Chapter 68: With the Sun, We Rise

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Daybreak began to bleed in as I awoke to Ed lazily kissing the back of my neck. His arm swept around me, holding onto my shoulder, thumb stroking my skin. Traveling along slowly, but with a softness that was underlined by the callouses of his skin. Hundreds of memories shot into me, and without thinking, I smiled. My hand rose, fingers slipping through the spaces of his.


"Good morning," I said, eyes still closed. 


He returned the greeting softly, lips still against my neck. A small hum came from him as he kissed my skin again, and I felt him grin. Shivers traveled down my spine. The good kind of chills. 

I rolled around, immediately meeting his lips in a kiss. 


"Mm," I hovered my lips away, squinting one eye open, staring at him through bleary vision. "Go brush your teeth." 


It was a playful chastise, more fun than serious. Ed returned that small little noise, pecking my lips again before his forehead nestled against my shoulder. 


"You don't like my morning breath?" 


I grinned, almost laughing enough to make a sound. My shoulders and chest shook silently, and I felt his cheeks raise in a wide grin. His lips met the crook of my neck, and in his second kiss, his teeth nipped at my flesh. 


I groaned a little, the sound more of a sigh than anything else as my eyes fluttered shut again. Memories from last night came back, heat pooling again as I opened my eyes, feeling his lips draw away. His tongue slid up the side of my throat, and my breath left me completely. I held onto his shoulder a little bit more. 




The hand on my shoulder moved, trailed to my back, rough fingers tracing along the skin covering my spine, igniting a flurry of shivers. Forcing me to take note of the metal gliding against bare flesh.


He kissed the base of my jaw, murmuring low.


"Still don't like my morning breath?"


I grinned wide. He definitely knew how to negotiate... 


He moved along my throat, softly trailing kisses down and down. I grinned, turning my head away to allow him a better angle as I felt his thumb stroke the flesh of my breast. 


Gently, he moved himself until he was on top of me, kisses shifting to the other side of my neck. My grin widened, wondering what he was planning as his human hand trailed over my stomach. Excited, I took another breath in, feeling my skin arch down and escape his touch. He placed his palm flat against me before sweeping down. 


His teeth gently dug into my neck at the same moment his fingers entered me.


I gasped through my smile, body rising upwards until my breasts were pressing against Ed's chest. He grinned against my neck, leaving the bite mark to sting a little, and in response I clawed my nails into the skin of his back. 


I spread one leg out, feeling his metal hand help guide me, his leg stepping over mine to allow a better angle. His teeth clamped in between the muscle that ran along my shoulder and neck, earning a barely stifled groan as his fingers picked up the pace, strokes becoming as deep as possible. 


I tilted my head back, breathing a few choice words in time with his quick rhythm.


My toes curled, and through closed eyes I could still feel Ed watching the way my face clenched. Already, I was close. It'd been so long...


"Oh-Oh my..." HOHENHEIM'S VOICE, slightly muffled through the door of the tent.


I nearly flopped out of the bed in pure shock, feeling Ed rise away from me and onto his knees. 

Beneath the rapid sound of my heartbeat, I heard Hohenheim's footsteps back away, voice a bit louder. "I'll-I'll come back in a few minutes then.




Somewhere in the distance, I heard his father laugh. I remained hanging over the bed with one hand on my burning face. I'd never been so embarrassed... I couldn't face Hohenheim ever again. I should just leave now. Someone just get me out of here...


My brain began working, as I stepped into sunlight once more. Memories and snippets of explanation sparking in my mind. Where Al was, why this entire Homunuli hunt for Edward was happening, as speculated by Honhenheim.


Ed and I accepted his words, having no better explanation.

But as I thought back, my insides grew worried, my steps heavy. Was it really as simple as Ed's massive amount of energy? Could it override the use of a gate, something this Creator of Homunculi didn't have?

Or was he making Homunculi from his own gate? Where did they come from in the first place?

I was so deep into these thoughts that I didn't hear Edward call me. And with the slight raise of his voice, I snapped to attention, nearly colliding with something. I focused on it, realizing it was a damn tent pole.


"Y-yeah?" I looked over, one hand resting against the metal cylinder.

Ed just gave me that small, adoring smile again. And with a stab of sadness, I realized he was leaving.

There was nothing I could do to stop the distance about to separate us.

His touch was gentle, his arms embracing me firmly. More memories came, but this one was a first, him holding me in broad daylight. 

With the sunlight streaming down, he spoke beside my ear, voice low enough for only us to hear. 

"Marry me," he said. "When this is all over."

I clenched my hands, grabbing the back of his coat in bundles. Tears were streaming down from my eyes already, and I hadn't even responded yet. 

"Of course..." I said against his shoulder. I shifted, resting my forehead against his chest. "I will."

He embraced me a bit tighter, and I could hear the laughing grin spread on his face. I just smiled, and Ed sat me down in a chair, one hand patting my head. 

"Just stay right there, okay?"

I smiled past the pain, and did as I was told.

I stared at Ed's form, watching him grow smaller in the distance, and tried to ease the tension in my gut.

He was strong enough... I kept telling myself that until his figure disappeared.

I kept repeating it to myself, that mantra, but it didn't ease the tension in my gut. It didn't unsnarl the net of knots.

For the last time, I felt so useless.

Submitted: May 19, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Meaghan Kalena. All rights reserved.


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