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Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Delia Welsch is 'living her best life'. Adventuring across Asia to find direction, peace, and wisdom about the world and her place in it, she never expected to find him. The charming, dominant, and handsome Andre may be more dangerous than he appears.


Delia Welsch is 'living her best life'. Adventuring across Asia to find direction, peace, and wisdom about the world and her place in it, she never expected to find him. The charming, dominant, and handsome Andre may be more dangerous than he appears.

Chapter2 (v.1) - You Captivate Me

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Submitted: May 02, 2021

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 02, 2021



He held my gaze for a few moments before I turned back to Olivia, flushed, and off center. She turned smiling her wide beautiful smile and handed me a drink. For a moment I considered, taking drinks from strangers? Maybe not the best idea, but I trusted her. I took a sip and found myself in a small huddle of the 4 of us talking.

“So, Delia, you party much in America?” asked Jess.

“Not so much, every now and again,” I shouted back over the thumping music.

“Then I guess we’ll have to help you make up for lost time!” exclaimed Olivia. Nigel smirked and shook his head before draping his arm over Olivia’s tiny shoulders. For a moment my eyes rested on his arm around her, so protective, so secure. I was briefly reminded of the last man whose arm had snaked around my shoulders, and a deep pang hit me square in the chest. I shook my head to shake loose the memory of the man I’d once loved, and the ring I’d once worn.

“Come my love,” said Olivia turning to Nigel and placing a hand on his chest. “Let’s dance!” He seemed less than enthused, but he followed her with an indulgent smile as she dragged him onto the dance floor, looking like a father might at his little girl demanding he ride the carousel with her. Jess and I stood in amiable silence for a moment before I asked her if she had seen where the restroom might be. She pointed me in the right direction, and I walked to go find it.

Moving through the crowd, I heard mostly Indonesian, but every now and again my eyes and ears would land on a group of people speaking German or Russian. Seemed like a popular club for tourists, but there were a fair number of locals. After I’d reached the bathroom, thankful there stood an actual toilet instead of the not-so-uncommon hole in the ground, I made my way back to my friends. As I shifted through the thick crowd of people again, I felt someone grasp my arm, not hard, but enough to get my attention. I looked to find a man, few inches taller than me, with a thick mustache and deep-set eyes smirking down at me.

“I haven’t seen you here before,” he said.

I backed up a half step answering, “Haven’t been here before.”

“Well, if you’re interested in heading somewhere more… entertaining, I happen to know a few places,” he baited.

“I’m alright, if you’ll excuse me,” I made my way to leave until he grasped me by the arm again.

I turned and he’d gotten even closer. Over the music in the club he said, “Oh come on, gorgeous. It’s not every day I have the opportunity to get well acquainted with an American,” his eyes traveled down my body and he smirked.

I pulled my arm out of his grasp again and went to tell him off but was interrupted by a deep voice over my shoulder. “Luc, if she’s not interested, take the hint, or you only come off desperate, my friend.”

I turned to look over my right shoulder and gasped. My eyes caught his again, and this time there was a playful glint in them. The same man I had seen earlier now stood mere inches from me, his eyes never leaving Luc. Luc put up his hands in a surrender position and made his way back through the crowd away from us. I turned to face the other man who had come to my rescue. He looked down at me and gave me a small smile.

“Try not to hold it against him. Luc can be very… forward,” His accent was unmistakably French.

I found my voice again to respond, “Well, he should learn to take a hint.”

He chuckled and ran a hand through his hair, “Yes, I wouldn’t argue with you there. What’s your name?”

“Delia,” I answered.

“Andre,” His name flowed off his tongue and into my ears like music. ‘Andre’ I’d mull that name over in my head for hours. “So, are you out here finding yourself or attempting to lose yourself?”

I took a moment to consider his question, “A bit of both, really. You?”

“Oh, nothing as noble as all that. Business,” he smiled.

“What line of work are you in?” I asked him.

“Pharmaceutical sales.” I paused, glancing him up and down. The scar on his cheek and the rough and tumble dark hair on his head did not strike me as that of the kind of man that trotted in and out of hospitals hocking his wares, but I figured looks could be deceiving.

He shifted closer to me so he could be more easily heard, but the gravity I felt between us didn’t escape my notice, “So, Delia, would you like to see a real Indonesian party?”

“A Frenchman is going to educate me on the locals?” I raised my eyebrow.

“You’d be surprised how familiar this Frenchman is.”

“Well, what kind of party is it? Who’s to say I won’t be bored to tears,” I tested him.

“Ma chere, the only question you should be asking, is if you can keep up.”

I rolled it over in my mind. I should probably stay with Olivia and the group, after all, they were the ones that had invited me, and they seemed safe enough. I didn’t know this Andre, and I didn’t know what he considered a party either. He seemed potentially dangerous, and so, naturally, I nodded.

“Guess we’ll have to find out,” He nodded back and placed a hand on the small of my back, leading me through the crowd. His hand sent electric current through me and I tried to keep my blush in check. On my way, out I caught Olivia’s eye and smiled and nodded to her, my expression reassuring her all is well. She caught my meaning, looked over to Andre, and winked at me. I rolled my eyes at her and followed him out of the club.

As he clicked his keys the headlights of a beautiful grey classic car glinted at us. He walked me over to the passenger’s side and opened the door for me. The gentlemanly acts got me every time. ‘How chivalrous’ I thought to myself. I slid in the low riding seat, and he closed the door behind me. He got in the driver’s side and turned the key, sparking the engine to life. In moments we were racing down the city streets, my eyes glued to the window and all of the sights and sounds rushing by me once again. The city was alive with street food vendors, nightclubs, and an entirely new culture to me. I glimpsed the famous Wisma 46 building towering against the skyline and remembered having seen it in my travel books.

A small grin played on Andre’s face as he weaved in and out of the city traffic as though he had done it thousands of times before, and he probably had.

“How long have you been in Jakarta?” I asked him.

He shrugged, “Back and forth a good while.” His accent was warm against my skin and made me feel light and heady.

After a few more turns and lane changes, he slowed and parked the car in front of a grand building with rounded doorway arches and bright painted engravings. He got out of the car and made his way to my door to open it for me, and as I stepped out the bass from the music inside the gate of the building. It looked like some kind of complex, with a high gate and two 3 story buildings on either side, connected by the wall between them. Andre took my hand, a gesture I didn’t expect at all, that brought flutters into my stomach.

He led me to the large gate and opened it to reveal a party in full swing. My hand still in his, he led me into the crowd. We entered into a courtyard with a pool, bar, and a grassy lawn between the two buildings. I looked around me at a group of predominantly Indonesians, enjoying their weekend. I saw groups of people drinking, talking, and on a table by the bar, I watched a man lean over with a short straw held to his nose and snort a line of white powder from the glass tabletop. Sure, I’d seen people do drugs before, I’d even smoked on occasion, but I’d never seen anyone do them so openly. I walked a bit closer to Andre. We walked over to the bar area and I found a familiar face. Luc looked up from where he sat with his arm laid over a petite girl’s shoulders and smiled, waving. Andre nodded back to him with a smile. Guess Luc found what he was looking for, I thought to myself.

Andre leaned over to the bartender and ordered something I couldn’t quite hear over the crowd and the music. The bartender quickly handed him two drinks, of which he handed me one.

“What is it?” I asked him.

“Magic. Drink it, tell me what you think,” he grinned.

I rolled my eye at him and sighed, ‘When in Rome’ I thought. I sipped a small sip of the drink which tasted dangerously unlike alcohol. It was sweet and had a small bite, maybe ginger? I nodded at him with a smile, “It’s good!” We sat at the bar for a moment, sipping our drinks. I was looking around me at the party, but I had the feeling I had harnessed all of his unwavering attention.

“So, Delia, what do you hope to find on this trip of yours?”

His questions were so forward, but I felt inclined to answer. “Peace, I think, and a greater understanding of a world that’s so much bigger than me and where I come from.”

“Alright, Miss America,” he teased. “Now tell me the real story.”

I blushed and shook my head, “It’s a long story…”

“We’ve got as long as we need. This right here,” he gestured to the party and the complex around him. “This is my universe, and so we have all the time in the world.”

I swallowed. I didn’t owe this stranger anything, I reminded myself. But here I was, on the verge of telling a story I hadn’t told anyone since I had left the states. I wasn’t even sure where to begin.

“I was engaged. He was a good man, always treated me fairly, got along with my family, the whole deal, but I always felt like I was fighting for his attention. Whether it was work or other obligations, even when it was just us, I was always performing to keep his interest. I couldn’t seem to captivate him. So, I broke it off. Nobody really understood why, and he begged me not to, but after that I couldn’t stay wandering the same places we had been together. So now I’m here. I decided I wanted to build a new adventure that would be just mine.” It felt wildly relieving to tell someone. He paused a moment, soaking in my confession.

“Mmm, so you’re running away,” he said slowly.

“Well, no, I wouldn’t call it that,” I stammered.

“Oh no, there’s no shame in that. Sometimes running away from something is the best choice. Never know what you’ll run into on the way,” he trailed off, holding my gaze.

I wanted to change the subject. “So, how’d you end up here?”

“Ah that is a not so long and very boring story, and I refuse to bore you with dull conversation. Come, dance with me,” he said flashing a bright smile before taking my hand and leading me away from the bar. Throughout our conversation I had finished my drink and was feeling light and wavy. In the midst of the crowd of people he took both my hand and pulled my body closer to move against his. The sway in the rhythm had both of us moving in sync, my chest pressed close against his. I was getting warmer with every passing second. His dark eyes held my rapt attention, and I wondered for a moment why someone so beautiful might have such an interest in me.

Just as the thought entered my mind he leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine. The kiss began soft and gentle, just barely there. My heart fluttered up in my throat, and I was sure he could feel my heart hammering against his shirt. He lifted a hand and tangled it in my wild honey colored curls and deepened the kiss. I tilted my head back for him, and his lips caressed mine with a dominance I hadn’t ever experienced before. His other arm snaked behind my back and secured my body tightly against his. He nudged one of his knees slightly between my legs and I let out a small moan into his mouth as his tongue met mine.

He pulled back just far enough to whisper against my ear, “Come with me.”

He took my hand, and I gladly followed him obediently out of the crowd. This was happening. I was about to have a one-night stand, I thought, and I was filled with anticipation. He led me towards one of the buildings on either side of the courtyard. I saw a few people swimming in the pool, and even noticed Luc making out with the woman I’d seen him with earlier. He had one hand up her shirt already.

Andre led me to the ornately decorated red and gold door of the building, and I followed him inside. Once inside we made our way up one flight of stairs to another door which he quickly unlocked. Once inside, I marveled at the layout around me. An open concept floor plan of one of the most beautiful homes I had ever seen. The low seating in the living room was inviting, and the multitude of plants in the kitchen and along the hallway on the other side of the living space looked as though the jungle had followed us inside.

I didn’t have long to marvel at my new surroundings, however, because no sooner had the door shut behind us, Andre swept me back into his arms. His lips explored up and down my neck leaning it back to grant him further access. His kisses turned into bites as his teeth began leaving lovely marks along my skin. I panted and moaned, running my hands through his hair, beckoning him closer as we stumbled in this embrace towards the hallway.

He backed me into the bedroom and slid his fingers beneath the hem of my shirt. He stopped kissing me just long enough to pull my top over my head, freeing my breasts for him. A look passed over his face I could only characterize as lust before he ran a hand up my ribs. I held my breath as he began to palm one of my breasts in his large hand. He leaned forward to kiss me again, and this time I would not hold back. My body would not allow it. I kissed him with a need that came from deep within my core. I moaned as he pinched my nipple between his fingertips. It was my turn to pull away as I impatiently tugged his shirt over his head. His body was breathtaking. Masculine and imposing in every line and contour of his frame. It made me feel so entirely feminine in contrast. I went back to kissing him for just a moment before he placed a hand square on my chest and pushed me to fall onto the bed on my back. He was on me in moments, hands running through my hair, and his teeth tugging at my bottom lip. I lifted my knees to wrap my legs around his half naked body, pulling him closer to me.

He pulled away from the kiss to look me in the eyes, and his wolfish grin told me everything he was thinking. He ran his lips down the center of my body, sending shivers up my spine and making me tingle in a manner that demanded more. He kissed all the way down to the waistband of my skirt, then hooked his thumbs around it, and pulled the skirt along with my thong down my legs. I was completely exposed to this perfect stranger, and I did not feel an ounce of shame for it. I wanted this mysterious man, and in that moment, it was all that mattered.

He ran his lips down below my navel and snaked his hands between my legs, spreading them further and opening me up to him. I felt so incredibly naked, and I felt the impulse to hide myself somehow. That thought only lasted a moment, because it was quickly wiped away with the feeling of his tongue running up my drenched pussy. The room was quickly filled with the sounds of my moans. I tossed my head back and arched my back, inviting him in further. His tongue deftly explored my body and brought the heat within me to a fever pitch. When he pressed one finger deep into me, I was completely undone. I came hard for him and shook from the rapture of it. He was relentless even as I began to beg him that my body couldn’t take anymore. He took one long slow last lick up my center before crawling back up the bed.

I was flushed and panting from the onslaught of pleasure he’d brought me. He kissed me sweetly while he pulled his pants down and off. I felt the velvet sensation of his skin against mine. His chest pressed against my breasts, my sweat slicked thigh against his, where my belly brushed his when I breathed in. His lips came back down to mine and they tasted faintly of me. As his tongue slipped into my mouth, I felt him press his cock gently against me. My heart was racing beneath my ribs, and my entire body was wound up in sweet anticipation. In one long, slow stroke he’d filled me entirely. I let out a long breathy moan into the night.

The room was soon filled with the sounds of our intimacy as he took over my body completely. He was demanding and rough with me in the way only a domineering man could be.

“Look at me,” he moaned and wound a hand in my hair and pulled my head back for my eyes to meet his as he thrust in and out of me in a hypnotic rhythm. It felt right to obey him. His eyes were dark and passionate, and the moan that left his lips only brought my pleasure higher. I bit my lip as I felt my second orgasm cresting, and as I came, I brought my hands to his back and gripped onto him as if to keep myself from being washed away entirely. I buried my face in the crook of his neck and screamed my release. It only spurred him on as he pounded further into me harder and harder. My legs shook around his hips as he sought his pleasure from me. I panted, moaned, and begged, but I knew he wouldn’t slow until he was ready to.

He began letting out deeper growls and tightened his grip on my hair and the other on my thigh. I was sure he’d leave a bruise, and I looked forward to it. He let out a final deep and satisfied moan as he thrust all the way into my body. The feeling of him finding his release deep inside of me was breathtaking, and I stayed buried in his shoulder, savoring this moment with this man. He remained still for a moment, panting. Then he oh so slowly pulled out of me making my body feel empty.

He rolled over to his side and quickly gathered me into his arms. He made me feel so small against his large muscular frame. I began to bury my head in his chest, but his hand came up under my chin and angled my face to face his. His eyes were half lidded and heavy, and he leaned down and laid a gentle kiss on my forehead.

“Delia, you captivate me,” he whispered.

If only I had known how that word would soon change my life forever.

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