The Harem - The Burning Beauty

The Harem - The Burning Beauty

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Stolen in the chilled darkness of winter; taken into the arms of a stranger that shunned the aura of human. Cassandra knew death twice that night by the flames...and by a strangers deadly kiss. To awake only to a world that never existed in her most lucid dreams where she is claimed a servant to the menacing beauty of Julius Laurent. While discovering what abilities he possess, Cassandra soon comes to the realization that not only is there more than what appears to be in Julius' regard, but that there is something other, more starved and cruel that dwells inside her. Will she be able to reign control on this darkness? Can she withstand the pull of something strong and out-worldly for the man that stole her? What of the brother with the wicked glare filled of famished flames; ready to swallow her whole with lust? Can she fight it all and keep the morals of the woman she thought she was? They will find soon that there is a greater worry; a greater evil that taints their horizon. Perhaps they will discover it when it was too late. Come and entangle yourself in this dark tale of unquenchable lust and a twist of love lost, denied and gained.


Stolen in the chilled darkness of winter; taken into the arms of a stranger that shunned the aura of human. Cassandra knew death twice that night by the flames...and by a strangers deadly kiss. To awake only to a world that never existed in her most lucid dreams where she is claimed a servant to the menacing beauty of Julius Laurent.

While discovering what abilities he possess, Cassandra soon comes to the realization that not only is there more than what appears to be in Julius' regard, but that there is something other, more starved and cruel that dwells inside her. Will she be able to reign control on this darkness? Can she withstand the pull of something strong and out-worldly for the man that stole her? What of the brother with the wicked glare filled of famished flames; ready to swallow her whole with lust? Can she fight it all and keep the morals of the woman she thought she was?

They will find soon that there is a greater worry; a greater evil that taints their horizon. Perhaps they will discover it when it was too late.

Come and entangle yourself in this dark tale of unquenchable lust and a twist of love lost, denied and gained.

Chapter15 (v.1) - Dreaming...

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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It was dark as usual and it was no surprise to Julius. Sleep was one big endless void that kept him bound until the sun retired for the day. It would help if he could simply sleep, but the luxury was not one afforded him. As master of so many, he had to stay aware at all times and it was always only the darkness that kept him company. It was astonishing that he had not been driven to madness by it. He smiled to himself because of the thought that had crossed his mind; there was no way madness would find him in this darkness, when he had a reason to rise. Cassandra.

"All the sun I should ever need..."

He spoke into the silent obscurity. Only a few seconds had lapsed since he'd uttered the words, when a small light appeared in his peripheral. Confusion furrowed his brows; what could it be? Julius turned in attempts to face the light, but just as soon as he moved a muscle, the restraints that held him tightened. Swiftly he was reminded that his movements were limited, so he relaxed and as he did, so did they. The light was so profound in the ominous dark now. Julius wanted to see, wanted to know what the cause of it was, but there was no winning against The Pull. The light was either getting brighter, bigger or he was drifting closer to it; whatever the cause, he was squinting from its luminous glare. Julius tried moving forward again, but received the same results.

"What is this?" He whispered with no expectation of an answer.


His heart took a violent beat in his chest and jerked him forward from the abrupt twinge. His rib cage felt shattered from the effect of his heart beating erratically, but he was beginning to recover. His eyes were golden and brilliant with power as it answered to the call of another power.

 "Julius?" The angelic voice called again, and he felt his restraints subdue under the jolt of his heart.

"Are you there?" The voice asked.

Julius pulled at his arms and they came free. He fell forward and landed on something solid. Without much hesitation, he pulled his legs free. What was going on? Of all his years of being a vampire, he had never experience anything such as this, especially when he was under The Pull.

"Please, if you are there, answer me..." The female beckoned; her voice so serene and enchanting.

 Julius got to his hands and knees, squinted up into the pale light and groaned under the answering pain of his heart.

"I am here..." he strained.

"Julius...come to me." There was a humming sound that appeared to pulse all around him. The vibration of it was strong in his ears and shook the very foundation beneath him. He stood though his legs were quite tremulous, and reached for the light that beckoned to him. The Pull had disappeared under the power that called Julius, and for that reason only, he responded. He could be walking into the sun for all he knew, but there was no hesitation to make him want to stop; he was going.

The darkness was gone and the hazy light did not burn his skin as he’d thought it would. Encompassing him were tall bare tress wrapped in thick blankets of fog. It was a dead white forest. There before him convolved a shallow slope and he approached it as if he knew where it would take him. As he ventured up the hill, he took notice that his upper body was bare and he adorned only white, loose trousers that hung low around his waist. Though he wore no shoes, he was thankful not to feel any jagged rocks or twigs pressing into his skin. There was only the sound of his movement, which was little to none, to give account for noise.

Julius had finally scaled the top of the hill, and what he saw was not what he'd expected, but all that had taken place so far was beyond the norm. A large, circular stoned wall encased a silent fire that danced mutely with life. The stone was washed white even though there should have been some sort of charring from the flames. Warmth blushed from the fire the closer he got but still he heard no sound. And then Julius had a thought; would it burn him? Julius reached for the flames, and just as he was about to touch them, a hand shot out from the fire and grabbed a hold of him. It had startled him, but he was quick to act. Julius heeled his weight backwards and pulled at the little dainty hand that held onto him for dear life. He latched onto her forearm and kept pulling. Was she seeking help or was she trying to trap him in the flames as well? Surely the latter because no matter how much strength he used to pull the person out, they kept trying to pull him in. Perhaps he should just let go. But before he could decide what to do, Julius lurched forward, becoming imbalanced from the fierce little hand that tugged him and when he fell, it was face first into the fire and onto...a bed? Completely disoriented by what he was seeing, he ran his palms over the silk black sheets of the four post bed that was a polished onyx. What was this and how was this possible? With brows furrowed and lips slightly parted from being winded, he got to his knees slowly. Two things registered quickly to him; He wasn't burnt from the fire and his trouser was suddenly black. He touched it and his hands did not come away soiled from soot; it was the true color of the pants. His pale, porcelain skin against the black was stark and stunning. The way his wavy black hair was tousled against his skin made Julius look like a forbidden temptation.


"I have wanted and long..."


Julius spun around at the sound of a voice that he was deeply enraptured with and could easily find in the thickest of crowds. His heart had taken a deep leap of faith and was plummeting at the sight of her beguiling face. His lovely Cassandra. There were certain features about her that had changed; her eyes for one were of the golden hue ringed with her true cobalt blue and her hair was a bit longer and brushed against her hips. Despite it all, it made no difference because it was Cassandra. Julius swallowed hard and tried to coordinate words with his mouth and his mind but the two could find no common ground when in her presence. She approached the bed gingerly; her body barely wrapped in a translucent black fabric and smiled with tear filled eyes as she trailed her frail little fingers over one of the bed posts. They were the same little hands that had held onto him in the fire.


 "I...I have missed much." she whispered.


Julius knew he appeared as confused as he felt right then. She spoke to him as if he were some long lost lover that she had yearned to be reunited with once more.


"Don't...Julius don't." She cried; shaking her head from side to side.


 "Don’t what?"

He moved to face her completely.


"Don't look upon me as if you do not know me; as if you do not recognize me."


"I am having difficulty responding accurately to what I am seeing."


"What is it that you are seeing?" She shuddered.


"You are my Cassandra, but something about you is different. You even feel different."


The succubus lowered her head and her tears fell as she pressed her cheek against the bed post. She had finally gotten Julius where she'd always needed him and he was cringing away from her as if she were some overzealous stranger. The pain she was feeling was testament to her heart erupting in her chest. It was simply excruciating to be so close to him and not touch him. The very thought and the anguish of it all was enough to break her.




Julius started, and she winced even though his voice was affable in the wake of their silence. She didn't look up, not when there was still a possibility that she would see his dismissal in his eyes. And then there were gentle fingers tracing up her arm making her breath catch in her tightly knotted throat. No touch before this moment could ever be compared to the sweet sensation Julius' hands gave her. She felt the connection they had sizzle to life and charge the small space that shimmered between them like lightening. He splayed his hand over her shoulder and slowly down her back. Her knees quaked under his steady exploration of her skin against his. When his arm curled around her waist and pressed them closer, Julius tilted her head back with the push of his finger under her chin. When she met his gaze, she knew her eyes were wide and full of longing. His lips parted and her heart chased the air from her body with every shallow breath she inhaled; there was simply not enough air when her love was this close to her and his skin was married to hers. His eyes were veiled by the unruly black curls but still the enchanting gold shimmered through and in that light she saw her hope.


 "But..." He murmured; his voice a delicious vibration through her body.


 "But?" She was breathless and hanging all hope on that one word and that the others that followed would be enough to mend her broken heart.


Julius smiled down at her as he ran his thumb over her ruby red lips.


"But I know my love in no matter what guise she adorns, Cassandra."


She was complete.


His words had restored and renewed her to the woman she was meant to be. There was no controlling the burst of fresh tears and sobs that poured from her. These tears were heart mending tears of joy. He held her and allowed her to have that moment and after she could breathe again without falling apart, he lifted her onto the bed and turned her until she lay beneath him.


"You are the only one that understands; the only one that has accepted me." She whispered as she brushed his curls from his eyes and cupped his face.


Cassandra could not contain her joy. For too long since she awoke her powers, she had struggled to convince her own self, the other half of her soul, that they were the same entity. It had only taken Julius a moment, a glance, to understand and see the truth.


"You are mine Cassandra; why wouldn't I understand you?"


"Julius..." She whispered, a lone tear sliding down the side of her face. It made her feel alive and wanted to have Julius watching her as if she were the only thing that ever mattered; as if he truly loved her. And when he brought his lips to hers, he kissed her with no regard for air; as if she was air and he was a drowning man.




Not this again. Could she not simply experience The Pull like all normal vampires? Cassandra struggled against the restraints that kept her fixed and suspended from the bed post. She was on the tip of her toes with her body stretched long and painfully tight. Looking up, she saw that the fabric that held her were soft, long strips of silk, tied intricately about her tiny wrists. She scolded in disappointment; there was no getting free from them. When she looked down, she discovered that she was wearing a similar version to what the succubus had appeared in the mirror in before the chaos had broken loose. The only contrast to her attire was that the sheer cloth was white. Well, at least she wasn't naked. That was always a problem and a part of the theme to her usually discontenting dreams.

Something was shifting behind her because the sheets of the bed were riding upward. She gasped at the surprise of not being as alone as she had assumed she was. Maybe it was the succubus. The last person she wanted to see right then was the succubus. All she had done since she had awakened in her was spread mayhem and complicate Cassandra's life to a degree that was scorching. From behind her came a low groan, and though the succubus' voice was a sultry thing, it was surely not as deep as Cassandra had just heard. Unsuccessfully, she strained her neck for a glimpse or some idea to whom was behind her. She struggled against the post and her heart started at the jostling of the bed and sigh of sheets behind her. Not knowing who it was or even if they would hurt her was the frightening part of it. She felt when they left the bed and after that, though there presence was still there, all sounds or indications of what they were doing had ceased.


A sigh, so close and purposely audible made her jump and it was just the anticipation creeping into fear that made the hair at the back of her neck stand erect. Her breath was shallow but loud over the race of her heart in the ghostly fog. Cassandra needed to know who it was.


 "Who's there?" Her voice was choked.


 Frantically, her pulse leapt in her throat, but fear made her remain perfectly still, minus the slight involuntary tremors of her body. The person behind her did not respond with words, but with that slow trail of their fingers down her exposed right side. Her skin pricked at the power that caressed it and Cassandra shuddered under the gentle assault.


 "I do not know what has aroused me more..." The familiar voice sang behind her.

 She was thankful that it wasn't the succubus but Cassandra wasn't quite sure if Marcus was the better alternative.




 "...the fact that I am dreaming after centuries of complete darkness in my slumber or the sheer sight of seeing you tied up and absolutely susceptible with no one to help you." He finished; ignoring her exclamation.


Cassandra kept waiting in grueling suspense to see the man that spoke behind her, until finally he stepped into her peripheral. He coaxed her breath to shallow uneven gasps at just the sight of him; all bare chest and tousled hair. Immediately the striking resemblance he shared with Julius was obvious, but just as quickly, she saw the contrast. The way his lips curled up into that slow debauched grin was enough to destroy her will to resist him. Cassandra's body made it completely impossible to deny the attraction she had for this man. Yes, love was freely given from her heart for Julius, but Marcus made her want and think of doing things that would normally never cross her mind with any other man. He was a desire that had been forced into her in perhaps quite literal ways, and she couldn't avert it to save her life.


"Untie me Marcus." She demanded.


"My, the servant speaks so authoritatively to her master. It makes me wish to not comply but to respond with punishment. "


 "No, please! I am sorry, I didn't intend-"


"Yes, yes, yes I was all in innocence Cassandra." He shifted his honey-golden eyes from her distressed expression to the perfection of her body. Marcus could not have been any more fortunate as he was right then. No Julius to barge in and destroy this opportunity to have Cassandra all tied up and...his. He would not waste this moment. Marcus stepped around her until he was fully facing her. Their bodies were but a breath apart, and it made Marcus wonder if that was the reason he heard her every thought or perhaps she was simply projecting them.


"Will you-won't you release me? Please?" she plead, but Marcus was too intoned and intrigued by the words she was to afraid to voice aloud.

 ["Please do not touch me Marcus! I will lose this battle with my body if you do. But would that be so wrong? I do belong to him as much as I do Julius. Oh my, I would probably never admit it to him, but I cannot deny myself the honesty. Wait...why is he staring at me like that?"]


"You are not aware of what you are doing are you Cassandra?" he asked after her string of thoughts had come to a halt.


"What do you mean?" She frowned at the curious expression on his face.


No, he came to the conclusion that she wasn't aware, but should he tell her?


 ["His lips, they are little Sirens to me..."] she thought.


Marcus chuckled at the little revelation and for the sheer joy of temptation; he glided the tip of his tongue over his lower lip. After witnessing her eyes flashing with desire in response to his little sensual gesture, he decided that he was not going to enlighten her. Instead, Marcus moved in closer until his chest was pressed against the hard little buds that pushed against the white fabric of her top. He looked down at the swell of her bosom pushed up against him and smiled at the rise and fall of her breasts. Marcus inclined his head closer until they breathed each other's exhale. The heavy aroma of lavender exuded in heavy waves from her aroused body. He took multiple deep breaths of it, but there was never enough. It was becoming a mouth watering taste at the back of his tongue and all he wanted to do was fill his mouth with it.


 ["He's going to kiss me...and I need him to. Please-"]


"Please Marcus..." she whispered aloud; her voice an ache of need in both thought and spoken. There was no denying her. Marcus slipped his hands around her exposed waist and slowly grazed them up the sides of her exposed breasts, not lingering there but further up her arms. She tilted her head back against the post; placing her lips in perfect position to be taken. There they were before him, all parted and ripe with need. Marcus wanted to but something, a thought of his own, stopped him before he caved. She wanted him to-no, she expected Marcus to take her and he knew she would claim it all to be his fault; that he had been the rogue who’d seduced her. So with his lips barely a whisper against hers, he reached up and found the cord that bound her to the post. A small whimper of frustration left her and he couldn’t feign his grin. Cassandra was so aroused by simple touches; it amazed him. Every inch of her skin cried out to be taken but she refused to simply say the words, or at least take the kiss that was clearly being offered.


[“Just do it! Please!”] her thoughts screamed. He nearly gave in but for the prize he would receive for his patience, Marcus controlled himself. He pulled at the sash of lace wrapped around her wrists and caught her about her waist before she could fall. Her arms fell loose and she gripped his shoulders as if they were her only hope to stay upright.


“Thank you…” she whispered.


“You are welcomed.” He replied with a voice that had sunk to something raspy and timbre.


Marcus bent at the waist and lifted her legs from beneath her. Cassandra changed her hold on him and did her best not to run her fingers over the cords of muscles in his back that moved under her palms. She was thankful for the aches in her arms; particularly in her wrists, because the ache helped to keep the edge off of another specific ache that was growing at the apex of her thighs. She closed her eyes to black out the images that her mind was appreciating as he took her around the side of the bed and gently deposited her atop it. Cassandra told herself that he would take her now, but once Marcus got her on the bed, he stepped away and went to sit a few inches to her right at the head of the bed. She wore her confusion on her face as she watched him settle against the head board and stare aimlessly at nothing. This was Marcus, wasn’t it? He had her all to himself and he did nothing to take advantage of the situation. Cassandra shifted and turned just enough to face him completely and tucked her right leg inward as the other hung from the side of the bed. She began to run her hands up and down her aching arms; hoping to work out the annoying stiffness from being suspended by them.

She looked down at the ghostly fog her foot was clouded in and then at the bare trees that surrounded her. There was light in the skies and it felt as if centuries had dwindled by since she last glimpsed it. There was oddly no sun to see, but the light was there. She startled at the gentle caress of his fingers grasping her hands and pulling them away from her body. Cassandra gaped from their connected hands to the honey golden eyes that peered back her. She thought he’d pull her into an embrace, but that thought was tossed aside when he began to massage the aches from her arms.

“Relax. I’m only trying to help ease your aches.” He whispered; lowering his eyes to his task.


Cassandra did her best to do as he asked and it really took everything  she had to comply. He shifted closer and worked his way down her shoulders right down to the soft pads of her finger tips. Eventually, relaxing was something she welcomed and could not avoid when he pressed away her tension. Shyly, she stole a glance at him and watched him through her lashes. She felt silly peeking up at him like a bashful child, but Marcus made her feel unsure of herself. He was really focusing on his work; the soft frown between his brows and the way his eyes narrowed as if he could see just where to place his fingers. She was fascinated by the long masculine bridge of his nose and the long, lush sweep of his dark lashes that feathered so elegantly over his cheeks. My, she’d never noticed how thick they were; it was beautiful. He was beautiful. And then…his lips. Swollen and flushed pink; they were the epitome of temptation. Marcus chose that moment to thrill her with the show of his tongue gliding lightly over the bottom, and her breath became trapped in an involuntary gasp. Marcus rolled his eyes up from her arms to her wide formidable stare. There was something absolutely erotic about seeing his eyes through those lashes. It made lightening dance through her veins, that look. His fingers had stopped moving and Cassandra’s arms lay trapped in his grasp.


[“Say something! Better yet, do something! Damn it all, why must I be so apprehensive about my desires; what I want? Marcus wants me…and I want him. I shouldn’t! Oh, I know it is wrong and will certainly upset Julius, but…but…”]


“I want you…” she blurted out.


 Marcus’ eyes lit up at those three words, but instead of giving her the reaction she was hoping for, he released her arms, and reclined against the head board. She watched the lump in his throat move down and then up as he swallowed.


“I don’t believe you do Cassandra.” He replied; his accent thicker and as tasty as the delicious aroma of honey that pulsed from him. Cassandra nearly became distracted by the idea of licking every inch of his skin until she tasted what was driving her mad. No! She had to focus on what he’d just said. Frowning, she leaned closer into him.


“Know that it was not easy for me to admit such a thing Marcus, but it was true.”


“I’m still having troubles understanding that.” He said; placing his hands at his sides in a manner that said he was not going to budge nor was he going to stop her. Marcus was openly telling her with his body to take what she wanted and still she didn’t yield to her desires.

His chest expanded with a deep breath and deflated upon his exhale; it was so beautiful. There went her wayward wanton thoughts again.


“Why?” she asked. Back to the conversation and out of her thoughts; that was her goal.


“Because I am right here presenting you the opportunity Cassandra. Take. What. You. Want.”


His final words stood alone with a power that shook something deep inside her. She knew he wasn’t using his powers to beguile her, but the natural power of attraction, arousal and wicked seduction were all the ingredients this spell needed to enchant Cassandra. She had to yield. Her fangs elongated and throbbed to life; awakening her juices and making her body feel ripe and ready. She could resist no longer. Quaking with need, Cassandra got to her knees in the bed and nudged his legs wider as she crawled between them. He watched her creep closer and it was a spectacle to see her expression change from shy and vulnerable to seductively assertive. Marcus allowed her to trail her hands up his legs, pass the rigid twitching flesh in his trousers that waited for her, and up his abdomen. The sensation was nearly overwhelming and heady since it was the first Cassandra had willing touched him with no influences to vouch for it. He knew that at this moment, he was dealing solely with her; no Succubus, just Cassandra.

She gave him her weight and his arms ached to envelope her there, but he refrained. Cassandra needed to do this on her own without his interference. She slid the soft pillow of her cheek along his and it was a wonderful sensation. She was warm and felt alive. This was a dream so he suppose that was allowed, though he’d noticed that her skin sometimes ran naturally so when they were awake. Her skin against his made silk pale in comparison and he had to commit the sensation to memory. She pressed her lips to the tip of his ear lobe and then the spot just below his ear. He still remained fallowed knowing that the slightest response just may cost him.

He felt the unmistakable graze of her fangs along the side of his neck and he wondered if she would really bleed him. The thought didn’t bother him one bit. But she didn’t; instead she licked a long wet line from his collar bone right back up to his now overly sensitive ear lobe. Marcus was straining against the fabric of his trousers for him to touch her there.


[“Oh my, he does taste of honey! So delicious…I need more. Ah and he must be in pain; all that wonderfully hardened flesh waiting ready for me. But why won’t he touch me or at least react? It may help me feel much confident. No, I know what I want, so I shouldn’t be afraid nor hesitate.”]


Marcus nearly grinned at her thoughts. He was pleased that she was finally on the road of honesty with herself. Now if she could only let it all go. He knew it was taking a lot for her to react to the things she wanted when it was just her in her skin. Yes, Marcus sympathized with her, but she needed this. Cassandra needed to learn how to take what she wanted without being pressured.

Cassandra straddled his legs and groaned when he shifted his hips more comfortably under her. She forced her eyes to remain all his as she slid her hands up her rib cage, over the swell of her breasts, until she found the edge of her top. Marcus, despite knowing what she was about to do, kept his eyes locked on hers; silently daring her to be brave. Perhaps it was just the raw intimacy to have him give her all his attention that made her moisten for him. He left her shivering and unsure but she pressed on. Cassandra pulled at the sash and her breast sprang forward with nipples ripe, hard and throbbing; ready for the hot torture of Marcus’ mouth.


“Marcus…” she breathed, and with that one desperate whisper, he gave in.


Marcus jolted forward and wrapped his arms around her till her front was meshed against his. Their lips collided in a feat of hunger and they both felt when something-some unseen power, clicked into place between them. This was indeed right; Cassandra was his servant and he was most definitely her master. She cried out under the wave of power that build between them. When Marcus grasped her breast with nothing remotely close to gentleness she sang his name as that delicious ache slid in and out of the realms of pleasure and pain. It bordered-no straddled the equator that separated them, giving Cassandra the best of both worlds. Immediately she counted it a contrast between this man and his brother. Where her love was always equally passionate, he always remained gentle and cautious of how he handled her. It was as if he thought she was too fragile to be handled any other way. Marcus obviously did not share the same views.

He lifted her left breast to his mouth and the prick of his fangs along with the cruel but ambrosial pull of his mouth was enough to throw her over the edge, but he pulled back just enough to leave her dangling. Cassandra buried her fingers into the dark curls of Marcus’ hair just as he snaked an arm up her back and gripped the back of her neck. She gave in to every sensation Marcus invoked and into every note he made her sing wantonly.

There was no better sound than the melody of Cassandra’s voice filling and charging the very atmosphere around him. The way it rose and fell in highs and low sultry octaves as she cried his name would forever be ebbed in his memory. He was suckling her nipples when he caught her thoughts screaming for him to bite down. Marcus knew his brother had been too slack in handling her as if she were a moth, when all she really needed and wanted was to be taken savagely like the wild creature she was. Cassandra would probably never willing admit it but the thought was there.  He released his hold on the throbbing little bud and met her eyes. They were pleading for more but it was her mouth that needed to say it. Marcus kneaded her sides and her hips and she responded by grinding them into the rigidity of his cock. He cupped the underside of her right breast and without shifting his gaze, he glided his tongue over the tight little bud and flicked it with just the tip of it. He watched Cassandra’s eyes flutter close and roll to the back of her head. Marcus sucked it audibly into his mouth and allowed it to slip free with a pop. Cassandra groaned with delight and again moved her pelvis with a very suggestive gesture.


“Open your eyes and look at me Cassandra.”


It was a gentle command and she obeyed immediately. Her eyes were aglow with power and more potently her arousal. Her breathing was laborious and haggard. Oh Marcus was tempted to give her what she needed, but he had a point to prove.


“Tell me what you want me to do to you, and I will give you what you ask for.”


Cassandra shuddered with shock to what he’d said. She couldn’t! It had been hard enough telling him that she wanted him, to tell him how…well, she’d die with shame. If the succubus had been here, she would know just what to say and feel no impediments about it. But for once since she had been introduced to this new world, Cassandra was alone in her body. It frightened her. Cassandra was empty without her companion and felt every bit so.


[“I should be happy she isn’t here; why am I not? Her every interruption in my life has brought nothing but chaos and sorrow. It is odd to feel-ah!]


Cassandra gasped and yelled when Marcus destroyed her train of thoughts with a swat of his fingers across her nipples.


“Are you intentionally ignoring me woman?”

His voice was menacingly low; echoing the wordless threat that lied beneath it. She’d forgotten how good he was at sounding absolutely resentful. She looked away from him and tried to shake the fact that she’d actually loved the sharp spank. Her skin was still pricking from the lingering sensation it left behind.


“Look at me Cassandra.”

“I can’t…”

“You can’t what? Look at me or tell me what you want?”

“Both” she panted.

“Then we are wasting time.”

“What? No! I’m sorry. I just…I’m-”

“Spit it out!” He demanded.

“I-I’ve never had to ask! I’m scared to-to say such…things.” She finally admitted.


Cassandra covered her face knowing that her face was a violent red from her wasting precious blood blushing. She didn’t want to cry but her body was a collage of emotions that were forged in deep battle; only leaving her frustrated with the threat of tears.


“I want to see your face Cassandra.” Marcus demanded.


It took her a moment to compose herself, in some sense, behind her hands, but eventually she complied; keeping her luminous cobalt eyes casted downward.


“I would also appreciate the attention of your beautiful eyes…” he murmured; cupping her cheeks.


She winced at the surprising warmth of his hands and timidly met his stare. In his eyes was the evidence that the hunger had gone nowhere but was still there waiting to consume them both.  It made her breath hitch and her body pulse with a crippling need.


“Do you feel that?” he whispered.  She frowned in confusion.

“Feel what Marcus?” she whispered back.

“The force that makes us mad with need for each other?” he asked; grazing his fingers over her collar bone.


Cassandra swallowed her pulse and nodded yes.


“Do you feel what you are doing to me just by sitting here? The torture?”


Marcus chose that moment to circle his hips and grind his cock against the moisten soft lips that waited for him. Cassandra moaned in desperation for more.


“Y-yes!” she mewled; scraping her nails down his chest.


“And so I ask again Cassandra, what do you want me to do to you?”


Marcus drew closer to her lips with every word, until the last was a whispered breath clashing into her shallow exhale. Her eyes were a brilliant and full of unharnessed power once more. Marcus was more than pleased to know that it was still Cassandra and not the power of her succubus.


“I want you to taste me again…” she said with a fine tremor riveting through her body.


“Where?” Marcus, the ever merciless tease asked with arched brow.


Cassandra’s mouth was running dry with fear that was heavily laced with excitement. The wicked darkness in those honey golden eyes appealed greatly to something inside her that she was slowly discovering. With lips parted and eyes fixed on his, she arched her back offered him her breasts cupped in her trembling palms.


“Here.” She whispered; not trusting her voice.


There was something positively sinful, incorrigibly fervid about telling Marcus what to do to her. It was that excitement that devoured her fears. Boldly she watched Marcus’ depraved grin grace his lips and he bent forward to accept her offering.


“Gladly…” he whispered.


Marcus enclosed his fingers around her breast and he squeezed them with no regard to gentle, tightly between his fists. She sang for him again and he knew that gentle was not going to cure the ache between her thighs this night. Apparently Marcus would have to play the rogue once more. He took Cassandra’s nipples between his lips and ravished them to a beautiful burgundy. One attack and she was wild for more to the point of coaxing him on for it.

Marcus grazed his razor sharp incisor a little too close to her skin and he tasted blood. Sweet, delicious copper on his tongue. He drew back just enough to admire the tiny droplets that rushed to the surface of her bruised skin. It was fascinatingly remarkable.


“Do it again…” she whimpered. Marcus glanced up with heavy laden eyes and inclined his head with a narrowing gaze.


“Do what again, my darling?”

“Draw my blood…”

“Oh but that was an accident; an untamed graze.”

“Then see to it that the next is no accident and no mere graze.” She coerced.


The power she had over him, though it was permitted because he willed it, was an exhilarating feeling. Cassandra felt little waves of her orgasm hitting her body in close intervals. She was a hot, wet mess between her thighs and she was certain it was finding its way through his trousers. Nevertheless, Marcus didn’t mind. His depraved chuckle bubbled from his throat just before he flashed his fangs and raked them over her cleavage. His tongue followed and glided further downward until it curled around her tortured nipple. She barely noticed his hand resuming its grip at the nape of her neck. He bent her body backwards and she hand to hold onto him to remain balanced, but it was honestly the hardest thing to accomplish. Marcus dipped her further back till her gangly sable tresses was pooled over his knees and her face was skyward. When the first strike of pain hit her, it tipped the scale and Cassandra lost herself as she bucked and wailed for more. Marcus had sunk his fangs deep into her areola and summoned her blood to cascade onto his hot greedy tongue. Cassandra was an endless eruption trapped in his grasp and the orgasm he had plunged her into.

“Fuck me Marcus! Now!” she bellowed; unable to control her need any longer.

Cassandra felt her body being turned and then falling. When she opened her eyes, the image that greeted her was enough to set her ablaze again. Marcus hovered above her, his arms keeping him from touching her and his mouth stained red with her blood. There was raw untamed fire behind the golden honey of his eyes and Cassandra welcomed those flames to consume her whole.

“Remember one thing Cassandra…” He growled.

“What Marcus?” she whimpered. He narrowed his gaze after ripping her gown to shreds from around her waist. The ferociousness of it all made her moan with excitement.

“I…am not my brother. You asked to be fucked, and my dear, there is nothing gentle about the word.”

With that, he pushed her knees apart without sparing her the pain. Marcus cupped the back of her knees and pushed them up until they were pressed firm against her chest. He saw the anticipation in her eyes and what the pain did to her. He could only imagine her reaction to what was to happen next. Finally freeing the harden appendage from his trousers, he guided himself to her opening as he returned his hands to her thighs; keeping her exposed and pinned to the bed. He leaned further over her with his hair shadowing and dancing over her face; watching for the expression he needed to see when he pierced her.

Cassandra looked up with pleading eyes; wishing she could just tilt her hips up to marry their flesh. Her breath, if it could be called that, was quick jolts of air that escaped her body too soon. If she didn’t have him now, she would erupt from just the thought.

“Please…” she whimpered

Marcus flashed her a grin and sunk slowly into the snug warmth and moisture of Cassandra.  The deeper he went at such a slow steady pace, the higher her back arched off the bed. Her mouth opened with a moan that was birthed some place carnal within her. Marcus had to tighten his grip on her knees to push her back onto the bed. The two pleasures intertwined- pain and desire, were stealing her breath and losing her between their blurred lines. Cassandra had never been to this place before; where was Marcus taking her? Would this become a thing she would always crave or will this certainly break her? She couldn’t commit to the thought just then; not when he insisted on torturing her with the slow push of his cock that had long met her walls. And though he’d met the point inside her where she could take no more of him, Marcus continued to push persistently demanding her to take all of him and succumb to the climax that waited just there for her. Her hands felt for something to latch onto. She found the sheets but immediately they began to shred under her claws.

“Marcus!” she screamed under the intensity.

As if he sensed how close she was, he pulled back and eased out of her slowly; fighting Cassandra’s convulsing walls for his escape. Just as soon as he was out, Marcus slammed into Cassandra and she cried out from the harsh meeting of their flesh. The pounding grew with a pace that was maddening. Marcus showed her in just the way he held her what he meant when he warned her. Julius’ careful hands were not here, just the fierce hold of Marcus’. She refused to deny loving it; it was pointless when her body was combusting from every delicious sensation.

Marcus was in heaven. Cassandra beneath him, dewing and glistening from the heat of passion; crying his name like a siren’s song. He felt her body quivering and shortly after, she was screaming down the heavens with her climax and he wanted to crash with her. He released her legs, caught her flailing hands and  pinned them to the bed. Mercilessly, he pounded deeper into her and she begged him not to stop.




Julius ended the kiss he shared with Cassandra and felt the lingering tingle of her lips still whispering over his. The succubus’ eyes were naked before him; revealing the full weight of her love for him.

“I want you inside me Julius. Please…” She whispered; caressing his face with warm gentle hands. He swept his hands over the swell of her hips and peered down at the perfection of her body. He would not deny that perfection what it needed. She opened her legs for him and Julius entered her. His breath evaded him under the pressure of Cassandra’s inner walls bidding him to stay inside her. She wrapped her legs around him and sighed with contentment for the feel of Julius filling her body.

Her cries for more spurred him on and just the graceful flow of her body arching and dancing beneath him, made his hips quicken for her. Julius met her lips and plunged his tongue between them; greedily tasting the sweet warmth of her mouth. Just the sensation of him piercing her in both manners made that deep surging feeling flutter and spread across her skin. It was a warm heated sensation that melted throughout her core and made her skin prick. Her breathing changed and the urgency of her cries rose. Julius knew she was close and he would not be far behind to meet her.

Something odd, some echoed sound began to distract Julius and he wanted nothing to distract him from this moment. But it was difficult to focus on her when the echo that had not been there before, surrounded them. He looked around them, but knew the cries he was hearing were Cassandra’s, yet she was lying right beneath him. Yes, she was wrapped up in their lovemaking, but he could feel that she hadn’t climax just yet. Her hands shot up and grasped both of his cheeks. Julius found himself staring wide eyed at golden eyes hazed with her arousal.


“Whatever happens my love, do not take your eyes from me…” She instructed, and it was all he needed to resume his quest. His rhythm was renewed and quickly he felt her passion build back to where he’d left it.


“Yes Julius! Take all of me!” she cried.


Her chin came up as she tilted her head back with eyes screwed shut in euphoric ecstasy. The sight of Cassandra bellowing her climax in his arms was the most beautiful thing Julius had ever seen.


There was a crackling sound that filled the atmosphere. Julius couldn’t judge what it was and frankly it was of no importance. Cassandra had made him focus on what was imperative. As Julius continued to meet her flesh with meticulous anticipation of his own release, the large headboard began to crumble and waste away like sand. Cassandra’s arms stretch out and then up over her head as if she was reaching for something. As much as he wanted to know what the sound was, Julius simply couldn’t anchor his mind on the thought for much longer than a second. She wanted all his attention; it was impossible to give her otherwise.


* * * *



Fire kindled and blazed to life under Cassandra’s skin; left by every touch Marcus gave her body. She heard an ear-splitting crackling sound behind her and the splinting of wood. Was that the headboard? It could only be; it was so close. She looked up at Marcus and saw that he was becoming distracted by the sound as well. Cassandra grasped his face and pulled his attention back to her. She knew then that the fire beneath her skin went deeper than Marcus’ touch but from the inferno that burned behind his eyes. Those flames nearly burned her to ashes under his stare.

“Don’t stop, please. See only me Marcus…nothing else.” She murmured.


Marcus devoured the visual delight of having Cassandra withering and squirming beneath him; her dark wavy hair splayed over the black coverlet and pillows would be a memory to never forget.


“As you wish my darling…”


Marcus sealed his promise with a thrust of his pelvis. Cassandra arched for him with more cries of pleasure. He could feel her body quickening and that she would climax again. He filled her to the brim and felt her rim over beneath him.


Cassandra’s arms slid up and over the silk sheets slowly as if she were reaching for something where the headboard once was. The sound of her moans and Marcus’ heavy breathing were becoming louder, heavier and more intense than they were before. She reached up further and although she knew it was coming, her orgasm snuck up on her and stole her breath. Her hands continued in search for something she could feel but not understand. She wanted-no needed to find it; it was important that she touched it. Something brushed her fingers in the darkness and she heard Marcus’ surprised gasp as if he felt it as well. She stole a glance at him and saw that his head was tilted back; facing skyward with his eyes tightly shut and mouth ajar. Maybe he had felt it too?

Fingers, yes it had to be fingers she deduced when they brushed her hands again. Just as before, Marcus gasped for her and she felt him push deeper. It made her answer him with another carnal moan. Cassandra’s body was being consumed from the inside out, and she became pulled in by what Marcus’ body was doing to her; the way he danced inside her with a skill that left her calling his name upon every breath. Another orgasm was growing inside her, and just as she was about to succumb to it, the fingers latched onto to wrists and power exploded between their connection. Marcus bellowed her name and Cassandra heard it louder than she should have; as if the sound were doubled.

She mimicked the fingers that were sliding up her arms and slid her grip up arms that were just as soft and delicate as hers.


“Cassandra…fuck!” Marcus exclaimed, and she joined him in his exclamation as they drowned beneath the wave of pleasure that swallowed them whole.


A brilliant light exploded around them. The bed vibrated and perhaps it was the very earth shaking beneath them that caused the quake. Cassandra opened her eyes and gasped when she saw the fog receding away from the now flourishing trees. It was beautiful and absolutely fascinating to watch the leaves spring from the branches, the flowers budding and suddenly blooming before her and the sound of life in the forest grew in a subtle chorus. The light seemed more natural as if somewhere behind the green waxy leaves, there was an actual sun shining in the azure sky. The very air they gasped tasted real and full of…life. Yes their changed environment was a sensory over load of life. It reminded Cassandra what being alive truly felt like and how much she missed it.

 Yet it couldn’t distract her enough from the over powering sensation of their bodies entwined and caught up in a never ending orgasm. All that was happening occurred as they released their cries to the heavens, until everything was complete and they were allowed to float gracefully back to earth. Marcus had fallen atop of her; his body a delicious and welcomed covering that shielded her sensitive skin from the light breeze. Cassandra felt the fingers flexing on her forearm and suddenly she remembered that they were still there holding her as she did them. Beyond curious to whom it was, she tilted her head back slowly, and saw golden eyes staring back at her in the same fashion. The succubus! She’d been here after all. Cassandra didn’t know why, but she was elated to see her. A slow smile spread across the succubus’ face and Cassandra mirrored her.


“Finally…” the succubus whispered as she squeezed Cassandra’s arms. Cassandra only noticed that her other half was not alone when a body shifted over her from behind the curves of her breasts. Cassandra’s eyes darted to a head full of dark curls and she knew instantly who it was. She looked back to her other half-and truly she could admit that she was, and Cassandra was not upset at what she saw. In fact, she knew it was right. Yes she’d been hurt and angered when this woman had attacked her and done horrible things to her, but Cassandra knew that the initial blame was all on her. From the very beginning of her new life, the succubus had been honest with her about their relationship. It was easy to tell a lie from the truth now, being a vampire and all, but she’d been a stubborn, arrogant fool; trying to separate herself from what she really was.


“Is that…her?” Marcus whispered; staring back at the woman that held on to Cassandra.


“It is me.” Cassandra said, and upon her declaration, the succubus eyes shimmered and grew brighter with power. Cassandra knew her eyes were doing the same. Julius stole that moment to lift his head, and it was difficult to judge what surprised him more; seeing Cassandra holding onto the succubus with an elated grin on her face or seeing Marcus wrapped around her staring back at him with confusion in his eyes. No matter which it was, he recovered swiftly and bared elongated fangs as he lifted his weight off the succubus. She shifted to see him and released Cassandra’s left arm. The succubus caressed her palm against his cheek and his eyes were hers, but very confused.


“Julius, please be still; what you see is nothing amiss.”

“What is going on? Why is he here?” he growled and Marcus answered him with one of his own as he got in position to brace for Julius. If his brother attacked him, he would be ready to defend himself. The succubus tightened her legs around him and held him close.

“Marcus, don’t!” Cassandra whispered frantically as he pulled out of her with a low groan and began to lift up. With her free hand she gripped the back of his neck and dug her nails in without breaking his skin. The slight pain made him look down at her and there was something absolutely carnal about the look he gave her. It made her breath caught in her throat and Julius had seen it. He broke his lover’s hold, pulled their bodies apart and rolled out of the bed. Marcus shot up, leaving some of his flesh underneath Cassandra’s nails and stood chest to chest with his brother. They acted like animals growling and snaring at each other. Cassandra began to roll to her side and she felt the succubus doing the same. She slipped her legs over the side of the bed and sat up; the other woman doing the same. It was like watching her reflection in the mirror! Fascinated with each other, they slid closer until they touched at the hips.

Cassandra couldn’t resist touching her and it seemed the succubus was caught in the same trance. They emulated each other’s movement and  traced fingers over the soft swell of each other’s lips, across their cheek and slid them to the nape of their neck till the tips were buried in their hair. Cassandra encircled her waist and she felt the succubus snake hers right beneath Cassandra’s around her waist. They knew each other’s every move before it even happened; how fascinating. They inclined their heads, though in opposite directions, with the same motion. Their lips parted and they sighed in unison. They hadn’t really noticed that the growling brothers had stopped their show of bravado and male ego; they were too inclined with observing each other. Cassandra looked at the succubus ripe, puce lips and she wanted nothing more than to taste them.


“Go ahead; I want you to.” The succubus coaxed and it was all she needed.


Cassandra leaned in closer and the succubus met her half way. Their lips touched and every cell in Cassandra’s body came to life. Her heart, which rarely made any movement, pounded to life in her chest; beating down the walls of its confinement and stealing her breath. Her blood was moving inside her and for that moment, Cassandra felt alive. Her succubus was her key to life; despite being a child of death, she could find life in this woman. She deepened her kiss and her skin ran hot; sweat gathered in her hairline, a tremor grew inside her, her lungs needed air, her body was stirring awake! What power was this? How could she make her feel this way when even in Cassandra’s world of usual impossibilities this one was never written? Cassandra clung to her, literally for dear life and whimpered under the ache of her heart racing.

She felt hands on her thighs and her skin tingled under the caress. The sensation was so much different, so much real when her body was like this. A collection of gasps and moans, so deep and carnal came from the two men that knelt before them. Cassandra felt a head in her lap nuzzling at her skin and sliding hands from her toes, up to her hips and back again. Another sensory over load; this was proving to be a very erotic dream.


“So warm…” Marcus voice vibrated in her lap.

“What is this? Why do you feel so…amazing?” Julius gasped from the succubus’ lap.


Reluctantly, the succubus began to pull away from Cassandra, her lips slowly leaving hers and taking that power with her. Cassandra shuddered and sucked in air at the sudden jolt of her heart stopping. She felt tears in her eyes as her body came down from wherever it had soared to. The succubus wiped the tear away with her thumb and smiled sadly.


“I am sorry. For now it must be like this my darling, but it will not be the last you feel this. Please trust me.” She soothed as she stroked Cassandra’s face.


She hadn’t really meant to cry, but she nodded her head in acceptance to what was said. Her body was back to feeling normal again, though it was still very warm. She looked down at their feet and saw the two Durante brothers sitting back on their heels looking from her to the succubus as if they were trying to solve some big mystery.


“What is wrong?” Cassandra asked.


“We don’t know.” Julius answered monotonously.

“Agreed.” Marcus added.


“You two must stop this senseless fighting. You make us worry whenever you do.” Said the succubus.

“Yes you truly do…” Cassandra concurred.

“As I’ve told you both on our last encounter, we are willing to share…”

“…so there shouldn’t be a problem.” Cassandra finished.


“You were mine first Cassandra!” Julius bellowed.

“And so what of it? She belongs to me as well!” Marcus yelled back.


“You two…”


“Stop it!” They said together.

It took the brothers longer than they hoped to recover. They began searching the identical faces again; still trying to figure out the women that sat naked before them.


“You are both our masters, and we are yours. Please accept…”

“…and let us move on together. I know this is hard for you Julius but…”

“…I need you to try. I’ve waited so long…”

“…. to be with you…”

“….that to not have you now…”

“…will kill me.” They both ended together after a spell of finishing of each others’ sentences. Had they even been aware that they were doing it or was it a natural reaction?


“Well that made me a bit dizzy…” Marcus murmured.


The two females chuckled in complete unison. It was a bit eerie but a sweet sound nonetheless. Julius shot up on his knees suddenly as if someone had pulled him up. He looked behind him but no one was there. Again something tugged at him and he slid a few inches away from Cassandra and the succubus. He knew then what was happening.


“I have to-”

“I know, The Pull. I can keep it at bay as long as you are asleep, but you are a master and you must rise in order for your servants to escape their slumber.” The succubus explained; sadness clinging to every word she said. Cassandra touched her in sympathy and kissed her shoulder. The succubus looked down at her and smiled.


“Come lay next to me for a moment all of you. I want to feel you all here while I can.”


Cassandra followed her onto the bed and she felt Marcus at her back. Julius went to the other side, walking as if it was strenuous, and lay next the succubus. The four were on their backs staring up at the canopy of tree tops through the gauze material that hung over the bed. They each took a deep breath and sighed in contentment. Julius was the first to break the silence.


“I don’t know if I can do this…”

“You will have to if you want us to work…” the succubus answered in a hushed voice.

“Please try…” Cassandra whispered as she locked fingers with the succubus.

“I don’t know…” Julius said to no one in particular. He was obviously warring with himself about how to accept this. Marcus was inconspicuously quiet. She looked to him and Cassandra wondered what he was thinking. He didn’t turn to meet her gaze but continued staring up at the sky. This wasn’t easy on him either. It broke Cassandra’s heart to know Julius scorned him so. She felt tears in her eyes just for him and she wanted to find a way to fix this. They both deserved happiness. Marcus frowned and looked at her. What was wrong?

Before she could ask, the succubus shifted beside her and rolled till she was on her side, facing Julius. She pulled him closer and ran her fingers over him as if she was committing the feeling to memory. Cassandra turned to face Marcus then and she found herself doing the same thing. Marcus’ eyes were a little wider than usual as he watched her, but eventually he relaxed and turned completely to face her.


“Kiss me…” the two whispered as they moved closer to their lovers. The moment Cassandra met Marcus’ lips, she felt it; The Pull. It was waiting for them but impatiently. So with urgency, she kissed him and slowly she felt her body pulling her back to where she belonged; giving her power to animate the corpse it was without her. She was falling with the pressure of Marcus’ lips on hers but she couldn’t feel his embrace any longer. He was there but not under her fingertips.


Cassandra’s eyes shot open and she inhaled sharply as her body came to life. She took a moment assess where she was and found that she was in Julius’ chamber. Okay, now how did she get here? Oh yes, they had brought her here to rest because there was nothing else they could’ve done but wait. Wait for what?




She felt immediately depressed by just thinking her servants name. She was asleep and they wouldn’t know for how long. There was still a very slow pulse that gave them hope that her body would take the transition and when it stopped, if she didn’t wake within the night and the sun rose on her corpse, she would never live again. Cassandra wanted to cry all over again. She was about to move when her body finally picked

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