Lone Wolf, Wild Fox

Lone Wolf, Wild Fox

Status: Finished

Genre: War and Military


Status: Finished

Genre: War and Military


A speculative novella where Axis won in World War 2. But in 2012, a resistance faction has decided to overthrow the shackles of Axis. It is mostly a action love story. It is not finished. Any feed back about if it is any good would be appreciated. Forgive me I have not edited it.


A speculative novella where Axis won in World War 2. But in 2012, a resistance faction has decided to overthrow the shackles of Axis. It is mostly a action love story. It is not finished. Any feed back about if it is any good would be appreciated. Forgive me I have not edited it.

Chapter27 (v.1) - Captain Jansen

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 21, 2013





Chapter Twenty-Seven: Captain Jansen








Far outside New Berlin was the Luftwaffe base. It was a vast complex of buildings hangers surrounded by a cement barriers. Right now vehicles where pouring into the base the base and there was commotion as activity went on everywhere. About three miles from the base was the launch rail. It was a massive rail that stretched across a flat surface for thirty miles. At the end of the rail closets to the base was a Luftwaffe space plane designed for cargo, the massive silver ship that looked like a common plane towards the front but had a massive rocket thruster at the back. Right now worked where loading cargo into through the open bay doors.

In the commotion, no one noticed the young man and woman make their way through the base.


In the cockpit of the cargo vehicle where two men. The cockpit was full of instruments and four chairs, the front two which sat the pilots. Behind the controls was Luftwaffe pilot Jansen, the lean man in the gray uniform had his feet up on the control board before him and was smiling as he looked out the front window. He had messy blonde hair and was in his early thirties, and he seemed overjoyed.

Jansen turned to his co-pilot. The older pilot was a large man with a shaven head and glasses. He looked at the clipboard as he checked things off.

Jansen smiled as he said, “I think base commander Brenner is starting to respect my skills, letting back in the cockpit for the first time in two years?”

The co-pilot shook his head. “I doubt that. When ever he needs you, he tells someone to find the stupidest man at the base.”

Jansen thought for a moment. “He must be talking about someone else.”

The co-pilot looked at him. “The only reason he let you back behind the controls is because with all the activity and officials that have been arriving at the base is because he wants you as far away from him a possible.”

Jansen smirked. “I think you are wrong. I wonder what is going on though, those giant facilities near facilities near the base. They've been powered up, they've been empty since I was posted there five years ago.”

The co-pilot said, “we fly cargo, it is none of our business.”

Jansen then looked back out the window before him at the track ahead. He said, “I bet it has something to do with those rebels and the riots. Say, once we get out of Earth orbit; about we riot. I'll torch the cargo manifest, you can destroy the controls with a metal pipe. Let's break some stuff.”

The co-pilot was not amused. “You know how the commander feels about your sense of humor.”

Jansen then chucked. “It is not easy being the only guy posted up there with one.”

The radio was located near the controls. He then pushed a button a loud music filled the cockpit, men screaming lyrics to the sound of electrical instruments. Jensen started nodding his head when the co-pilot hit the button and the music stopped.

Jansen looked at him and said, “the control is launching three other flights at this moment, they won't know I turned on music.”

“Jensen,” the co-pilot said, “you know the deal we made when we started hauling cargo last week. On the trip to Earth, you pick the music. On the way back, we listen to Wagner.”

Jansen told him, “48 hours of Wagner. In five hours, I'm really going to want to jump out of the airlock. Just warning you.”

The co-pilot shook his head and frowned. “Your choice of music, the Reich will probably declare it subversive any days.”

“Maybe the Fuhrer should leave her office and right music. It can be about how if you cross the street during a red light, you'll get shot in the face. It might work if it had a good chorus.”

The co-pilot said, “Jansen, I wish I had never been assigned to sit next to you. You are going to end up dead someday. Now, check to see if they finished loading cargo so we can close the bay doors.”

Jansen said nothing as he looked at the screen which showed images from the cargo bay. The large hold was full of metallic crates and boxes which where lashed down. The loading seemed to be finished so Jansen went to hit the button to close the bay doors. But then a man in a pilot uniform and a woman entered.

Jansen looked at the co-pilot and said, “a guy and a lady just entered the ship. They seem to be headed for the cockpit. Must be lost. The guy is dressed like a pilot, but he looks more like a janitor. Do janitors get flight suits now?”

The co-pilot told him, “notify security.”

Jansen looked at the man beside him and said, “I got a deal. I have been up at that base for almost five years, I have not talked to a lady for three of those. This is our ship so we can handle it. I'll tell them where they should go and I can say hello to her. Let me do that, and the next five chips it is all Wagner. Besides, I'm the captain.”

The co-pilot sighed. “Well captain Jansen, I guess the past three years you been handling the refuse at the base will really help. OK, but they say or do anything suspicious and I'll have security sort it out.”

Jansen grinned then tried to straiten out his hair with his hands then got up from his chair and face the door to the cockpit at then back. He straightened out the collar of his uniform. Then the door opened, and the Wolf in the uniform entered who was followed by Lilia. They stopped when they saw Jansen and looked nervously at each other then faced him again.

Jansen seemed cocky and he said, “I'm captain Jansen. Welcome aboard my ship.”

The co-pilot stated, “Jansen has no authority.”

Jansen tried to sound harsh as he said, “silence co-pilot, your I'll throw you in the brig.”

The co-pilot muttered, “I hate you, I really do.”

Jansen then smiled and Lilia and said to she and Wolf, “no, spending the next two days in the company of a pretty young lady sounds fun. But you are on the wrong ship, we fly cargo. You want a passenger flight, those have all been launched for the day. There will be more in twelve hours.”

Wolf said, “we'll ride with you if you don't mind.”

Jansen looked at his co-pilot and said, “well, should we take them?”

The co-pilot looked over his shoulder at them. He seemed to look them over and grow suspicious. He went to push to button to notify security when Jansen said, “don't alert the security detail. It's my ship.”

When Wolf and Lilia heard this they pulled out their guns and aimed it at Jansen who backed up with his hands raised, the co-pilot was frozen in his seat. She said, “just get us to the base and you'll be alright.”

Jansen looked at the co-pilot and said, “she is making a pretty persuasive argument.”

Then the co-pilot went to hit the button when Fox fired and his body then slumped over the controls. Jansen then fell into his chair and seemed scared and shocked. He looked back at the trespassers and said, “well, I'll be your captain during this flight.”

Wolf aimed the gun at him and said, “just fly the ship, and you will be alright,”

Jansen then nodded and told them, “we'll launch in a few minutes. Strap yourself in those two seats, and get ready for a ride.”

Wolf and Lilia did as Jansen suggested. AS they did, the pilot said, “you two might have wanted to hijack a passenger fight. We have a lot of cargo and will need a lot of thrust to escape Earth's gravity. You'll be taking enough g-forces to kill approximately 60 percent of the average population. I had to spend two thousand hours in a centrifuge before I could even look at this ship.”

Wolf and Lilia looked at each other then he said, “we'll be OK.”

Jansen then said as he hit the ignition for the rocket thruster. He said as the rumbling of the engines filled the interior of the ship. “Well, they should love you two at the base. A mouse got on here someone my first year, when security found out at the base; we'll I won't go into details accept that machine guns and grenades where used.”

Lilia let out a brief laugh when Wolf looked at her. She said, “he's funny.”

Jansen said as he pushed more buttons, “buddy, I like your lady friend. Guess there will be two people up there with a sense of humor. I've been there five years, I've heard one other guy laugh, and he had just thrown a puppy into the incinerator. OK, I'll get clearance from the tower and your flight will begin. I hope neither have heart problems.”


Once Jansen got clearance from the tower, the cargo ship began to accelerate as a giant plume of flame of came out of the rocket. It then was able then reach the end of the track in a very short time, the end of the track slopped up. The ship then shot up into the night sky towards the looming, nearly full moon.


An hour later the cargo ship had left the proximity of the Earth as it head towards the moon. The large silver ship's jet exhaust then cut off the vessel glided towards the moon through the noiseless voice of space.

Inside the cockpit, the weightless environment caused the dead co-pilots clipboard to float around the room. Jansen then turned away from his controls and hit a switch on his chair and the chair turned around to he was looking at his passengers. Wolf looked at Lilia and said, “are you OK.”

She looked at them and nodded. Jansen looked at them blankly then said, “if this is your first time in a zero gravity environment; you'll be violently ill a lot. It could get messy.”

Lilia looked at the pilot and said, “we'll be OK.”

Jensen shrugged. “I assume you two are with these rebels. Now why are the two of your head for Base Alpha. Up the is are five hundred,” then he looked at his co-pilot and went on, “499 very serious men who unlike your urbane captain do not know how to take a joke. If commander Brenner finds out you two got to his base on my ship I'll be lucky if he kills me, stuffs me and mounts me on the wall of his office. Why are you two trying to get to one of the most secured facilities in the entire Reich?”

Lilia looked at Wolf and said, “tell him.”

Wolf hesitated for a moment then asked, “do you know what's going on up there?”

Jansen shook his head. “I am not in the loop. I was posted there a year before they told me where the bathroom facilities where.”

Wolf explained, “the Reich is going to launch an attack from that base to destroy everybody on Earth to stop an uprising. Me and her have to stop that.”

Jansen expression did not change. He said, “that is not the Reich I've always known. I always known them to be level headed, rational and very compassionate.”

Wolf seemed puzzled. He asked, “are you being serious?”

Jansen looked and Lilia and said, “does your boyfriend understand sarcasm?”

Wolf told him, “this is not a joke.”

The pilot said, “I cope with stress with humor. You shot my co-pilot, and even if you two don't kill in two days there are going to be five hundred guys who will.”

Lilia told the pilot, “we'll are telling you the truth.”

Jansen shrugged but then said, “all I know is that a month a go, at most one cargo ship would land at the base a month. Two days after you guys blew up those statues, we where up to two a day. I heard that since those riots started, the base is ready for dozens, passengers as well as cargo. It is the first time since I been there that civilians and Reich officials have been brought there. But I do not want to believe my fellow pilots are about to reduce Earth to a smoking hole in space.”

Lilia said, “we are telling the truth.”

Wolf then looked seriously at Jansen then promised, “let us sneak into the base, they won't find out you where involved.”

Lilia said, “captain, please.”

Jansen looked at them then nodded. “OK. I'll do it because I can't say no to a pretty lady, especially one that might shoot me. But she is not going to be popular up there, I take it from the accent she is a red. Some pilot once told commander Brenner that he thought Marxism had some valid points; have seen him around. Though I'm sure he left to pursue more lucrative job opportunities.”

Lilia laughed slightly again. She looked at Wolf and said, “I can't help it, he is funny.”

Jansen told them, “no, since I'll be flying you two to your destination, you will float your way back to back to the cargo hold for the next to two days. Be cargo, don't move, don't touch anything; be an piece of cargo. Now if I need someone to starting shooting the controls our blowing holes in the hull, I let you know.”

The pilot's chair then turned around so he was facing the controls as Wolf and Lilia unbuckled the straps holding them in the chairs. They floated upwards and pushed against the walls to propel themselves towards the door, Lilia then looked back at the pilot and said, “thanks Captain.”

Jansen said nothing when he hit the button on the radio and music played. When Wolf saw this he fired his pistol and the radio exploded into a shower of sparks. The pilot looked at the radio and said, “that was a good idea. Now I got no music for the next two days and when I don't radio the commander in a hour, he will be a little upset. By the time I get to the base, I'll probably be jettisoned out a airlock as soon as I land.”

Wolf and Lilia then made there way to the door but Jansen said before they floated through it, “and don't destroy anything back there.”


Later Lilia and Wolf and made there way into the cargo hold as they had floated through the ship. The cargo was strapped down but other things where drifting about. They carefully made their way to two chairs along the hull and they strapped themselves in. They looked at each other when Lilia took his hand. She said, “well Wolf, are you ready?”

Wolf said, “no matter what it takes, we'll stop then.”

She kissed him then whispered, “I want to be together one more time, it might be the last chance we have.”

Wolf replied, “might be a little different.”

They then kissed again.


In the cock-pit, Jansen sat at the controls and looked at the window of ahead of the ship. He was frowning and seemed scared. He then started to mumble to himself, “in two days I'll be a corpse lying on the surface of the moon, and I have no music. I would kill for Wagner right now. This is going to be a boring flight.”

Jansen then looked at the screen showing the image of the cargo hold. When he saw what Wolf and Lilia where doing, he slightly smirked and said to himself, “well, maybe not that boring.”

The vessel continued towards the base and would arrive in two days.



































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