The Harem - The Burning Beauty

The Harem - The Burning Beauty

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Stolen in the chilled darkness of winter; taken into the arms of a stranger that shunned the aura of human. Cassandra knew death twice that night by the flames...and by a strangers deadly kiss. To awake only to a world that never existed in her most lucid dreams where she is claimed a servant to the menacing beauty of Julius Laurent. While discovering what abilities he possess, Cassandra soon comes to the realization that not only is there more than what appears to be in Julius' regard, but that there is something other, more starved and cruel that dwells inside her. Will she be able to reign control on this darkness? Can she withstand the pull of something strong and out-worldly for the man that stole her? What of the brother with the wicked glare filled of famished flames; ready to swallow her whole with lust? Can she fight it all and keep the morals of the woman she thought she was? They will find soon that there is a greater worry; a greater evil that taints their horizon. Perhaps they will discover it when it was too late. Come and entangle yourself in this dark tale of unquenchable lust and a twist of love lost, denied and gained.


Stolen in the chilled darkness of winter; taken into the arms of a stranger that shunned the aura of human. Cassandra knew death twice that night by the flames...and by a strangers deadly kiss. To awake only to a world that never existed in her most lucid dreams where she is claimed a servant to the menacing beauty of Julius Laurent.

While discovering what abilities he possess, Cassandra soon comes to the realization that not only is there more than what appears to be in Julius' regard, but that there is something other, more starved and cruel that dwells inside her. Will she be able to reign control on this darkness? Can she withstand the pull of something strong and out-worldly for the man that stole her? What of the brother with the wicked glare filled of famished flames; ready to swallow her whole with lust? Can she fight it all and keep the morals of the woman she thought she was?

They will find soon that there is a greater worry; a greater evil that taints their horizon. Perhaps they will discover it when it was too late.

Come and entangle yourself in this dark tale of unquenchable lust and a twist of love lost, denied and gained.

Chapter2 (v.1) - Eternal Dark

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I woke to the day with darkness dimming my sight<br /> No sun to keep the shadows at bay<br /> Nay my sun glowed only by night...

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 04, 2012



Eternal Dark


"I woke to the day with darkness dimming my sight
No sun to keep the shadows at bay
Nay, my sun glowed only by night..."



It was a dream. It had to be even though it felt so real. She was still sleeping and all of this was a dream. Soon she’d awake beside her husband, in his arms. Yes, that was the only logic to what she was seeing and feeling. Cassandra remembered pure pain as she’d slept, she remembered a salty yet sweet taste on her tongue and then everything became numb and utterly dark. Now she was surfacing from that dream, she felt it. Her eyes moved behind her lids and her lips parted slowly as she took a slow even breath. She registered quickly that there was no pain…in fact she felt wonderful. It was safe to open her eyes.

The room was pitch black in darkness…but she could make out a few furniture and other objects. Despite the dark, she knew that the bed and room she was laying in was not hers. She was not in her house, and when she looked beside her, there was no Stephen sleeping soundly. So where was she? Was she still asleep? No this wasn’t a dream…

“Where am I?” She whispered into the darkness. Her voice was so clear and almost enchanting to her ears.

She pushed at the heavy coverlet and felt that her clothing was gone. She was naked and alone in a dark strange room. This situation was becoming worst for her. She decided that it was best she stayed where she was till she spotted a nightgown or robe or something to adorn. But how was she to find anything in the dark?


Suddenly there was a sound from somewhere in the room. It sounded like a lock sliding into place. Someone was coming in. She clutched the covers to her chest and held her breath, praying that she knew the person who was probably turning the knob. Cassandra couldn’t be any more vulnerable than she was right then, and that thought scared her but she had to be brave. She held her breath and waited for what felt like a year and a day for the door to crack open. A beam of light sliced into the darkness and slowly grew as the door was pushed ajar. She squinted but kept her eyes trained on the opening, waiting for a figure to come into view. She dared not to blink, not to breathe and most definitely not to move, but whoever it was they were taking their time in revealing themselves. Slowly a dark figure slipped into the light from the corridor and placed a shadow over the quivering frame of Cassandra. Still she held her breath and found that she had no turmoil in doing so a bit longer. She waited in a suspense that seemed to grow with every second that dragged by, for the figure to do something other than open the door.


“Awake I see…” It was a mild and silky voice that sounded like nightingales singing their lullabies. Cassandra finally released the breath and found that she still could’ve held it longer. That was odd to her, but now didn’t seem the time to dwell upon trivial matters.

“Who are you?” She asked as the silhouette of a petite woman stepped into the room. She kept her eyes on her and saw that she could almost make out a profile. When she’d inhale she tasted lilacs and magentas in the air. Tasted same to be the appropriate word because the aroma went beyond her sense of sent and left the sweet fragrance dancing on the buds at the back of her tongue.

“No one that you should fear little flower.” The voice sang again. Cassandra couldn’t help feeling a slight bit relaxed under the spell of that voice. It was as if her voice had a different message of its own to deliver than what her tongue had formed. It called out for Cassandra, willed her to be calm. So she loosened her grip on the comforter and sighed in the fragrance of her visitor.

“Please, tell me…where am I?’ She asked, her own voice sounding like the whisper of a summer breeze at twilight over a meadow. Cassandra feared that she would enchant herself at the sound of her voice. She’d never heard it like this before…it was another thing she’d found odd. Still now simply wasn’t the time to become caught up in insignificant matters. She heard the woman intake a slow breath and then spoke.

“You are at your master’s home Cassandra.” She found it to be quite enough for her to say her name when she had not even given it, but for the woman to say ‘your master’, well that stole Cassandra’s breath away.

My master’s home? I’m afraid you are mistaken. I belong to no one but my husband.” She declared and wished the woman could see the defiant knot in her forehead.

“Oh really little flower? I am sure you would think otherwise under the caress of our master’s hands.” She ended her statement with a chuckle that sounded of the nightingales again. Cassandra was flabbergasted that the woman would think such a thing of her.

“How dare you imply me to be a gratuitous woman? I would never accept your master’s touch for I will know only one man in the way you speak of and that is my-”

“Your husband is no more, so refrain from speaking of him. Now you will know only one man indeed…and that is our master…” The room had grown silent. Not even the sign of breathing could heard from the other woman and Cassandra was certain that she had lost the skill herself. What could she mean that her Stephen was no more? Her Stephen whom had taken her into his arms and whispered sweet words of love to her just before bed every night. Her Stephen, who held her in the arctic touch of the winter and made her all warm again; who’s hair reminded her of cinnamon and brown sugar and who’s lips were just as sweet and piquant.

“Stephen…” She whispered. She didn’t have to see them to know they were there, they simply welled up in her eyes, stinging her as they formed and drawled down her cheeks. Surly the other woman couldn’t mean that her Stephen was dead.

“No…I don’t believe you! You have taken me away from him and I am sure he is searching for me as we speak.” She protested, getting to her knees in the bed. She managed to not expose herself in the process.

“Poor, poor little flower. You are allowed to bemoan him, but remember…you are no longer bound to him. His soul has been released from its prison and is free to linger in the heavens, just below the stars.”

“Very poetic of you O'lyn…” A voice said from somewhere in the room. It was not the same voice of the silhouette that stood near the door. This one was just as smooth but it had a different texture to it. The one that was called O'lyn inclined her head to the right into the room, and Cassandra caught a glimpse of milk white cheeks in the dim glow. Cassandra searched the room and found that there was someone else there, but where had she appeared from? Cassandra sat back on her heels and stared at the dark figure that seemed to be materializing right before her eyes. Yes, the room was still dark, so why was she seeing her so clearly? The light from the hallway was surely not enough to illuminate the woman’s face so clearly.

“Ah Yara , so nice of you to have come and greet our newest addition to our household.” O'lyn chirped. The figure known as Yara shifted in her seat and Cassandra saw it all. She was trying to ignore the fact that she could see her, but the thought was blaring in her head that something simply wasn’t right.

“I think you misunderstand dear O'lyn; I only came because I was pondering whether to kill her in her sleep or when she awoke. One seemed more swift, the other more honorable. I was leaning more towards swift when you entered.” Yara’s words made Cassandra’s mouth run dry; so dry that she felt an ache in her throat that was nearly burning. She cleared her throat softly but it made it ache even more.

“Thirsty?” Yara asked, quirking a brow that Cassandra shouldn’t have seen.

“Of course she is Yara and you know you can not harm her. Our master will have your head on a platter if he hears you speak such things.” O'lyn said, her voice taking on an edge. All along, Cassandra sat there on her heels trying to swallow pass the thick dryness of her throat. The feeling was like trying to swallow wool and it was so abrasive that it burned as it scraped against the walls of her throat. A horrible feeling.

“Please, may I have a…drink of water?” Cassandra wheezed through the caustic tightness of her throat. She felt as if she hadn’t drunk water in months because she had been lost in the desert for that long. She cleared her throat once more and fought the urge to gag at what wasn’t there. There was no thick cloth dragging its way up her throat, it was all in her head.

“Master is coming.” O'lyn whispered, not hiding the eagerness in her voice. Cassandra felt her breath caught in her parch throat at O'lyn’s words. Cassandra could not control the overwhelming urge to see this master. Still, that didn’t stop her from pulling the comforter closer about her chest. She turned quickly because she saw movement from the corner of her eyes. It was Yara, and the way she moved was like liquid. There was only the light ruffling of fabric and a sigh that escaped her.

“Yes. I can feel him. I think I will return later to truly greet our newest flower to our master’s garden.” One moment she was standing in the centre of the room, the next Yara was out the door, standing beside O'lyn. Cassandra took a moment to rub her eyes and look again to see if she truly was seeing correctly. It was simply impossible for her to have moved so fast. Perhaps she had missed it. It was so hard to concentrate on anything at that moment when her throat was on fire.


 She paused and stared off into the darkness. There was something about that word that was oh too familiar, but before she could allow the memory to surface, someone stepped into the room. He was tall, that’s all she could see of him. It was if he was darker than the darkness of the room itself. Cassandra inhaled slowly and with it came a beckoning aroma filling her seething throat and made her want to swallow that taste over and over. It was so hard to identify. What perfume, what flower could have such a delicious taste from just one breath? A moan crawled its way through the flames in her throat and seemed louder than it truly was in the stillness of the dark. She hadn’t meant to make that sound, or any at all really. It was just there on its own will. She watched, unblinking, unmoving, and most certainly not breathing, as the figure walked with a grace that surpassed Yara’s to the foot of the bed. She wanted to cringe back and throw the covers over her head. She wanted to hide before she saw more than his dark figure. She needed to escape this panic that was slowly overcoming her.

“I can smell your thirst, my young flower…” His voice stole what air that was left in Cassandra’s lungs. He’d only spoken a few words, but it was enough to make her feel breathless. She felt the tension leave on the wings of that stolen breath and fought hard to keep her grip on the coverlet. What spell was this that he was weaving? She tried to swallow again and whimpered from the pain that answered back. It was becoming quite unbearable, and all she really needed was something liquid to quench the flames, anything.

“Come to me.” The velvet smooth voice beckoned. As soon as he had asked it of her, she was compelled to move to him and his out stretched hand, fingers already anticipating the feel of her skin on his. It was pull just to know how warm or cold it will feel on hers, to know if it would be soft to the touch or harden from labor. She just had to know. She stopped herself suddenly, tension coiled like a spring in her body. What was she thinking? She didn’t even know to whom or what she was going to, but already she was eager to run into his arms. Cassandra shook her head with so much force that her hair whipped across her face. She sat back on the bed, and scooted backwards until her back was against the head board. The covers were one with her skin as she placed a death grip on them, daring her hands to do otherwise lest they wish to depart her body and know her nevermore.

“Never. I will never come to you. I want my Stephen.” Her voice was only a bit shaken, but she’d managed to sound as stubborn as she could in a crisp voice. There were birds chirping again, no, the two women were still there. They stood in the darkness chuckling at Cassandra and that made her burn with anger. The minute the emotion had flared so had the inferno in her throat. She winced and tried to suppress the whimper that came attached to the pain, but it was there.

“Leave us Yara, O’lyn. Go and feed.” He said and they did not hesitate to comply.

“Certainly master.” O'lyn chimed.

“Do call upon us as soon as possible master.” Yara pleaded.

“If I can find it in me not to punish you too harshly to the point that it will break you Yara, I will consider it.” He replied, but each word was laced with something dark and promising.

“Master? How have I offended-”

“You think me a fool Yara?” Cassandra felt the room become cold, and a shiver pulsed through her till she shuttered. Watching their master turn in such a slow sinister manner made Cassandra feel relieved that all that anger and tension was not turned in her direction. Yara seemed to shrink away and slowly backed her way to the door, never taking her emerald green eyes off of him. Cassandra started at that realization. She could see what color Yara’s eyes were, and there wasn’t enough light in the room to see them that clearly. She watched Yara’s hand fidget with her clothing and still she could see the design, color, every cut and stitch that made up her garments. Something was wrong.

“I will leave you now my master.” With that she and O'lyn were gone and the door closed behind them.

There wasn’t even the sound of their breathing to account for noise in the room. Just complete, loud silence. Her ears felt as if they were about to bleed from the strain to hear anything. All along he stood there just watching her. She couldn’t see his face or the gleam of his eyes; she just felt the weight of his them upon her.


“You do not remember yet.” It was a statement and to what he was referring she couldn’t say. Cassandra felt her breath caught at the sound of his voice again, and again she choked on the sandy, dry feel of her throat.

“I don’t know what you speak of. I am just thirsty; please…anything before I choke.” She coughed hard and she had to hold her chest in pain. This fire was spreading to her chest and consuming her lungs. Just then, Cassandra had a vivid flash of some horrible picture in her head. She gasped and her breath was nowhere to be found. Fire, the scent of burning flesh and horrible screams of pain ripping through the night’s air and her mind. Just as soon as it came, it was gone, leaving her holding her hands over her ears and a horrid expression on her face. She had been blinded by the memory, perhaps that was why she hadn’t seen him move. Never the less, he sat beside her, his hands about her body, holding her close to his. Warm, his hands were warm, and her body loved the feel of them as they comforted her with slow, gentle strokes. But before she could sink any deeper into the curve of them, she pushed away quickly and took the sheet with her as she went over the other side of the bed, landing quite gracefully on her behind. She crawled backwards, crablike, and kept going till her back hit the wall. All a along she kept her eyes on him as best as she could in the dark room.


“Stay away from me! I do not want your hands upon me! I want my Stephen!” It was an effort to yell past all those flames, so her voice came out hoarse and parched. She puffed as she held her chest and coughed. He sat there on the bed, still only his silhouette she could make out, and inclined his head as he watched her. Still, there was the weight of his eyes, never the view of them that told her that he was watching her intently.


“Stephen has truly used more on you than is normally necessary.” He said as if he was speaking a thought aloud and she’d only happen to over hear him.

“What do you mean? Where is Stephen? Why won’t you let me see my husband?” She was beginning to become less frantic and angrier. The sheet was clutched tightly in her fist, pulled tight to her chest. She could hear the fabric threatening to rip under her grip.

He stood just then and walked around the bed, while she in turn tried to make her body melt through the thick brick wall behind her. He came before her but took a seat on the bed again. This close to her, his eyes felt as if they would make her scream under such pressure. Her hair fell across her left eye but she continued to glare up at him, still panting still choking on her enflamed throat. Why couldn’t they just give her a cup of water…a drop at least, anything would do really. She had a thought, and it seemed to be the only thing that would help right then and there. She could bite down on her wrist till blood filled her mouth and that would put moisture back to her throat. But that thought was what had left her panting harder. She had another flash of the fire picture in her head. Then she saw blood dripping slowly from a pale wrist. It had to be male, but what made her shudder physically, was that the blood was dripping into someone’s mouth. The memory, because frankly it seemed to be a part of her memory, was so strong that she could smell the smoke and burnt flesh. She also smelled something that was close to the scent of the man that sat watching her.


“You are seeing it aren’t you?” His voice was so hushed, cool and thick with its accent, but it startled her out of her shaken state. Cassandra looked quickly to where he sat and felt the pull again. Those arms lied open, ready if she decided to come to him or not.

“Yes. What are they?” She asked; fear laced in each word.

“Your death.” Cassandra flinched at his statement. Not quite what she had expected to hear him say.

“W-what?” She asked. Perhaps she had heard wrong. She was so disoriented, that could be possible.

“You heard correctly Cassandra. You died and the memories that you are having now are of that moment when the flames licked at your beautiful skin.” He said the words with so much remorse that she nearly reached out to his empty hands. No, it was more important to understand what he was saying, and she feared that if she touched him, there would be nothing else to say. All would be forgotten except for the knowledge that she wanted nothing more but to be in his arms.


“You speak madness. I could not have died if I sit here now breathing. You’ve…” She stopped as another spell of dry coughing cut off her words sharply. She was breathing in the flames and any moment they would burst from her throat.



“No! No! No! Stephen! Stephen!” She screamed, covering her ears and rocking back and forth. She didn’t want to hear what this man had to say. She would scream for Stephen until she lose her voice, and when that happened, she’d shatter everything that was breakable around her till they either killed her or released her. The latter was less likely to occur though she could hope.

She gasped as she felt warm hands wrapped about her arms. She tried to push away from him, tried her hardest to kick at him, but his hold was too secure. She was screaming for him to release her, every now and then stopping to cough or sob. Yes, tears leaked down her face as she pushed at his unyielding body. The dry coughs came again, but this time there was an underlying sound. Her chest vibrated with the sound of growls that she had no inkling that she could create. She’d meant to scream again but the sound was too feral to be called something so human.

“Release me!” She growled at him. Suddenly there was a separate growl from hers, something deeper and more focused. She stopped immediately and looked into his face. Her breath was trapped in mid motion in her throat. His eyes, which she had not seen before, were suddenly there. She flinched at the intense gleam of golden brown eyes that peered down at her and even more from the sounds he had made. Deep, skin crawling growls that should never escape any human’s lips. She didn’t know when it happened, but she went still. Not a muscle moved in her body, and it felt as if her heart had stopped moving as well. She watched the light fade in those eyes as he sighed. Cassandra, for that one terrifying moment, forgot about the burning ache in her throat. Especially when he traced her jaw line with his fingers in such a gentle way that she too relaxed.


“Cassandra…” The way her name rolled off his tongue made her whole body shiver with a feeling that seemed misplaced.

“Please…please give me my Stephen…” She whispered after he’d said nothing but her name. She saw that light appear again and her body became tight with what could only be fear.

“There will be no more Stephen! Speak his name no more!” He growled and Cassandra cringed away from him. She felt a sob fighting its way through the fire in her throat and through her lips. Slowly she bent her head until her forehead touched her knees. By then, his hands were to his sides and hers were wrapped tight about her legs, hugging them closer to her chest. Cassandra welcomed her tears. They were all she had left. There would be no compassion from this strange man. He would hold her here against her will and do with her as he saw fit. When did her happiness decide to leave her? At that question, she was treated to another wild, vivid sensory shock. She saw behind her lids, Stephen telling her to run, to get free. He was afraid for her, not himself. She had refused to leave, but he pushed her away. Then…

“No!” She screamed as she saw what had come next. The dark shadowed figure had killed him as she ran. When he’d found her…he had Stephen’s head in his hands and threw it onto the floor.

Cassandra’s eyes snapped open with an ear splitting scream. She felt her head against something cold. Slowly she opened her eyes and found that it was pressed hard against the cold stone floor. She hadn’t remembered changing position. Her body was shaking so hard that her teeth were clattering in her mouth. When she felt his strangely familiar hands on her shoulder, she screamed and in that very second she was half way across the room. He hadn’t seemed as shocked as she was; in fact he wasn’t shocked at all. He placed his palms on his knee and pushed his way up to his feet. She remembered the door was less than ten feet behind her and she could make a run for it. Somewhere in her panic, she had forgotten she was still naked and from the way his golden brown eyes were moving over her frame, he could see her in all her glory. She took a slow easy step backwards and watched him take one forward. He was further from her than she was from the door. She could make it. But what if he caught up to her? What if it was locked and she angered him with her attempt to escape? Cassandra cleared her mind from all the negative possibilities. She needed to get out before she died from thirst.

In a flash that took her breath away she was on the floor and in his arms. Her mind was reeling; how the hell did he get to her so fast when all she’d done was turn around? She scrapped her nails down the stone flooring and tried to scrabble from beneath him. His hands were so hot on her skin but it wasn’t a bad feeling. Under different circumstances she would have relished in the feel of his skin against hers. Those circumstances were never going to happen. He flipped her over onto her back and held her down. The front of his body was pressed hard against hers but there was no pain. Suddenly, fire roared in the hearth and the shadows ran from the dim light but hid in the corners of the room. Cassandra was blinded for the moment and had to close her eyes before they could adjust. The light from the fire had finally caught the shadows upon his face and traced them away. Cassandra’s breath became still in her burning throat and all she could do was stare in wonder at the beauty of his face. He wasn’t too beautiful that he looked feminine. There was still enough masculinity in him to make him handsome. She’d gone quiet and much conciliated under the press of his body and his gaze. She didn’t mind laying there beneath him…it felt, comforting?


He brushed her hair from her face and tilted his head as he studied her countenance. The way he was watched her made her shiver and writhe beneath him. Who was this man that held her against her will and still she found him irresistible? Cassandra was drowning in the thick honey-like glow of his eyes. She felt her body unwinding under the butterfly touches of his skin. It was if he was afraid to touch her too hard lest he broke her.

“Is it so wrong for you to stay with me? Am I so hideous that you wish to know me not, Cassandra? Can’t I just have you when I’ve waited for so long?” His breath was soft and warm against her face. She sighed and a soft moan escaped her throat at his words. He wiped away a tear that slid down the side of her face and that one touch had her turning her head to his hand. Why was her body telling her to react this way? What he had asked her was not enough grounds to grant a stranger access to her body. She gathered her wits and focused on what he’d ask her. He had killed her husband and nearly killed her; in fact she was still not sure what he’d done to her. Whatever it was, it had made her more than what she was before. With the aching burn still restricting her comfort, she answered his questions with one of her own.

“Do you think you’re worth it after what you’ve done to me and what you’ve taken away from me?” Her eyes were defiant, her mouth set with disgust and her body rigid with the urge to hurt him for what he had asked. He was an arrogant bastard to think that his beauty was greater than her grief for a lost husband.


He placed both hands beside her head and used the strength of his arm to keep him upright. Cassandra felt exposed with him not covering her, so her hand went to cover her breasts, because even though it was dimly lit, she felt he could see every bit of her flesh. Those eyes that lit up like lantern beams in the dark were doing so right then as he looked down at her. She wasn’t sure if her question would cost her death but if it would, it would mean her freedom from this brute.


“No...I will never be the cost of your death Cassandra and as for my will learn very soon how much I am to you.” His words were a soft caress upon her face. He touched her cheek with the press of his lips. She closed her eyes to the touch and when they opened again, he was gone. Cassandra sat up and searched the room for him. There was no sign of him ever being there and the fire that had blazed to life in the hearth was now gone. The door was still shut, and she was surprised she could see the lock in the jab. Just as she began to stand, the fire that had been ablaze in her throat came back with a vengeance. She fell to her knees with a growl and clawed at her throat. Her head was spinning from the pain and her heart felt heavy in her chest. Why was this happening to her? Just then, she heard his whispered reply to her question of his worth.

As for my will learn very soon how much I am to you...

Cassandra threw her head back in a scream that was more an animalistic than human. She couldn’t breathe past the pain. This pain was the worst she’d ever known and at this rate, it would be the last.


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