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Edan has seen little of life. Raised in a secluded temple by holy men, he's the Chosen One, destined to be sacrificed. He's been taught all his life how dark and evil the world is beyond the protective walls of the temple. It's Edan's destiny to save the world. That is, until a terrifying warrior crashes forcefully into Edan's sheltered world, throwing everything he believes into question and destroying every last shred of Edan's purity. His life is about to change... dramatically. [m/m slash]



Edan has seen little of life. Raised in a secluded temple by holy men, he's the Chosen One, destined to be sacrificed. He's been taught all his life how dark and evil the world is beyond the protective walls of the temple. It's Edan's destiny to save the world. That is, until a terrifying warrior crashes forcefully into Edan's sheltered world, throwing everything he believes into question and destroying every last shred of Edan's purity. His life is about to change... dramatically. [m/m slash]

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Edan's panicked run only lasted a few minutes, the boy quickly growing tired. He cursed his weak body as he frantically looked for a spot to hide. He could hear Lord Dominik still in the clearing, talking to someone, which meant he still had a chance to possibly get away.

The teen went a little further into the heavy brush and found a thick patch of bushes. He clamped a hand over his mouth to keep himself quiet as he climbed into the thicket, biting back whimpers and yelps from the pricks and pokes from the sharp branches. Then he stayed still, trying his best to stay as quiet as possible.

Dominik was no stranger to the woods or tracking prey. He often went out alone to hunt, much to a few of his advisors' distress. The lord enjoyed the freedom and solitude as well as the satisfaction of providing for others by bringing home fresh game.

Dom walked leisurely to where he'd seen Edan run. He snorted, it looked like the boy had flailed his way through the woods. A child could have followed the trail.

As the river disappeared behind him, Dominik listened to the woods. He hadn't been joking about the wildcats and wolves in these parts. There were also bears and giant eagles.

The lord wasn't terribly worried, though. The animals tended to avoid grown men. Smaller women and children were sometimes attacked if they were alone, however. A small naked teen might be of interest to a hungry predator.

Dominik gave a mental shrug. If something sunk its teeth into his new pet, it would be an excellent deterrent to running off.

"Little bunny," the lord called into the woods. "I'm coming to get you."

He followed the trail until he neared Edan's hiding spot. Dominik pretended to not notice the torn leaves, broken branches, and scuffed dirt. He stopped several feet from the bramble thicket, keeping it in his peripheral vision.

"Come on out, bunny," he called, teasingly. "Maybe I'll make your punishment less severe if you give up now. I won't give you another chance."

Edan held his breath, unwilling to give up, even with the offer the lord was trying to bait him with.

"Not giving up?" The lord turned his head, looking into the thicket, locking eyes with his prey. "Good. It's more fun to catch you." There was a bounce in his step as he approached the brambles.

Edan's eyes widened when he realized the man knew exactly where he was at. He quickly pushed himself even further into the bushes, badly scratching his body and catching his hair on the branches.

Dominik bent over and peered in after the boy. "You're going to need another bath at this rate," he laughed, before wading into the thick bush.

The thorns didn't bother him. The branches only reached his hips and his leather pants and tough boots protected his skin.

Edan yelped in fear and tried to escape through the opposite side the of bush, but his hair suddenly got caught in a tangle of thorns, keeping him from moving any further. He reached up to pull at his golden curls, cutting his fingers on the sharp prickles.

A shadow fell over him. He didn't want to look, but his turquoise eyes were pulled upward. Lord Dominik looked down on him, smirking, his emerald eyes gleaming with delight.

"Need a hand?" Dom asked.

The boy glared at the lord and shook his head, tangling his hair even more. He let out a frustrated yell and yanked at the branch as hard as he could, finally snapping the thing. Without fully thinking of what he was doing he quickly tried to crawl away from Dominik, staying low to the ground as he moved.

"Run, bunny!" Dominik threw his head back and laughed in delight, simply following along behind the teen. "Come on, you can go faster than that. Don't you want to get away?"

Edan finally made it free of the bush and tried to make a run for it, knowing his attempt was probably foolish, but not caring. He got to his feet and took two steps before he suddenly fell flat on his face, tripping over a root that was protruding from the ground. The boy's mouth hit the dirt, bloodying his lips and nose. He let out a pitiful wail of hopelessness, slapping his hands on hard earth beneath him.

"Well, that was disappointing." Dominik sighed and crouched next to the teen. "You hardly ran at all. You're not done, are you?"

Edan spat out a mouthful of blood near the lord's boot, glaring up at the man, but he couldn't hold back the tears that rolled down his cheeks.

"Please just let me go," the boy begged, sniffling pitifully.

"Certainly not," the lord snorted. "Why would I ever do that?"

"I don't want to belong to you. I was the sacrifice... Why do you even want me?" Edan asked quietly.

"I want to play with you," Dom said simply. "And what you want doesn't matter at all. The sooner you accept that, the better things will be for you." The warrior gave a terrifying smile. "Or don't accept it. Keep fighting me. I'm enjoying it immensely."

Edan let his head fall to the ground and began to sob openly, finally resigning to give up. His feet hurt, his head hurt, his mouth and nose hurt; everything was hurting. He was hungry and so very tired. And everything had been ruined. His life was over. He didn't even care what happened at this point. Why did it even matter?

"Giving up already?" Dominik nudged Edan with the toe of his boot. "Well, maybe next time you run it will be more fun. Come on, then." The lord scooped the boy into his arms, lifting him carefully. "You can try again tomorrow, if you want, pet."

Edan couldn't hide the soft sigh of relief that left his mouth when he was lifted off the ground. He didn't want to admit that it felt good being held in Dominik's arms. He turned his head, closing his eyes.

"I'm not a pet," the boy spoke quietly, trying not to anger the man when he was in such a vulnerable position. "Why do you keep calling me that?"

"You are, though," Dominik corrected as he strode through the woods. "You're my pet. At first, I thought you were more of a kitten, but now I'm not sure. You may be more of a bunny."

"I'm not an animal," Edan whined, crossing his arms over his chest, struggling not to pout.

"Mind your tongue, pet," Dominik scolded with a harsh pinch to Edan's bruised backside.

"Ow!" Edan whined, squirming in the man's arms.

"Don't do what you shouldn't and I won't have to punish you," the lord explained calmly. "I'm going easy on you today. Don't expect my punishments to continue to be so mild."

Something about the way Lord Dominik spoke to Edan made him calm down and sit quietly in his arms. He tried to tell himself it was just because he was so exhausted, but it was also something more than that, something the young teen couldn't understand. Whatever it was, it made Edan obey Dominik and stay quiet as the man continued to carry him.

"Good boy." Dom smiled as they reached the river. "Are you going to give me a reason to toss you in again?" he asked with a smirk. "Or can you follow my rules and I'll set you gently in the shallows?"

Edan looked up at the man hesitantly.

"I'll be good..."

"What are you to call me, pet?" Dominik asked.

Edan swallowed down his pride and looked away.

"I'll be good, Master..." He said quietly.

Lord Dominik's grin was wide as he let the teen's toes touch the water. Edan slid slowly down the taller man's muscular body as Dom lowered him torturously slow. His green eyes held Edan's blues, even when the lord had released his hold and let the boy stand on his own.

Edan's cheeks blushed and he quickly looked away, confused about how the lord made him feel when he touched him gently.

"Do you need help?" Dom asked. "I could wash your back," he added with a wink.

"I-I don't know..." Edan mumbled, trailing his slender fingers through the water.

When he noticed all of the cuts and scratches on his hands he lifted them up with a gasp, surprised at what he had done to himself in his panic; there were even a few splinters stuck in his fair skin.

In moments, Dominik had stripped bare and pulled off his boots. Edan was rethinking his words as the imposing man waded toward him. The teen cringed, ducking his head, as the lord reached for him. He could hardly think as he was swept up in strong arms again.

Dom found a spot with water to his knees and a smooth bottom. He sat with Edan in his lap, protecting the boy's sore bottom from the hard rock he'd found submerged in the water. The lord scooped water in his cupped hands and poured it over Edan's tangled blond mop.

The sun had set, but the moon was full and high, casting down its shimmering light. Finding the dark twigs twisted in the boy's fair hair was easy. Extracting them was more difficult.

Edan didn't understand how hands capable of such violence could also work so carefully, unraveling every thorny stick until each was gone. Dominik hummed softly as he rewet the teen's hair and worked on untangling the silken strands, running his fingers through each lock and gently rubbing the boy's aching scalp.

Edan held perfectly still as the lord touched him. He wasn't sure how he should be feeling towards the man at the moment, but he found himself leaning against the broad chest behind him and letting out a soft sigh. It felt good to finally relax after the day he'd had. But he was still a little nervous, terrified the gentleness would be gone within the next second.

Dominik seemed oblivious to Edan's inner turmoil as he finished untangling the teen's hair. More water was cupped in the man's calloused hands and splashed over the back of Edan's neck. Dirt and leaves washed away.

It felt to the teen as though the lord was touching every inch of him, yet it was all startlingly gentle. When Dom got to Edan's thorn-riddled fingers, he peered at them a moment before sticking one of the boy's fingers in his mouth.

Edan gasped loudly and started to pull away, but stopped abruptly. That actually felt, good...

"Wh-what are you doing?" The boy asked quietly, watching the man's actions intently.

Dominik pulled his lips from the tip of Edan's finger with a pop.

"Taking care of the thorns in your paws, pet," the lord explained with a wicked smile as he sucked the finger back into his mouth, feeling for thorns with his tongue.

Edan bit his lip, unable to understand how he was feeling. His heart was beating faster and heat rose in his cheeks. He watched his finger disappear into Dominik's mouth and let out a shuddering sigh. He knew it was so wrong to be feeling the way he was feeling, but he didn't dare tell the man to stop. He simply watched, enraptured by the sight of his fingers in the lord's mouth.

Dominik nibbled out the first thorn, spitting it into the water before staring carefully at Edan's fingertip and repeating the action for the next splinter, licking and sucking the pain away. Edan continued to watch with wide eyes, his lips parted and his blush spreading to the top of his heaving chest.

Emerald eyes caught Edan's as Dominik gently nibbled and sucked the teen's fingers. All the thorns had to be gone, it seemed as though the man had been working on Edan's fingers forever. Yet he continued nipping and licking, watching Edan's face which blushed brighter and brighter in the moonlight. Dom continued to hold Edan's eyes as he let the boy's finger slip from his lips so he could press a kiss to Edan's palm.

"Feel alright, pet?"

Edan nodded slowly, biting his lip, unable to look away from the man's intent gaze.

"Where else does it hurt?" the man asked, running his fingertips over Edan's shoulders and then down his sides.

"Everywhere..." Edan mumbled, looking down.

"Ah," Dominik purred. "Let me make it better, hmmm?"

The lord leaned forward, pressing his lips to the soft skin of the teen's shoulder. Strong hands turned Edan's body carefully so the boy was straddling the lord's lap. Dominik began petting  Edan softly, lifting water to wash away dirt and blood.

Dom's cock was a presence both were keenly aware of, hard and excited between them. But, the man gave Edan space so he wasn't forced to touch it, allowing the boy to pretend how much that hard length wasn't on his confused mind.

Dominik continued to touch Edan, sometimes very intimately, without making it feel like a violation. Perhaps it was the madness of the day, but the soft touches felt like comfort. Even when the lord slowly slid a finger down the crease of the teen's backside or ran his thumbs in circles up his inner thighs, it was gentle and careful.

Edan gazed up at the man, feeling so very confused. What happened to the cruel lord who was chasing him through the forest minutes ago like a hunter stalking his prey? What had changed...?

"I- why are you-" Edan stumbled over his words, trying to ignore how gentle the man's hands could be. This wasn't right.

"Why am I being so nice?" Dominik asked with a chuckle. "Because I feel like it. You're mine." He moved Edan, turning him in his lap so he could inspect the teen's feet. He tsked at the thorns in the soles. Dom's strong hands were gentle as they carefully worked out each one. "Mine to hurt, but also mine to care for and comfort."

"Why do you want me as yours?" Edan asked carefully, watching the lord work.

"Hmmm." The lord paused, looking up from Edan's traumatized feet. "That's a bit complicated." He shrugged and continued his work. "Does it matter?"

Edan nodded quickly, desperately wanting to know why this man had chosen him to be his pet.

The lord was silent as he continued cleaning Edan's feet. When Dominik was satisfied, he stood, carrying the teen and setting him on a rock. Dom quickly whisked the water from his body and redressed.

The boy began to think he wasn't going to get an answer, but the lord began to speak as he lifted Edan into his arms again.

"What kind of men were the monks you lived with?" Dominik asked mildly.

Edan hesitated, watching the lord's face.

"They were kind to me. They were devout in their prayers and helped the poor. They were good people," he said confidently.

"Were they?" Dom scoffed.

Edan didn't understand the lord's mocking tone or smirk as he began carrying the blond through the woods towards camp.

"Defenders of the weak, protectors of the innocent, supporters of the poor?" Dominik asked sarcastically. "All of that sort of thing?"

Edan nodded.

"Yes. They always spoke of helping the people in need. There were many weary travelers that they housed in the temple," the boy tried to explain.

"Really..." Dominik stopped walking. "So, you're saying they were kind and generous men who didn't deserve the fate I gave them?"

Edan looked away.

"Yes. They were never cruel. They didn't deserve to die," he murmured, trying to hold back his tears once again.

They reached the outskirts of the camp. Lord Dominik just grinned at the hoots and catcalls they received as soon as their lord walked up carrying a very naked and worse for wear Edan in his arms. The teen hid his face in the larger man's chest, absolutely mortified. He didn't look up until the sounds of people seemed to fade.

They were in Lord Dominik's tent. It wasn't particularly fancy or luxurious. It was surprisingly utilitarian. Dom set his captive on the pallet, which was more comfortable than anything he'd experienced since before he was captured.

"Stay," Dom said simply before disappearing out the tent flap.

Edan sighed softly and wrapped his arms around his legs, doing as he was told. He glanced around the tent once again and noticed with a fleeting trace of panic that there was only one pallet; which meant he would be forced to sleep next to Lord Dominik if the man didn't make him sleep on the ground. The boy buried his face in his knees, trying not to imagine all of the horrible things the man was going to do to him. How had his life come to this?

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