The Harem - The Burning Beauty

The Harem - The Burning Beauty

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Stolen in the chilled darkness of winter; taken into the arms of a stranger that shunned the aura of human. Cassandra knew death twice that night by the flames...and by a strangers deadly kiss. To awake only to a world that never existed in her most lucid dreams where she is claimed a servant to the menacing beauty of Julius Laurent. While discovering what abilities he possess, Cassandra soon comes to the realization that not only is there more than what appears to be in Julius' regard, but that there is something other, more starved and cruel that dwells inside her. Will she be able to reign control on this darkness? Can she withstand the pull of something strong and out-worldly for the man that stole her? What of the brother with the wicked glare filled of famished flames; ready to swallow her whole with lust? Can she fight it all and keep the morals of the woman she thought she was? They will find soon that there is a greater worry; a greater evil that taints their horizon. Perhaps they will discover it when it was too late. Come and entangle yourself in this dark tale of unquenchable lust and a twist of love lost, denied and gained.


Stolen in the chilled darkness of winter; taken into the arms of a stranger that shunned the aura of human. Cassandra knew death twice that night by the flames...and by a strangers deadly kiss. To awake only to a world that never existed in her most lucid dreams where she is claimed a servant to the menacing beauty of Julius Laurent.

While discovering what abilities he possess, Cassandra soon comes to the realization that not only is there more than what appears to be in Julius' regard, but that there is something other, more starved and cruel that dwells inside her. Will she be able to reign control on this darkness? Can she withstand the pull of something strong and out-worldly for the man that stole her? What of the brother with the wicked glare filled of famished flames; ready to swallow her whole with lust? Can she fight it all and keep the morals of the woman she thought she was?

They will find soon that there is a greater worry; a greater evil that taints their horizon. Perhaps they will discover it when it was too late.

Come and entangle yourself in this dark tale of unquenchable lust and a twist of love lost, denied and gained.

Chapter25 (v.1) - What Once Was Mine...

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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What Was Once Mine...


A gentle breeze carried through the alcove; brushing Camellia’s hair into a gentle wisp. She was staring out over the balcony at the moon that was golden and full in the sky. It was beautiful over the flow of flowers and little statues below in Julius’ garden. As she watched the moon appear to get fuller, her mind began the process all over again. There was something awfully suspicious about all that had transpired so far; by all she meant nothing. Basically, there was only one more night left in the Midnight Ball and nothing had occurred at first glance, out of the way, but Camellia had been watching.

First suspect: Abigail. The woman had shown up on the second night, did not sociably interact with Julius, Marcus, Simone and most certainly not Camellia. She had distracted herself every night with the company of other guests, but every night she found herself before Uri. The one person that Camellia was hoping that she never met but they were getting closer. Camellia had watched them chat aimlessly about what she hoped was nothing but oddly enough though she felt otherwise, they acted as if they had never met each other prior to the ball. It could be so, but Camellia was a master at body language and she could tell from just the way Abigail was suddenly comfortable and quick to touch someone like Uri that they had met before. And considering Uri was not the sort of person that allowed himself to be touched by anyone, it made her level of suspicion rise further. She could just be paranoid; she thought as she folded her arms under her breasts and leaned against a pillar. Then again, she could be as she normally was: right.

Then there was Uri. He alone was a mystery and a very repetitious one at that. Every night, when the time had come to socialize with the guests, he would find her and asked her to his chambers. She would always answer the same way; telling him that she would lay with her master and only he could grant her the permission to leave his chambers for another. Thinking that he would confront Julius and ask him for the permission she had mentioned, she would wait to hear Julius mention it at the end of the night, but find that Uri’s requests had been solely for her. If he truly wanted her in his chambers, could he not just push the issue with Julius? What was keeping him from simply demanding it as an honorary guest? Technically, Uri had the power to do just that but no, he never acted on it. Perhaps she was over thinking things, but Camellia would rather be pessimistic and proven wrong that optimistic and proven wrong. That was why she had made necessary arrangements with Hana. If all went wrong and she was left defenseless, Hana and Simone would be the key to it all.

“Are you in hiding again?”

Camellia jolted back to the place she stood on the balcony and turned to see the voice that had interrupted her. It was Julius of course; seeking her out to begin yet another night. She turned completely; dressed from head to toe in golden lace and silk. There was shimmering detailed embroidery on her halter which tied at the back of her neck and at her back. Though the top ended just beneath her breast, the golden sash wrapped about her waist in a crisscrossing action and tied in a knot that resembled a rose at her back. Tonight she wore silk harem pants that were opaque and fit wonderfully to her physique. There were two gold bands around her upper arms that gleamed in the glow of the moon. Tonight, her hair had been swept up atop her hair with a lovely long bang falling into her lashes. A thin gold line of chain fell from where her hair gathered and from it dropped a tiny diamond that nestled in the soft lush fall of her bangs. Camellia was a dream in the glow of the moonlight and it made Julius breath catch just seeing her there. He had to get closer.

“You snuck up on me.” She said as she watched him draw closer to her. Camellia tilted her head back to keep eye contact with him and sighed when his hands slid around her waist. She slid her palms over the silky fabric of his shirt and smiled at how soft it felt against her skin and how warm it was with his body in it.

“Are you well my love?” He whispered; his breath against the top of her ear. Camellia nodded her answer so that she could feel his lips caress the sensitive lobe.

“I am a bit anxious but I am well.” She said in the same hushed voice.

“What is making you anxious? We have come this far and nothing has gone amiss; we should breathe easily that Uri is behaving himself.”
“That is what worries me. Why is he behaving and what is keeping him from not being more persistent?” She asked as she searched her lover’s eyes.

“Are you upset that he is not asking me to have you in his bed?” Julius was beginning to pull away so she held on tighter.


“I have started nothing. Why can’t we just keep pretending that everything will be okay?”

“Pretending? Julius…”

“Camellia, I will protect you from whatever tries to take you away from me. I will kill that which dares to try; let that be enough comfort. One more night and we will be done with this. We will take care of Abigail when the ball has met its end.”

“And Uri? What will you do about him? How many more nights do you think I can tell him no?”


“No Julius! I have much to lose in all of this; just as much or perhaps more than anyone else. I understand that you are afraid but acting as if we are safe when danger is ever present in our safe place is absolute foolishness.” She had stepped back till her back was against the rail of the balcony and folded her arms beneath her bosom.

Julius stared back at her as if he had frozen into a lifelike statue; his golden eyes just as brilliant as the full moon but left her feeling cold. Why did he have to act this way when he was afraid? Couldn’t he see that she was only trying to ensure the best results at the end of it all? Her love was not acting naturally and it made her wonder why. Could he be under some influence? Was it the works of that Hag again? She narrowed her gaze and tried to feel around his aura. Why she hadn’t done this before was beyond her.

“What are you doing?” He asked with suspicion.

“I am just verifying that you have not been manipulated by the works of that Hag.”

“Why?” He frowned.

“Because you are acting unreasonably unnatural as if you are being manipulated.”

Julius glared at her for a moment and without another word, turned away from her and began to leave the way he had entered. She caught his elbow but he pulled away with force and Camellia stumbled to her knees from the momentum of his arm. She landed with a grunt and waited till the pain in her leg had subsided before she began to stand.

“Cam-” She heard him say as he stooped to help her up, but she knocked his hands away. Camellia was livid and doing her best not to explode all over Julius with all the pent up frustration inside her.

“I didn’t mean to-” he tried again as she got to feet and dusted the knees of her pants. Camellia’s eyes were a raging gold with the cobalt blue burning a ring around it.


“I am going to take my place with the other women; it is time to begin tonight’s events.” Camellia’s voice was void of any feeling; each word spoken in a monotone. It didn’t matter because everything she was feeling was in her eyes. There was anger, hurt, frustration and fear; her fear having nothing to do with Julius but that tonight was going to be different from the rest.

“Please don’t be mad with me…”

“No, I’d rather it this way. You are more concerned for me when I am vexed with you than when I am affectionate so deal with it the best you can.”

Before Julius could find a response to her words she slipped by him and exited the alcove. She hated being angry with him but Julius kept ensuring that he upset her. So be it. She would ignore him for the remainder of the evening and try to enjoy herself the best she could with his interruption.


And so she had. Camellia had completed her performance with the other harem women for the entertainment and mingled with the other guests. Every time Julius attempted to draw close to her, she would evade him and move onto the next guest. It had been a true game of cat and mouse the entire evening but he had wanted it this way. If he would simply believe her and stop thinking negatively in her regard then he would see that something was obviously wrong with him. Stubborn fool; would he let anything and anyone continue to come between the love they had?

“Finally, a moment alone with you.” A voice said from behind her as she ended her previous conversation with a woman whose eyes kept straying to her ample cleavage. Camellia turned and found a rather pale gentleman with very white blond hair. He could have been handsome if he didn’t look as unusual as he did. There was nothing wrong with his attire; the norm actually, but it was just the overall look in his eye when he stared back at her. There was the obvious lust that attraction had birthed but he gave the impression that he would do anything to devour her with or without her cooperation.

“My apologies; I had no idea that you were waiting in line.” She said with a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes. The pale one licked his lips and left a wet slick line of saliva there to dry. She was officially disgusted. Had it been any one else it may not have been so bad but heavens this man was creeper than anything she had ever encounter. He wasn’t scary or intimidating as Uri was but he had his own aura about him as if sexual depravity was what absolutely did it for him. She could feel it oozing off of him in thick foul waves. She frowned at the odor and tried not to wear her disgust too freely upon her face.

“Why everyone is simply dying for a moment alone with you Cassandra…” He said as he stepped closer and she took a step back to replace the gap he had closed. That small act seemed to intrigue him and the grin he gave her made her skin crawl.

“Who are you sir?” She asked straightforwardly; in dire need to veer the conversation on the right track.

“My apologies, I am Sir Bates of Lord Khalid’s court. For centuries I have stood by his side; never leaving to seek out my own place in the world because where my lord was, I was meant to be.

Camellia blinked slowly as her mind tried to find relevance to all he had just said. He was without a shadow of a doubt Uri’s pawn and the man appeared to be without any morals or stipulations to whatever Uri bid him to. Camellia was not too fond of people like Bates.

“That…is interesting I suppose.”

“Indeed it is. You may not have known this but Julius and I spent a lot of time together when he was a part of Lord Khalid’s court. In fact, Julius was my little play thing at the time.”

“Is that so?” She asked and knew her eyes were not as pleasant as the fake smile she was displaying on his behalf.

“Yes it was. I only come to his little events to taunt him and remind him that my bed is always open to him…” Bates said as he flipped open a fan that he had pulled from his inner coat pocket. He proceeded to wave it back and forth in attempts to dramatically fan himself. Truthfully, it was not even warm in the room and even if it was, the fan was a bit much for her.

“Well you will not need to do so any longer as it is now I who sleep at Julius’ side and his bed is filled enough without adding another.” Camellia was going to play along with this word play but truthfully they were sparring ‘politely’ with words and pretending to not be aware of it. This fiendish man was obviously not aware that she was not the type to defer to anyone who dared to disrespect her and most certainly not publically. But as she tamed her wrath and smiled sweetly and innocently at him she saw that his temper was taking everything seriously and there was no way that he could pretend for long.

“Well, there will always be a special place for me with Julius so-”

“Never once in the time that I have known Julius has he ever mention your name let alone one vague memory that you may be present in. That does not give the impression of being special. Perhaps what you see is an illusion Lord Bates…” Camellia said mordantly with sugar and venom dripping from every word; her hands gesturing as she looked up at the ceiling in a false attempt to recall a memory.

Bates’ face finally showed a little color and the façade he had adorned was crumbling to pieces right before her. Good, she was not in the mood for pretenders and even more so arrogant fools. Tonight, she would say and act the way she feel to anyone that approached her the wrong way. Bates was simply the first. She glared up at him as he dared to close the gap between them again.

“Your tongue is a bit too sharp for a servant; perhaps I should tame you in the ways and ethics on how one should act. I’ve been known to break the backs and spirits of wild little things as you.”

Before she could respond, and truly she wanted badly to respond, a hand rested on Bates’ shoulder and she watched all that color drain away from his face; leaving him paler than the ghastly ghostly creature he appeared to be. Bates turned slowly and met the calm cold eyes of Uri. Camellia felt her body stir for the man that was sizing Bates down with just a stare and making him cringe in fear. But this was not all so good of a thing because as she had avoided Julius all night, she had avoided Uri. Now he had found her and it should have been no surprise.

“You seem to have misplaced your senses Bates; do I need to find them for you?” Uri’s voice was a low rumble of threat. Whatever Bates saw in his eyes was enough to bring him under subjection and left him bowing out gracefully as he found a weak excuse to be out of Uri’s sight. Before he left, he spared one last look at Camellia and once again she felt the undeniable truth that Bates was a sexual sadistically inclined brute and suddenly she was next on his agenda. But as he left, it became clear that she had jumped from the cauldron into the open flames when she met Uri’s gaze. Blazing with lust that roved all over her body and set her blood rushing; Camellia was primed and ready to jump this man. How did he do that? She took a deep breath and tried for a smile but she could feel the muscles in her face tremble with contained need. This conversation was going to be the trickiest grounds she ever maneuvered.

* * * **

Julius took a sip from his goblet as he searched the room for some sign of Camellia. How stupid he was to have acted that way towards her. Why was he always quick to hurt her when she wanted nothing more to show her affections to him of late? There was a time, before her memories had returned that he had been in her shoes but now he had turned the tables without truly meaning to. The last person he would ever wish to hurt was Camellia but ever since her powers had become a fear for him, she had become his usual target. Perhaps what she had said earlier may have been true. What of he was being manipulated by some power that he was not aware of? How would he know; he felt fine. He frowned and searched his body and his mind for something that felt out of place within him but there was nothing there.

“If I did not know better I would say that you have been evading me Julius.” He looked up and it was only then that he realized that he had not been aware of anyone approaching him. The woman before him was indeed correct; Julius had been avoiding Abigail with all his might, but he should have known that she would find a way to get to him. She was indeed beautiful in a light shade of pink against her milk white skin and long white hair. The tresses were caught up at the sides with two pink jeweled brooches that Julius remembered oh to well. They had been a present that he had given her many decades ago, when they were still lovers. Considering how good of condition they were in was enough testaments that Abigail had been cherishing and taking good care of them. He looked from the twinkling brooches to her pale blue eyes. They were set right on him but moving as if they were searching.

“Will you still not acknowledge me when I am right before you Julius?”  She asked with a slight plea to her voice. He cleared his throat and slid his fingers up and down the stem of his cup.

“My apologies Abby; my mind was wandering again.”

“Why have you not come to my chambers?” She asked; inclining her head to her right.

“I was occupied in my own chambers.” He replied just before he took another sip.

“Surely that is not the only reason why you have been avoiding me Julius.”

“You seem to already be aware of the most evident one; what use is there to state it?” He asked; his annoyance growing at her snide smirk. Abigail chuckled and tossed her hair over her shoulders. Her lips were a glistening rip hue of pink that Julius remembered clearly from somewhere else hidden upon her body but he shook the thought from his mind before it could take root. It startled him that his mind had drifted away so quickly; it nearly staggered him.

“Did you not enjoy our time together? Was I not as good as I once was? Perhaps I should try again until my body gives you just what you always wanted...” She murmured; taking a step closer to him. Julius stared at her with the muscle in his jaw leaping to its own pulse. It was time to end this conversation before the wrong pretty set of ears got wind of it; in fact, he would go find her now.

“This conversation is over; I need to find Cassandra…”

“If you even think about walking away from me now Julius, the next name I utter would be for the entire room to hear. I do believe you understand my threat clearly because it is your biggest fear…”

Every muscle in his body locked up and Julius went as still as a sculpture. Abigail played him well; she knew exactly what to say to make him heel and he knew exactly what she meant without having it said. Julius placed his goblet down on the table behind him, took a deep breath with attempts to calm himself and planted himself before the smiling Abigail. When had she become so evil? What had he done to make her feel this way?

“Good; I finally have all of your attention.” She mused with a sugar coated grin.

“Even if you call her name, you would not be strong enough to hold her Abby. You are aware of that aren’t you?” He murmured. Julius would do all in his power to make certain no one else heard this conversation. He watched her shrug and pout her lips in nonchalance of the threat. Abigail shifted her weight to her left leg, placed her hands on her hips and lifted her gaze to his. Julius watched in awe as color began to pour into her eyes; turning them from their pale nearly colorless shade of blue to a lilac. Abigail’s iris enlarged and without a doubt he knew she was looking right at him.

“Whether I am strong enough or not, would it really matter?”

Julius was still dumbfounded by the fact that she could see him. All these years, decades-centuries, he thought her absolutely blind and here she was now, staring back at him as if it had all been an illusion. Had it all been an illusion?

“You…you can see…” It was all he could think to say.

“Yes I can, and I have truly missed seeing your lovely face my darling. I had to keep pretending to be blind when you were aware, but every dawn, when The Pull dragged you from my bed, my eyes would open and I would lay and watch you in your death. Does that make me odd? You were always captivating Julius; absolute death could not steal that away from you.” She confessed with adoration filling her eyes.

Who was this woman? All his time with her, everything Julius had known about her and every secret shared or given was with a stranger. Abigail had been lying to him from the very beginning…but why?

“Why? Why all of the lies Abby?” There was true hurt in his voice. Why had she deceived him?

“I had my reasons but I will not divulge them now. Tonight Julius, all will change.”

“Why are you doing this? Are we not friends?” Julius felt fear creeping up his spine because in that moment Camellia’s words were coming back to him. She had warned him to not trust her. She had said that something bad would happen tonight. Why had he not listened? Already he could feel regret seeping in. And as he watched the broken sanity of the woman he once called a lover and friend, become clear in her eyes, he knew that there was nothing else left to do but watch it all spiral out of control.

“We are more than friends Julius and once I have you beneath me again you will understand right away just how much I would do to keep you…”


* * * **

“Come to my chambers tonight Cassandra…”

She had done her best to steer the conversation into as many different topics as possible, but as he had done every previous night when he conversed with her, Uri spontaneously asked her to his bedchamber. Like every other time, she was caught off her guard though she had been bracing for it. And always she gave him the same excuse that she would be with her master, but this time he didn’t simply smile and walk away as he normally did. He didn’t appear to have any intentions on leaving; in fact he took a step closer and it made her back up. He kept following and she kept moving backwards.

“L-lord Khalid-”

His name had been all she could utter before his form disappeared before her and Camellia felt his arm around her waist and his body pressed to her back. The room span in a blur after his hand clamped over her mouth; silencing her whimpers. For a moment she was disoriented but eventually she assessed that he had moved them from the safety of the room of witnesses to the back of the stage behind the curtains. Camellia’s back met a wall with just a little force with Uri lifting her and wedging her between him and the wall. She gasped when he moved his hands from her mouth, gripped her throat and pulled her in hard against his lips. Uri’s kiss made lightening sizzle through her body and suddenly she was awake. Amelia was wide awake and just as she always was in the past, she was drawn to the light of Uri. Her once unyielding lips yielded and allowed him to take her mouth with the suckling of his lips, the massage of his tongue and the nip of his teeth. Her legs wrapped about his waist and came to rest on his hips as she grinded her hips against the deliciously erected promise that pressed hard against his breeches. Uri pushed back with the tilt of his pelvis and growled deep into her mouth making her mewl for him. Camellia felt as if she was drowning and Uri was the air she needed. She dug her fingers into his auburn hair and gasped when his fingers gripped her breast and squeeze them against his palm. Heavens it felt so good! She needed more!

“Amelia! We have to stop! We have to stop now!” Cassandra screamed in her head. She threw images of Julius at her as Uri freed her left breast from her top and suckled her harden nipple with the ever present and dangerous press of his fangs against her flesh. His tongue flicked over her just before he covered her with his mouth. Amelia was trying to fight but it was suddenly too hard to when Uri was giving her body something it had missed.

“Amelia! Think about Julius! Think of Marcus; are they not your Masters?”

“Trying. Trying so hard; not Julius. He hurts us. Uri makes us feel better. So good…”  Amelia’s words were distracted by the touch of her past lover. How could she resist this? It was potent lust; the real elixir that she craved.

“Then call Marcus; think of him. Does he deserve this? Do you not love him like I do? This man made him hurt; will you put that pain back into eyes and his heart by letting Uri take us?” Cassandra’s words were finally breaking through. If it was one thing Amelia had hated, it was the sorrow that Uri had placed in Marcus’ heart. It had taken too much to gain his trust and so much more to bring a smile to his face again. She could not hurt him. With all her might she began to pull back from the edge that she was about to plummet from under the manipulation of Uri’s hands. Amelia drew on the strength of Cassandra and her eyes shot open as she pushed Uri away from her. He had not been expecting any further resistance so his grasp had become relaxed and with a shove he stumbled backwards but remained standing. Camellia caught herself against the wall; she had nearly landed on her hip but managed to avoid the floor. With breath in shambles and body quivering from the disturbed nerves that were erupting inside her, she kept her gaze upon him and righted herself. Uri’s eyes were alight with mirth and mischief; all too knowing for her comfort. Camellia fixed her top over her exposed breast and felt a little less vulnerable under that heated gaze.

“I missed the golden fire in those eyes…” He said in a low seductive voice. He ran fingers through his hair and as he restored some order to it Uri began to close in on her again. His words had made her frown but before she could deny knowing what he was talking about, he rushed her and trapped Camellia between his arms. He had a palm to each side of her face and she cringed away with a yelp. She looked up at him and the weight of those brilliant emerald eyes made her quiver.

“Lord Khalid-”

“Enough!” He snapped and she jumped at the sudden change in mood. Uri’s expression changed to something savage and dangerous in just on short second.


“I am done playing your game you little minx. It is time to end it. Come out of your hiding; I felt your energy surging through my body the moment our lips touched so you need not hide behind your guise anymore…Arnaka.”

Camellia’s heart froze to ice in her chest and her breath was gone. She stared doe eyed at the man that leered over her and could find no words. Uri had called her by a name that she had not used in centuries. She knew she would not be able to fool him but it still took her by surprise to hear him speak her ancient name. There was no more use hiding…

Camellia closed her eyes and Amelia placed Cassandra at the back of her conscience till there was more of her in the forefront than her counterpart. When she opened her eyes her aura lifted from her skin in sweet perfumes that had Uri inhaling deeply and sighing in sweet contentment.

“Uri…” She whispered; eyes hooded and filled with as much courage as she could summon.

“My name always feels right when it is rolled off of your tongue Arnaka. It has been so long.” He said as he stroked his fingers down the side of her face. Uri’s expression drifted between awe, sadness, pain and sheer joy; was he going mad?

“Long…yes very long.” She whispered.

“You have no idea how long I looked for you. At first I thought you gone; dead and all that remained of you was a black pile of sand in my bed. I went mad that night…many died.” He was searching her eyes as he spoke; his voice tender though his expressions insane.

“I’m sorry Uri…”

“But then I was told that you were not dead. She told me that you lived but in another life.”

“Who told you this?” Amelia asked with a frown between her brows.

“I made her speak clearly though it cost her great peril and pain; a true sacrifice. It didn’t matter if it meant I can have you again…”

“Who Uri?” She asked again but to no prevails. He kissed her lips quickly and smiled but then it was gone just as quickly.

“Arnaka, I searched for so long and here you are finally in my arms again. Tonight you will leave with me.”
“No Uri, I cannot-”

“No?” A cold came over Amelia at his words and it scared her. In her mind she searched for help from anyone in the ballroom. She sent out a call to all of them and felt their fears move them into action.

“No!” Uri hissed and she yelped as she pressed herself hard against the wall.

“Uri pl-” Her words were cut short when his grip wrapped around her neck and cut of the air. He came closer to her face and squeezed harder. The pain of his fingers digging in and lifting her off her feet made Amelia choke.

“Look at me woman; have you forgotten that I do not accept rejection? Whatever I desire will be mine regardless of the cost. So if it means I must walk out into that room and massacre everything that dares to step in my way in a vain attempt to keep you from me…I will. I am giving you a chance to save them all and do this the easier way.”

 Uri released her upon the end of his statement and her legs gave out from beneath her. He caught her just in time to make certain she didn’t fall and at the same moment the curtain parted behind him.

Amelia hung over his forearm; her distress evident in her eyes the moment Marcus, Simone and Hana spotted her. She felt Uri’s hold become slack and she pushed her way through his grip and stumbled towards the ready arms of Marcus. He held her against his chest and shivered from the rage that was pulsing from his body.

“Take her Simone and make certain that she placed somewhere safe.” Marcus voice had never been so cold. Amelia looked up to find his eyes blazing gold and his jaw set in a hard line. She knew Marcus was strong but Amelia was more aware of the power of Uri than anyone else.

“No, please Marcus just take me with you. Let us go together.” She pled, but Marcus’ eyes did not waver from Uri. All along the master stood with his body angled on the wall and a smirk on his face. Uri was hardly fazed by Marcus’ ire.

“Go with Simone love…”

“No! I am not leaving you here. Please look at me.” She begged him; capturing his face between her palms and pulling his gaze to hers. When Marcus met her eyes, it made her more afraid to leave him there. There was a resolve mingled in his rage that made her see that even if Marcus die trying, he wanted to see Uri dead and gone in this very moment. She beseeched him with her eyes; filling them with her fear and letting him see that she needed him more than anything right now.

“Marcus darling, just take me away from here…please.” She cried and though it had taken a few seconds for him to comply, Marcus took her hand in his and pulled her behind him. He kept his eyes on the smirking Uri and backed up with her and the other two women till they were all back in the ballroom. Marcus turned with her and began to stroll as fast as he could without alerting anyone that something was amiss.

“Find my brother and bring him back to my chamber; I refuse to keep her here in the line of danger any further.” He murmured for Simone. The sorceress nodded and veered off to find his brother. Hana stayed at her side and slipped her hand into Amelia’s other. It was comforting to feel her servants grasp and it made Cassandra move closer to share the surface with Amelia. She sighed in relief as well.

Suddenly there was an ache in the pit of Camellia’s stomach and her feet became heavier than lead. She grunted in pain and made the two stop. Marcus looked down at her and turned to grip her shoulders. Camellia’s eyes were wide with fear and her body had a tremor that was growing stronger. She knew this feeling. She knew what was happening and it was going to happen whether she liked it or not right there on the ballroom’s floor.

“Camellia, what is wrong?” Marcus asked in a hushed voice.

“M-Marcus…” she shuddered just before another wave of pain smashed into her. Camellia fell forward into his arm and cried out. Her grip was harsh on Marcus but she was hardly feeling him under her fingers. Hana touched her back but it was if she was not there.

“Mistress what is happening; I can feel something but I do not know what it is…”

There was no time to explain. The whispers were beginning and the voices were becoming less incoherent. Camellia was mewling in Marcus’ arm and she knew that the entire ballroom was watching. She knew that they were trying to figure out what was wrong. Where was Julius? Why had he not come?

“Amelia…” The voice was just a whisper but power was there; power strong enough to bow her back and make her gasp in pain. This power was growing and she knew it would be strong enough to call her and strong enough to hold her. The moment they called her name, half of the battle had already been won in their favor. She could feel him behind her waiting for her to acknowledge the call. Cassandra was inside her collapsed in pain and trying to help fight with Amelia, but this was her first time and it will be a pain like no other.

“Amelia I call you now with power…” the attack was worst than before but she was still holding on. Marcus growled and she barely managed to peek up at him to see that he was snarling at someone behind her. She knew who it was and she knew that he was about to do the worst the moment the scent of his blood perfumed the room.

“No…no Uri please…” She whispered. This was going to destroy her.

“I will kill him before I allow him to take you.” Marcus growled; shoving Camellia into Hana’s arms and dashing for Uri. But before he could make it a large body tackled him to the floor, rolled with him and ended on top. It was the dark tall haired man that had came with Uri. There had been three of them and the other two were in the room somewhere. The one that was on Marcus, flipped him to his stomach, pressed the side of his face into the ground with his foot and wrung Marcus’ arms at an awkward angle behind him. Marcus roared in pain but more in anger. He needed to stop Uri but he was trapped. The man above him was no mere man nor was he vampire; right away he felt the aura of the wolf upon him.

There was a commotion going on somewhere in the room with tables crashing and guests scurrying to get out of the way. As every drop of Uri’s blood that splattered on the floor vibrated under her feet, she heard Julius screaming her name as he ran for her. He ducked and dodged the blond haired man who was a part of Uri’s guards but he only came into sight in time for her to watch him being taken down. The blonde slammed Julius’ head into the stone flooring and Camellia screamed for him to stop. He pinned Julius down and laid all his weight upon him.

“No! No!” Julius was a mad man; despite the physical pain, the worst pain was defenselessly laying there and watching Uri take her away.

Simone made it to her side and clutched her shoulders. She looked into Camellia’s golden eyes and she knew that it was too late.
“Tell me what to do. Please!” She hissed.

Camellia jolted every time a drop of blood fell from Uri and splattered the ground. Her breath was coming in short panicked jolts but she managed to speak.

“Take Hana. Protect them. Please. Don’t…don’t let them…die…” She stammered.

Simone’s eyes welled with tears and she nodded slowly because she knew that this was all she could do for Camellia at this point but she would have to live to figure out how to save her soon.

“NO! I won’t go! Mistress no! Please! Please-”

“Hana! Remember. Please remember what I said. You have to live. You must go with Simone. I order you to!” Camellia cried and truly her eyes were stinging with blood tears but she could not afford them now. She had to make certain Hana and Simone survived this because they may be her only hope. Hana was sobbing when Simone finally managed to pull her away.

“No Simone! Don’t leave her.” Julius roared, but the sorceress bowed her head as she took Hana out of harm’s way. Her lovers were getting wilder beneath their captors; forcing them to apply more pain to control them.

“Amelia…I call you with power. I call you with blood; obey me and come now.” Uri’s whispers were harsh as he pushed more power into his words.

There was a high pitch whistle in her ears that had her falling to her knees. As she fell it was if the world was grinding to a slow halt right before her blood stained eyes. In hypersensitivity, she could feel every being in the room. She could taste, smell and see each and every one of them though her gaze had not fallen upon them all but all she could hear was the annoyance of the whistle.
Amelia’s knees finally hit the ground and beneath her the stone floor crumbled. She felt Uri’s blood crawling towards her and forming a circle around where she knelt. The moment it was complete, the power attacked Amelia’s body with no chance of mercy. She cried out; throwing her head back and arching her spine at a painful angle. There were audible pops and snaps of her bones popping in and out of their sockets or breaking and mending as her body began to transform. She had vowed that this would never happen to her again, but here she was, experiencing the same excruciating pain all over again. The only thing that made it all worst was hearing Cassandra cry out inside her. Amelia refused to have her feel this. The only way to save her was to put her into a sleep that was similar to the one she had been in while Cassandra grew as a child. There was the possibility that she may remain asleep much longer than what was intended but she would have to worry about that later. She coaxed Cassandra with power to sleep and felt her resistance.

“No! I will not leave you alone to suffer!” She cried out from within.

“I will suffer more if you are with me. Please do this for me; do not fight it. I will wake you when it is safer.” Amelia pled as she cried out from her shoulders dislocating.

“Amelia…let me stay with you. I can bear it. I will not leave…I love you. I will not-uh! I will not leave you…never…” Cassandra’s words were strained from the pain that assailed her but she was determined to see this through to the end with Amelia. There was no convincing her otherwise and at this point Amelia’s powers were limited so she could not force her. Cassandra would have to suffer with her.

“I would never have you suffer like this Cassandra…but if you must stay…”

“I must.”

They had come to a conclusion; they would suffer the call together. Amelia was touched even amongst all that pain that Cassandra refused to leave her. In all honesty, had the tables been turned, she would do the same.

The sound of Julius and Marcus calling out to her shook her from her mind and brought her back to the ballroom. She could feel their distress and it made her worry for them. How would they take it if she could not resist Uri’s call and succumb to his power? She fell forward on her hands and screamed as black grains of sand poured out of her body like dancing flames. They licked along her skin and where they touched her skin took on a bronze glow. The jewel that rested atop her head fell to the floor as her hair began to grow out; thicker, longer and filled with luster. There were random golden streaks appearing here and there in the wavy black tresses. Amelia clawed the ground with her new claws and hissed as they elongated and venom dripped from them. Her pelvis twisted at an odd angle and the bone dislodged itself from its socket; making her fall forward in a howl. Amelia understood then that this was different from her first call. Evelyn had called her in gentleness; spearing her body this pain, but Uri had called her with his harsh greed.

Uri was watching her transform and he wondered if she would survive it all. Truthfully, it was the first he’d ever called a demon and the Hag had explained the way to but this was not how he had intended it to go. Amelia was in utter pain and though his continence did not show it, he was regretting the pain he was causing her. The only thing that kept his feet planted from running to her was the fact that she was transforming. The Hag had warned him that it may become dangerous to interfere with a demon’s transformation. So he would have to wait. It was hard watching her bellow in pain and her body contorting before him. He looked at Julius and Marcus, both brothers were trying to reach for her with no prevail. The looks on their face were the same he had worn the night he lost her, but his sympathy could go so far due to his greed. He wanted Amelia more than anything and he had waited long enough to have her again.

“She is fighting it.” The Hag said as she came up beside him. Uri shifted his gaze back and forth from the three as he responded.

“I thought you said that she would not be able to resist the call.”

“I did, and eventually she will yield but it does not mean that she would not fight it to the end. It is the reason that she is suffering so right now. If she yields, the pain will end.”

“What should I do?” Uri would do anything to stop her from hurting. Her screams were ripping him apart inside.

“Motivate her…” Abigail said as she tossed her hair over her shoulders.

Uri smiled and knew right away what would get things moving. He looked for Xander, the last wolf that was somewhere in the room and met his eyes. He knew he would only have to murmur the words for him to hear.

“Bring Julius’ women before me.”

Xander nodded and turned to round up the Harem women. As he did so, Uri chanced getting closer to Amelia and when he got close enough, he could see bones shifting in and out of place under her beautiful bronze skin. The black flames around her were nearly filling the circle. He looked closer and saw that they were actually sand and it impressed him. He stopped before her and stooped down. Her forehead was pressed down against the floor with her hair concealing her face. Her left arm appeared to be broken and her fingers sticking out at painful angles. Her right arm was bent at the elbow naturally but her fingers were doing the same as those on her left. Uri saw the twist of her pelvis and it looked every bit as painful as it was. Blood began to ooze outward from beneath her face as she gagged and choked. What was he doing to her? He had to make her yield before it killed her.

“Amelia…” He whispered and watched her body make a violent jolt but her head remained down. He licked his lips as they had gone parched with worry and rested his knee on the floor as he leaned on the other. He peered down at her and saw that she was trembling with each shutter of breath.

“Look at me…” Again she jolted but this time the tremors grew harder. She was fighting him with all her might but he would see to it that she lose this fight. Uri’s frowned deepened and he snarled at her as his eyes grew with power. He pushed the power at her and demanded that she looked at him immediately. Slowly her head began to lift with an audile click of her neck as it moved. Amelia’s face was covered in her blood and her eyes were still closed. Her chin was on the floor and all the weight of her body was placed on it as she could not move her arms or legs. Her hips were still in the air but twisted at the horrible angle of her pelvis. Uri nearly jumped when her eyes open. The brilliant gold of her eyes glared up at him but there was a darkness seeping into the white like fresh ink. It hadn’t completely taken her eyes but it was threatening to do so. Her lips were pulled back revealing her fangs which blood was oozing through. She stared up at Uri and he saw her pain, her fear and her hate for him.

“This will all end if you would only yield-”

“Never!” She hissed with blood spewing from her mouth through clenched teeth.

Uri hissed back and she cried out as the power tore through her body. He hadn’t meant to do it but it happened because she insisted on provoking him. Xander had finally finished gathering the women and made them get to their knees in a straight line. They were huffing and crying; protesting and pleading that he release their master and let them go. Amelia kept glaring up at him as he looked over to the women that knelt before him.

“What are you doing Uri? Leave them out of this! Please!” Julius yelled but was cut off with a fist slamming into his jaw. He spat out blood but tried to get his captor off of him.

“W-what…are you…d-d…” Amelia could barely form the sentence but he understood what she was asking.

“I am going to help you make a decision my love.” He said with a gentle smile. He began to stand but stopped when she moaned his name. Uri looked down at her in time to see blood tears slide from her eyes.

“What is it love?” He asked; inclining his head.


“Are you going to give up?” He asked expectantly.

“I c-c-can’t…I can’t…”she whimpered.

“Then I will help you. Xander,” he began as he turned to his soldier. Xander stepped forward.

“Bring that one to me…” Uri commanded, pointing to Yasmile. The almond skin beauty shrunk back but was yanked up by the silky length of ponytail that sat bound atop her head. Yasmile shrieked as Xander dragged her to where Uri stood.

“Uri! No!” Julius yelled; his struggle becoming frantic.

“Get the fuck off of me!” Marcus growled as he pushed against the dark haired wolf’s hold. It was useless.

“Please my lord, do not hurt me…please…” Yasmile plead with tears pouring down her cheeks.

“What happens to you my beauty, is all up to her…”Uri said as he gestured to where Amelia lie suffering.

“Cassandra, please don’t let him hurt us. Give him what he wants. Please, they’re hurting master.” Yasmile was sobbing now as the three women of Uri’s court stepped forward. Xander stepped back as the brunette and blonde grabbed an arm of Yasmile. She screamed when the red haired Eva kicked her legs out from beneath her.

“N-no…” Amelia whimpered.

“Amelia…give in to my call…” Uri murmured and Amelia choked on the pain but said no.

“Eva?” Uri called and before anyone could see it coming, Eva was gripping Yasmile’s head between her hands. With a violent twist and pull the beauty’s head was dislodged from her quaking body. The blonde shoved her hands into her chest and left a bloody raw hole where her heart should’ve been. Yasmile’s body stopped moving. There was blood everywhere. The skin of her body paled and then cracked up as they allowed her to fall to the floor in a wet thump.

Hysteria broke out in the room and the guests that had remained to see what would transpire, fought to get out of the room. Things had escalated much higher than anyone could have anticipated. Uri turned to the room and bellowed a roar with power that made them all fall to the floor with fear.

“No one! No one is to leave unless death is what you desire! And trust my words when I say your death will be far worse than the one she met.” He said; pointing to the decaying remains of Yasmile.

Cassandra closed her eyes and sobbed at the lost of such a beauty. Yasmile had been one of the few that actually gave her no problems. They were not so close, but she had not taunted Cassandra the way Elizabeth and Yara would. She was gone now and the weight of the guilt was already crushing her.

Eva was grinning as the blonde sucked the blood from her digits.

“Master! Master save us!” They cried.

Amelia opened her eyes and looked at all the shocked eyes of the Harem women. Yara and Elizabeth stood out for some reason. She was in too much pain to focus on the reason but at first guest it looked to be guilt. Could she be wrong? What did they have to do with this and how could she save them all without giving in to Uri’s call?

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