The Harem - The Burning Beauty

The Harem - The Burning Beauty

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Stolen in the chilled darkness of winter; taken into the arms of a stranger that shunned the aura of human. Cassandra knew death twice that night by the flames...and by a strangers deadly kiss. To awake only to a world that never existed in her most lucid dreams where she is claimed a servant to the menacing beauty of Julius Laurent. While discovering what abilities he possess, Cassandra soon comes to the realization that not only is there more than what appears to be in Julius' regard, but that there is something other, more starved and cruel that dwells inside her. Will she be able to reign control on this darkness? Can she withstand the pull of something strong and out-worldly for the man that stole her? What of the brother with the wicked glare filled of famished flames; ready to swallow her whole with lust? Can she fight it all and keep the morals of the woman she thought she was? They will find soon that there is a greater worry; a greater evil that taints their horizon. Perhaps they will discover it when it was too late. Come and entangle yourself in this dark tale of unquenchable lust and a twist of love lost, denied and gained.


Stolen in the chilled darkness of winter; taken into the arms of a stranger that shunned the aura of human. Cassandra knew death twice that night by the flames...and by a strangers deadly kiss. To awake only to a world that never existed in her most lucid dreams where she is claimed a servant to the menacing beauty of Julius Laurent.

While discovering what abilities he possess, Cassandra soon comes to the realization that not only is there more than what appears to be in Julius' regard, but that there is something other, more starved and cruel that dwells inside her. Will she be able to reign control on this darkness? Can she withstand the pull of something strong and out-worldly for the man that stole her? What of the brother with the wicked glare filled of famished flames; ready to swallow her whole with lust? Can she fight it all and keep the morals of the woman she thought she was?

They will find soon that there is a greater worry; a greater evil that taints their horizon. Perhaps they will discover it when it was too late.

Come and entangle yourself in this dark tale of unquenchable lust and a twist of love lost, denied and gained.

Chapter30 (v.1) - Vengeance & Redemption

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Vengeance & Redemption


What an awkward moment this had turned out to be. At a time such as this she was found doing the naughtiest things with Jasire and by the people who were worried to madness for Amelia. She wasn’t sure what was more shameful; getting caught having sex with Amelia’s father or knowing that it was by Julius. Her friend had known her vow to never know another man; she had made it that night he had saved her from her previous master’s leer. She didn’t want to think on that night for much longer than a second.

She sat now, as rigid and uncomfortable as Jasire would have her be upon his knee with her hands placed in her laps. He had insisted that if she did not sit there he would be tempted to hurt Marcus and Julius. She was doing her best to keep the violence to a minimum for now so it was a small sacrifice. Jasire’s fingers were strumming to their own rhythm alongside her hip as he glowered at Julius. There was so much accusation and animosity in his eyes that she was beginning to doubt that her sitting there would prevent a fight. Hana and Habashi stood behind the chairs of the two brothers and looked silently from each. No one had the first word to say and it was annoying considering that every second that ticked by could mean a very valuable one that made Amelia move further away from them. That was not acceptable, so she took a deep breath and prepared herself.

“I know that everyone has been awaiting us and now that we are here, we should all aim to focus on getting Amelia back.” She started as she gestured with her hands.

“So what you were doing earlier…” Marcus started; twirling his wrist in a circular manner with a brow arched. Simone could feel his sarcasm tainting every word and it made her blush. Damn it all, she was trying to forget the episode!

“It was her way of focusing.” Julius said with voice gone frigid.

“You are in no position to speak, worm.” Jasire murmured in a low key. Julius words could never be as cold as Jasire’s or his demeanor. The demon’s brows overcastted his eyes and there was a muscle in his temple that ticked and leapt with his aggravation.

Julius shifted his gaze to his lover’s father and though he wanted to lash out in anger and insult him just as much as he had been insulted in his home, he contained it. There were telltale signs that he was peeved but Jasire was right; he had no grounds to express his disapproval.

“My name is-”

“Just ask me if there is any part of me that cares what your name is; I guarantee you will find nothing, worm.”

“Jasire…” Simone interjected; placing her hand over his.
“Hungry again my little nymph?” Jasire asked abruptly as his expression shifted to something debased. He turned those unusually magnificent eyes on her and she was sand in his hands. Somehow she had to adjust to this. Either way, this enigma of a man made her a weak damsel that purred for his every touch.

“N-no, but I do need you to stop antagonizing Julius. I know you are angry-”
“Angry? That word does not seem strong enough.” He said as he turned his venomous stare back to Julius.
“Please Jasire, we will gladly accept your anger when we get Amelia back. She left instructions that we should wait for you; we have waited. Please help us…” Marcus said with all humility. He had grasped the gravity of this situation. If only Julius would follow suit.

“I have intentions for finding my daughter, but what makes you all believe that I will let you keep her?”

His question had taken everyone off guard. Simone turned to look at him in shock but he was more interested in the frightened expression of Julius. Finally something had sunk in and the austerity of the situation was no longer something the arrogant fool can shrug off. Yes, Jasire could feel that he was his daughter’s mate; he can feel it from the other brother as well, but a mate who would simply give your power to another without a care of what it could do? That was unacceptable. Jasire wanted to make him suffer for it even though it would make them all suffer.

“Jasire, what are you saying?” Simone murmured and when she turned in his lap she could feel his body answer to the innocent shifting but he kept his gaze on Julius; hungry to see every morsel of fear in his eyes. That fear should have been an ever present thing, if it had been he would have never messed up like this.

“No. You ca-” Marcus tried.
“Are you in any position to tell me what I can and cannot do?” He growled; his eyes overcasting to darkness. It made Simone’s throat tight to be this close to all that menacing anger. She began to slide away from his lap but his palm rested against her thigh and his fingers dug in gently; holding her in place.
“Don’t…” The single word warning was more than enough to render her immobile. Simone was rigid in his grasp and he must have felt it because he began to stroke her thigh gently. Gradually, she relaxed in his hold and exhaled through her parted lips.

“If that is your conditions, you may leave.” Julius stood and stared back at the man who was his lover’s father. He would never be in his good book and that was ok, but he refused to have him take Amelia away from him completely.

“And there is that arrogance you so love to display.” Jasire taunted with a crooked grin.

“Arrogance? This is hardly arrogance. I am frustrated and thoroughly peeved. If there is anyone here displaying arrogance it is you Jasire. You come into my home and insult me when I have never asked you for your help; it was your daughter. For that alone, because I have acknowledged my faults and wish to atone for them, that should clear any suspicions of arrogance.”

“So what do you intend to do without me…Julius?” It was the first he had used his name and though there was scorn there was also power that threatened to boil over and scald the flesh from Julius’ bones.

“I am going to get my woman back with or without you Jasire. That is what I intend to do.”
“Have you not been listening?”
“To which part; the bit where you degraded me in front of my people?” Julius asked; squaring his shoulders.

“Look at all that bravado. No, the part where I asked what gave you and your equally weak brother the impression that I will leave my darling daughter in your care.”
“That was irrelevant and obviously rhetorical. Amelia is mine. She belongs to both my brother and I; no one will change that.”
“Then if that is so, you should be able to sense her shouldn’t you?” Jasire asked as he became distracted with a lock of Simone’s hair. He wrapped it around his index and pulled it to his nose to take a deep whiff of it. She smelled exquisite and suddenly he was hungry for her again. Insatiable to the end.

“I can barely feel her and that scares me more than you do.” Julius admitted and truly his eyes were haunted ever the more with just its admittance.

Jasire rolled his eyes from the lovely lock of hair to where the other man stood and he observed something that he could recognize easily. The fear of losing something that had become the meaning of your existence. Only one woman had made him that way and it had taken him too long to recover to ever take that path again. Yes Simone was quite the entertaining treat and he was not sure what to do with after the dust settled, but Jasire knew she would never compare to Phiona. Had she lived, he would have been just as weak as his daughter was right now, but content. Could he lie to himself and say that that was a good thing? No, he truly missed her and he wished that he could still have her. So, wouldn’t it be horribly cruel to allow this same pain to pass upon Julius, especially knowing that Amelia loved him?

He’d ponder it further much later; for now he had to find Amelia. He patted Simone’s hip twice, lifted her as he stood and placed her down gently. She looked up at him with a silent plea in her eyes. How sweet but unnecessary; he was going to comply but there was no need to let the brothers know how much just yet. They needed to suffer just a bit longer so that this mistake was never made again.

“Well I do not have that problem; I am always aware of my daughter’s location if I look for her. I have looked and she seems to be with the man she left with. Amelia…is not doing so peachy.”

“You can see her? What is happening? Is she hurt?” Julius came closer and nearly reached for Jasire in his frantic state to know more about his mate.

Jasire grinned to himself as his fingers for his right hand stretched, popped and contorted to claws. Julius took a step back and looked from the sharp claws to the dark overcast of Jasire’s eyes. He flexed his fingers and ignored Simone’s cry to not hurt Julius. As much as he would like that, he was convinced that what Julius would see would deal more damage.

“Why don’t we go and see for ourselves?”  he asked as black smoke began to emanate from the clawed hand. Marcus stood then and approached Jasire.

“You can take us to her? Right now?” he asked with mouth gaping and anticipation stirring up inside. He missed his lover more than he missed Mauvette. There should be some sense of guilt to even think such a thing but the truth was there; strong and forcefully resounding within him. He loved Camellia and he had quickly recognized that within her, his Cassandra was the woman he had been destined to be with forever. From that night he had spotted her in the balcony, hidden from his sight in the dark but dazzling, he had needed her.

“Yes, but not all of you. You, Julius and Simone.”

“Why can’t I come? I want to be with my mistress!” Hana exclaimed while Habashi held her back. They had been silent up to this point but Hana could hold it no longer. She needed Camellia now and she wanted to help rescue her.

“That would not be wise.” Jasire replied; lifting his clawed hand and inspecting it leisurely.
“Why not?  I am not as weak-”
“Yes you are; in fact you are the weakest amongst all present. Perhaps it could have been different had Amelia not sever your tie temporarily. I suppose it was to protect you from The Call. Nevertheless, the sun will be up soon and you will be useless the moment it rears its head over the horizon.”

“He is right Hana. Please just wait here until we come back. I promise you that I will bring her back.” Julius said to her and though it appeared as if she would protest, she settled for their answer. What use what she be if she succumbed to The Pull in the midst of the rescue? She would have to comply and stay with Habashi.

“Very well but I am holding you to your promise. Bring her back home…please.” Her request made Julius feel more confident that he would not fail. Because he had Hana depending so sternly on him for success and he himself had no room for failure, he knew he would bring Camellia back to them all. Both he and Marcus would not fail her again.

He turned to Jasire and took a deep breath. This was the moment; he will have his woman again.

“I am ready.”
“Good.” Jasire said and suddenly his scaled arm shot out at his side with fingers curled in. Light glared around the tips of his claws and Julius along with the others watched him with complete awe as they began to disappear into the light. It took him a second to realize that Jasire had created a hole in the space beside him that flared with red light and black smoke. The demon’s onyx eyes shifted to the broken space he had made and with a growl he ripped it wider. Black flames poured out of it and a hot waft of air that nearly seared their skins burst free from the hollow hole. There was the sound of air filtering through but it seemed that it was absolutely empty.

“What is that?” Hana whispered with eyes as wide as saucers.

“A means of transportation. When you three enter, do not take your eyes off of me and do not stray away from the path I set. Otherwise you can get lost forever in this realm and I won’t look for you. Well…” Jasire turned to look down at Simone and his grin was so devilish that it made her flush red.

“Maybe you Simone; I would certainly look for you but those two are on their own.”

His words made her avert her eyes as she blushed and he chuckled full heartedly. Jasire took her hand and began to tug her behind him into the ripped seam of the atmosphere. The inside was just as humid as she had anticipated. Simone looked back and reached for Julius’ hand just as Marcus’ hand clapped onto his shoulder. The four entered the dark realm and the light that had poured in from Julius’ library was now gone.

“We had better move quickly; the sun is less than an hour away.” Jasire said as they continued to walk in his footsteps. The path he created glowed a brilliant blue in the darkness and only disappeared after Marcus.

“This is how demons travel?” Marcus asked as he stared hard at Jasire’s back. He wanted to look around but the instructions had been given and if they were not followed then there was a chance that he would never see Camellia again. Not an option.

“Us and a few others though most are limited to distance by the worth of their power.” Jasire’s voice echoed with distortion around them.

“Others?” Marcus asked with a frown.
“I need you to haved a silent moment; I am trying to keep focus on my daughter’s aura and your questions are not aiding me. So, shut up.” Jasire said with not so much as a glance over his shoulder. Marcus closed his mouth and bit his tongue. The last place he wanted to be when it came down to pissing Amelia’s father off was here. So he kept his mouth closed and ignored the snide remarks that popped up in his head.



“Wake up. Just open your eyes…please…” his voice was a weak whisper.

How long had he been sitting there with his constant pleas? How long had he sat with his ear to her chest? How much longer would he have to wait until she arose again? Uri needed to know. He needed to know because he could take this no longer. He had been too severe with his actions; starving her of both her hungers and hurting her with his rage. As her master, he should have felt this coming and prevent it, but nothing he could think to do now would help to bring her back.

There was still the claw marks he had maimed her beauty with; harrowing the perfection of her face. They bled no longer but they appeared burgundy and repugnant across her face; the pallid skin still split wide and callow. Her eyes were still in their fixed stare and her skin was as ashen and cold as true death. But the Hag had said she was not dead. She still existed but her body was protecting her.

“She is not dead Uri but she is in The Pull.” She had said after examining her.

“Then when will she awake?” He had asked with avidity.

“I do not know. She is weak; who could say when she will regain consciousness?”
“Then do something!” He brayed.

 Abigail had blenched away from that rage and insanity that had taken over Uri. There had been fear in her eyes as she tried to explain for what was the tenth time that she could do nothing to save Amelia. Truthfully she hoped the woman died but she knew that if that happened Uri would dispose of her shortly after.

“I’m sorry Uri, but I do not know how to save her. Even her mind is keeping me out while she is this vulnerable. She is protecting herself from the both of us.”


So he had stopped pleading with her for a help that she could not provide. Uri simply sat there with his head on Amelia chest and stared at her. Was this really happening all over again? Was he about to lose her in the same room, the same bed once more? This time he would not survive the lost of his sanity; everything would crumble under his hand by the uprooting of his mind.

“You will make me destroy them all. Nothing will survive if you do not rise.” There were no threatening octaves to his words but the threat was very much alive. He sounded like a frightened child but Uri had lost child like innocents too long ago to recall.

He took a deep breath and tried to fight the eerie sensation of The Pull, but it was getting harder and he was getting weaker. Every muscle was a crying ache and every bone stiff as if affected by death. It had been six days since he had answered its call and Uri was not certain if he could go another day like this. It was probably safe to rest now as she was fast asleep and it was highly unlikely in her weaken state that she would awaken. So he lifted himself from his seat, shuffled to the door to bolt it shut and made his way back the bed. Uri stood there for awhile with eyes laden and regarded her. He hoped to see her chest rise and fall with her breathing but it hadn’t. Very stiffly, he lifted his knee onto the bed and crept closer to where she lay. He didn’t want to disturb her position but he needed to feel her in order to give in to this sleep.

With much effort he made himself comfortable and spooned the side of her body; laying his arm just beneath her bosom and tucking his head in the crook of her neck. Just like this; he would die just like this with this frigid woman in his arms. It was a pleasant thought. Uri kissed her neck and just before his eyes closed he dared to whisper the words that he felt in his heart. Yes they were the words that he felt had taken her away that night, but he could not resist it. He had to let her know.

“I love you…no other will I ever love. No other…”

And with those final words whispered to the one who had always held his heart, Uri took a deep breath and gave in to the call of the grave. As death stole him he took with him the scent of Amelia and the taste of her on his lips.


“We’re here.” Jasire said as he tore another hole before them. Fresh air poured in and Simone felt as if she could breathe again. Just as he had pulled her in, Jasire pulled her out of the realm and with her she pulled Julius who did the same for Marcus. The moment they were free of it and stood in a field of high weeds and wild white and yellow flowers over and canvas of stars, Julius knew where they were. He could not believe that he was there, but he knew. So many nights had blared by since the night Uri made him and brought him back here to stay in his courts. Julius remembered the nights he laid beneath the stars and stared up at them with sadness because he had missed his brother.

As he looked up even now the memory was a vivid haze in his mind; the night Uri had agreed to travel back to England to save his brother’s betrothed.

“Uri, please, I have hardly asked you for much because I wish to never be your burden. I am quite aware that you are a master that has little patience. Please, let me go to him.”

Uri continued to stare up at the sky and observe the celestials wink back at him. Though it had appeared to Julius that his master was too distracted by the view to hear him, Uri had heard every word and was actually considering his request. Julius had been the good servant since his rebirth and he had done whatever Uri asked for his entertainment. It would be a small sacrifice to give him this, but Uri hated being nice. The moment you show compassion others would try their luck and soon enough he would have to replenish his servants due the extinction of those he had now.

“This brother of yours, how old is he?” Uri murmured without breaking his stare.

“Marcus? I am two years his senior, master. You made me at twenty-seven; I would be twenty-nine now so Marcus should be the age of my rebirth. We would probably appear to be the same age.” Julius said as an afterthought.

“If I take you there, I will require something in return…without any stipulations.”

Julius shot up and stared at the side of Uri’s face with sheer disbelief and excitement that could barely be contained. Uri turned to look at him and arched a brow. It was the first in a long time that he had seen the boy grin. Something about the sight of him this unguarded with all that joy bursting from him had made Uri stare. It was a wonderful sight and he was a rotten person for taking advantage of it.

“Do you understand?” Uri prompted.

“Uh, yes! Yes master I understand completely; you can have whatever you desire if you take me to my brother. When shall we leave?” Julius excitement was clouding his judgment.

“We will leave on the morrow, once the sun has departed. Tonight I will see that preparations for our journey are made.” Uri said as he began to turn his gaze back to the sky. Julius took his hand and kissed his knuckles before placing his head to the warm skin of his master. He jumped up and looked down at Uri who was still lounging in the grass.

“And where are you off to in a hurry?” He asked with a crooked grin.

Julius chuckled and stretched before he answered.

“I must tell Abigail the good news and perhaps feel her body beneath mine before our journey. Good eve Master Uri; you have made it so.”

 With that Julius ran off to find Abigail and do just as he had said. He had left the master there to himself and was none the wiser of his intentions. Julius should have known by now that Uri didn’t do anything for nothing.

Uri had taken him to his brother and although they had been too late to save her, Uri had taken what he had wanted all along. Julius looked at Marcus as his brother spoke with Jasire and instantly he felt grieved for being naïve and making his brother something he did not want to be. Even if Marcus had not been on the verge of death, Uri would have taken him against his will and there would have been nothing Julius could do to stop him. That night, he had bourn hate for his master, and Uri, knowing what he had done and perhaps feeling a bit guilty, left him in England to see to his future alone. He was left to tend to a brother who loathed him and a relationship that was once forged with steel now of quicksand.

Just then, Marcus turned his gaze on Julius and he watched his brother double take. Julius winced when he saw that he had been caught. It was not the time to think on such things but guilt had no respect for timing; it reared its ugly head when it pleased. Marcus came to him with a frown and searched Julius face for an answer to his crestfallen expression.

“Is something wrong?” he asked with a measure of concern.

“No I…I just feel a bit nostalgic.” He turned and looked over the field where Uri’s home stood tall and menacing. Julius swallowed and shook his head with disbelief.

“I had vowed that nothing would drag me back here….but that was before I knew that woman. Only she and you Marcus could lure me back into hell.”
“You will have enough time later to express your love for the both of us once she is in our arms again Julius. For now, let every thought be of vengeance and redemption. She is but a few deserving deaths away and no mercy stands in our path.”

Marcus’ words were enough to rally him. Julius squared his shoulders as his eyes became alive and golden with power. Tonight he would uncap all the rage and hate he had bottled for Uri and pour every measure of it over any that stood in his way.

“Come then; let us collect what is ours.”

Julius looked in Jasire and Simone’s direction and he had to roll his eyes at the sight of them. Jasire was flirting with her again and Simone was shamelessly blushing yet trying to make him stop. She liked it from what Julius could see but she was aware that now was not the time. He approached them and when Simone spotted him, she cleared her throat and ducked her head.

“I hope I am interrupting.” He said with intentional sarcasm.

“You’re quite easy to ignore actually but given the reason for our visit here and the fact that you can become dust if we stay here any longer, I will spare you a glance. Amelia lies in there and so do many that would see you dead once they are aware of your intrusion.” Jasire began as he took Simone’s hand and began to stroll towards the castle.

“So how do you suggest we avoid them?” Simone asked.

“Avoid? No we won’t be doing them. We are going through the front gates and barging in as rudely as we can, killing whomever we please.” Jasire corrected and the two brothers nodded in approval.

“That is all the plan I require.” Julius agreed.
“Same here…” Marcus added.



This horrible foreboding feeling could not be for naught. There was something terrible about to happen but Abigail was blind to it thanks to Uri’s pet demon. She had tried to convince herself that it was simply paranoia and fear that she had allowed Amelia to plant within her, but if it was one thing that Abigail trusted it was her intuition. And as she rolled out of bed and went to stand before the fireplace where Julius’ portrait hung, she wrapped her arms about her and shivered from the cold. Yes this cold was not a temperate one but one that had seeped right into the marrow of her bones.

Abigail’s vision blurred to white and came back slowly. She closed her eyes tightly and tried to see pass the white haze but nothing came. It was definitely a vision of warning but she could not see it. Abigail growled in frustration dumped herself down in the arm chair next to the fireplace. She rubbed her eyes and tried to bring back some moisture to them. What was it that she needed to see?

Suddenly there was ruckus coming from somewhere in the castle. Abigail listened to the sounds become more defined. There were agonized screams penetrating the silence and they were growing and dying rapidly. She shot up and ran to her bedroom door. Yanking it open she had to step back as servants ran pass her door and tried to get out of the way of Uri’s guards. They dashed in the directions the servants were coming from and that was enough insight for Abigail to know it was time to leave. She turned into the hall and headed for Uri’s chambers. Making a right at the bend she collided into Xander and nearly fell before he caught her by the arms. Xander stood bare chest with fangs extended and eyes red with rage.

“You should not be here; go and hide.” He said as he turned her in the direction she came.
“What is going one?”
“An attack, now go and hide.” He commanded; shoving her gently in the direction he needed her to go.
“But Uri-”
“Is safe. I will protect him but I cannot be distracted with protecting you. So run!” he growled and it was all she needed to hear. She ran back the way she came and was tripped by the crowd that ran down the halls. Abigail fell face first with her head feeling the fall against the stone floor. Feet stepped all over her as they trampled her afoot. She tried to cover her head as she cried out but it was no use; they would not see her. Suddenly she felt someone gripping her arm and lifting her from the floor. Her legs gave out but they caught her up and lifted her as they pushed through the raging crowd. Abigail peeped her eye open as the other was being flooded with blood and looked up to see that it had been Xander. He made the turn down the hall that took her back towards her chambers.

“Xander…” She cried with relief. If there was one person in this castle that had always looked out for her, it was Xander. She was there the first night he and his pack were taken in and ever since then, he had been good to her. Whenever Uri made her feel less that she was worth, he had found simple ways to make her feel better. When Uri tortured her to reveal every vision she had gained of Amelia, Xander had taken her back to her room in her weaken state and made certain she was nursed back to health. She would always be grateful to him for that.

“You stubborn girl; I told you that I could not be distracted.” He murmured as he stepped into her room and shut the door with his foot. Xander turned towards the bed and took her there. Once he had laid her out he surveyed her wounds and placed a cloth to the one that bled into her eyes. He pushed the long white tresses away from the blood and tried to apply pressure.

“Thank you Xander.” She whimpered with tears filling her eyes. He grunted his reply and turned to leave, but Abigail caught his hand before he could. Xander looked down at her with questioning eyes and she felt her breath caught not because of lust but fear. She could lose him if he walked out that door and Abigail would rather have him safe than Uri. It was a horrible thing to even think, but her alliance with Uri had come to an end; he meant her no good and because of his stubbornness and selfish ways, she had to suffer. No longer would she for that man; they were through.

“You have to let go now Abigail.”
“No, please don’t leave me…” She pled.
“I left Uri unguarded-”
“Forget Uri and stay with me; protect me as you always have Xander.”
“Have you lost all your senses? I have sworn loyalty to Uri and I cannot betray that. I must go.”

Xander tugged at his hand but she refused to let go.
“Xander, we can leave here now, together without anyone stopping us. We can live!” She cried; her lips bruised and quivering and her heart aching because she knew that if she let him go, he was going to die. It could have been because she was touching him that the vision came to her but it was only a brief flash of his lifeless eyes and his body laying in a pool of his blood.

“I’m sorry Abigail but even if I was tempted to leave with you, there are still my brothers to see to and I will not leave them to fight alone while I hide. Just stay here and I will return for you once everything is settled.” He pulled his hand free and after one last glance, Xander left her to hide alone. Abigail wept because it was the last that she would see him. It should not hurt this much but it did.


Finally they had made their way up the staircase. They had slain everything that attempted to flee or attack and now they had made it to the third level of Uri’s home. Julius remembered that this was where Uri’s bed chamber would be. The two brothers were equally stained with blood that was not theirs. Jasire and Simone followed right behind them and though she had assisted with taking out their enemies, Jasire had yet to do anything but grin or swat off any that tried to attack him. He was intentionally making them do most of the work. As far as he was concerned, no one had been worth fighting.

“Getting closer.” Jasire said as Marcus ducked the blade of one of the guards, jabbed his claws into his gut, lifted the blood spewing man and tossed him over the railing to land head first to the first level.

“It would appear and things should become a bit more tedious because of it.” Simone supplied and on cue, someone came running around the corner and came to a halt.

There was only one person that Julius could thing to be so ghastly and naturally pale with the most fiendish grin he’d ever seen; Bates. The tall gangly bastard had the gall to grin and saunter over as if he was about to give his best bit of flirtation. This was hardly what Simone could have meant when she said ‘harder’. Bates stopped a good distance away from Julius and licked his lips. Sweeping his fingers through the pale blonde of his hair, he perused every manly inch of Julius’ body and moaned full heartedly.

“Oh how long has it been since you graced these halls Julius. I have waited eagerly for the day you returned to me and for the moment to have my chance with you.” Bates ended with eyes gone soft with the filthy images that his mind was painting.

“I have no time for this…” Julius mumbled as he rolled his eyes upward.

“Who is this tart?” Jasire asked with brows arched but disinterest clear in his lilac eyes.

As if he had only just seen him, Bates mouth fell loose on its hinges and he gaped in open lust at the man that stood behind Julius. Yes Julius was fulfilling enough upon the eyes but the man behind him was every nasty fantasy he wished to act out in one lovely toned body and bronzed skin.

“Oh my, now who could that be behind you Julius? I would love to break that wild spirit that oozes off of him.” Bates had the impudence to lick his lips and massage the bulge that swelled in his black breeches.

Jasire’s eyes narrowed to just slits with the dazzling color gleaming through. He gave Bates a crooked grin and it was everything seductive, erotic, debauched and wicked all in one; everything that would set Bates afire with need. He was exactly the thing he needed in his bed.

“Don’t pack your mouth with more than you could chew.” Jasire said.
“And what does that mean?”
“You cannot handle me; I will break you little lad.” Jasire warned.

Bates stepped closer and as he did, from around the bend of the hall came the three women of Uri’s court followed by two of the werewolves that had attacked them the night of the Midnight ball. Eva led them with blood red eyes fixed on Julius and Marcus.

“Oh but I would love that…” Bates murmured. He came right up to Julius and though he was looking right at Jasire he was reeling in the scent of the man he had pine after for too many centuries.

“See after I am done fucking the last bit of energy out of Julius and possibly his delicious brother, I will need something like you to end the night with.” Bates lulled and the moment his hand lifted to caress Julius, it was snatched and twisted backward until Bates was facing the other way.

Bates squealed in pain at first but his screams became moans with each push of his hips against Julius. He was sick bastard but Julius had never known him to be any other way. The other party that now blocked their path to Amelia stood but a few feet away and looked on with evil intend. From the look in their eyes, he knew that they had come not to detain them but to kill.

“You are either brave or completely stupid to have ventured here knowing that death is all you will find in these halls.” Eva said as fire rose from her fingers and crawled up her arms. The other two women’s arms appeared the same as their leader and together they prepared there attack.

“The fools are not us, but you. We did not come seeking death, we broth the son of a bitch with us.” Julius growled with eyes golden in fury. Bates was still squirming against him when he said the words that made everything final for Julius.

“If Uri’s little whore ever rises again, maybe he will loan her to me for one night as he did Xander. I promise I’ll let you play together then.”

Julius had heard enough. He had not come here to exchange words but to bring a massacre upon Uri’s home and to take back what was his. With claws glinting in the light, he ripped Bates’ throat wide and felt the gush of his blood bubbling over onto his hand. Bates gargled and chocked on the crimson flow and before he could see what would happen next, Julius slammed him up against an opposing wall and suck his hand into Bates’ chest. He looked into his frantic eyes as he pled with only them for Julius to stop but found no mercy there. Julius’ grin was savaged and his grip was strong.

“Considered yourself fucked!” And with one final pull he dislodged Bates’ heart from its cavity and let his lifeless body sink to the floor as it decayed. That was the end of Lord Bates and his disgusting antics and Julius felt no weight. He turned to the group that stood in their path and Marcus came to stand beside him just as the blonde and dark haired wolf men stepped in front of the women. This would be a battle of claws, fangs and pure strength executed with skills.

The two brothers dashed forwards and the wolf men met them half way. Julius clashed into the blond who used his momentum and send the crashing through a door and into another room. Marcus dealt blow for blow and after ducking a swing of his opponent’s fist he sent a wind stealing blow to his chest and the wolf went through the wall. Marcus followed him into the bed room but was kicked back out into the hall. He didn’t stay down but dashed in again with a growl. There were equal amounts of crashes grunts and furniture being turned to dust from each fight and all that was left in the hall now were Uri’s whores, Simone and Jasire. Simone pulled her hand free from his and stepped forward. Her emerald green eyes were calm but there was power in them.

“Sorceress, you are a fool if you think you can win against us.” Eva said as the other two chortled condescendingly. Before Simone could respond, she felt Jasire’s hand rest upon her shoulder. She looked back at him and saw that there was a ghost of a smile on his lips and his head inclined to the right as he observed her.

“We are running out of time. Let me take care of it.” He suggested.
“Do you think me weak?” She asked with power lifting from her skin. Jasire closed his eyes and took a deep longing breath. When they opened again they were misted over in darkness and his demonic aura grew. He pulled her into him and lifted her chin; making her stare up into the darkness of his eyes.

“This body was strong enough to not only call me, but take every wicked inch of me; there is nothing weak about you.” Though the words were whispered against her lips, Simone knew that they had been heard by the three that stood arrogantly in wait for a fight. Jasire rubbed his thumb over her bottom lip after a gentle press of his and traced his fingers down the back of her neck.

“Let me take care of this; I will need this body later and the last thing I need is you lacking energy.”

The words made Simone shiver and at a time such as this when she could hear Julius and Marcus brawling and the three women preparing to attack, she was wet for Jasire.

A growl came from Eva and as she cocked her hand back she shot it forward with fire aimed at the lovers. Jasire glanced in her direction and before the flames could reach them, they hit an invisible wall and burned away. Simone was still looking up at him; no where aware of how close they had been to becoming cooked. She watched the abyss of his eyes deepen and that hollow darkness set themselves on its next victims to devour. His hands slid away from her and he stepped back. Eva, the blond and the raven haired female prepared themselves to attack and together they launched scorching waves of fire at Jasire with the same results as before. It was if there were some barrier about him that protected him from their attacks.

The flames in the torches that lined the halls flickered as black grains of sand lifted out of Jasire like fire. He stepped closer and the ground beneath them shivered in his wake. The women steadied themselves and fear was finally present in each of their crimson eyes.

“Eva?” The blond called.
“We should retreat Eva…” The dark haired one suggested.

But it was too late to run now. Jasire was going to enjoy this kill and no one would survive it. He felt the cold of his daughter down the hall; her body was lifeless and damaged. She had placed herself into a sleep just for the sake of protection. The bastard that had hurt her had pushed her so far that it had become her last resort. For that alone, Jasire would kill to get swiftly to her side.

“Too late to run.”

Simone watched with parted lips in awe of this man. He was gentle when the time called for it and always deviant when it did or did not, but now there was a cold draft that emanated from him and that was what he was now; simply cold.

“Flee if you will, but I will fight and not fear this brute.”

She yelled over the sounds of the fight echoing into the halls. Jasire grinned and it was enough to make the other two woman turn on their heels and flee. A wind pushed by Eva; making her scarlet tresses lift and when she blinked she found that Jasire had moved behind her. Black sand swarmed them and the two that retreated were caught up in it. They screamed in their seized state and before they could think what would happen, the black sand lifted them of their feet and continuously slammed them face first into each wall. Blood gushed from them as they bellowed in pain. Bones splintered upon every clash into the unyielding wall. Jasire chuckled and turned them on each other; slamming their bodies into each other.

They cried and sobbed to no prevail and all Eva could do was watch. Eventually she remembered her senses and pulled a dagger from the band at her thigh. The dress fell back into place as she very silently sprinted forward. Jasire was just facing the other way and suddenly he was facing her. She hesitated for a moment but knowing that it was too late to back down she gave a cry and continued forward.

Jasire stepped forward and her left wrist bent back until it touched her forearm. She hollered at the sight of her bone stabbing free through flesh. The knife had clattered to the floor and had become a forgotten thing as she favored her broken wrist. She trembled and looked over his shoulder to see the black flames pour into her sister’s mouth. They gagged and swallowed making their bodies convulse uncontrollably.

“Wait…” She whimpered as Jasire’s grin grew more menacing and golden scales grew along the sides of his forearms. She took a step back and began to sob, but he followed and the moment his foot touched down her left arm swung out at an awkward angle. Her elbow was bent in the opposite manner and just as her wrist, the bone protruded through her flesh. Eva screamed and lost her footing. She kept terror stricken blood filled eyes on him and tried to drag her body away from him.

There were screams piercing the hall and she glanced over to her sisters in time to watch their bodies obliterate. Their flesh was disintegrated to black ash she saw that they mixed into the black flames and returned into his body.

“What are you! What are you!” She screamed when Jasire’s features shifted to something closer to his demonic features. He chuckled as he turned his head left and the right; making each bone there pop audibly in its socket.

“Her father.” He growled; his voice as rough as gravel.

It had seemed impossible to think that Eva’s eyes could grow any wider but with that revelation, they tore open to their limit and she was left breathless.

“Mercy…please have mercy.” She groveled but it had become too late for that.

Jasire took another half step and her right hand snapped back on her elbow. She screamed and it was heart wrenching. Simone looked on in what could be shock. Though she wished to look away, she could not. Was Jasire going to torture her right before her?

“No thank you.” He said politely in that timbre voice.

 Jasire sensed someone running up behind him and he turned in time to meet Xander’s attack. The wolf tackled Jasire and shoved his claws into the demon’s side. Jasire snarled bashed his forehead into Xander’s. Though it jogged him a bit and made him feel unstable, Xander did not go down.
Jasire swiped his claws across Xander’s face and knocked him back against the wall. He held a hand to his face and when he lifted his head , Jasire saw that he could only open one eye. There was one interesting fact about his opponent and that was that he recovered quickly from the demon’s attack.

“An Alpha; how quaint.” Jasire chuckled.

Xander growled and his hands began to grow with each long finger elongating with claws that could tear easily through metal. His features shifted and his eyes were a brilliant silver. They reminded Jasire of a new moon; luminous and high in the night’s sky. He stood back watched Xander transform into his beast and it was fascinating to some degree but to Jasire, Xander was nothing but an over grown mutt.

“Very well Alpha, let us see what you are worth.”

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