Death Has No Dominion

Death Has No Dominion

Status: In Progress

Genre: Thrillers


Status: In Progress

Genre: Thrillers


Hand to sword he serves his king. Brothers in blood and conquest they bend and shape the world to their collective will. From the ashes of a brutal civil war they built an empire, and their hand-picked tyrants, rule without mercy or pity. A kingdom with no borders, it exists within every continent, country, and city across the globe. Hand to sword he stands with his king. Once defenders and protectors, their disillusionment became disdain then hate. They embraced the predator and declared humanity a means to end, chattel to do with as they wish. At war with their ancient enemy they are unaware of the threat that lurks in the shadows. Loyal to the light, their brethren rose from the ashes and swore to defend humanity from the Thirty Tyrants and their world order. A rebellion, pitting evil against evil has raged for over two hundred years. On one fateful night three people are drawn into this world, one from the top, the other from the bottom, and the third as a means to an end. A soldier, a thief, and a librarian set on their paths to a collision with the Thirty Tyrants, their Hand, and his King.


Hand to sword he serves his king. Brothers in blood and conquest they bend and shape the world to their collective will. From the ashes of a brutal civil war they built an empire, and their hand-picked tyrants, rule without mercy or pity. A kingdom with no borders, it exists within every continent, country, and city across the globe.
Hand to sword he stands with his king. Once defenders and protectors, their disillusionment became disdain then hate. They embraced the predator and declared humanity a means to end, chattel to do with as they wish.
At war with their ancient enemy they are unaware of the threat that lurks in the shadows. Loyal to the light, their brethren rose from the ashes and swore to defend humanity from the Thirty Tyrants and their world order. A rebellion, pitting evil against evil has raged for over two hundred years.
On one fateful night three people are drawn into this world, one from the top, the other from the bottom, and the third as a means to an end. A soldier, a thief, and a librarian set on their paths to a collision with the Thirty Tyrants, their Hand, and his King.

Chapter3 (v.1) - Chapter Three

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“Must helpless man in ignorance sedate,<br /> Roll darkling down the torrent of his fate?”<br /> Samuel Johnson<br /> <br /> “A man of bad character punishes his own soul.” <br /> Al Ghazali<br /> <br />

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Submitted: November 23, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 23, 2016



The things had stopped throwing themselves against the door, and Ben hadn't heard a sound for at least ten minutes.

"I can't believe I'm actually saying this," Miller said, through clenched teeth, "but what do we know about vampires?"

Stake through the heart," Ben replied. "The ones we shot in the head went down. Sunlight?"

"We won't make it till sunrise, and there's no guarantee that's real. A bullet may work as well as a stake. There's always fire, everyone burns. We don't have holy water unless you're holding out on me."

"No sir," he replied. "Just a knife at this point."

"You need to get clear and call for help. Take the gun and aim for the head. Don't miss."

"How will you barricade the door when I'm gone? You can't move without help. We go together."

Miller was about to respond when he suddenly gasped and held his fists up to his eyes. "Jesus Christ," he muttered.

"We go together," Ben said, with finality.

He finished bandaging the wound on Miller's neck and gun fire rang out. It wasn't close, but he pulled his knife while Miller pushed himself into a seated position, gun in hand. Ben cleared the door and opened it a crack, peering into the darkness. The door to the yard was still open and surrounded by bodies, not a living soul in sight. 

"Kneeling next to Miller he said, "Time to go."

Miller put an arm around his shoulders and climbed to his feet, his face contorting in pain. "And the gunfire?"

"Could be ours come looking."

Miller chuckled under his breath and said, "Always the optimist."

"The ex would disagree," Ben replied. He thought of her words to him when the divorce was finalized. If she only knew what he was in the middle of now. He'd like to know himself.

They made their way towards the yard as quietly as possible, not hearing a thing. When they reached the door, Ben propped Miller against the wall then stepped outside. He put his goggles on and peered in every direction. The gate was wide open, which meant vampires were now scattered throughout the hills. He needed to get them far enough away to call for help, and find a spot he could defend until it arrived.

When he walked back inside Miller's eyes were closed and he looked like he was about to topple over. Ben took his hand and wrapped his arm around his shoulders. "Ready?"

Miller nodded, barely opening his eyes. Trying to jostle him as little as possible, Ben maneuvered him around the bodies and through the door. The loss of blood and strain on his face deepened the worry, and Ben’s sense of urgency grew.

Miller's injuries prevented them from moving quickly, and they were only a few feet outside the gate when the hairs on the back of Ben's neck stood up. He eased Miller to the ground and turned, knife in hand. One of the red eyed vampires leapt at him, fangs dripping. Ben used his momentum against him and slammed him into the rock wall. Switching his grip, he drove the knife upward. The vampire grabbed his wrist with one hand while trying to free the other, which was pinned behind his back. The blade pierced the vampire's throat and his fangs snapped, barely missing Ben's nose. He shoved even harder and the vampire slumped over, the knife buried in its brain. Ben pulled the blade free and the creature hit the ground.

"Bad ass," Miller mumbled, trying to smile.

Ben snorted and rubbed the back of his neck. There were more, he couldn't see them, but he could feel the threat. They both heard the scrape of nails on rock, and three vampires crawled over an outcropping, their eyes shining. Miller handed him the gun and Ben fired, dropping one instantly. The other two suddenly hissed and scrambled back. A figure flew past and tore into the beasts; a woman, the icy blues of her eyes catching the light of the moon. One vampire hit the ground its throat torn out, the other snarled, completely enraged, and lunged for her. They fell to the ground rolling, each trying to get the upper hand.

"Lawrence," Miller said weakly, "behind you."

As he turned the vampire hit him going for his throat. He stumbled back but managed to shove the vampire's chin up, keeping his mouth closed. He growled and clawed at Ben's arm, trying to break his hold. Getting the gun between them, Ben pulled the trigger and the vampire collapsed.

"Are you injured?"

Ben whipped up the gun and the woman stepped back holding her hands in the air. Covered head to toe in black, the blues of her eyes became a deep brown, and in a musical voice she said, "Easy soldier, I'm on your side."

"Who are you?" he asked keeping the gun on her. "And what are you?"

"My name is Aaliyah. When we spied your team moving in on the compound we got here as fast as we could. I'm sorry it wasn't fast enough for the others."

"Spied?" When she pointed at the sky he said, "What are you?"


"Of course you are." 

Aaliyah's eyes focused on a point behind him, and he whipped around. One of the vampires was running effortlessly along the tops of jagged rock with another close behind. He shot the first in the head and it toppled, while the second leapt for him. He brought that one down and backed up to Miller. Eye shine appeared all around, and without a word Miller handed him a clip.

Aaliyah's eyes were once again ice blue and she sidled towards them, scanning the area. She took position on one side of Miller, and Ben the other. Faintly he heard the howl of a wolf, then another, and the vampires charged. He fired, bringing one down with every shot. All of a sudden he was surrounded by four of them, and cut off from Aaliyah and Miller. She saw, but couldn't leave Miller to help. Ben deflected teeth as each of the four tried to latch on. A sharp pain erupted along his arm and he slashed the neck of one trying to claw his skin off. Blood poured from his throat, and he stumbled back, disappearing into a wall of others. Ben's feet were pulled out from under him, and he twisted as he hit the ground, trying to stay on his back. One grabbed hold of his wrist and Ben stabbed him the eye, freeing the gun. He fired, and another collapsed over his legs, the heavy weight of his body keeping Ben pinned down as the last of the four went for his throat.

The vampire was suddenly yanked off him. Large thick canines shone brightly in the beam of a flashlight, and the vampire started thrashing wildly and hissing in terror. A brawny, black haired, yellow eyed man, wrapped a massive hand around the vampire's neck and crushed it's throat. His brows furrowed and his lip curled back in disdain, and then the vampire soared through the gate, landing with a thud in the yard. The werewolf looked down, and Ben watched in amazement as the yellow turned to brown, his canines receded, and even his extrusive brow diminished.

He offered Ben a hand and said, "You look like you've done this before. I apologize for the swarm, we we're herding them back to the compound." 

Others were dragging bodies into the yard while another knelt next to Aaliyah to help with Miller. Gunfire echoed through the hills and no one flinched. Ben looked at the man curiously.

"Stragglers. Our narrative has to be flawless, or they'll see right through it." 


He walked into the book dealer's and set the woman on the floor in the corner. Taking off his black coat and suit jacket, he carefully laid them over the back of a chair. He rolled up his sleeves and turned around.

Six pairs of eyes were fastened on him. Surrounded by his enforcers, their captives were bound, gagged, and on their knees. The young woman had an expression of utter terror on her tear streaked face, and one of the men glanced at her worriedly.

"Mr. Dupree," he said in a friendly manner. "It was such a mediocre day wasn't it? Just like every other, then low and behold fate drops the unusual into your proverbial lap. A life decision follows. Of course it didn't seem like that at the time, they so rarely do. So pay attention because here's another one. Who dies first? The girl or her boyfriend straining at his bonds? You wanted to be important. Now I'm giving you the ultimate power over your friend's lives."

The moment the gag was removed Dupree fell over himself begging for mercy, insisting it was all a big misunderstanding. He listened with growing amusement as Dupree tried to bargain his way out of the situation, becoming more frantic with every word. Seeing the laughter in his eyes unhinged Dupree further. He started babbling incoherently, spittle flying from his mouth.

His lip curled slightly in disgust and he motioned for Burke to take care of it. At six foot seven, with long arms ending in thick, gnarled hands that could cover a person's entire face, Burke towered over almost everyone. His deep set eyes, Neanderthal like jaw, and low gravelly voice completed the persona of the brainless henchman. But it was a ruse. He was intelligent and cunning, with a fondness for violence that made him perfect for his job.

Burke backhanded Dupree across the face sending him sprawling. He lay on his side breathing hard, tears pouring down his cheeks. Burke leaned over, and none too gently, cut his arms free, then yanked him up into a seated position. Smacking him upside the head for good measure, Burke snapped his fingers in front of Dupree's face. "Where is our property Chris?"

"Will you let me go?" Dupree stammered.

Burke grasped his hand and said, "You can't for a moment believe you're walking out of here. I will do you one favor though, because I'm just that sort of guy. Tell me right now where the books are and I swear I'll kill you quickly." He tightened his grip on Dupree's hand and leaned in close. "Once I start breaking fingers, it won't matter how many times you scream their location. I won't stop until every bone in your body is broken."

Dupree just stared at him stupefied, and then Burke grabbed his index finger. "I'll tell you!" Dupree screamed. "I'll tell you!"

Burke smiled approvingly, but didn't let go. "Where are they Chris?"

"There's a case in the closet," he replied, motioning towards a door at the back of the room. "The books are in the false bottom."

Everyone looked at him and he said, "Robert."

The room was silent as Robert rifled through the closet. "Got them sir."

"Now that wasn't so hard was it?" he said, when Robert handed him the books. "You had absolutely no idea what fell into your lap Mr. Dupree." Looking at the two men who were bound hand and foot, and slightly apart from the others, he smiled and held up the books. "You were so close weren't you? Pity. It doesn't seem like the Order can catch a break these days does Burke?"

The two men stiffened at the word order, and Burke barked a laugh.

He walked over to his things and placed the books on the chair. Crouching down next to the woman he checked her pulse and eyes. She'd be out for some time, so he didn't see the point of bindings, at least not yet. He rolled his neck and stood, fixing his gaze on their captives. They knew it was over, he could see it in their eyes. 

"Please!" Dupree screeched, as Burke drove his fangs into his neck.

"Since Mr. Dupree was unable to decide which of you dies first I think we should just get on with it," he said. "After all, I did promise the young lady this would all be over soon."

He grabbed the boyfriend and dragged him to his feet. Pulling his head back, he tore into his neck. The blood roared in his ears, and he extended his bottom fangs, biting even harder. The young man struggled, and the sadistic urges surged as the predator dominated his prey. He ripped the man's jugular open, spraying the last of his blood on the wall, and the young woman at his feet.

Burke joined in, jerking the other man up by his head. Drinking his fill, he threw the body on top of Dupree's.

The two men from the Order were forced to watch the horror show, trying desperately to work their bonds loose. They knew it would be far worse for them.

The young woman writhed on the floor covered in blood. When he threw her boyfriend's lifeless body onto the pile, she screamed behind her gag. His chest heaved from the rush of the kill, and the fire coursing through his veins turned the craving for more into an impossible to resist need. He looked down at his prey, and her screams reached new heights of terror and pitch.

"Sh, hush now," he said, crouching down. He brushed the hair from her face, and her eyes rolled every which way looking for a savior, but all she was him. She tried talking behind the gag, and wholly entertained, he removed it. The moment her mouth was free she begged for her life. He listened for a moment, appearing to seriously consider her pleas. Then he looked at her ruefully and shook his head. Grasping her shoulders, he pulled her to her feet.

"No. Please. Please don't!" she wailed. She tried to wriggle from his grasp, crying and gasping for air. "God help me, I don't want to die. I swear I won't tell anyone. I swear! Please!" She stumbled against him, so exhausted from terror, her legs could barely support her.

"No living witness my dear," he said softly. 

He pulled her head back, and she screamed as he drove his fangs into her neck. He drank deeply, savoring every ounce of her blood. He could feel her heart beat through his teeth, and smell her cheap perfume, mixed with sweat, laundry detergent, and cigarettes. As her heart hit the limit of its endurance he drove his teeth in deeper, pulling as much blood from her body as he could. At the very moment it stopped, he clamped down like a vice, snapping her neck. Overcoming the urge to rip her apart, so he could squeeze every last drop of blood from her organs, he dropped her. Intoxicated from the blood and violence of the evening, he shut everything else out encapsulating himself in the pleasure coursing through his veins. The blood transforming the burning into bliss.


"Yes Robert?"

"Burke wanted me to give this to you."

He opened his eyes and saw Robert holding a towel. Giving the two men from the Order a sideling glance, he took the towel and began wiping the blood from his face. "So Burke, how much was the Order going to pay Mr. Dupree for our books?"

Burke pulled on a clean shirt and looked at the ceiling like he was calculating numbers. "A staggering amount of money. If Chris was telling the truth that is."

"Really? A staggering amount?" He pulled off his soiled shirt and tie and placed them in a bag. Taking a bottle of water from Robert, he leaned over and poured the water all over his hair. He soaked a towel and wiped the blood from his neck, chest, hands, and arms. Taking one last towel, he strolled over to the two men, drying himself off. "What I'm curious to know is how the Order learned of the estate."

Both men stared him dead in the eyes and kept perfectly still. He knew they wouldn't talk, not here, not yet. He would make them, and felt a rush of adrenaline at the thought. It had been awhile since he'd gotten hold of a Knight of the Order, now he had two. He smiled and said, "We'll talk again soon." They exchanged glances, and closed their eyes. He knew they were praying, and almost rolled his eyes at the futility. Dragging a comb through his hair he looked at Burke, and said, "I do love how prepared you are for any eventuality."

Burke grinned and handed him a clean undershirt. "Always be ready for a night of blood and wine. We've had the blood, now I'm ready for the wine."

The others laughed, and started chiming in with their own ridiculous sayings. The expression on his face silenced them all immediately. "Considering you fucked this up to the point I had to come in and chase down a stray, you should all be grateful to be walking out of here alive. Think on that over your wine."

He looked at each of them one more time and walked over to his things. Sliding the books inside the pockets, he proceeded to get his coat on.  

"How do you want this handled?" Burke asked.

"Secure our two guests at the stables, I will take it from there."

"And this place?"

"Controlled burn. Incinerate this room and a portion of the building if necessary. Up two floors there's a hole in the wall, and a bit of a mess from a fire extinguisher." When Burke arched an eyebrow in surprise, he glance at the unconscious woman. "She was resourceful."

Burke chuckled in response, and after a brief flare of anger he relaxed. He instructed they do a full sweep of the building, and took one last look around.

"What about this one?" Burke asked, looking at the woman.


Burke chuckled again, and said, "Stay unpredictable. It keeps everyone else on their toes."

"I'll keep that in mind," he said, picking her up.

Burke led the way, opening doors and popping the trunk. He threw him the keys and said, "Enjoy your late night snack."

"More than a late night snack," he said, watching Burke reenter the building. He brushed her thick curls over her shoulder and caressed her neck, her heartbeat almost electric beneath his fingers. "I have other plans for this one."

He shut the trunk and slid behind the wheel whistling, immensely satisfied with how the evening had turned out.



"Narrative?" Ben asked.

"Mr. Lawrence, my name is Kabir. Once we became aware of your team moving in on the compound we couldn't in good conscience do nothing. Unfortunately you and Mr. Miller are the only survivors."

"Who are you?" Ben asked, keeping one eye on the others.

"Friends. The intelligence indicating this as a terrorist compound should have been flagged by our contacts. I am truly sorry Mr. Lawrence, this shouldn't have happened."

"It's just Lawrence or Ben," he replied. "You got to us pretty quickly."

Kabir nodded once and turned his attention to Aaliyah, deftly avoiding Ben's questions. "How is he?"

"He's been bitten multiple times and his body cannot replace the amount of blood lost," she replied. "We need to-"

"He's turning," Kabir said, starting towards them.

Aaliyah backed away from Miller, her eyes filled with shock. "It's not possible. What have they done?"

Ben raised the gun, pointing it between Kabir's eyes. He stopped and said, "Look at him Ben. He's turning into a berserker. Nothing can be done for him now. I'm sorry."

Ben glanced at Miller. His gaze was fixed on a point above him, and red veins were spiraling through the whites of his eyes.

"Ben," Kabir said quietly. "The man you know is disappearing, and what's left will attack. If all it takes is bite from one of those things to turn you, we are all in danger."

"Lawrence," Miller whispered.

He lowered the gun and knelt down. "Yeah brother?"

"He's right," Miller whispered raggedly. "I already can't..."

Ben took his hand and rested the gun on his chest. Miller nodded, looking at him scared and in terrible pain, and Ben wrapped both their hands around the gun. He watched Miller's irises enlarge, swallowing the blue, and the red veins coalesce, erasing the whites completely. The light of humanity went out and he kept still, waiting. Suddenly Miller's black and red eyes focused on him, and fangs sprang from his gums. Ben pulled the trigger. Silence surrounded them, and he rested his head on their hands.

A hand alighted on his shoulder, and Aaliyah said, "I'm so sorry, but we need to go. Others will be here soon to investigate, and we cannot be here when they arrive."

"What others?' he asked, standing up.

"The ones responsible for this," she replied.  A series of explosions reduced to the compound to a raging inferno of rubble.  "All evidence of our presence has to be erased," Aaliyah said. "We don't have time to be subtle."

Kabir picked up Miller and hoisted him over his shoulder. Two others produced what looked like milk jugs and started spraying liquid all over the area. A horrendous smell assaulted his senses and Ben jerked back coughing. He was already feeling light headed and the noxious odor was making it worse. "What the hell is that?"

Aaliyah gave him a small smile. Camouflage."

"Bird is circling back and will be landing over that ridge," a man said to his left.

"Lead the way," Kabir said.

They followed as he picked the easiest path through the terrain. Aaliyah stayed close to Ben, while the two with the jugs covered their tracks with the foul liquid. Ben was hot, and with every step he felt fainter. He could hear the helicopter overhead, but he didn't dare look up. He was afraid he'd topple over.

"Are you ok?" Aaliyah asked, concerned.

"Fine," he lied.

Rounding an outcropping, Ben saw the helicopter landing, and everything seemed to slow. The sound of the blades slicing through the air thrummed thickly in his ears, like they were moving through water, and the stars pulsed overhead in time with the blades. Aaliyah said something but he barely heard her through the fog. All he knew was his arm was itching, not just itching, burning. He tore at his shirt, desperate to make the burning stop. Then he saw it. An angry looking bite right above his elbow.

"Oh shit," he muttered.

He looked up into the barrel of a gun. Everything started going in and out of focus, everything but Kabir's eyes, which were hard and resigned. Ben felt a sharp pain on the back of his head, and wondered just how many vampires and werewolves were in the world as he toppled to the ground.



The wind roared through the mountains like a freight train. Ploughing into the building, it pushed through every crack and crevice until it whistled through the rafters of the shrine, rattling the bells. He opened his eyes and saw his silent companion glance at the bells then back and at him, an eyebrow raised. 

"Such portentous timing," he said, chuckling. After a moment he nodded in affirmation.


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