moan. Cassandra’s nails were long and sharp as they ripped slowly at Hana’s clothing. Hana was naked in no time and she sat up to pull away Cassandra’s trousers. Julius felt his cock getting harder as he watched and he felt remorseful for his companion who watched along with him. Yet when he looked over to Habashi he saw him bite his lip and his chest was rising and falling too rapidly. Could it be that he could feel Cassandra’s lust as well? Thinking he could made him want to growl in jealousy. But he sustained it and watched the women in the bed and his man servant from the corner of his eyes.

Cassandra rolled Hana to her back and licked her way down her body. Her eyes were still closed but she was moving as if she were awake. Her frail, long fingers ran down Hana’s flat stomach as she suckled her nipples. Hana came the moment Cassandra’s fingers plunged deep into her moist pussy; clearly her claws had retracted because a different response would be heard. Cassandra’s fangs pressed into Hana’s areola and drank the blood that pooled there. Her fingers, the two of them, stretched Hana and made her arch under Cassandra’s hold. Julius thought he would have to stop Cassandra’s feast, but he watched her eye lids flutter open and she pulled her fangs free of Hana’s breast. The servant girl was spent and all that she could manage was to lay there and try to breathe. As Cassandra pulled her fingers free, she licked over the spot the blood rose from and kissed it gently. She took one moist finger and pushed it into Hana’s mouth, letting her taste her own sweet juices. Then she sucked them both into her mouth.

Habashi sighed and Cassandra’s head snapped up. Her eyes were an eerie shade of blue and gold; a lighter blue than they normally were. Habashi froze as she slid over Hana’s body on hands and knees, with a feline gesture and crawled from the bed. She licked her fangs and raked her nails against the stone floor, making a sharp sound. Hana moaned and turned to her side; not paying any care for who was in the room with her much less what was occurring. Habashi took a step back, his arms slowly unfolding and received a low growl for it.

“Cassandra?” Habashi whispered as she came within inches of him, still on hands and knees. With one hand she yanked and ripped her top away. Habashi swallowed hard when his back met a wall. Cassandra moved in on him and just as her hand was about to grab for his crotch, Julius gripped a hand full of her hair and held her immobile. She moaned with pleasure and turned on him.

“Remove Hana from the room and stay away.” Julius commanded, but Habashi hadn’t moved. Cassandra hissed when he growled at Habashi and the other man seemed to finally hear him. Habashi tried to dart pass her but she caught his leg and yanked him down to her. Julius continued to pull on her hair but she didn’t act as if she could feel it. She pulled Habashi in until he was almost under her, her fangs snapping at him. Julius snatched her up and growled into her face till she whimpered and became still in his arms.

“Wake up Cassandra! Wake up!” He shook her and she whimpered again. Julius watched her eyes darken and return to their normal shade of cornflower blue. She looked up at him with confusion and then fear.

“What are you doing? Let me go!” She cried as she squirmed in his arms to be released. He held her pressed to his chest and it was then she realized she was naked.

“No please! Don’t!” She cried.

“I am not going to harm you damn it. I am trying to protect you.” She must’ve seen Hana move from the corner of her eyes, because her eyes darted there and she gasped. This proved to him that she didn’t remember what she did. Julius turned her but then she saw Habashi, who was pulling of a ragged vest. Claw marks were on his chest and she knew who did it.

“What now? What have I done now?” he heard the tremble in her voice just as he felt it running through her body.

“Habashi, take Hana and go. Now.”

“Yes master.” Habashi stood quickly and collected Hana. The servant girl moaned and opened her eyes.

“Habashi? Where are we and where are my clothes?”

“A long story Hana. Come I will tell you as soon as I get us both cleaned up.” Habashi said as he carried her in his arms out the room.

Cassandra shook in Julius’ arms and he knew it was because she was crying. How was he to explain this to her? He didn’t understand himself what was going on. Cassandra was a rarity and every time he thought he was close to figuring her out she went and did something new.

He picked her up and carried her to the bed, then sat her in her lap. His arms cradled her as she sobbed and all he could do was hold her. When he looked down at her, he saw that her tears were now of blood and the sweat that was once on her face was no more. She’d cried out all the tears that were left in her body. It was something that was normal for his kind. She was complete now. Especially after her last meal. She rolled her eyes up at him as one arm covered her breasts and the other the mound of soft curls that lie between her legs.

“I’m afraid to ever close my eyes again. Why do I keep doing things that are not like me, and can’t remember them? I want this to stop...” She cried. Julius felt horrible knowing that he was the blame for all that happened to her.

“I am sorry sorry.” He murmured as he stroked away her tears with a thumb.

“Why are you sorry?” Her voice was hoarse from the sobs she fought to contain.

“If I’d only left you to your life with Stephen, if I hadn’t fallen so hard for you, if I had never pursued would not have to suffer like this. I do not deserve your forgiveness; therefore I shall not ask you for it.” Julius Pressed his chin against the top of her head and sighed heavily. He was destroying her; at least that was what it felt like. The last thing he wanted to do was to destroy the little flower in his arms. She was more to him than he wanted to admit. But watching her suffer every day made his heart hurt. Watching her try to adapt to the new life he had forced on her so suddenly was not a pleasant sight.

Cassandra was taken aback by his reaction to her pain. She could feel his remorse. That made her wonder why. Julius had her in his arms naked, and yet he only held her and tried not to force himself upon her. Even before she awoke to find herself being held down by him, he could’ve made her do anything he wanted. Yet again, he did nothing. There had been so many opportunities and he was still the gentlemen. Cassandra hated when her thoughts made her listen. She feared yielding to this man because it meant her freedom, but how was she to resist him much longer? Her body was so tightly drawn to him that she couldn’t wrap her mind around it. She wanted to feel him and she would not lie to herself about how wonderful it felt to be held by him. She was so comfortable even in her nakedness that it shocked her. But she wanted this and she wanted Julius. Her body was already ahead of her on what it wanted and she felt her mind catching up.

She wondered though, would it really matter if she gave in? Couldn’t she just enjoy the feel of his body riding her and still flee when the moment presented itself? Perhaps doing so would make them all relax. But how was she to deceive him when he was almost always aware of what she was thinking? Cassandra was trapped and she knew it. Giving in to him would be accepting and accepting would mean a lifetime of imprisonment. The other women didn’t seem trapped, but because she would always want to be free, and Julius seemed to have some obsession with keeping her, it would be all she felt.

“Why keep me here when you know what I want?” She whispered; her head snuggled against his chest. She listened for a heartbeat and only heard silence. She felt him and his body was cold. She didn’t like him cold; she liked him more when he was warm, sweet and passionate.

“Because I’m selfish. I want you and I know what you need.” He replied. His voice made her body tingle with a need that came too quickly. Surely it was all his doing.

“I didn’t ask you about your wants or my needs. You know what I want; freedom. I can’t be trapped here. I can’t be kept here when I can’t control myself. I’ve done things...”

“I’ve done worst. Cassandra,” He started as he combed his fingers through her hair.

“How wise would it be to let you wonder about in the world when you have no knowledge of what you are, what can harm you and what is occurring with your body? You’re asking me to deliver you to an early demise and I will not.”

She sat up and placed her hands on his chest as she turned in his lap. Her eyes were evidence of the argument she was about to give.

“You have no right to keep me here Julius. I have a home...”

“That is now in ashes...” He interjected.

She paused but quickly recovered from her shock.

“It is not the only one. I have two others...”

“That are too far away...” He supplied.

“But surely you have horses. I can ride by carriage.” She tried again.

“But I can never guarantee your safety. You are not human anymore Cassandra, and others will notice.” His voice was gentle when he said it but Cassandra couldn’t help the surge of anger she felt.

“My lack of human characteristics isn’t a good enough reason. I can walk from here to my home if you will not supply a sure transportation.”

“You can’t and you will not.” He was still too calm for her liking.

“And just why in heaven’s name not? You act as if I’ll be eaten by savage wolves the moment I step foot out your wall...if there is a wall!” She was fuming with anger and he was relaxed and still stroking her hair.

“Damn it! Stop touching me when I am trying to think!” She yelled and swiftly peeled herself from his hands. The instant she was away from him she missed him. Yet he allowed her to move away and even find a tunic to adorn. Cassandra was muttering curses she’d never thought she would under her breath when she finally got the black tunic on. It was definitely one of his and it smelled mouth watering. She tried to breathe pass his scent and almost managed it when she turned to finish her argument. She placed her hands akimbo and glared back at him as he gave her a look that spoke for itself...he wanted her. That was not going to stop her. She was too determined.


“I love the way you say my name. It makes me so hard...”

“S-stop that! I’m trying to-”

“Trying to do what Cassandra? Leave? There is no leaving me.”

“You can’t do this.” She protested.

“I already have. Do you even know what you’re asking me?”

“Do you even know what I am asking you?”

“The topic is closed. You are staying.” He stood slowly and straightened his collar.

“I loathe you. If you force me to stay here you will regret every hour of it.”

“I am capable of living with that.”

Cassandra snapped. One moment she was standing there; her muscles tight with her rage that she felt she would explode any moment, the next she was slamming into Julius with him beneath her. She pounded him with her fists and raked her nails at any bit of skin they could reach. She screamed and hissed her rage, straddling him and trying to hurt him as much as he had hurt her. Julius gripped her legs and turned too quickly for her to catch her balance. Suddenly she was on the bottom staring up at fangs and raging golden eyes. She didn’t let him see her fear; Cassandra continued to fight, to struggle even when he held her wrists and trapped them above her head with one hand. She bucked and screamed under him but to no prevail. Julius was obviously stronger.

“Let me go you spineless monster! I hate you! I hate you!”

“Hold. Your. Tongue.” His words were low and all growls, but it was enough to make her still. She panted and whimpered under him as he struggled with his rage. Cassandra had asked for this; she had pushed and pushed till she shook the beast in Julius awake.

“You have no r-”

“I said to hold your tongue!” He yelled and Cassandra did as he said. She was too afraid and too shocked to hear him yell at her.

“You are driving me fucking crazy Cassandra! You cannot simply walk out into the world you once knew and think it will all be well. Who will you feed upon? Do you think you are strong enough to do so without killing your meal? And when day comes, who will hide your body for you so that the sun will not catch it? Do you even know what will happen if it does? You die! You burn slowly to ashes and you die! There is no coming back to me to fucking save you when you ask! Just death! Is that what you want to return to? Death? Is death a better alternative than I am? Answer me truthfully or you will rue the lie.”

Julius was losing his hold on his temper and it was all because of this one woman. Why couldn’t she be like the others in just this one thing and accept her fate? He watched her blood tears seep down the sides of her face. She was miserable, but the reason she had not answered his last question was because she’d rather him. So stubborn. The truth was there and she held back.

“I do not want to die.” She croaked, her lips quivering.

Julius sighed and found that his anger was quickly receding. She did that to him; managed to make him so angry that he wanted to become the monster he truly was and then in the same moment find the switch that could cut it all off and make him calm again. He was exhausted; no meal and all that energy used was the cause.

His hold on her wrists slackened as he peered down into her eyes. He stroked away her tears and tasted them. That one act made her shudder, but as always she fought the natural pull their bodies had for each other.

“Please Cassandra, stay with me and live. I am not always so strict. I can make you happy again. I can give you all your heart’s desires. I will take good care of you, just please stay.” If his brother heard him now he would question Julius’ identity; he never begged, but for her he would.

“I do not understand you. I’ve been horrible to you and if I could I would kill you to be free, yet you want me here. I cannot be that important. What is it that you desire from me that you do not already have?” She whispered.

“I do not know.” He lied.

“You’re lying to me. I don’t know how I am aware of this but you are, aren’t you?” She slid her arms down slowly and he shifted his weight atop her to not squash her.

“I am, but it is only for now. What I want must be given freely and not suggested.”

“Tell me.”

“I cannot.”

“Is it my body?” She was truly curious now.

“Cassandra...” He shook his head with a slight tilt of his lips. It made her breathless.

“Very well Julius. I will comply for now. It is only because I am curious.”

She looked to the right side of his jaw at a scratch she’d made. It was healing but she wiped away the blood that was there with her thumb. Without thinking she tasted it and relished it. Julius was in her mouth and she loved the sweet taste of him.

“Before I make you do something that you may hate me more for later, I will leave. I must feed and see to meals for my guests.”

He slid off of her and stood looking down at the goddess that lay in his bed, tangled in his sheets and draped in his tunic. He was tempted to return to her but there was no time. Later.

“I will send Habashi to escort you to the baths. Tonight we will be entertained by a travelling theatre. They are all vampires of course. I do believe you will enjoy it.”

“Will I be kept in the shadows again?” She asked as she sat up slowly. Julius nearly lost it when the front of her tunic drooped downward.

“Unfortunately yes, but you will have the finest seat in the ballroom. I will be keeping an eye on you so you will be safe.” He bent forward and cupped her cheek. Before she could protest he pressed his lips against hers and tasted sweet lavender. She sighed against his lips an encouragement for him to continue, but Julius stopped. He wanted Cassandra and this was the only way to get her. Denying her what she wanted and making her demand it.

His eyes were darkened with lust as he pulled his fingers free of her hair. He wasn’t quite sure when they’d gotten there however.

“I will see you soon my flower. Be good for me just this once.”

He turned on his heels and exited after one last look of her flushed beautiful face. She was speechless and that was rare for Cassandra.

What was she going to do? Julius was making her plan complicated. She meant she would behave for now, but she didn’t say how long that would be. Cassandra knew if he kept touching her and kissing her the way he was she would not be able to fight him any longer. She needed to but somehow the need was beginning to look less desirable. What did he want from her? She wanted to know more than she let on. Well, perhaps it was something to do in the meantime. As she bid her time...

She fell back onto the bed and traced her lips with her fingers. The feel and taste of his lips still lingered there and it made her yearn.

“Damn you Julius...” She mumbled just before she tasted her lips and shivered. More...she wanted more.


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