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Edan has seen little of life. Raised in a secluded temple by holy men, he's the Chosen One, destined to be sacrificed. He's been taught all his life how dark and evil the world is beyond the protective walls of the temple. It's Edan's destiny to save the world. That is, until a terrifying warrior crashes forcefully into Edan's sheltered world, throwing everything he believes into question and destroying every last shred of Edan's purity. His life is about to change... dramatically. [m/m slash]



Edan has seen little of life. Raised in a secluded temple by holy men, he's the Chosen One, destined to be sacrificed. He's been taught all his life how dark and evil the world is beyond the protective walls of the temple. It's Edan's destiny to save the world. That is, until a terrifying warrior crashes forcefully into Edan's sheltered world, throwing everything he believes into question and destroying every last shred of Edan's purity. His life is about to change... dramatically. [m/m slash]

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When they finally reached camp, Edan felt as though he was about to drop. He'd only carried on by forcing himself to focus on putting one foot in front of the other. When the horse stopped in the clearing near a slow-moving river, all the energy left him and he collapsed in a heap.

Lord Dominik had ignored Edan the entire ride, save for the occasional glance to make sure he wasn't being dragged behind the horse. The man had made no comment when soldiers had ridden up to harass his new plaything. Cruel words Edan didn't entirely understand had been flung in his direction. He wished that had been the only thing thrown at him. The boy had dodged bits of trash tossed at him, as well. Some of the men seemed to make a game of throwing things at him. A few hopped off their horses to gather small stones, then remounted and trotted back to the front of the procession. The warriors jeered and booed when their throws missed and cheered when they hit their mark. His body felt as though it was covered in thousands of tiny cuts and bruises.

Through it all, Lord Dominik had ridden slowly on, impassive to his captive's plight. However, it appeared that now that they were stopped to camp for the night, Dominik was ready to deal with his prisoner.

The lord dismounted, keeping hold of Edan's tether. The blond was so weary he barely noticed it was Kethel, the young man who watched him at the temple, who took Dominik's horse to tend. Kethel didn't even look at the sad lump of Edan on the ground. Dom crouched to look his captive in the eye.

"Still feeling smart and defiant, kitten?" the man asked cooly.

Edan had never felt so exhausted before in his life. He felt dizzy with pain and hunger. He blinked up at the man, and without fully thinking, said the first thing that popped into his head.

"I need water."

The fist to Edan's cheek was sudden and unexpected, sending him sprawling onto the ground as blood filled his mouth. Dominik said nothing, glaring down at the boy.

Edan watched the blood drip from his lips and land on the dirt. He was in so much pain. His wrists felt as though the skin had been completely rubbed off by the rough rope, his bottom and the backs of his thighs ached from his humiliating spanking, his feet were screaming from walking so far with no shoes, and now his face was sparking with pain. He didn't want to give in to the man yet, but he was beginning to feel that he had little choice in the matter. If he didn't submit, the lord would continue to hurt him, there was no doubt of that. So Edan finally let his resolve fall and he caved.

"I-I'm sorry. Please," the boy spoke quietly, keeping his eyes on the blood-stained dirt.

A fist gripped Edan's dusty blond locks, yanking his head up.

"I clearly need to remind you of the rules," Dominik growled. "You do what I say when I say it, and answer respectfully when I ask you a question. You never give me orders or demands. You keep a civil tongue in your head or I might just cut it out," the looming man threatened. "And you refer to me as Master, Lord, or Sir." His hand tightened in the boy's hair, giving him a rough shake. "Do you understand, pet?"

Edan whimpered pitifully and nodded the best he could, praying the man would stop hurting him if he just did what he wanted.

"Y-yes... Master," the boy forced himself to speak the words the man wanted to hear.

A snake-like smile spread across Dominik's face.

"It's a start, I suppose," he admitted, pulling his dagger. "Hands."

Edan hesitated momentarily, but finally raised his aching arms up, hoping the man was just going to cut the ropes like he did before and not cut him.

Dominik's eyes gleamed as he slid the flat of the blade across Edan's pale skin, delighting in the boy's terrified shiver. He chuckled as he finally yanked the dagger through the knots.

Edan let out the breath he had been holding and let his arms fall to his sides limply, unable to pull his gaze away from the terrifying look on the Lord's face. This man wanted to harm him, Edan could see it in his eyes. But why? What had he done to earn the man's wrath? The teen just couldn't understand.

"I'm going to clean up before the evening meal. Come," the lord said sharply, turning and walking away.

Edan struggled to get to his feet, his body aching from his head to his toes, but he didn't dare voice his pain. He clenched his teeth and stumbled after the man he was forced to call master.

Dominik stopped at the river. He began dropping his armor, stacking it well away from the water. He stood naked and unashamed, his muscled body covered in mysterious scars. Some were old and silvered, others pink and new. How could a person collect so many wounds in a lifetime and survive? Some looked terrible, even worse than the scar slashing down one side of his face. Yet, the lord’s body was muscled and fit, not unpleasant to look upon. Edan watched the man with embarrassed curiosity. He had never seen anyone naked before. The monks had been very private men, never showing more than their heads when they weren't covered by the hoods of their robes. Master Lucient had been very strict when it came to Edan's own body. No one but Edan himself had ever seen him naked. As the boy watched the man wash, he felt a blush grow on his cheeks and he quickly looked away, falling to his knees with his hands clasped in front of him, beginning to pray for forgiveness of his own sins.

When he was as clean as he was going to get, Dominik climbed out of the lazily flowing river. He shook the water from his hair and slicked it from his toned body. He looked down at the boy with a sneer. One hard nudge with his foot knocked Edan over.

"That looked a lot like praying," the man snapped. "I don't want to see that shit again. Do it in your own head, if you must, but I don't want to see it." He walked over to where one of his men had left him clothes when Edan wasn't looking. "Now, strip. You're disgusting. I can smell you from here."

Edan stared up at the man in disbelief, his words slowly sinking in.

"You can't stop me from praying. It's my duty as the sacrifice," he told the man as he pushed himself to his feet. "And I will not 'strip' in front of you. My body is pure. I can't be seen naked by any mortal eye."

"Really," the lord drawled, abandoning his clean clothes to stalk, naked, over to the boy. "And if my mortal eyes happen to fall upon your oh-so-special and glorious naked body, what exactly will happen?" He crossed his arms, staring down at the blond.

Edan took a hesitant step back from the intimidating man but bravely met his eyes.

"Then, I-I would no longer be pure," he spoke softly, suddenly feeling as if he were telling a secret he was supposed to keep to himself.

"So what?" Dominik cocked his head. "What then?"

Edan suddenly felt very small standing next to the towering man, but he forced himself to speak.

"Th-then, I would no longer be worthy of being the Sacrifice," the words left his lips in a whisper and he let his eyes fall to the ground.

He suddenly felt defeated for some strange reason, as if it no longer mattered that he was meant to be the Sacrifice. The monks were dead, the temple was burnt to ash. Did it even mean anything that he was the Chosen One after everything that had happened?

Dominik contemplated Edan's words before he spoke.

"Who is your god?" he asked simply.

Edan looked up.

"The Gods of the Holy Ones," he answered.

"And what do these gods do for you that's so special?"

Edan blinked at the man, unable to believe that he didn't know this already.

"They protect us from the demons and monsters that roam the lands. On the day of my sacrifice, they will descend upon the earth and take the worthy people to the heavens."

"And where was that glorious protection today?" the lord demanded, bending down to peer into Edan's face.

Edan stared up into piercing green eyes and suddenly didn't have an answer; he had been wondering that same thing himself all day.

"And in a moment, when I tear the clothes from your body, where will your gods be?" Dominik asked, his voice a dangerous purr. "Will they save you? Strike me down? Send an angel to whisk you away?"

Edan swallowed hard, but had nothing else to say. He tried his hardest to keep hold of his faith, but like the man had said, where had the Gods been when he and his men stormed the temple? Where were they now?

"Shall we find out?" Dominik whispered.

Edan gasped as he was yanked closer to the lord. The sound of tearing cloth seemed deafening to the boy as the larger man grabbed the neckline of his tunic and yanked downward, tearing it from top to bottom until only tattered rags hung from Edan's shoulders. The teen trembled as he covered his privates with shaking hands. He kept his eyes downcast, unable to bear the sight of this cruel man being the first to see him naked.

A few more harsh tugs and the few remaining scraps of his tunic fell away to the ground. Lord Dominik circled Edan like a cat about to pounce.

"Hmmm, how strange," the man said mockingly. "No lightning bolts raining down? No earthquakes?" He stood in front of the cowering boy. "Where are the angels to come save you? Where are your gods?"

Edan kept his eyes glued to the ground, but responded obediently.

"I-I d-don't know..." he stammered out quietly, fighting back tears.

"Until your piece of shit gods come down here and tell me different, you follow my rules or you'll pay the consequences." The lord's voice was cold and hard, his eyes flashing. "Now, get in the fucking water and wash."

Edan clenched his teeth, forcing himself to keep quiet and refrain from saying anything back to the lord. It hurt his heart to hear someone talk about the Gods in such a way. Didn't this man realize how much suffering awaited him for saying such awful things? Edan couldn't understand why anyone would go against the Gods. Master Lucient always told him that the only people who didn't believe in Their divine powers were pure evil. The boy glanced up at the lord glaring down at him and shuddered, unable to accept the fact that this horrible, evil man had claimed him as his own. He couldn't possibly stay in this man's clutches; he had to start planning his escape...

Edan realized too late that he had hesitated too long in obeying Lord Dominik's order to get in the water.

Dom snarled as he lashed out at the boy. His fingers wrapped around the teen’s throat and yanked, dragging Edan toward the river. The blond gagged and reached up to grab the man's wrist for balance, stumbling all the way to the water. The much larger man cast his arm forward, tossing the teen into the waist deep part of the river where he'd washed.

Edan went head first into the water and immediately began to panic, thrashing about until his feet finally found the river bottom. He pushed himself to the surface and stood up, gasping and shivering, his teeth already beginning to chatter from the chill of the water. While the height of the water had been up to Dom's waist, it was up to Edan's chest, making him tremble in fear. He quickly waded back to the river's edge, glaring at the man watching him.

"I c-could have d-drowned!" he yelled, trying to control his quivering jaw.

Lord Dominik thought it was just a saying when people claimed they were so angry they saw red, but Dom's vision actually tinted scarlet as he glared at the boy who dared to continue to sass him. The lord was in the water in moments. One hand clenched into Edan's hair. The other wrapped around the back of his neck and shoved him down into the water and held him there.

Edan's mind went blank as he began to thrash and struggle in the man's hold. The world was a swirl of suffocating bubbles and distorted images until he couldn't hold his breath anymore and he sucked in a gasp. Water filled his lungs and everything started to go dark, but then he was suddenly yanked to the surface.

Dominik stared down at the teen impassively as he coughed and sputtered, choking as he spit up the water he'd inhaled.

When Edan had caught his breath enough that he looked like he might be able to speak, the lord repeated the process, shoving the teen back under the water. When Edan was brought back up again, Dom gave him less time to catch his breath before he put him under the surface of the river again, holding him down longer.

Edan didn't know how many times he was forced down, but his vision was blacking out at the edges when Lord Dominik finally allowed him to breathe for more than a few seconds. The teen's lungs and nose burned. His ears rang.

Dom stared at Edan, fuming, until the boy seemed to recover slightly. Edan blinked up at him dazedly, but his eyes were focusing.

"You are mine," Dom growled. "Mine to pamper or destroy. You live at my will, not your own, and not your bullshit gods." He gave Edan a rough shake. "You will submit to me or you'll find yourself dead or wishing you were."

Edan nodded the best he could, trembling from fear as much as from the cold water.

"I-I'm sorry... I-I was scared. I c-can't swim. I'm sorry, M-Master..." the terrified boy stammered out, averting his eyes submissively.

"With the number of rivers and lakes in this region?" The lord raised an eyebrow. "You can hardly walk a mile around here without falling into a pond. And you're trying to tell me you can't swim?"

Edan shook his head, his eyes wide as he gazed up at the man.

"I-I've never stepped outside of the temple walls. Today was the first time," he said weakly, dropping his eyes again. "It doesn't look anything like it was described to me," the boy spoke softly.

Dominik crossed his arms over his broad bare chest, looking down at Edan with his scarred brow lifted.

"And how was it described?" the lord demanded.

Edan hesitated, but finally spoke, closing his eyes as if to remember what the world around him should have looked like.

"Chaos. Flames scorching the earth, burning the unholy ones alive; demonic barbarians roaming the land, killing and feeding upon the flesh of innocents; disease and starvation, plaguing the land and people..." The boy's bright eyes fluttered open and he glanced around him like he expected to see what he had described. "My sacrifice would have ended the chaos and brought peace to the lands, then I suppose it would have looked like it does now... B-but nothing's like he said it would be..." He finished softly.

"And who told you this cheerful tale?" Dominik asked with a cruel smirk.

Edan lowered his eyes again. "Master Lucient, my guardian."

"A monk," Dominik spat, as though it were a dirty word.

"Yes, a monk." Edan looked up, a frown on his lips. "The best monk in the temple. He was very kind to me..." The boy trailed off, looking away.

"He kept you locked away your entire life, feeding you lies upon lies?" Dominik asked icily. "All to prepare you for some bullshit sacrifice... Allow me to guess, you die when you are sacrificed? Horribly? Painfully?"

Edan swallowed hard, the lord's tone hard to bear.

"Y-yes. First, my sight would be sacrificed, then my hearing, and then my speech. Then my blood would be spilled upon the altar. And finally, my body would be burned to ash. It was my duty as the sacrifice to bear the pain and suffering for my people; so they could have a better life."

"And how does it feel now," Dominik continued without mercy, "knowing that everything you've ever known is a lie? That the things those pious bastards would have done to you would have been for nothing?"

Edan dropped his eyes to the cool water again, trying to hold back the tears that threatened to spill down his cheeks.

"I-It wasn't for nothing... Th-they, I mean, we believed that..." The boy trailed off, before looking up at the lord. "Why would they lie about something like that?" He whispered as the tears streamed freely.

"Why?" the lord scoffed. "Because they were terrible people who deserved to die, and you are a fool who would have skipped along to your pointless death." He looked the boy up and down. "Now wash. You're disgusting."

Edan was quiet for a moment, thinking over the man's words. Was it true? Had his whole life been nothing but a lie? It was too painful to even think about...

The boy hiccuped on a sob, but tried to stifle his tears. He glanced up at the towering lord, watching him expectantly, and decided to do what the man had told him to do; too tired to fight anymore.

"Wh-what do I wash with? Did you bring soap?" Edan whispered, looking down at the sloshing water, unable to hold Lord Dominik's intimidating gaze.

"Can't you feel that the bottom is sandy?" Dominik looked at the teen like he was an utter idiot.

Edan frowned. "Sand? But sand itself is dirty, you can't wash with it."

Dominik leaned down, grabbing a handful of sand as he rolled his eyes. The larger man snagged one of Edan's arms and scrubbed it roughly with the sand, then dunked it under the water. When Edan lifted his arm from the slow-moving river, he saw with surprise that where the lord had scrubbed was free of the accumulated grime from walking behind a horse for hours.

"Do you need me to wash you, as well?" Dominik sneered. "I'm sure those filthy monks greatly enjoyed soaping up all that pretty skin. Did they jerk off into your tub afterward?"

Edan glanced up from his arm with a look close to horror on his face.

"The monks never saw me nude, not even Master Lucient. No one has ever seen my naked body before..." the boy practically snarled. "At least, no one had before today," Edan finished in a softer voice, quickly looking away from the man.

"And, amazingly enough, when I saw your puny cock the world didn't implode," Dom remarked dryly.

Edan's cheeks flushed scarlet at the lord's words and he quickly turned his body, busying himself with washing. He couldn't stand the way the man talked to him; it was horrible and cruel.

Lord Dominik stood in the waist deep water, watching his new plaything scrub himself angrily. The boy was so fun to rile. It was almost too easy.

Under the water, Dom's cock was hard. Pushing this foolish but lovely boy around seemed to inflame the darker side of his libido. He wanted to hurt the little brat, and Dom knew he'd enjoy it greatly.

The lord eyed Edan, though most of the teen was hidden by the surface of the river. The boy was truly beautiful. His skin was creamy and smooth. The scrapes and bruises only added to his allure, for Dominik. The lord licked his lips, thinking of all the lovely marks he could leave on the boy and how much he would enjoy doing so.

Edan glanced over his shoulder and saw Lord Dominik looking at him. He wasn't sure why the man's gaze bothered him so much, but he couldn't shake the feeling that it wasn't right. It somewhat reminded him of the cats that had lived in the lower levels of the temple to keep mice away. He had watched one of the cats chasing a mouse one time and the look in its eyes was just like the look in Lord Dominik's eyes now. That thought made the boy shiver and hunch his shoulders slightly, wishing he could disappear from the man's sight.

It was strange not washing with soap. Edan had never thought of the possibility of using something he thought of as dirty, like sand, to clean himself. The boy had to admit it did get the dirt off him. However, it seemed to grate against every scrape and bruise, especially when he tried to wash his feet. They were raw from walking on the rough road. He winced as he washed them gingerly.

He was as clean as he could get with sand and river water, but Edan continued. The teen didn't know what would happen when he left the river, and the thought frightened him. His only clothes were shredded and tossed away and he was being watched intently by a cruel man with complete power over him.

After Edan had washed his arms for the third time, Lord Dominik growled at him. "Enough. I'm hungry.”

The larger man pulled himself gracefully from the water, muscles honed from work and fighting bunched as he moved.

Edan wrapped his arms around himself, watching the powerful man as he began to dress.

"Wh-what will I wear?" He asked hesitantly.

"After you've shown a complete unwillingness to follow the simple rules I've set forth?" The lord cut him a cold glare. "You don't deserve them. Clothes are a privilege that you certainly haven't earned through your behavior."

The boy's eyes widened and his mouth fell agape.

"You-you can't... I can't be naked in front of all those people! Pl-please. Please let me wear something. Please, Lord..." Edan begged desperately.

"I can’t? That sounds like a demand," Dominik commented as he pulled on his boots.

Edan shook his head quickly, tightening his arms around his body as if to protect himself.

"N-no, it wasn't, Sir. P-please, I'm begging you, please..." he whimpered pitifully.

"Come here," the lord demanded, pointing to the grassy ground in front of him.

Edan hesitated for a moment, terrified of what would happen when he was closer to the man. He even glanced over his shoulder, wondering if he could possibly wade to the other side of the river to escape, but he quickly dashed the thought away, knowing it would be very foolish of him to run off into the forest alone, helpless and naked.

Grudgingly he moved forward, slowly emerging from the water. He began to shiver as a light breeze blew across his wet skin. He forced himself to limp across the grass until he stood within arm's reach of his new master. The boy kept his eyes down, his arms still wrapped around his shivering frame.

"Do you know nothing?" Dominik scoffed. "At least brush the water off yourself after you've washed."

The burly man didn't give Edan time to react before the boy felt the lord's powerful hands on him. Dominik started at the top of the teen's head, wringing out his blond locks roughly. Dom skimmed his hands down Edan's neck and shoulders, pushing away the water clinging to his skin. Edan was too stunned to move. He'd never been touched in such a way. The droplets on the boy's arms were quickly sluiced away. Dominik placed his hands at the boy's throat, pulling them downward over his chest, skimming nipples tightened from the chill.

Edan stood frozen as the touch continued downward. Dominik didn't pause until he reached the apex of the teen's thighs. When the man had pushed the water from his own body, he'd only taken a moment to brush the cool dampness from his crotch.

Edan jumped when he felt the lord touching him there, glancing up to find the towering man's emerald eyes boring into him in challenge.

The boy could only suck in a startled gasp as he stared up at the lord. He felt his cheeks blush pink and heat rise in his chest. He couldn't understand why his body was reacting in such a way. What was happening to him!?

Dominik grinned, a wicked light sparkling in his deep green eyes. He stroked and fondled the teen with one calloused hand. He used the other to wipe the water from Edan's smooth back, then his ass. Dom gripped one soft round globe, kneading it in his hand.

A strange noise left Edan's mouth, a noise he had never made before. It sounded needy and pleading. He didn't like it. He quickly shook his head and whimpered, wanting the man's hands off of him. This was a sin. A terrible, horrible, sin that would surely get him cast down to Hell! But he didn't dare push away from the powerful lord, terrified of what the man would do to him if he struggled.

"You're getting hard," the much taller man leaned down to whisper in the teen's ear. "It feels good, and you love it." Dom stroked the boy to full throbbing attention, delighting in how the little blond trembled under his touch.

The lord released his hold when he saw Edan's breaths coming faster and his fingers clenching into fists. Dom quickly brushed the few remaining drops from the teen's slender legs before standing tall once more.

"Whore." He sneered down at the boy, giving Edan's flushed erection a gentle tap as though reminding him of his body's response.

Edan couldn't hold back the loud sob that burst from his mouth as he fell to his knees in prayer. He clasped his hands in front of him and did the only thing he knew how to do: he prayed for forgiveness.

"Please! I-I'm not! Th-this isn't what I want!" The boy stammered over his words, his prayer coming out a jumbled mess of sobs and whimpers.

"What you want?" the lord mocked. "What you want makes no difference now." He grabbed Edan's chin, forcing his gaze upward to meet burning green eyes. "You're nothing but a slave now, my pet. Your wishes and desires mean nothing. You exist for my pleasure, and it pleases me you've turned out to be such a whore."

Edan stared up at the man with wide, tear-filled eyes.

"N-no. I'm not..." The boy whimpered again, shaking his head weakly.

The fingers gripping his chin tightened. Dominik's free hand lifted to deliver an open handed slap to the side of the boy's head.

"Whore," the man purred. "It will go much easier for you if you admit what you are." A terrifying smile lifted Lord Dominik's lips. "I'll delight in your punishment until you do."

"No..." Edan moaned, feeling sick to his stomach. "I won't. I'm not a- a whore! I won't be what you want me to be!" The boy said loudly, jerking out of the man's firm grip and scrambling to his feet.

He couldn't do this. He had to try to escape. He would rather die out in the forest than be turned into this man's whore.

"Going to run, little bunny?" The lord's smile widened. "Have you forgotten already? I love that game.”

Edan ignored the man's words and started to sprint away, trying to ignore the pain in his sore feet. The teen scurried into the trees just as Kethel arrived with an armful of clothing for Edan.

"My lord!" the young soldier cried out as Edan's pale body disappeared into the woods.

"Don't worry," Lord Dominik told him with a booming laugh. "I'll hunt down our little rabbit." The smile didn't leave his face as he stuck his dagger in his belt. "I haven't had this much fun in a while." He waved Kethel off as he stood, unmoving, next to the river. "Take everything back to camp. Keep my meal warm."

"Aren't you going after him, Lord Dominik?" Kethel asked, thoroughly confused.

"Of course," Dom answered, his voice low and cold. "I'm giving him a head start. It's no fun if I catch him too soon."

Kethel stared at him for a few seconds before making sure nothing was left at the water's edge. As the young man turned to return to camp, he saw his lord stride into the woods.


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