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Edan has seen little of life. Raised in a secluded temple by holy men, he's the Chosen One, destined to be sacrificed. He's been taught all his life how dark and evil the world is beyond the protective walls of the temple. It's Edan's destiny to save the world. That is, until a terrifying warrior crashes forcefully into Edan's sheltered world, throwing everything he believes into question and destroying every last shred of Edan's purity. His life is about to change... dramatically. [m/m slash]



Edan has seen little of life. Raised in a secluded temple by holy men, he's the Chosen One, destined to be sacrificed. He's been taught all his life how dark and evil the world is beyond the protective walls of the temple. It's Edan's destiny to save the world. That is, until a terrifying warrior crashes forcefully into Edan's sheltered world, throwing everything he believes into question and destroying every last shred of Edan's purity. His life is about to change... dramatically. [m/m slash]

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warning: Murder and mayhem

Edan tried to concentrate on his prayers, but the noises came again, louder this time. It almost sounded like shouting. That had never happened before. The pious monks were always soft-spoken. They always seemed so quiet and gentle on the infrequent times he spent much time with them. Besides the few times daily that Edan saw them, it was only on high prayer days that the boy was around them for any length of time. Edan frowned as he heard a crash, followed by another, as the yelling grew louder.

He was frozen on the cool floor, not even noticing the ache in his knees, his eyes locked in the direction of his door. A huge bang sounded on the thick wood and metal, making the boy jump. The banging stopped as Edan knelt stunned, turquoise eyes wide, listening to the commotion outside his sanctuary.

There was silence, then the familiar sound of the key in the lock. The door opened soundlessly and a demon stepped inside, looking strange and frightening from behind the translucent curtains that surrounded Edan's prayer circle.

Wild black hair topped a towering form. It was covered in thick armor with gruesome spikes across the shoulders. A sword swung idly from a thick gauntleted fist while the thing surveyed the room, as though searching for a victim to gut and bleed. Edan was surprised no horns sprung from its head, but the demon's visage was more than enough to shoot terror into the boy's heart. Even through the curtains, Edan could see its piercing green eyes. They reminded the boy of some wild hunting cat on a kill. A pure white scar ran from the left side of the demon's forehead to split one ebony eyebrow. The damage had missed the thing's eye, but the scar continued just below it, slashing down the demon's left cheek.

Burning green eyes caught turquoise. It had seen him. A wicked grin sliced the thing's disturbingly handsome face, pulling the scar into a gruesome curve.

Edan sucked in a startled breath and fell back on his bottom. As the creature advanced closer the boy began to back away instinctively, scooting across the cold floor. The thing's steps were wide though and it reached him quickly. Edan let out a cry of terror and rolled to his hands and knees to scramble across the floor. His panicked mind sought out something to hide behind and he hurriedly moved toward a large marble pedestal.

"Running and hiding, little kitten?" the lord teased with a chuckle. "You'll learn quick that I love this game."

He used his sword to hack away the gauzy curtain with a few lazy swings before advancing on his new pet's hiding place, walking with loud heavy steps. The lord grinned, wondering if the little nun would freeze or run.

Edan coward momentarily, listening to the stomping feet coming towards him. When the thing spoke Edan realized it was not a demon, but a man. A man who had entered his sanctuary. His holy temple. It was impure now.

A surge of anger flowed through the teen. It felt strange and unnatural, but fueled him to stand his ground and face this man who had ruined his prayer room.

Edan stood swiftly, coming face to face with the towering man.

"You will pay for this atrocity!" he said bravely, staring up into the dirt and blood-coated face.

"A boy!" The man stopped suddenly and gave an unexpected bark of laughter. He tilted his head to the side, as if appraising his find. "Well, no matter," the lord said with a shrug. "You'll be of use to me either way. I think you'll make a lovely little pet, kitten."

Edan stared at the man in confusion, his words making no sense.

"K-kitten? What...?" The boy stammered, taking a step back, the man's strange words putting him on edge.

"Come here, then, pet." The lord snapped his fingers. "I have much to do and I want you secured first."

Edan took another step back, shaking his head.

"What? How- how dare you..." He glared at the stranger.

The man grinned, malice shining through as clearly as his amusement.

"Oh, I dare," he hissed as he lunged for the boy.

Edan cried out, jerking away from the hand that reached for him.

"Ah ah, kitten," the man scolded teasingly. "My men have overrun this blasted temple of yours." He cocked his head with a cruel grin. "Where do you think you're going? The monks won't help you." The lord leaned in close. "Everyone is dead but you. Every last fucking monk or stupid acolyte has been gutted, stabbed, or slashed." The man straightened, keeping himself between the boy and the door. "So eager to see the guts of the brothers splashed across the floor?"

Edan stared up at the man in utter disbelief, shaking his head as he took a step back. No. That couldn't be true. He had to find Master Lucient.

Without another thought, the boy quickly darted past the towering man who allowed him to pass him and ran for the open door of his sanctuary, but his steps faltered when he saw the bloody footprints the man had tracked into the room. He continued to shake his head as he hesitantly neared the once pristine white hallway, now ruined.

Edan fell to his knees at the threshold when he saw the body lying in a pool of blood by the door. Master Lucient. The man who had raised him and cared for him. His only companion and friend... A scream of sheer horror tore its way out of the boy's throat as he stared at the scene before him, followed by a gut-wrenching sob. This couldn't be real. This had to be a nightmare. A horrible, evil nightmare...

"Well, now you're a bloody mess," the lord sighed heavily as he watched the boy kneeling in the puddle of crimson that covered the doorway.

He walked closer and scooped the young man up. He tossed him over his shoulder carelessly with a playful swat to the bottom.

"Come on," the man said as his long strides began taking Edan away from the still body on the floor, the person that had once been the closest thing Edan had ever had to a father. Yet, the lord seemed utterly unaffected as he spoke. "We'll just find someone to keep an eye on you for a bit."

The lord retraced his path until he came across his man, Duncan.

"Find a different kind of treasure, Lord Dom?" the captain boomed with a laugh, drawing the attention of all the men in the room.

Most were making piles of things they'd looted from different areas. Duncan and a few others would direct loading onto the carts that had arrived outside the temple.

"I have!" the lord chuckled. "I just need someone slightly trustworthy to keep an eye on him for me. Where's Kethel?"

"In the yard, m'lord," Duncan said with a little salute.

Dominik laughed and carried on.

Edan hung down the man's back limply, having no will to fight. The boy was dead weight across Dom's shoulder, but it didn't bother him. He didn't have time to chase a little fool around the courtyard if his captive decided to be more lively. The lord made a bee-line for a mop of unruly brown hair.

"Kethel!" Lord Dominik called. "Put that down and come here. I have a job for you."

The young man nearly fell over himself rushing over to his lord, exhilarated to be given a job by Lord Dominik himself.

"Yes, Dord Lominik... I mean, Lord Dominik!" The young man flushed scarlet as he stumbled over his words.

Dom fought down a chuckle, knowing it would just make the young man's sputtering worse.

"Get me some rope and meet me at that big post over there," he ordered and walked away, knowing it would be done immediately.

Edan found himself dropped unceremoniously to the ground. He stayed there, stunned and traumatized by all he'd seen. The lord's men were looting the temple... and they had killed everyone. The smell of blood was still stuck in his nose. Dominik lifted Edan to stand and held him there when it seemed he would crumple. A rough rope was quickly secured around his wrists and tied to the top of the pole well above his head. If he stood flat-footed, it pulled uncomfortably on his shoulders, so he lifted himself onto his toes instinctively.

"Good lad." The lord clapped his young soldier on the shoulder. "Now, keep an eye on this one. He's mine. If he gets uppity, though, you have my full permission to shut him up. Just no permanent damage."

"Yes, Lord Dominik!" the young man chirped.

Dom turned back to Edan and slid a gloved hand across the boy's cheek.

"I'll be back for you, pet. Later." He grinned wickedly. "I know you'll miss me."

The terrifying man turned and walked away, calling orders and encouragement to his men who seemed to be loading large wagons with valuables stolen from the temple.

Edan stared ahead blankly, vaguely watching as every salvageable item in the temple was carried away from the only place he had ever called home. For the first time in his life, he felt emotions he had never been forced to comprehend completely: fear, pain, sadness, anger. He found himself a mess of tears and body wracking sobs.

The rope around his wrists high above his head cut into his delicate skin as he struggled to keep his full weight on his toes, but he hardly noticed the physical pain. The emotional pain he was feeling made it seem as if a large boulder was sitting on his chest, hindering him from breathing.

This had to be a nightmare, this couldn't be real. Those words rang in his head over and over like a chant. The monks were dead. Master Lucient was dead. This "Lord Dominik" and his men had ruined everything. The crushing realization that his sacrifice would no longer occur made him physically sick and he wretched.

What would happen now? What would the world become without his sacrifice?

Edan's bloodshot eyes darted up to the sky, expecting to see dark red clouds churning above his head, like Master Lucient had described to him so many times before. He was shocked to see an expanse of blue sky and billowing white clouds, much like the depiction of heaven in the painting he had stared at so often. He blinked, his sluggish mind utterly confused. Where were the fires that raged upon the earth, turning the sky black and red? This wasn't right...

Time dragged on and Edan began to feel the strain on his arms, alarming him with how painful his shoulders and wrists were becoming. He had never been forced to feel pain. There had been a few times when he was a child and had bumped his head or scratched his knee, but Master Lucient had been extremely careful about protecting him. As the Sacrifice, he was a precious gift, never to have a bruise or cut on his sacred body. But now his hands were starting to swell from the pressure on his wrists and his struggling was causing the rough rope to chafe his skin. He gasped when he spared a glance up at his arms and saw small rivulets of crimson blood drip down his pale flesh. This couldn't be happening. His blood couldn't leave his body until the rituals were performed! He was ruined. Everything was ruined.

Edan finally sagged in the rope's tight hold, unable to bear the weight on his feet any longer. He tried to push the pain from his mind, knowing it was an Earthly thing, a sin that he could be relieved of if he prayed well enough. Edan struggled to pray, but the noises around him cut into his concentration and hindered him from doing the only thing he knew he could still do. He felt completely hopeless, overcome by pain and sadness. It didn't take long for his mind to finally drift away and he fell into unconsciousness.

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