The Harem - The Burning Beauty

The Harem - The Burning Beauty

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Stolen in the chilled darkness of winter; taken into the arms of a stranger that shunned the aura of human. Cassandra knew death twice that night by the flames...and by a strangers deadly kiss. To awake only to a world that never existed in her most lucid dreams where she is claimed a servant to the menacing beauty of Julius Laurent. While discovering what abilities he possess, Cassandra soon comes to the realization that not only is there more than what appears to be in Julius' regard, but that there is something other, more starved and cruel that dwells inside her. Will she be able to reign control on this darkness? Can she withstand the pull of something strong and out-worldly for the man that stole her? What of the brother with the wicked glare filled of famished flames; ready to swallow her whole with lust? Can she fight it all and keep the morals of the woman she thought she was? They will find soon that there is a greater worry; a greater evil that taints their horizon. Perhaps they will discover it when it was too late. Come and entangle yourself in this dark tale of unquenchable lust and a twist of love lost, denied and gained.


Stolen in the chilled darkness of winter; taken into the arms of a stranger that shunned the aura of human. Cassandra knew death twice that night by the flames...and by a strangers deadly kiss. To awake only to a world that never existed in her most lucid dreams where she is claimed a servant to the menacing beauty of Julius Laurent.

While discovering what abilities he possess, Cassandra soon comes to the realization that not only is there more than what appears to be in Julius' regard, but that there is something other, more starved and cruel that dwells inside her. Will she be able to reign control on this darkness? Can she withstand the pull of something strong and out-worldly for the man that stole her? What of the brother with the wicked glare filled of famished flames; ready to swallow her whole with lust? Can she fight it all and keep the morals of the woman she thought she was?

They will find soon that there is a greater worry; a greater evil that taints their horizon. Perhaps they will discover it when it was too late.

Come and entangle yourself in this dark tale of unquenchable lust and a twist of love lost, denied and gained.

Chapter12 (v.1) - Clarity

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Julius sat up in his chair with eyes trained on Simone. She gave blank eyes as she stared back. They had debated for the longest about what had to be done to gain Cassandra’s trust and Julius was having a painfully hard time accepting Simone’s terms. He truly did not feel as if he was at fault to had ended Stephen’s life, but apparently he should feel that way when considering what the ordeal had done to Cassandra. Fair enough, but hadn’t saving her life been worth something? It wasn’t as if he had shoved her into the flames and watched her burn to her demise. But when he said such, Simone reminded him that there would not have been any threats to her life at all if he had not interfered. Perhaps some things could have been avoided had he not acted so recklessly. Very well; he accepted his blame and now he had to apologize to Cassandra with true sincerity.

 “Are we done with this staring game, because your precious Cassandra is approaching?” Simone asked; interrupting his train of thoughts. He sighed and rubbed his eyes. He wasn’t too thrilled, but he was ready.

“I have no choice but to yield then…”

 “I am elated that you have finally come to the evidentially inevitable conclusion. This shouldn’t be hard for you Julius; you have conquered harder demons. You love Cassandra so making amends for wronging her should be a joy.” She said as she leaned forward and placed her palm gently on his leg. He looked from her knowing eyes and into the crackling hearth.

 “I suppose I would feel more secured if I knew that she felt for me…”

As if on cue, the door to the room swung open and Habashi came in with Cassandra in tow. Julius made note that there was tension in his servant’s shoulders but had to forget that on the sight of Cassandra. She was magnificent in every sense of the word. The way the fabric of her robe moved with her and clung to her in all the delicately right places made him alit with lust. He’d never seen her hair pulled away from her face before. The fullness of her lips were not unseen because of the distracting yet lovely waves of her hair nor the sparkling fire of her eyes that revealed her rage…

Her rage? Julius took a step back from drowning and really paid attention. Cassandra was angry? What had she and Habashi been up to that had him tense and her angered? Had he been too hasty to trust his servant to not fall under her wiles once again? Had he touched Cassandra and she in return gave him the rebuff? Julius lust was gone and what filled the void was beyond anger. He snared before he could think of doing it and stood slowly.

 “Julius…” Simon said softly, but he was in no mood to be soothed calm just yet.

 “Leave for now Simone. You as well Habashi.” He had eyes only for Cassandra as he spoke.

Habashi turned on his heels and was at the door awaiting Simone. Simone slid her fingers over the back of Julius’ shoulder, leaned in close for only his ears and whispered softly as she looked into Cassandra’s blazing glare.

“Do not forget your task…” It jolted him to attention as her words collided with his blinding rage. It was as if they were a cold pail of water to his face. He had to remember his task indeed if he wished to win Cassandra. He watched Simone strut out of the room with a swing of her hips that was all for show. He couldn’t think the reason for it and didn’t want to at that. When the door was shut and all that were present were he and his raven beauty, Julius took a step towards her and watched her eyes spark to life with a fire that announced her anger.

“Something displeases you?” he asked, still closing in the space between them. She stiffened and shot darts at him with her stares.

“Only the usual…”

The closer he got to her, the more heat from her anger washed over him. Though Cassandra would attempt to deny it, there was an underlying aroma that tattled to him her arousal. He continued his pacing by encircling her; watching her try to keep eye contact with him, but having to turn to do so. The fact that she had to, made her anger rise just a notch.

“Why are you so upset, Cassandra?” He murmured and watched her start at the deep roll of his voice.

She swallowed audibly; pulse obviously in her throat, and glared at him as he moved to face her once more.

“I am not angry.” She said, voice gone hoarse.

 “I said upset, but perhaps even that was an understatement…”

 “Well I am neither!” she snapped, clearly hating him for trapping her in her own words.

“Your reaction to me speaks otherwise…”

“That would probably have much to do with me not liking you.”

 “Now you’re just being mean to me.” He said; his voice barely above a whisper.

He stood so painfully close that if she inhaled too deeply, their lips would meet. Julius observed her reaction to his nearness and felt the slow wicked grin slide into place on his face. She licked her lips and the sheen that was left, making them glisten just before his eyes were nearly enough to undo him.

“Who was the woman with you earlier?” Cassandra asked.

 “A loyal friend.” He answered with a slight frown.

“I was certain that I have been here long enough to memorize every face of your women.”

 “I could not argue such, but she is not one of my flowers, Cassandra.” His smile must’ve appeared condescending because almost immediately, she was fuming.

“Very well! If you wish to lie about her, it bothers me none.” She turned away to stomp over to the crackling fire. Julius was just there before her with an amused and curious expression.

“You are jealous…” he said with wonder to his words. She winced and sputtered to a stop.

 “Jealous? Jealous of what? There is absolutely nothing to be jealous about.” She finished with her nose in the air.


 “I am not jealous of you and another of your females Julius! I am, however, constantly frustrated by the sheer fact that you insist upon keeping me here against my will, when there are so many others that would gladly stay to fulfill all your deepest and darkest desires!” she finished, inches away from him.

She’d done it without meaning to. Julius knew it was jealousy that had her so upset and he felt himself releasing his earlier fears. His arms snuck around her waist and drew her closer to him. The front of his body was pressed so intimately against her, that he felt every shiver that vibrated through her. Her rage was just gone and replacing it was her astonishment; she’d never expect her words to give this sort of reaction when they were meant to stir up his anger. Julius had taken her off guard, and though she was stiff in his arms, he would see that change. Julius fingers cupped the side of her heart shaped face and slid them back to be lost behind her neck. Her eyes fluttered and softened to his touch. Julius smiled inwardly and the feel of her muscles unclenching under the silent command of his fingers. It was intoxicating, the scent of desire, but he would not be too hasty to indulge in the possible. When he spoke again, his voice was but a whisper at her ear; caressing the sensitive lobe with the warmth of his breath. Seduction was a game he played well.

“Cassandra…” He whispered, rolling her name off his tongue like a wicked and intimate touch.

 “Yes?” she whimpered.

Julius gingerly traced his lips along her neck, and felt her arching for him to go further. Her breath came in shallow whispers, making her breasts rise and fall to each attempt to breathe.

“Would it be so wrong to simply want you? Have you not seen how delicious you are?”

 “Am I?” she murmured and from the way she’d asked it, he sensed her eyes were closed or unfocused with need. He inhaled deeply and was suddenly drunk with the same need.

“Tantalizing…” he replied.

Though he knew she was aware of it, he teased her further by pushing his hardness against her front. Cassandra moaned against his ear and rubbed the side of her check into his loose dark curls. The cloth at her back was sheer enough to feel the heat rising off of her skin beneath his palms. He moved his hands up until they settled between her shoulder-blades. Julius felt her legs quaking and knew when she laced her arms around his waist, she was close to falling.

“Tantalizing; I’ve never been called that before.”

 “No?” He asked as he kissed the jumping vein in her throat.

“No…not even by my dead husband… that you killed!” Julius felt her pushing him backwards and caught his balance just before she could feed him to the hungry flames in the hearth. When he looked up with rage filled golden eyes, she saw that she bore a look that matched his.

“Did you mean for me to get hurt, Cassandra?” He growled.

 “Perhaps. I figured you needed to understand how much flames truly hurt when their eating away your flesh.”

Her voice was cold; barely audible but void of any emotions. Julius straightened and felt guilt seeping in between his bones and dousing his anger. He looked away from her and smoothed his hands down the front of his shirt. The pale blue brought out the gold of his eyes; making them appear more exotic. The neck of the shirt was partially parted revealing his pale but defined collar bone and just a hint of chest. It was distracting, but Cassandra was holding onto her anger to help her remain focus.

“You look at me as if you want me, I offer myself to you and then you sting me with venomous words. You confuse me; make me unsure of myself and fill me with regret. What will it take to make you stop hating me? What Cassandra? I am a man that never begs, but I am willing to do so now to remove that look from your eyes. Please…” The expression on Julius’ face was heartbreaking . Cassandra found herself swallowing the tightness in throat.

“Release me Julius.” She said; her voice strained with unshed tears.

“I can’t.” He said stepping closer.

“You won’t.”

“No! I can’t!”

 “Then there is nothing you can do. Even if I desire your body Julius, it changes nothing. You killed my husband and ruined my life in one night. Yes, Stephen was using me for you at first, but he grew to truly love me and I him. Now, I am this…creature without a morsel of control to call my own. You possess a harem of women that crave your every touch. Am I to wait my turn every night? Are my emotions fair game for your women to torture and maim as they will? I have yet to see the sunshine or the moon since you brought me here. I am forbidden by nature to know the sun ever again, am I also condemned by the moon? I don’t even know how long I’ve been here Julius! All I that I can give account for is that my very presence has cost you dearly. So again, why keep me?”

She was crying but it hadn’t affected her voice one bit. Julius watched the ruby tracks of her tears fall upon her chest and slide lower into her dress. He had nothing to say; he was simply void of any valid response. Could Cassandra truly be this unhappy? A better question would be was he the sole cause to all her anguish? Watching her silent tears, the answer resounded through his head; he was… Julius turned away from her and shuffled his feet over to one of the arm chairs by the fire place.

The heartbroken master could not bear to see the accusing look in her eyes anymore. If he could simply will her to love him as much as she hated him, it would be done. He slouched back into the chair and cradled his head in his left palm; his fingers falling over his eyes. If he were human, he’d have a severe head ache right then. All he could do just then was stare into the crackling flames in the hearth, through his fingers. He was like that for a few minutes, until the supple glow of her legs came into view. She stood close enough for him to feel the warm press of her legs against his. He couldn’t look up. He knew what look was in her eyes. Cassandra had an ability to invoke pure guilt within him that was capable of burning a hole straight through his heart. Though he was looking the other way, he saw when she knelt before him. Her fingers trailed over his thighs and spread out to touch him completely. Julius fought the urge to look at the absolute beauty of where she was and what she was doing to him. Truly, it was the hardest thing he ever tried to resist. She caressed her hands up and down his legs and he had to close his eyes because of it; it felt too good to not respond. When Cassandra could touch him so freely, it made him feel less of a monster.

“Look at me Julius.” She said softly. He nearly did, but resisted. He came close to starting at the feel of her palm against his cheek; so warm and soothing.

 “Julius…” he opened his eyes and gave her what she wanted. Blood tears still stained her face, and the solemn look in her eyes made his cold heart ache, but if Julius was honest with himself, to know that when his heart beat, especially for Cassandra, he was on fire.

 “Yes Cassandra?”

 “Let me go.” She whispered.

 “I can’t.”

“Yes…you can…”

 “No, you don’t understand.”

 “Then help me understand. Why do you want me here?”

 “Why can’t the answer simply be that I want you?”

“Because it must be more than that.” He looked away again, but she captured his face between both of her hands and leaned into him.

Julius felt his body react to her with such intensity. How could she ask him to let her go when she was all he wanted?

 “Why are you doing this to me?” He asked and Cassandra seemed shocked by his question.

“What are you talking about?”

 “Forget it.” He pushed up from his seat and began to walk away from her. She was suddenly just there before him and the swift thoughtless motion seemed to baffle her for a moment. She looked around as he stared down at her. When she finally gained her composure, she went back to giving him confused eyes.

“I cannot do that. You brought me here against my will. If you insist on denying my leave, the least you can do is grant me an explanation, Julius.”

 “You won’t understand!” he yelled and she went completely still with fear. He scrubbed his face with his palms and then pressed them into his eyes. Julius yelled wordlessly and sunk to his knees. Cassandra’s gasp was loud and he hated that he’d scared her. He scented the air and knew she was crying again.

 “Help me…help me understand, please…” She whimpered. She came before him and hesitantly placed her hands on his shoulders. Julius hung his head and took deep breaths.

“I’ve always wanted you Cassandra. Always. From the moment I found you lying upon your mother’s grave, I wanted you.” He felt her stumble back, and when he finally looked up, he fought to find a better word than shocked to describe her expression; it simply did not seem accurate enough.

“And from that moment, I was guilty of wanting you. I watched you grow and blossom into the woman you are now.” She was so silent and from what Julius could tell, she wasn’t breathing.

 “My…my…” she swallowed and tried again. “My mother’s grave?”

Cassandra’s voice was but a whisper, but it held the heaviness of her confusion and disbelief.

“Yes. That dark night in the cemetery-I believe it was called Swallow’s Crest Cemetery-you laid there drunken by grief and other spirits.”

She took another step back and he sat back on his heels and watched her retreat. He would not chase her; not when he knew what the memory would do to her and how much it would hurt and scare her. Finally the truth. Julius had clouded her mind all those years ago, from remembering that night and the others that had followed. He’d only spoke of it with Simone because she had intercepted the memory from Cassandra’s subconscious, but no it was not the only night. She stopped moving and fell to her knees whilst holding her head. Her voice croaked and squeaked as she strained herself not to scream from the pain. Yet still he stayed. Cassandra was going to explode from the buildup of pain her body was fighting; particularly her head.

 “Let it out and it will feel better Cassandra; I promise.”

She did scream and as she released it, the memories consumed her. She saw herself on cold dark soil, under a star filled sky and somehow, she felt the bite of the cold. The sound of owls asking their repetitive question in the tree tops could be heard over the underlying song of crickets. Beside her was the last of her brandy and she would see it empty before the night was over if it were the last thing she did. She took a long swig of the warming rich liquid and coughed as the heat of if burned her chest. The burn was welcomed as it chased away the cold. She dropped the empty bottle and rolled to her back. Thanks to her drunken state, she could feel the world spinning around her and instead of being sick by it, it made her feel good. Well good until she thought of her grief. The moment she remembered her parent's broken body wrapped in the debris of their crash, her eyes flooded over. She was crying silently when she felt the urge to sing her mother's favorite song. For years she grew knowing it only as 'Mother's Comfort Melody' because every time she'd sung it, a feeling of pure ease and comfort came over her. Her voice rose and fell in gentle octaves and swept through the silent graves like that of a siren. It was a rapturous melody that clung like pollen to one's heart. She leaked every drop of her emotions into each note and into each salted tear that clouded her eyes.

Cassandra was broken; lonely with no one to call her own. All that was left of them were cold carcasses planted deeply in the barren soil. Perhaps it was the brandy, or just the eeriness of being among the silent dead, but she suddenly went still. The note was cut short in her throat, blocking the escape of air from her lungs. She sighed quietly; leaving the song in the atmosphere unfinished and abandoned. A cold breeze made her shiver and she turned her head slowly in the direction it had come from. It was dark, but there was light present from above. Though where she stared, there was no light from the moon, her mind told her that there was someone there watching her. The tiny pin-like hairs on her arms stirred and came to attention, prickling her skin to tiny goose bumps. She willed her eyes to see what her mind saw, and slowly a dark figure took shape a few yards away from where she laid. There should've been some response of surprise or fear from her but she was too numb with grief to register any other emotion.

 "Have you come to hurt me? If you have, I regret to inform you sir; you are miles behind to be the first."

She said as she began to roll to her side; she ended more on her stomach with her messy mass of wavy curls and uprooted hair pins tumbling over her face. Each word was a slur; some took a great effort to say. She heard the stranger chuckle and walk closer to her. Cassandra’s vision, though impeccable in the dark, was horrible for focusing now that he was visible. With more effort than it should've taken, she pushed her hair away from her face and saw his boots. His knees were close too; clad in charcoal breeches. Either he was stooping down or he was absolutely short. The thought actually made her chuckle, but all mirth was lost when she saw his flawless features. He was beautiful. Yes she was seeing three of him, thanks to the brandy, but heavens they were all beautiful!

"I would never dream of destroying such beauty..." He said and his voice was much more beautiful than the song she had sung.

 He left her speechless, and for all she knew, she could be a dribbling mess to him, but that didn't matter because he'd call her beautiful. She nodded slowly and rested her cheek on her hands. There was no way of judging when sleep had won, just a silent surrender. Cassandra awoke with a start and nearly felt her room flip upside down. She held her head and groaned loud enough to give herself a headache.

"Liquor consumed in such large quantities would have such an effect, especially upon one of such a small statue." The voice in the dark made her jump and she gripped the comforter as if it were a weapon. Her eyes darted around in the still dark room. The drapes were drawn, but she could tell by just a feeling that dawn would soon arrive.

"Who's there?" She whispered.

Her pulse was trying to push its way through her throat. She listened hard and heard the whisper of fabric. She looked to where the disembodied voice came from and watched the stranger from the cemetery step forward.

"You..." She said; her voice filled with wonder.

"" He chuckled and her breath caught at the gesture. It made her heart pound for other reasons.

"How did you find me? I mean here; in my house."

 "I brought you here my lady. You passed out and I couldn't leave you in such a vulnerable state. Cassandra was still awe struck but she was more inclined to find out who he was.

 "Thank you, though it still baffles me that you are here in my chambers. What is your name sir?"

The beautiful stranger stared at her and Cassandra's breath caught under the pressure of his gaze. She finally found the first signs of fear creeping under her calm. She was a young, naïve girl to permit a stranger into her home and further more into her bedroom. Perhaps now things would turn for the worst. She watched a slow smile creep on his face.

"My name is Julius." She released a breath that she wasn't aware of holding and smiled nervously.

 "It is a pleasure to meet you Julius. My name is Cassandra."

 "A beautiful name. The pleasure is all mines...Cassandra." She chuckled nervously and looked down. Cassandra was blushing redder than a ripened tomato! She finally took note that she was still in her mourning clothes and the pungent scent of old liquor wreaked from her skin. The very notion left her frozen in disbelief. Her hands flew to her hair and she gasped. It felt like a mess so obviously it looked worst.

"Oh no!" She exclaimed.

At the sound of Julius' chuckle, she looked and saw pleasurable mirth in his eyes. "No matter how tousled you are, nothing can hide your obvious beauty Cassandra. Be at ease"

His word soothed her insecurities and left her calm. She watched his smile falter with a wince just before he turned his attention to her drapes. She was about to ask him what was wrong when he looked back at her.

 "I must be leaving now, Cassandra. I fear morning is near."

 "Wait!" She cried and she was already on her knees beckoning to him with her eager hands.

 Julius froze and watched her as if he would flee if she came any closer or make any sudden movements.

"What is it?" He asked as she sunk back on her knees. She felt sick from the sudden movement, but refused to be distracted.

"Will you come back? Please? It’s just that...." She paused and looked down at her hands in her lap.

Cassandra felt silly and desperate because of her wild thoughts. The mattress gave under his weight and she looked up slowly to meet his warm, curious eyes the best she could with her tear-filled.

"Go on..." He urged gently. She swallowed but kept her eyes diverted as she spoke.

"I am so alone now. I may be a fool for wanting a stranger's company, but I will take all I can get without hindrance of my pride."

 He was silent once more and it was killing her not to look up to see what expression he bore. She was too ashamed to dare it. Cassandra started when his hand came into her line of sight and rested gently on her hands. She gasped at their warmth and could resist his beautifully golden eyes no longer. How had she not been distracted by their beauty all along? They were absolutely...breath taking.

"Your eyes-"

"I will return Cassandra because you want me to, but for now I need you to close your eyes and sleep for a bit longer.”

She was relieved that he would come back, but suddenly her eyes were too heavy to manage a wink. With a defeated yawn, she closed her eyes and there was no way for her to opening them. She felt herself falling backwards, but Julius caught her behind her neck and her back, and then gently eased her back against the pillows. Cassandra wanted to fight the pull of sleep but she couldn't. He was going to leave and she wouldn't get to say goodbye.

"I will come back Cassandra. I will..." He whispered.

They were the last words she heard before everything went quiet. Cassandra opened her eyes and blinked rapidly from the tears in her eyes. She looked up to where Julius knelt on the other side of the room. Her back was against the bed and she was curled up against the post. Her breathing was labored, her eyes wild and confused. She knew what she saw was a memory; felt the aching truth of it. She just couldn't wrap her mind around the fact that she'd forgotten it all. Even now as she stared at him, other memories awoke with a start and some with a gentle stirring. There had been so many nights that he'd visited. The more he had, the closer they'd gotten; the closer, the more they'd touched chastely. Months had passed like that and she had begged Julius for more.

 "Tell me more about you. Have you no family? Why can't we meet for a morning picnic? Please be my escort to the Summer Solstice Ball?"

 So many questions and there were more times when he couldn't oblige her and she had to become content with the late night meetings.

"How could you have kept this from me? You tore away all memories I had of you." She whispered.

Crimson tears trailed down her cheeks, pass her chin, down her neck and as far as the plunging neckline would permit them. Julius smiled bitterly and looked at her with disbelief.

"Are you mocking me!" She screamed.

Cassandra's anger was bitter bile at the back of her throat. Julius' chuckling grew to a roaring laugh. His head fell back and his mouth split with his effort of laughter. Cassandra moved too fast for her mind to keep up. She was suddenly on him hitting as hard as she possibly could. She screamed and cried her rage.

"You bastard! You fucking monster, why? Why would you do this! Why would you make me...make me..."

 Her question trailed off; becoming drowned in her heavy sobs. She shook violently as she sunk to her knees. Her head fell against his chest and she wept. The feeling she was experiencing was ten times worst than what she had felt upon Stephen's demise. She had been in love with Julius and he had made her forget everything...why? What had he benefited from it? She was so lost in the horrible feeling and the awakening memories that she'd not notice when he had stop laughing. It surprised her to feel his arms about her she felt his palm making soothing circles at her back. It was comforting, but she was still upset. His hands moved to the sides of her temples and he took a deep breath.

"That word made me do it Cassandra. I need you to remember...all of it." She tried to move her head but his grip tightened. She was trapped.

 "Let go of me Julius! Julius...ah! No! I don't want to see anymore! Please, let me go!" She screamed. Julius kissed the top of her head and kept it cradled against his chest.

"Never again Cassandra..." He murmured under the panic of her screams.

It was late in the day. The sun would set any moment and twilight would settle in. Julius would come to see her with the dark as always, but there was still sometime left before he'd be about. The night was a special night for Cassandra; it had been a year since she'd met Julius. Of course, that would also mean a year had passed since she lost her family. She didn't want to be sad, but the day could not go without paying her respects. She'd dressed in deep purple, full skirt gown. The fitted bodice wrapped wonderfully around her curves and her bosom. Silver slippers with tiny pearls beads adorning them, decorated her dainty feet. A black shoal helped to chase the cold away. The cemetery was like always; quiet and gloomy. Cassandra did her best to ignore the feeling of dread as she removed the old flowers and rambles from each grave. She removed her black velvet gloves and ran her bare hands over their names and her eyes began to water under the memories of her father’s laugh, her mother's song and her grandmother's twinkling eyes.

 "I miss you all. I can never forget you." She sniffed and smiled at how clean she'd gotten their graves.  

Sitting there with heart swollen with grief, she found her mother's melody pouring from her lips. She arranged fresh flowers in a vase against the tombstones and finished the melody with sullen cheeks.

Cassandra jumped and nearly toppled the flowers at the sudden sound of someone clapping. She expected it to be Julius but it was still bright out, and he wouldn't be done with work until night fall. For a moment, she saw no one as she searched for her audience, but she was startled when he appeared from behind a stone angel. She watched as he approached with a wide grin and dark coal like eyes.

"Why, that was simply beautiful!" he exclaimed.

Cassandra began to stand, because even though the man was smiling, his eyes made her think of a snake stalking its prey and she just happened to be the prey.

"Th-thank you. I wasn't aware that I had an audience."

"You most certainly did, right fellows?" He asked.

Cassandra didn't have time to register what he'd said before two other men stepped out from her left and right. She froze at the immediate danger. Trying her best to swallow as she backed away, her heart panged in her chest with the realization that they'd manage to corner her. With each step she took they followed, all along giving her high praises for her song.

"Please, I just want a moment alone to clean my family's graves and show some respect.” She reasoned.

"Seems clean to me..." The one on the right said. His beard was a russet brown; the texture appearing thick and coarse. He wore suspenders over a shirt that had started life as white, but now fell somewhere between beige and yellow. It unnerved her the way he kept tapping the left pocket of his brown trousers. Obviously, there was something hard and very dangerous awaiting her there.

"Quite clean." The man on the left said as he leaned casually on a child's tombstone. He was young; perhaps twenty-five or so, older than Cassandra, but young nonetheless. His pale blonde hair fell in a messy array in his baby blue eyes. No matter how beautiful the color, all Cassandra saw was his desire to hurt her. The man who had appeared first, had stolen the moment she was distracted and taken few vital steps closer. Cassandra scolded herself for her negligence. She had to do her best to keep her eyes on all three of them and stall them until Julius came.

A thought stopped her in her slow retreat; what if they tried to hurt Julius? What if they killed him? It would be all her fault and guilt would see to it that she followed him to the grave. Very well, it was up to her to save herself; she had to run.

"Purple's my favorite color..." The blond said as he groped his groin. Her throat went dry with that one vulgar act and her pulse was jumping in her throat. She tried to calm her heart but already it was leaping with the urge to run.

"Please, my husband will be here any moment."

"Is that so?" The one that face her asked. He reached into his pocket and finally pulled out what she'd guessed was there. The blade was slightly rusted and bound to a piece of splinted wood, by a blood stained cloth. He'd obviously had other opportunities to use it. Cassandra willed her feet to keep moving away even though they felt like blocks of lead. She measured the distance between her and her assailants and tried not to focus on their individual matching blades.

"Well, we'd better get started then; wouldn't want the 'husband' to find us together now would we?" The first said.

Cassandra spun with her skirts lifted and ran as fast as she could. She cursed her slippers; they were not fashioned for running, but if she stopped now, they would surely have her.

"Help! Somebody help me please! Ahhh!" Her last exclaim was cut off by the weight of someone crashing into her from behind. She tried so hard to scramble from beneath him, but he was already holding onto her so tightly. Screaming and bucking, she finally got to her back to see that it was the blond that had caught up to her. The older two, seeing no need to rush, were taking their time strolling towards them; confident that she wasn't getting away.

"Please don't hurt me!" She pled, but it only seemed to excite him more.

"Oh, I can’t promise you that." He chuckled. Cassandra slapped at him and kicked out with all her might, because he'd made clear that there wouldn't be any mercy for her today. Her right knee had hit a soft spot between his legs and it sent him rolling off of her in pain. He held onto his erection with cries of pain and when he'd glared up at her with scalding anger and disgust, she began to crawl backwards on her hands. Cassandra screamed when his hand shot out and latched onto her ankle, but she managed to yank it free before his grip could tighten. He cursed her when all he found was her slipper in his hand. She saw that the others had begun to trot and there was no way she would stand there and let them catch up to her. Kicking off the other slipper, she stumbled to her feet and ran as fast as her legs would allow.

Her delicate feet became bruised, gashed and bloodied by the jagged rocks she maneuvered. The beautiful bodice was suddenly too tight to run in and it made it harder for her to breathe, but as long as they proceeded to pursue her, she would keep moving. There weren’t many options to where she could run; there was only the forest and somehow she believed they had planned it.

Cassandra labored through thick bushes and sharp branches; stumbling and tripping in her escape. She could hear their heavy footsteps and their vehement jeers of what they planned to do to her. She stopped in a clearing and looked around for some place to hide. The bushes to her right were thicker, and because it was twilight, they were also darker. Not concerned by what could be crawling in them, she raced for the dense shrubs, crawled in, and settled herself on her stomach. Comfort was a luxury she couldn't afford, so she ignored the sharp pokes of the rocks and twigs in her flesh.

Cassandra held her breath at the rushing booted footfalls of her assailants. The three them cursed her as they scanned the darkened clearing for some sign of her.

"She couldn't have gotten far!" The blond yelled; pushing the sweat soaked strands of hair from his forehead. He was still favoring his groin with apparent discomfort.

"We know that Theo. You run ahead and try to catch up. We'll split east and west to cut her off." The russet bearded mad instructed. Theo nodded and was off again.

"Take east Bengy; I'll go west. Whistle if you find the bitch."

"Ok Sal." And like Theo, he was gone without any questions.

Cassandra's breath was shallow as she waited and watched Sal look around the clearing as if he saw something or heard her. She was screaming in her mind for him to not look down and see her. She urged him with her thoughts to go west as he'd planned. It didn't matter if she'd done it or not, all that mattered to Cassandra was watching Sal run west. He was gone; she was alone and though it was darker now, the moon was high in the sky.

There was no time to rest. Cassandra crawled out of her hiding, slowly got to her feet, and began to limp back the way she came. Her legs burned and trembled with the effort to walk and there were a lot of cuts at the bottom of her feet. She wasn't sure how she would make it back home, but she was willing to try.

"You finally came out of hiding..." Cassandra gasped and reeled around at the horrifying sound of Theo's voice. He'd snuck up right behind her and before she could react, his hand grabbed her upper arms and locked them to her sides. Cassandra cried out from the pain but she was too fatigued to fight.

"Why are you doing this?" She cried; the ocean blue of her eyes gleamed in the light rays of the moon. Theo changed his grip to one hand, binding both of her hands and giving him the pleasure to press the length of his body against hers. She gasped and went horribly still with the press of cold metal to her throat and the push of hard flesh at her stomach. He was getting excited by just hurting her. If Cassandra thought too hard about twitching, he would cut her. Theo left her bending backwards with some small attempt to flee the blade, but it did her no good; it still bit at her flesh.

"Please..." she sobbed lightly; fearing she would slit her own throat if she spoke to loud. Theo ignored her pleas, turned his bottom lip under his teeth and whistled at an ear bleeding pitch; obviously it was for Sal and Bengy's benefit. Cassandra gave up; there was no way she could fight the three men all by herself. No one would find her as no one would think she was silly enough to had ventured so far into the dark forest, especially all alone.

She closed her eyes and cringed as Theo groped her with his free hand. He taunted her with horrible words; describing all the nasty things he would do to her body before his uncle and brother would. Swiftly and very much cruelly, he tossed her to the ground and she was too stunned by the impact to react. His weight crushed her into the jagged rocks beneath her. If this was some insight on how her night would end, cuts and bruises would be the least of her worries.

The other men came back sooner than she had anticipated. Clearly they hadn't gotten that far. Maybe they'd suspected she'd been close all along. What fool she was.

"Good job Theo. Considering the rules; you found her first so you get to have her first." Sal said with a cold grin. Theo's eyes lit up at the prospect of taking Cassandra first. He acted as if he was granted kingship over his own kingdom. Cassandra felt her worth drop on par with that of a mere piece of meat.

As Theo tore away at her beautiful dress, her mind did her justice and chose to block her from what was about to happen. Cassandra felt numb all over and it was a small miracle that she would not take for granted. Instead of thinking about Theo's lips at her neck, she thought Julius. Where was he? Could he still be waiting for at her family's graves? Would he go to her home in search of her? What would he think or feel after she failed to show up after a few days? Would he look here for her then, or would he think it moot?

"What was that?" Bengy asked and Theo went still, looking up to see what his comrade had heard. It took Cassandra far longer than was healthy for her to pay attention. She'd really escaped the moment, into the safety of her mind to block out the feel of Theo's lips on her bare breasts. She couldn't withstand the pain of his tight grip and the discomfort of the watchful eyes that hovered over her. She looked up at him and saw that he was glancing over at the bushes that were edging the clearing a few yards from them. The low animalistic growls that came from them woke up the pin like hairs at the nape of her neck.

Bengy began to walk over to the bushes; twirling his blade with each step. Sal advised him to be careful, but Bengy ignored him and proceeded with brute confidence that he was stronger than whatever he was about to face. Cassandra remained still and made it her only goal to not distract Theo from watching his brother. The bushes jerked suddenly and startled them all. Bengy was braver than most, because even that didn't stop him. He was inches away when suddenly he leapt up and pounced at the bushes. He attacked it with an attempt to maim whatever lurked in them. A squirrel jumped out in a frenzy to get away from the madness. They all froze and seconds later erupted with laughter. Cassandra shuddered with her fear still in place; squirrels never made such blood chortling sounds. Yet they were content with what they had found. From the corner of her eye, she saw Theo's attention return to her. She turned her head slowly and winced not only from the sudden flash of lightening or the crack of thunder, but also from the viscous gleam in his eyes.

"Now, where were we?" He chuckled. Cassandra whimpered as the rain crashed down upon her sore skin and Theo became more enthused with working the rest of her body out of her dress. And there it was again, the menacing growl from the bushes. Bengy had turned back around to take a look. Cassandra couldn't take watching Theo any longer, but instead settled her gaze on Sal and Bengy. Just as he was about to lean over the shrubbery, his body made a violent jolt and took with a chaotic fit of trembles.

"What is it Bengy?" Sal asked; no longer able to endure the suspense. Bengy coughed out an agonizing groan as he began to straighten.

Cassandra knew that something was wrong. Her eyes try to focus into the darkness the quivering man was engulfed in. There was a shocking flash of lightening that had lasted longer than a second. But a second had been long enough. Her eyes saw it, but her mind was refusing to make sense of it, much less believe it. She screamed because no matter what her mind chose to believe, Bengy was still dead due to an arm protruding straight through the other side of his body. Another flash revealed his heart clenched tightly in the fist that had struck through him like a hot blade. Theo was off of her and screaming his fallen brother's name. There was a distinct wet thud that registered as Bengy's body hitting the ground in a puddle of his own blood.

Cassandra scrambled away from Theo; tripping backwards with her fruitless attempts to stand.

"Uncle Sal! Did you see that? That was a fucking hand in his chest!" He exclaimed.

"Silence boy!" Sal scold. He was watching every shadow that moved for some signs of the killer. Cassandra had no desire to find him. Fear demanded that she hid herself behind the bolder she'd managed to stumble to. With each slap of the rain, she tried her best not to cry as it splattered against her face. She felt heavy in her tattered, drenched clothes; running in her state may prove impossible.

Sall treaded the edges of the clearing cautiously. Whoever had killed Bengy was very fast and obviously lethal. No man should be able to shove his hand through another like that.

"Come out you fucking coward! Afraid you'd have to hide in the shadows to fight? Come out and try me! Or are you too scared? That's why you're hiding isn't it? Show yourself and I'll skin you alive you piece of shit!-" Sal's words were cut short when the man in question stepped out from the shadows. Cassandra gasped with disbelief. It was Julius; or so it seemed. The white tunic between his grey jacket, was dripping blood; blood that was running down his chin. There was a savage coldness to his face and a predatorily grace to the way he stalked Sal.

"Coward? Hiding? Afraid! You dare to accuse me of such, when you've chased a defenseless woman into the forest to rape and kill her?"

His voice didn't sound right. It was deeper and edged dangerously to a growl especially when he snarled. Just to hear him talk in such a manner made Cassandra wonder if it hurt. Sal had backed up to the center of the clearing, with Julius following upon each step. Theo was silent with his retreat; getting closer to where Cassandra hid. Though that should alarm her, she couldn't be bothered when Julius was there looking so terrifying. He didn't look like himself yet it was him; all blood splattered and menacing. She heard him chuckle, and as always it made her skin dance with delight as if it would leave her body if he spoke it. But this time, the sensation was different. This time, she was afraid. Julius tossed something at Sal that sent the man in hysterics. It dropped in the mud at his feet with an audible splash.

Sal dashed for Julius, coming downward with his blade, but Julius wasn't there to meet it. At the last minute, he side stepped him and shattered every rib in Sal's side with the force of his fist. Sal began to crumble in pain, but Julius grabbed him by his hair and pulled him to his feet. He forced Sal to stand or deal with his scalp being ripped from his head. Julius yanked his head into a bad angle that bared his neck. The older man was crying and pleading with Julius for mercy, but the darkness in his eyes said that it was too late, and no mercy would be given this night.

Cassandra was rendered immobile with shock; a single cell with the only ability to watch. She hated what they had all done to her; it had been more humiliating than terrifying and for that she didn't want someone to die on behalf of her injured pride. Yet the words still wouldn't leave her lips. She watched Sal struggle to stand; Julius eyes a rich gold that threatened to bleed down his cheeks. She gasped at the threat his growl presented and somewhere inside her mind a little voice was fluttering with thanks that his anger was not turned on her. She yelled for him to stop, but it was too late; Julius had sunk his fangs deep into Sal's neck. A guesser of blood flushed from the broken skin and sprayed across her love's face. With his last attempts to put up a fight, Sal angled his arm back and drove downward with the tip of his blade angled at Julius' exposed throat. There was no lapse of time to prove he'd done it, but Julius caught his victim's arm just in time, without ceasing his meal. Without warning, Sals arm snapped backwards at a sickening angle, leaving the man screaming and fighting his pain in Julius' arms.

The sound of bones giving away under the brute force of his grip made Cassandra's stomach heave forward and her head swoon. Fighting the urge to bring up her lunch, she covered her mouth and muffled the hysteric sobs that crawled out of her. This man could not be her gentle Julius; he was too barbaric. A monster!

Theo fell backwards into her view and she yelped a choked scream; startled at his sudden movement. He turned to her on his knees with tear filled eyes of his own and Cassandra pulled her legs in closer, cringing from his touch.

"Please lea-"

"Make him stop!" He whispered with much trepidation.

"I can't!" Cassandra moaned. Her eyes kept flinching at the sounds of Sal dying cries.

"Don't let him kill me! I'm sorry Miss, I am so sorry!" Theo wept; gripping her arms as if it were his last hope. There was one last bone crumbling sound over the rain and it made them both whimper.

"I can't make him stop...I can't!" she sobbed.

"Try! You must try, please! He'll kill me if you don't! Plea-ahhh!" Theo was yanked backwards, which had her moving with his momentum. His grip raked away skin as it left her arms and had her lying face first in the mud.

"Julius no!" She screamed as she scrambled to her feet. Cassandra pushed up with the support of the bolder and looked up just in time to see Theo being kicked to the other side of the clearing.

"Mine!" Julius bellowed with an insane roar. Blood was pouring out of Theo's mouth, but somehow he managed to get to his feet and attempt a sprint into the forest. One moment Julius was taking a step, and before the next foot could fall, he was gone. Cassandra was shaking from the cold and her spiking fear as she made her way to the edges of the clearing where Theo disappeared. There was carnage everywhere. How could so much blood come from two bodies? She told herself to look away; to not damage her mind any further with the taint of red. There was too much to see and she didn't want to make all of it a permanent memory to haunt her slumber and every other waking moment. Just as she decided to look away, she spotted Bengy's heart next to Sal's twisted arm. The bones were shattered and protruding through wrung skin. Her mind understood what it was seeing and so did her stomach. Doubled over, she released her last meal with a painful wretch. It wasn't just what she saw that made her vomit; it was the pungent scent of her own vomit mixed with the scent of defecation. One of their bowels had relaxed under the sting of death and it was horrid. Cassandra backed away coughing, but not looking where she was going, she tripped over Sal's broken neck. The skin was twisted in the way one would ring a wet cloth, but the contrast was the sight of bones and blood wrapped in the chaos. What she feared had finally happened. Her mind was broken now and she could do nothing but respond with short panting screams and flailing arms and feet. She turned around with the urgency to crawl away, but came quickly to a halt. Stooping before her with his head inclined and eyes still aglow was the monster that bore Julius' face and he was much bloodier than he was before he pursued Theo. She registered with a blood curdling feeling that the young man was dead. There was a building scream in Cassandra's chest; just collecting and waiting till there was no more space for it to accumulate and there would be only one means of escape.

"Cassandra..." He growled. It was gentler than what he'd done to the others, but it was still a growl. She began to retreat on hands and knees, but he followed her at the same pace with the elegant prowl of any predator. She fell backwards and looked up just as he pressed his blood stained palm to her cheek. Though his eyes were normal again, it changed nothing' she was afraid of him and he'd given her enough reasons why she should be. Finally there was no more room in the cavity of her chest and the escape was open. She screamed. Her throat felt as if it was tearing apart but she screamed. Her mind screamed for her to get away from him; to protect herself and run. No good can come from his touch. There was blood everywhere because of him. He was a-

"Monster!" She shrieked, yanking her arm from his grasp. Julius's jaw went slack with disbelief. The word rang out in the night like the curse it was, and what made it so powerful was that she had spoken it; his love.

"No...I am not a monster. Cassandra..." He said gently.

"Get away!" She screamed; scurrying in the aftermath of Bengy and Sal's demise.

"Dear God! Somebody help me!" She sobbed.

"Cassandra, please don't be afraid of me. You must know that I'd never hurt you, right?"

"You killed them! You killed them all! How could you?"

"T-to save you my love." Julius tried to explain. He wanted to get closer to her. If he could just hold her, everything could be so much better. His arms ached to close around her.

"Do not call me that! Just...just get away from me!"


"You are cruel Julius...: She whispered.

"Please..." He held his head down; the blow of her words stealing his strength.

"You're a monster!"

"I did it for you...for you..."

"I don't know what you are. I don't know who you are anymore." She cried; her heart a shattering pain in her chest.

"It's me Cassandra...Julius...your love." His voice shook with suppressed tears.

"No! I do not love you! I simply cannot! You will never be the man I use to love. You. Are. A . Monster! And I will forever dread the night we crossed paths."

There was nothing but the sound of rain and Cassandra's racing heart to be heard. Julius felt the vibration of his world erupting beneath him. She didn't love him. Maybe it was just her shock speaking, but her words struck him deeper than any blade ever would. Completely consumed with dread, he lifted his head and gazed into her wild fear filled eyes. She was so afraid and he could only conclude it to be all his fault. Julius couldn't let them live; their thoughts were only to hurt her and then kill her slowly. They'd done it before and they were hungry to do it again. But there was no way of convincing her. Cassandra was too afraid of him to even want to hear him speak.

"Then...forget me." He finally said. Her brows furrowed with confusion of such simple words. Just when she was about to ask him what he meant, she blinked and the space before that was once vacant was now filled with sight of him. Her throat closed up with the threat to scream and all she could manage was a whimper as she trembled in his presence. The light press of his palms on her cheeks was warm and would've been soothing under other conditions, but not this night. Her breathing was shallow and painful; her heart and aching pound against her rib cage. Cassandra thought he would kill her even though there was sorrow in his eyes.

"Please don't hurt me." She whispered.

"I would never want to hurt you Cassandra. There is no desire in me for it. Later, we will be together; we will love each other as we once did before this night. But for now, you must do something for me."

"What?" She cried. As Julius watched her eyes brim with tears, he found himself swallowing back tears of his own. Blood tears rimmed his eyes and won over his will as they trailed down his cheeks. The light awoke in his eyes again; a golden brilliance that was nearly blinding.

"I need you to forget me."

Cassandra's body went slack as she stared into his eyes.

"Forget?" She murmured.

"Yes. Forget everything you knew of Julius. Forget that you loved him. For this moment, forget me and this night. You will sleep, and when you awake in the morning, all memories of us will be erased. You will go on...happy, with life. You will feel safe and loved." Julius swallowed the phantom lump in his throat and kissed her lips with reverence. This kiss would be all he would have until he found her again. He would never forget the way she tasted of lavender and crisp, fresh rain. Julius would never forget.

"Sleep Cassandra..." He whispered against her lips. He felt her sliding away into her subconscious and away from him. Cassandra was gone. Julius picked her up and started the journey to her home. All along, she slept and he wept.

Cassandra knew her cheeks were stained with her tears. She knew the tears were staining his tunic, as she was still pressed against his chest. She was sobbing from the pain the memories awoke in her. She felt lost, hurt and abandoned, but most of all she felt guilty. She knew that she'd loved him more than she'd ever loved Stephen, so for her to had spoken so cruelly to him was horrible. No wonder Julius got so angry when she called him a monster.

"Everything you showed was all real." She whispered and though she wasn't asking, Julius answered with a yes that sounded drained and defeated. Cassandra dragged herself from him gingerly, and Julius let her slip out of his embrace. She gazed into his eyes and finally she understood what that look meant; she'd broken his heart and he still loved her. It had taken her so long to comprehend the longing in his eyes and the eager desire to possess her. Julius had and still loved her.

"I never even said thank you..."she murmured. Julius looked away from her searching eyes, but she touched the side of his jaw to capture his gaze again. When his eyes met hers again, the need to cry and mourn a love lost was rekindled. How could she have broken such a strong and confident man? Compared to him, Cassandra was frail in stature; he was stronger and faster than she would ever be. Yet she'd wounded him deeper than soothing hands could touch. Years had passed since that night; ten years and for ten years she had gone on and forgotten him. Ten years and he could do nothing but remember. Nothing but yearn for a love that was once his and had been stolen against his will. must hate me..." she said; her voice a small caress to his ears. It was a dismayed thought she'd spoken aloud and though it was softly so to him, it was a bellowing ruckus in her mind. It echoed off the walls of her inside and everywhere it touched it bruised. If she felt like this, how did he survive ten years? Julius cupped her neck with both hands and kissed her neck with sweet reverence. With a sigh, she closed her eyes and the memory of his lips and the many nights he had kissed her there.

"I admit I was angry with you for not loving me the way I couldn't help loving you; for forgetting me even though it was my powers that made it so. But hating you was impossible because I simply didn't know how."

Cassandra glanced up into Julius eyes and felt the truth and power behind his words. As he spoke, it felt as if her mind was awakening from some long, undisturbed slumber. Like cobwebs that kept the memory of Julius concealed but were now being brushed away, she was slowly remembering it all; remembering him. Overwhelmed beyond her capacity, her head swooned and Julius caught her. He drew her into his arms, stood with little effort, and took her to the bed.

"It is so hard to think without a memory colliding into my thoughts. Oh Julius, there are so many." she whispered in wonder. Julius placed her down, and sat next to her. He could tell that she was distracted by the memory and whenever there was a new one, she would wince and her expression would change. There would be a year’s worth of them because never a night had passed from the moment he'd met her that he'd missed a night in her presence.

"Yes, I know darling." The light caress of his finger tips on her face made her relax and snuggle her cheek into his palm. It felt absolutely right to have him touch her so. Cassandra opened heavy laden eyes and her heart skipped a beat at the sight of his smile. It was the first she'd seen it since the night she'd awaken in his chambers, but it felt familiar and oddly nostalgic. Heavens, she'd truly missed him.

"I must leave you now..." He said; his voice a deep rumble that pulsed through her.

"But why?" She asked; jolting upright at his words. Her reaction surprised him, but Julius loved it.

"The Ball continues; I must attend or it will be an insult to my guests. In fact, I've delayed them long enough." He tried to slide his hand from her grasp but she held on tight and refused to let go.

"Julius I..." She paused with her mouth searching for the words she couldn't seem to find. No, that was a lie; Cassandra knew what she wished to say, she was just ashamed to utter them. All this time she'd been so furious with Julius, to feel differently so nearly scared her.

"I will come back Cassandra, but for now, you need this moment alone."

"Why?" she whined.

"Because I need you to remember everything and you won't need to be distracted to do that."

Julius leaned forward and kissed her forehead again. Cassandra seemed disappointed, but she relinquished his hand. Julius stood without another word and turned for the door. He was just stepping over the threshold when he felt arms embracing him from behind, about his waist. A shudder ran through Julius body as he closed his eyes and melted in her arms. She willing came to him and willing touched him. He bowed his head at the sheer joy of the moment he was now standing in; there was no place else he'd rather be. If he were human, he would send Habashi to his guest expressing his sudden illness, but they'd sniff out that lie without any effort required.

"Oh Julius, I do not know why I am reacting this way. All I do know is that I would rather have my arms torn from about you permanently, than willingly let you go right now." She whispered with her eyes wide and her cheek pressed to his back. Julius' heart stole that moment to wake up and take a violent leap in his chest. He turned to face her and slid an arm about her waist as he pulled her closer. She inclined her head to receive the kiss he was burning up to impart to her. This kiss was better than any kiss he'd ever taken; more delicious than anything he'd ever tasted and made him feel more alive than the night he was reborn. What made it all the better, was that she was devouring him just as he did her. Julius ran his hands eagerly over her body and it simply was not enough. The sweet lavender aroma consumed him and made him burn to ash in her arms. Heavens he had missed her!

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