Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Detective Jim Melic (Played by Jai Courtney in the movie 'Felony') has had a thing for his neighbor, Harper, for quite some time, but keeps second-guessing her interest in fear of being rejected. Harper Lawton has longed for Jim to make a move, giving him opportunities to take that next step, but he only seems to get so far, then backs off, leaving her utterly confused. Its not until interference from their friends force them together, sparking off a heat between them that's been simmering below the surface for far too long. *I do not own any rights to the character 'Jim Melic', to the movie 'Felony'.


Detective Jim Melic (Played by Jai Courtney in the movie 'Felony') has had a thing for his neighbor, Harper, for quite some time, but keeps second-guessing her interest in fear of being rejected.
Harper Lawton has longed for Jim to make a move, giving him opportunities to take that next step, but he only seems to get so far, then backs off, leaving her utterly confused.
Its not until interference from their friends force them together, sparking off a heat between them that's been simmering below the surface for far too long.

*I do not own any rights to the character 'Jim Melic', to the movie 'Felony'.

Chapter5 (v.1) - A Step Closer

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Anticipation eats at these two while they wait to meet again. Is Jim really as interested as Eddie seems to suggest? Is Harper going to even show up? And how much closer will they be able to get?

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 14, 2019




“Just come with me, please!” Harper begs into the phone.

“Okay, Okay. But, you have to tell me why you’re so worked up.” Shelby says.

Harper pauses a moment. “Jim.”

“Jim? The hottie cop?”


“He finally asked you out!?”

“Well… not exactly.”

“Harper.” Shelby demands.

“His friend asked me to hang out with them… made it seem like Jim was interested. I don’t know what to do Shelby.”

“Give me 30 minutes, girl. I’ll bring the supplies.”

Shelby’s car arrives 25 minutes later, beeping the horn for Harper to come out.

“Get in the car bitch, we’re going shopping.”

“I thought you said you were bringing the supplies.”

“I can fix your hair and your makeup. I can’t fix your shitty wardrobe.”


The blonde blares the horn once more to cut her off. “Get your purse and get in the car.”

Shelby continues beeping until Harper rushes out with purse in hand.

“You’re going to piss off my neighbors!” Harper yells, slamming the car door.

“Ooh… maybe a certain sexy neighbor might have to punish you.”

“Just go.”

2 hours later, they return. Harper still not sure about the black, lace, bodycon dress. Shelby insisted that it looked ‘ah-mazing’ on her, but the length is less than modest. Not to mention bodycon meant body contouring in every sense.

“Whatever happened to leaving something to the imagination?” she mutters, still eyeing the dress when she comes out of the shower, drying her hair with a towel.

Shelby looks at her through the mirror, just as she put down the hair dryer and picks up the curling wand. “Sweetheart, after he sees you in that dress, he’s not going to have enough IQ points to conjure up an imagination.”

By the time they’re done primping, the clock reads 8:50.

“Oh my God, Shelby. It’s going to take us 35 minutes to get into town. I hate being late.”

Shelby pinches the bridge of her nose. “Have I not taught you anything? You’re supposed to show up late. Make him squirm a little.”

“I knew I was going to regret calling you.”

“Hold that thought until tomorrow morning.” Shelby smirks.


He glances at his watch again. 9:25. This is stupid. Getting all worked up because she hasn’t shown up. Does he really blame her? Eddie made him look like a total idiot today. He’ll just have to apologize to her… again, for his so called friends behavior.

Still, he sits at the corner of the bar with a direct line of sight to the door and nurses his drink until Brian comes up behind him and slaps his hands on Jim’s shoulders.

“You are not going to sit here all night and mope, are you?”

“Why would I be moping?”

“Oh, come on. Eddie told me what happened today.”

Jim throws his head back. “Please don’t start with this shit.”

“We’re just trying to help you out, bud.”

He swivels in the barstool to face Brian. “Yeah, because what you guys have already done is really working for me.” he snips.

“Well maybe if you weren’t so nervous around her, we wouldn’t have to do your bidding.”

Jim shakes his head. “No. Uh-uh. I never asked you to-”

The sound of Eddie’s chipper voice cuts him off. “Hey guys.”

Jim swallows his annoyance, not caring to make eye contact. “Eddie, I swear to God-”

The smaller man pays no mind to Jim’s agitation and butts in again. “Look what I found.” He pulls an arm from the shadows and Harper stumbles from the darkness.

“Um, hi.” she smiles, looking to Brian first, then lands her eyes on Jim, pulling her bottom lip to her teeth.

His entire body immediately tensed at the subtle gesture. Sweet Jesus, she looks incredible.

“Hey Harper.” Brian smiles back. “Glad you could make it.”

“I am so sorry we’re late-” she begins to apologize.

“You haven’t missed anything,” Brian admits. “Just been trying to get this sad sack to lighten up.” he nods to Jim.

Her gaze falls back to him, eyes soft with concern. “Are you okay?”

I’m better now that you’re here.

“I’m fine. They just…” he looks at his friends and sighs.

She lets out a small laugh. “I know the feeling. Trust me.”

He’s completely forgotten about the two dumbasses watching on with shit-eating grins and tries to figure out a way to get a better look at that dress without making it too obvious. “Would you like a drink?” he asks, signaling to the bartender.

“Sure…” she rattles off her drink choice to the bartender before turning to adjust a barstool for her to take a seat next to him.

Perfect opportunity to lean back and follow every damn curve from her neck to her ankles. His hand comes to his mouth, rubbing at it in deep thought as to where he’d like to taste her first.

He has just enough time to bring his gaze back to her lovely face and takes a sip of his whiskey on the rocks when she spins to him in the seat.

The bartender brings her drink and she smiles coyly at him, pulling her hair from her eyes. “What?”

He takes a moment to crunch at the ice, pondering if the alcohol is giving him the courage or just the fact that she showed up gives him a glimmer of hope that perhaps he had rushed to conclusions about her interest. “You look nice.”

Her cheeks visibly flush and she looks down at herself. “It’s not too much? Or should I say ‘not enough’?” Then she tugs at the hem, drawing his eyes to the motion.

The heat in his own voice took him by surprise. “Just right.”

Now, she takes the time to study him before responding. Her lashes flutter, hinting at more than their usual playful flirtations. “Thank you.”

Movement shifts behind her, but he doesn’t bother moving his gaze from the most important thing to him in the room. That is until a blonde flings herself on Harper’s shoulders, bringing their wordless flirtation to a screeching halt.

“Harper! Oh my God! I am so glad you brought me! Why didn’t you tell me Max was so funny?”

Harper pries the woman’s arms from her. “Jesus Shelby. You haven’t even started drinking yet.”

The smirk on Jim’s face catches Shelby’s attention. “Oooh. You must be Jim.” she says with a knowing smile. The stress of his name has him arching a brow.

She leans into Harper doing nothing to mask the tone of her voice. “You’re right. He is even hotter up close.”

Embarrassment washes over her when he sweeps his eyes back to her, but then composes herself. “Jim, this is my friend, Shelby. Whom I regret inviting more and more with each passing minute.”

He extends his hand to Shelby. “Pleasure.”

She daintily takes it. “Pleasure is all mine now that I got to formally meet the man I dressed her up for tonight.”

Harper smacks her hand away from the handshake. “Shelby!”

He chuckles away the ball of fire burning below his belly. “Yeah, you’ll get along real well with these guys.” He thumbs behind him to Eddie and Brian.

Max joins the crew, coming up behind Shelby. “What I miss?”

“We’re trying to see how much we can embarrass them.” Eddie says.

“Oh, where do I start?” Max loosens his neck as he if about to start a rigorous workout.

That’s Jim’s cue to move focus elsewhere. He stands from his barstool. “I think we should introduce the ladies to the birthday boy.”

He gestures everyone to head over to the VIP section they have reserved, letting them pass him so he can hold back and walk with Harper.

She rises from her seat and shimmies her dress back down to a more modest length. But, try as she might, it’s not going to keep him… or any other hot-blooded man from checking her out.

He allows her to walk in front of him and fights with the thought of placing his hand on the small of her back and guide her like a gentleman. He just lingers back far enough to get a full view of her from behind instead. The crystal studded zipper, in stark contrast to the darkness of the fabric, has his eyes traveling down the length of the dress. He wonders how long he could willingly torture himself by tugging that zipper down at a painfully slow pace, taking the time to thoroughly explore every inch as he peels it off of her.

He stuffs his hands in his pockets, discreetly giving himself more room as he walks. And as if she knew, she stops in her tracks, looking over her shoulder to him to wait for him to catch up.

“You okay?” she asks.

“I’m great.” he smiles, taking the leap and moves his hand to that delicious curve just above her ass with a gentle touch.

She returns the smile with a subtle flash in her eyes. “Good.”

They walk in silence through the crowd. Her keeping close enough to maintain the contact and him desperately trying to keep his hand from creeping southward.

The evening moves along beautifully. He and Harper standing hip to hip for extended periods, talking to each other, talking with the rest of the group. They’d separate from time to time, but end up right back next to each other. The drinks flow freely and the music pulses through them. A dangerous concoction of that and heated eyelocks that linger longer as the night goes, has Jim conjuring wicked fantasies of tits and lips and creamy skin gyrating on top of him in a fit of lust.

He watches her dance with Shelby, keeping his eye on a too-interested-looking hipster piece of shit, edging closer to her. He calmly places his drink on the table and rises from his seat, standing on the edge of the dance floor. Even through the dozens upon dozens of dancers cramming the area, he keeps eyes on the hipsters hands at all times. He slowly makes his way around the parameter, hands cooly placed in his pockets and stops at the nearest spot to her without entering the dance floor. Hipster sneaks behind her and works his way against her ass. It’s a common thing nowadays. Guys don’t ask women to dance. They just creep up behind them and thrust against their asses. If the girl turns with a smile, he’s in. If not, he’s out of luck.

And Jim isn’t going to let that guy take the chance. Once Harper turns, she spots Jim watching and turns on the charm. Her body flows more fluidly, emphasizing the motion of her ass and brings a few fingers to her mouth, deliberately drawing attention to her lips as she gives him a wink.

The corner of his mouth tugs a smirk the same time he feels a tug in his pants.

Satisfied with his attention, she turns back to Shelby, not paying attention to the douchebag attempting to grind up on her. But douchebag follows what she had been looking at and finds Jim on vigilant watch. All Jim has to do is fold his arms across his chest, tighten his jaw and give a simple head shake. Clear and simple directions to back the fuck off.

The guy holds his hands up in silent surrender and understanding, then slowly backs away, most likely on the prowl for another gorgeous woman, without a brooding bodyguard.

He watches her a little longer, realizing they’ve made a stronger connection tonight than they’ve ever had before.

Maybe his dipshit friends were right about taking him out of his comfort zone. He hates clubs. He hates dancing. He hates unknown hot and sweaty bodies grinding and mashing together like some morbid human stew.

But, seeing her there, with that suggestive smile and those ‘come and get me’ eyes, has him thinking that maybe… just maybe he’d go out there and join her.

Nah. She's having a good time with her friend. He doesn't want to be that guy who follows her around like a puppy.

He makes his way back to his seat. The rest of the crew gathers at the bar and litters the dance floor.

Doesn't bother him though. He doesn't need to constantly socialize to be content. Actually, he'd rather just watch. No one to strain and listen to over the pumping music. No need to shout to have a conversation. And no one to interrupt his little daydream about Harper dancing just for him in ways usually reserved for the private rooms at the strip club down the street.

Just as his fantasy reaches the point of Harper stripping that dress off, a voice calls from next to him.

“Anyone sitting here?”



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