Necessity Necessity

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


The only stipulation is to not stay until morning.


The only stipulation is to not stay until morning.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Going Out

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After waking up unnaturally early, Suoh ends up heading out to see Reisi.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 08, 2013



A:N: Mature content in later chapters.


Suoh x Reisi

Chapter 1

The polished wood gave a weathered creak beneath each heavy boot-step. A chain, amongst other metallic jewelery jangled in tune with every delayed footfall as the red king himself trudged down the 2nd floor hallway. Hands in his pockets and dreadful boredom occupying his expression, Mikoto took his time approaching the first level of the bar Homra. Amazingly, he was able to get out of bed without fully waking Anna. The preadolescent strain often stayed at his side as an attached daughter would; but this morning, she chose to stay curled up in the warm spot he left behind. Suoh didn't mind her company, in its abundance, however there were many times when he just wanted to leave the bar and have time to himself. Even if his outings may have dealt with him attending another bar altogether, while he was a beloved and much sought after king and comrade, there were moments when a strong drink and a little privacy were all he asked for. And that was on his agenda for today.

At 7 am in the morning, it was a bit strange to hear him moving about so much. Izumo knew this better than anyone. Yet, each time his freeloading friend would show so much activity this early, he was either going out to roam about in solitude, have a drink someplace else away from him, or go visit a certain Scepter 4 individual. The latter wasn't as frequent as the first two, but more often than not, it ended up as the conclusion. The blonde bartender had never fully voiced his opinions towards Mikoto's behaviors involving the blue king, but he did get the point across to keep such affairs elsewhere and away from his eyes.

Somewhere between the 6th and last step, a lit cigarette found its way to Suoh's lips and his presence crossed Izumo's line of vision, "Going out for a drink this early, Mikoto?" the question was introduced without a glance to accompany it. Not wanting to be bombarded with some type of rant or scolding for something he wanted to do, Suoh walked past Izumo. A noncommittal grunt was his reply.

"It's not a good idea, you realize."

"It's not my fault my choices aren't all good ideas..." Mikoto dragged out in a gruff voice that was devoid of much passion. Izumo was used to dealing with his bristled friend in this popular mood of his, but at the same time, he wished Mikoto would actually hear him out. As if for that moment the two shared the same tuft of thought, Suoh paused in his steps. With his back to Izumo, he rolled his neck from shoulder to shoulder and leaned it back as if he had come to a solution, "You don't have to tell me. Keep this up and you're going to nag me to death."

The flicker of a smile touched Izumo's lips at the statement and he sighed, "Right right, Sorry, king," he mocked playfully, "Where's Anna?"

"In bed."

"Ah that's good. She's normally up by now."

Suoh groaned, displeased by the horrible attempt at small talk to dissuade him from departing, "We can finish this later. I'm leaving now..."


"What..." he questioned flatly, his hand already on one of the doors.

"Come back before morning... okay?"

While the request seemed straight-forward enough, Mikoto knew it was Izumo's way of twisting what he really wanted to divulge. In other words, he didn't want Mikoto spending the night in the arms of a particular someone. While Izumo had long accepted that Mikoto will do whatever Mikoto wanted, he wanted to spend more time with his comrade as well. The blue king couldn't have all of him.

In response, Mikoto released a coarse sigh, "Is that all?"


"See you," he waved before leaving through the threshold. After his retreat, Izumo chuckled weakly to himself as if he had been on the receiving end of a bad joke, "Can't make any promises, right, Mikoto?"


The roaming lion hadn't so much as walked a block from bar Homra before a sudden vibration reverberated in his pocket. He ignored the first few whirrs, but reluctantly picked up on the last ring. He released a puff of smoke before gracing the caller with his voice, "Hello..."

"Suoh?!" The awe on the other line belonged to the last person Mikoto would expect to get a call from this time of day. He actually found the surprise rather amusing, as he hadn't seen much of such a side from this individual in a long time. "What is it, Munakata? Shouldn't you be lecturing your lackeys on some mission briefing somewhere...?"

"...How low of you..." Reisi retorted; a tiny clinking sound came through in the background. Suoh assumed he was adjusting his glasses. A show of discomfort. Recovering swiftly, Reisi continued on, "I should have you know that I was not attempting to call you. I was looking for Awashima-kun's number and must have dialed yours by mistake."

"Ah... is that so?"

"Yes. ...It must be...!" he faltered slightly; his uncertainty was easily picked up on, "In any case, what are you doing awake so early?"

"That seems to be the question of the day, doesn't it..." Suoh drawled, uninterested. He then took a sip from his cigarette and formed a ring with the smoke. With another exhale, he added a dot in the center of it, making a sort of bulls-eye on a target, "So what if I am. Can't a guy go out for a drink whenever he wants?"

"Ahhhh, I see," Munakata understood, "It appears you wish to flee from your clansmen again."

"Heh. Says the guy with no subordinates as friends."

"That cheap blow will not effect me the same way it once did, Suoh."

"Then what are YOU doing so early, huh? Going to take your team to target practice?"

"I see you're in humored spirits today. Have you not payed attention to the calendar? Today is a Sunday. I have the day off from Scepter 4."


"And... … what?"

"Let me guess. You woke up feeling lonely and wanted to ask around for someone to hang out with you?"

"...!" an annoyed sound cut through the conversation, indicating that Suoh had hit the nail right on the head. But, he decided to play dumb and see what extravagant lie Reisi would use in his defense, "Or am I wrong?"

"Absolutely wrong. I merely wanted to ask Awashima-kun for an update on a recent report."

Suoh snickered, "On a Sunday?"

"On a Sunday," Munakata clarified.


"Are you... laughing at me?"

"Not really...haha"

"You're making fun of me, aren't you?"

"Munakata..." Suoh began, breaking the name suavely into 4 morsels, "if you want some company, all you have to do is ask. It wasn't like I had anything to do today anyway. That is, if you don't mind having me..." His words stopped shy of an ending, knowing it could have a deeper insinuation that way. Judging by their touch and go past, he knew Reisi wouldn't let loose ends go untied.

"Fine then. Drop by whenever you like."

"Ok. I'll be on my way now then..."

"Suoh... are you choosing me over bourbon?"

"There's some booze at your place isn't there?"


"Then what's the problem?"

"Suoh..." Reisi's tone changed to one of more seriousness, "Do not stay until the next morning."

"Uh huh..." he shrugged, then ended the call.


A delicate hum drifted from Reisi, his baritone flexing in melody. As he moved about within his decorative dwelling, he found himself in high spirits for some reason. Usually, he would abhor being stuck at home—left to wallow in his own devices and toil with bouts of loneliness. In most cases, after a long and uneventful day at work, he would almost always migrate towards some location that contained many different people- faceless identities sharing a common action. A bar, a park, a carnival, almost any place that, for him, masqueraded as a festive gathering ground for the broken and the left behind. He would desperately crave the contact of others, to relate with them and to talk with them. Being immersed in the vicinity so many others enjoying healthy social lives almost robbed him of as much of the bitter contentment as it offered. He wanted to be approached casually like anyone else, to show more sides of his personality that his position and work would have little room for. From being surrounded by so many attending to their routine lives gave him a false sense of "fitting in" so to speak; he wanted to form bonds; he wanted to make many friends. But because of his stature and status as king, most potential candidates for such wished to limit their interactions with him out of fear and misunderstanding. He had accepted it as the way things were just to be; his outer appearance may tend to suggest he was fine with it; internally, he was cracking. Awashima Seri was one of the few he had allowed himself to get close to, but while he considered her a colleague, there was still a thin line of limitations between them. Stranger still, while he was certain she wanted him to cross that line, he couldn't bring himself to do it.

His attraction lied within the being of someone far wilder and primitively vulgar. And with that person coming over to visit, Reisi had no one to blame but himself for tempering those emotions into song. As he finished setting a table with tea bowls and a pot of freshly brewed green tea, a knock rattled his front door.

"Yes! Who is it?" Reisi called, already making his way to the entrance on socked feet.

"Opun ahp. You ngow ish me," came Suoh's muffled reply as if something were in his mouth. A loud slurp soon followed after, causing Reisi to pause with his hand on the knob for a good few seconds. Cautiously, he creaked the door ajar and peered directly into his company's eyes. Curiosity painted Suoh's features momentarily while he was being scrutinized. Unconsciously, he gave another wet, vulgar sound from the ice cream pop between his lips. Reisi made immediate note of this, but his vision did not waver. Suoh blinked. Then he sighed and tugged the treat from his mouth. A soft pop sparked from the action, conjuring a smirk on Suoh and a frown for Reisi. His expression deepened even more when that suggestive cretin had the audacity to offer the frozen dessert to him.

"Want some?"

"I would advise you to refrain from shoving such a vulgar thing in my face, Suoh. I can only deal with one at a time," Reisi taunted with a cold half-smile. The curve to his lips mirrored along Suoh's and the rugged man chuckled, "Ah. Whoops." The response was very flaccid and meant absolutely nothing; it was more so a sound filling a spot of silence, "Suit yourself," he shrugged. He then turned his head to a profile and shoved the ice cream back in his mouth. Reisi's eyes contracted at this. While it was very subtle, he clearly noticed the tip of Suoh's tongue roll over the treat's circumference before his lips imprisoned it. And Mikoto knew Munakata caught it.

"Are goo going gto invite me in …? Moonagatda..."he teased, knowing his other wasn't a fan of mispronunciations on purpose—especially not his name. Feeling challenged, Reisi smirked darkly and opened the door. As the décor of the place, and Reisi's full form, embraced his eyes, Suoh only had a second to appreciate it before he was grabbed by the shirt and yanked towards his attractive obstacle. With their noses touching, an almost playful expression dashed with mischief dotted Reisi's features. Suoh didn't bother to interrupt. He was too amused to see where things could lead or end up. He felt Reisi near a tad closer then watched him tilt his head. His tongue snuck out to sample the cream. Once he determined the flavor, his mouth opened to speak, "I never said no, Suoh," he breathed; his slender fingers took hold of the treat's stem and he pulled it from Mikoto's mouth to slide it into his own. He then turned on his heels and returned into the room.

Alone, the red king feigned annoyance and made a childish sound, "I was gonna eat that, you know..."

"Sorry," Munakata replied in a tone starkly opposite of what one would normally have for such a word and added a wink to go with it. "Hmph..." Suoh grinned. If he could say one thing about his time spent with Munakata, it was never dull. He may have been a repellent and irritating guy, especially from his absurdly polite way of speech, but his presence was like a breath of fresh air to Mikoto. Instantly, he felt relaxed and followed Reisi into his abode.


To Be Continued


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