what happens behind closed doors

what happens behind closed doors

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


i remain prey to men and a young innocent girl dirty old man want to have. this is my story


i remain prey to men and a young innocent girl dirty old man want to have. this is my story

Chapter7 (v.1) - chapter 7

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A story about a young lady that lives under difficult circumstances having to sell her body for money to pay bills at home and later on fall inlove with a guy he met at school and he helps her leave the life that does not suit her.

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Submitted: January 20, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 20, 2017



I opened my eyes to a beautiful white room for the first time I could hear the birds sing beautifully. I rubbed my eyes getting off the bed but I still felt like crap.

"morning sleepy head" Ocean said next to me. Shit he slept next to me last night.

"morning" I greeted, he got off the bed and came up to me. He just stared at me without saying a word.

"so are you going to tell me what happened?" he asked me "Ocean its nothing to be worried about" I stated while my heart was beating hard like a drum.

He remained silent for for minute kneeling down between my legs and before I knew it we pulled up the grey t-shirt I was wearing. I quickly covered my nipples with my hands.

While he was scanning all the scars Mr Smith made on me I scanned his face.

His jaw tensed and I knew he was angry. " who did this to you?" in a low voice trying to contain his anger.

"no one Ocean, I really don't wanna talk about it" I said pulling down the t-shirt and making my way to the bathroom.

"Olivia you can't expect me to just do nothing when you look like that, is it the same person that messed up your face last night" he asked again following me to the bathroom.

"No!!" I shouted looking at him, "why do you care so much? Geez that stop it I am not worth...." he interrupted me by pulling me closer to him and before I knew it he was kissing me.

His lips on mine made everything feel better. I could his tongue begging me to let him in as I gave in to his plea he dippened the kiss.

After a few seconds or minutes because I was lost in that moment it ended with him biting my lower lip.

What the f*ck am I feeling, I feel so paralyzed right now and his my temperature has risen to its maximum because of him his kiss.

He stared at me for a moment with his dark hot brown eyes giving me time to adjust to what just happened.

"breakfast is waiting for us downstairs" he said breaking the silence between us.

He then let go of me and lead me out of the room to the kitchen. We got to the kitchen and breakfast had been indeed already made.

"thank you Mrs Duffy" Ocean said to woman that was placing plate on the table. She did not look too old she looked like she was in her forties.

"my pleasure sir" she responded. I squeezed Oceans hand reminding him that I was next to him. "oh I almost forgot, this lady is Olivia she will be staying with me for a while" he stated "nice to meet you Olivia" Mrs Duffy said shaking my hand.

"nice to meet you too Mrs Duffy" I said then Ocean pulled out a chair for me to sit "thank you" I said "my pleasure" he responded. Mrs duffy had made us scrambled eggs, tousted bread with fruit salad on the other side it was just cereal with milk.

Ocean only ate the fruit salad while I had cereal and milk. "i this your house" I asked "yes it belonged to my late father so it was given to me" he said " so how did you get a chance to study abroad?" I asked "good grades I guess" he stated "so where's the rest of your family?" I asked

"they are in cape town" he said "so where are you going to study next year?" he asked "cape town" I told him

"good I was worried I would never see you gain" he said making me blush and he smiled.

"come lets watch a movie" he said pulling my hand to his living room . I sat on the couch as he put on a movie.


hey this is L.Ocean I know this chapter is short but truth be told I am getting discouraged to write so I am thinking about not continuing with this story Andy let me know what you think should happen

I love you

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