Our Sweet May

Our Sweet May

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Status: In Progress

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Chapter3 (v.1) - Home

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Submitted: January 09, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 09, 2017



"I'm here because we need to get to a safe place and sort out our next move"

I was a little angry at the question. What kind of question was that? "Why now, huh? Jax was murdered two years ago.. why is there bounty on my head now?"

I could see the thoughts stirring in his eyes. "Because two years ago I killed you", His head snapped over to look at me.

"I'm alive what do you mean?"

"I was supposed to kill you that night Max. That night that you saw me", I knew that he remembered. His expression opened up in awe before settling again in confusion. "That WAS you.. I swore I smelled your perfume. I swore.."

"You always forgot the keys in the door", I smiled a little. He was staying in Tennesee. I had been searching all over Texas to find him. I knew that he would visit Texas every once in a while. I knew because neither of us could stay away too long. The memories were potent and abundant. That old junk yard that we spent three summers exploring. We would sometimes pick apart the cars before nestling in our favorite spot. Talking, kissing and touching each other. Allowing each other to unveil our deepest desires.

I begged Reynolds to spare him and of course Reynolds denied my request. Max Raynor was a wanted man. Pierre was to pull the trigger but after my rebuttal Reynolds thought of a better plan. I was now the triggerman.

I killed many people on behalf of Reynolds. It was what kept me paid and apart of the family. My unmatched precision with any sniper rifle or hand gun on the market earned me the name "Sharp Shot" or just Sharp. Jack "Paco" Johnson was my partner whom I trained. He was a natural and now.. he was nothing.

Nine years I worked for the Reynolds family. I asked for nothing but gave my all and this one thing, my one want in this entire world was denied to me.

I never loved this life , I never wanted it. I was eighteen and I had to make a choice. Chloe's beautiful green eyes pierced the very fabric of my soul. She was the one to saved me and now I had to betray her and her family. I had to break her heart.

I had to do this because I wouldn't hurt Max, ever.. but I had to make him as dead as he could ever be for Reynolds to save his life. I left a note of warning. Anonymous. With the war raging between Kingston and Reynolds it wasn't hard to get him to take heed. It hurt my heart to see him linger around that old mobile home. I wanted to hug him, to hold him but Chloe was on her way to ensure the job was done. Once Max was out of sight I hooked it up. A tape recording of a mans screams of bloody murder. I plugged the connectivity cord into the back of the tape recorder and into that large dusty speaker. The gasoline I brought with me spraying in every which way drowning the memories the place held. I set it ablaze and watched it burn from the other side of the fence. Chloe thought it funny to hear the gurgled screams in the distance. I held no expression. I was dying inside. The one place I had left to go. The closest I could get to him safely and it was burning to the ground.

Chloe was Mr. Reynolds daughter. his only girl and for that, she was his favorite girl. She was a lesbian and had the hots for me but I had no eyes for another woman. Long red hair and pale skin those red lips tempting. She was a product of Mr. Reynolds affair. He had three children. Chloe, Pierre and Jax "The crusher". Chloe and Pierre were White and Latino but only Chloe was bilingual. Jax was a half brother to them both.

I never stopped going after that day.. to the junk yard. I would go and run my fingers across the charred metal and feel the grown, hard and rubbery. I always felt like he was near me. Somehow waiting for me to turn around and as I stood encased in the feeling I would spin but nothing was ever there. I would burst into tears. I needed him back. I wanted him to hold me like he had so long ago. I wanted to tell him everything and to runaway from this life and that family.

But he was gone, it took me two years to find him here in New York.


He stared at me. I could feel his eyes tracing my face. He never said a word but we never needed to. I knew what he was thinking. " I watched you, yes".

"For how long?"

"Since June 1st of last year", I looked him in the eyes they were unreadable. Disguised. "Why not just knock on my door? why not just come back?" He looks forward as he asked the last question.

I couldn't be seen with him. He was the enemy. We would both be killed and I wasn't ready to die.

"You worked for Kingston. If I was seen mingling with the enemy I would be hanged. Especially if you turned up alive after I declared you dead".

"Why are you working for Reynolds huh?"

"I told you I'm not. My contrac-"

"It expired because you didn't kill me but why were you working for him in the first place?"

"I will explain everything later". I said as I looked over at him. There was that familiar look in his eyes. He was thinking the same as me. He asked if I hadn't missed him as much as he missed me and I teased asking if he really had. He shook his head unwilling to let the previous thought go upon second recollection. I sighed as the memories crossed the shadows in my eye.

"He took me in. I had no one and he took me in." My eyes begin to water. I didn't want to have this conversation now. We just needed to make it to the plane.

We rode in silence for a while until we got to the airport parking lot. Max was rubbing his knees with the palms of his hands. I wanted those hands on me. I found a spot and quickly parked. We both jumped out of the car making our way to the building in front of us. I walked ahead and felt a little uneasy being unable to see him walking behind me. I looked back to check and he had been staring at my ass.

My ass was perky and tight on account of my excercise routine. He was looking at a perfect round ass and probably imagining all of the dirty things that he wanted to do to me. ...

"Where are we going?" His tone is relaxed but curious. "We have to get to Texas first.. I have to gather a few things and then we have to hit the road again".. I'm walking as fast as I can to get this moment over with. We've wasted an hour getting here and I knew that by now Walter "Baker" had word of what just happened.

If he didn't already know that I was alive he would soon find out.

"Home? For how long?" He sounded so different but just the way I remembered him.

"One day. After that we must move".

"To where?"

"We will cross that bridge when we get there". It was our luck that the next plane out would be boarding in thirty minutes. Max and I sat across from each other in the lobby of the airport. The strikingly beautiful paintings that hang around, very methodically placed to draw your eye in then over to the various galleries surrounding it.

"Are you hungry?" Max asks me as he looks over his shoulders, up and down as if he's looking for something then remembers that there are shops around. "Not really". He was attempting to break the ice. Max is a very simple man. He knew what he liked and what he didn't like. Very strong willed and loyal. Kingston hired Max on when he agreed to serve as a lookout for one of Kingstons men. A way to make a few bucks to help care for his sickly mother.

She was pushing fifty five before God took her. Natural causes. Despite her deteriorating memory she was still smart as a whip. I admired their relationship. Max was an only child and His father had passed a few years before his mother. Natural causes also. It tore him up. His father thought it a great idea to move to the countryside. From their home in Texas to Wilson County, Tenn.

This is where he hid until I spotted him. I was on a mission to kill a Ms. Livingston. Treacherous woman. Hard as the earth, what she had done to Reynolds I was unsure of. I never asked about the reason for a kill just the name a picture and location. Max was at a bar named Odessey the night I stopped in for a drink before carrying on with my mission. Everyone cheering at the television as Ken Johnson threw punch after punch at his opponent. He looked so amazing standing there in his blue jeans and black tee. That silky, jet black hair swept upon his shoulders. His eyebrows were thick and that hair lining his lips a little fuller than it is now. He was due for a trim but I loved that rugged look on him.

I was given strick orders to shoot her in the heart with my Mossberg 500. Point blank range, and I did. She was taking a shower when I snuck around the beautiful two story house. She had no children, no husband nor boyfriend. I used a spare key to open the side door. Stepping into her home. The walls were tan and there were white statues of angels on the side tables next to energy bills and a wine glass. The house smelled like fresh linen. Her sofa was a white leather and next to it a chaise. I made my way through the beautifully furnished house walking up the stairs to the second floor. She was humming a familiar tune. I could hear the echos growing louder as I inched closer. Slowly creeping around corners, peering into the rooms I passed to ensure no surprises. When I did reach the bathroom I could smell some kind of citrus body soap permeating down the hall.

I cluncked the gun once and she gasped. I assumed that she could make out my form through the thin shower curtain. I was pointing the gun directly at her. Instructing her to pull back the shower curtain as i moved in closer.

No questions, No words. I didn't need her telling me anything about herself. She would haunt my dreams later like the rest of them. Once the shower curtain was back I pulled the trigger once. Blood spattered over my face, the shower curtain and the wall behind her. She screamed for a split second before I shot her sliding down into the tub as she let out her long last breath. The shower still running washing away what was left of the splattered blood and rinsing away the gush of blood from her wound as fast as her body pushed it out.

I quickly retreated to my car parked one block over. Making sure I am not spotted ducking off into the darkness. I walked through a bunch of bushes to a clearing. Spotting that familiar face. I hadn't planned on bumping into him so soon. He was next on my list and I guess this was fate giving me a chance to lock in my choice to set him free. He was walking to a bright grey and white house with a perfect manicured lawn and two small lanterns at the entrance. Was this his home? Was this where he was now living? I stooped near a bush at the corner across from where he was walking. Keeping an eye out for onlookers. He unlocked the door, looking around one last time before shutting it behind him. I noticed something glistening near the key hole. I smiled to myself knowingly.

Crossing the street to make my way to the door I grew nervous and dubious. I looked over each shoulder running through scenerios of how me knocking on the door would go. As I got closer I decided it would be best to just walk away. I took a piece of paper from the pad that told me where to find Ms. Livingston. Scribbling down something before deciding to spritz it with the small bottle of perfume I always carried in my pocket. Max's last gift to me before I disappeared.

Max snapped me out of my thoughts as he lightly tapped my thigh.

"Thank you", those transparent hazel eyes tore through my heart. "Don't thank me that way as if I didn't need to do it". I hissed. He was acting as if we were strangers. "You didn't.." He pauses. "You disappeared on me. I looked for you for years, I searched for you. You weren't anywhere". I could hear the pain in his voice but his expression was solid.

I was closer to him than he thought.. but I couldn't touch him.

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