A Different Kind of Summer

A Different Kind of Summer

Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


This is the story of how a weak friendship became a much stronger and different kind of relationship.


This is the story of how a weak friendship became a much stronger and different kind of relationship.

Chapter6 (v.1) - Day 6

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 01, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 01, 2020



The next day i woke up with my underwear wet again. Luckily it was only 5:30 AM so Ludolf was still asleep. I went to the bathroom to change myself. As i did so i started to think about how much i had grown attached to Ludolf's feet. I wanted to act on that by getting closer to them, but there was no way. As i was thinking i was surprised by a knock on the door. A voice soon said:

"You done in there?"

"Oh, yeah, i'll be coming out now!"

I got up from the toilet i had been sitting on until then, threw my wet underwear in the laundry chest and washed my hands. As i did so i noticed Ludolf had once again left a pair of sneakers under the sink. I wanted to have a go, but it was just too late, as he impatiently knocked again. I opened the door and saw he was also wet, but out of sweat and on his shirt. Through the sweat i could even see the shape of his attractive abs. I greeted him but he just shoved me aside and closed the door on his way in.

I cooked my breakfast and, as i started eating, Ludolf came into the room, saying:

"Bro, you can't fuckin' occupy the toilet for such a long time!"

"Sorry, i was ju-"

"Whatever, i don't wanna know why, just stop occupying it for so long."

The mood had quickly gone bad and tense, so i decided to try and lighten it with some small talk:

"Hey, so, what are you doing today?"

"I'll probably finish one of the books they made us read, then i'll probably hang out with some people. You?"

I was surprised it had kind of worked, so i answered him:

"I'll be working on some maths homework, then i should meet a friend on Skype in the evening."

"Ah, cool."

As i was finishing my breakfast i noticed he had extended his legs under the table, with his bare feet laying one on top of another just in front of my chair. Just like i used to do in school, i pretended to have accidentally dropped an object, and went to pick up the fork that i had dropped. My head had never been closer to his feet.

I could see the length of his toenails and the dirt under them, the small hairs on top of his toes and the almost unnoticeable veins running across the tops of his feet. He was sweating and i could feel the odor even without the need to forcibly take it in, as it just invaded my nostrils.

I knew it would've gotten suspicious if i had kept that going, so i just picked up the fork and got back up. He was checking his phone while adjusting his messy hair, so he hadn't noticed anything.

Later in the morning we both headed to the bedroom, where he started reading and i started doing my maths homework. The situation of us being in the same room yet not exchanging a word or a look was surreal, and the silence amplified that feeling. It didn't last long, as music soon started playing loudly from above, and we both started wearing earphones.

As i did my homework time passed quickly enough that i didn't notice when it was lunch time. As i was doing an exercise, i suddenly heard a clap coming from the left of me, which made me let out a little scream and fall off of my chair onto the surprisingly soft flooring. I looked up and i saw Ludolf in front of me, laughing with a book in his right hand.

"You should've seen your face!" he then said.

In that moment i was scared and a little pissed, but i decided to play it off, as he hadn't ever been joyful in such a way when next to me. I knew i made the right choice when he gave me his hand and helped me get up. I then followed him into the kitchen, where he started cooking some pasta.

Afterwards, as we ate, he brought his prank up again, saying:

"Damn, you were really invested in that maths book. Before slamming the book closed near you i had sat on the bed behind you with my feet on top of your chair's backrest, yet you didn't notice that either!"

I had heard a slight touch on the back of my head and something moving my hair but i had guessed it was the wind, not his toes. He had put his feet so close to me and i hadn't even noticed. I assume i made a weird face at the thought of that, because he said:

"Hey, is something wrong? You look like you had just seen a ghost."

"Oh, it's nothing, i was just wondering if i had turned off my laptop yesterday after being done with it."

It was a lame excuse but he luckily believed it. I thought i had ruined the mood after that, but soon enough we were happily chatting together again.

Soon enough after lunch he headed out after waving at me. He was wearing a pair of ripped jeans, a light blue polo and red short Nike shoes. During lunch i had discovered a little more about where he was heading, as he had mentioned he couldn't find his seasonal train ticket just before going out.

Soon enough my Skype started beeping, and i answered the call from Dietfried, the guy i had mentioned earlier. We had known each other through a forum online, since he was bisexual and thought i was cute, had been the first one sending me photos of his feet, even though i had never seen his face before then: he had short messy black hair and green eyes. He had pinkish skin, with a small scar on his left cheek. He was pretty attractive but had said he was already in a relationship in the past. He was born in France, but had lived in Germany for most of his life. As soon as the signal for the call improved he started talking:

"Hey there, how are you doing?"

"Pretty nice, what about you?"

"Oh, i just came back from basketball training. I'm all sweaty, you should see my shirt!"

"Heh, i bet that your feet would smell nicely, too."

"Looks like you haven't forgotten. Now that i think about it you haven't seen these beauties in a while, let me show you them!"

As i heard that my erection started growing as he presumably took off his shoes and socks. Soon enough, he put his meaty soles in front of the camera.

"Wow, they must reek in sweat!"

"And you'd be right! I bet you'd want to be here to smell them."

"Ah, you know me too well."

Soon the topic of the conversation shifted onto something else, just until when he said:

"So, you seen any new feet?"

"To be honest, i did. I'm staying at this guy from school's house, and he has a beautiful pair. They are long, and so are his toes. He is barefoot almost all the time when he's at home and he does taekwondo, so his soles always come out sweaty and dirty afterwards!"

"Ah, shit, that's nasty! I'll never understand you in that. Does he know about this?"

"Well, not yet. I'd love to tell him, but i'm afraid he'd send me a kick out of disgust."

"You say that like you wouldn't want his barefeet kicking you in the face."

"Ah, fuck you!" i said, in a jokingly tone.

"Heh, as if that wasn't the truth. Hey, my parents will be home soon and would get weirded out at me having my barefeet in front of the laptop camera, so i'll have to go now."

"Ok, it's been nice talking to you!"

"Yeah, see you soon!"

As he said that the call ended and i was left there wondering. He was right, i would've loved to get my feet closer to his feet, even if with negative consequences. I was thirsty for him, yet filled with fear. I looked at the clock, it was 8:30 PM. I had been talking to Dietfried for four and a half hours by then, and i was hungry. Strangely Ludolf wasn't back yet. I checked my phone and saw a text he had sent ten minutes ago:

"I'll be back late, train's delayed"

That at least left me worrying a little less, so i just went ahead and started cooking both for me and for when he'd arrive.


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