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When Lacey had finished her bath, she didn’t know what to do or where to go. Putting on the robe that the housekeeper had given her, she found her way to the stairs. Standing at the top of them she listened for movements in the house but couldn’t hear anything, the house was silent. Slowly creeping down the stairs, Lacey’s stomach churned with nerves, she didn’t know what to expect when she saw Evan. Will he want sex with her now, she shuddered at the thought of it?

Approaching the living room, she could see Evan sitting on the sofa talking quietly on his mobile. Lacey coughed a little to get his attention, he turned around and smiled at her.

“What do I do now?” she nervously asked.

“Come in and sit down,” He gestured her to sit on the sofa next to him. “Your clothes won’t be long now, I’ve just spoken to the driver, he’s about half hour away.”

Lacey slowly walked into the living room and sat on the other sofa across from Evan and curled her legs underneath her. “How do you know those clothes will fit me, you don’t know what size I am?”

Evan walked across the room and sat next to her. “Lacey, I know exactly what size you are, you know I didn’t take my eyes off you the other night in the restaurant.” He tapped the side of his head. “And you’ve been in here ever since.”

Lacey nervously smiled and moved away from him, he had got a bit too close to her. There’s no way he would get her size right she thought to herself.

Evan stood up and pulled her off the sofa and tried to open her robe. Lacey gripped the robe and moved away from him. “Don’t move, I just want to see if I’ve got it right.” he sternly told her.

He moved her hands off the robe and untied the belt. Lacey whimpered when it opened, her bottom lip trembled as she looked down at the floor. She tried to close it but he stopped her. “Look at me Lacey.” Evan whispered.

Lacey’s body began to shake, she slowly raised her head and looked him in the eyes. Flashbacks of the night she first met him ran through her mind. She remembered him asking her if he scared her and how she looked him in the eyes and shook her head, when he told her to say it, she couldn’t get the words out. The same fear was running through her body as it did that night, she had to find the strength to say those words. Her eyes never left his. “You don’t scare me Evan Durber.”

Evan smiled a little and leaned over her. “Then why are you shaking.”

Lacey gasped as his warm hands slowly stroked around her waist.

“Size ten.” He growled in her ear.

He kept one hand on her back and pulled her closer to him. Her body tensed as he slowly ran the tips of his fingers up her body and cupped her breast. He looked at her, smiled and cocked his head to one side. “Thirty-Eight C?”

Lacey’s body began to tingle all over with his touch, she nervously licked her lips and nodded. Keeping eye contact, he ran his hands up her neck and cupped her face with both hands. “Beautiful.” he whispered, running his fingers through her long brown hair. Lacey was confused, why did she like how he touched her? Jack never made her feel like that when they messed around.

Evan closed her robe and tied it. “I told you I knew.” He sat down and patted the sofa. “Now we need to talk about tonight.”

Lacey didn’t sit next to him, she sat on the other sofa.

Evan laughed and shook his head, he relaxed back on the sofa and told her when she joined him for their evening meal he wanted her to dress suitably for it. He could see Lacey looked confused by that so he explained she had to dress up and make herself look good for him. He told her while she was there she was living in his world so he expected her to dress the appropriate way and behave. What he didn’t tell her was that he had no intentions of letting her leave.

When the delivery men arrived, Lacey watched them follow the housekeeper upstairs several times with different size boxes, she didn’t think for one minute that they were all for her. Evan waited for them to leave before he took her upstairs to show Lacey what he had bought for her.

When Evan showed her upstairs to his bedroom, Lacey was stunned with how big it was, it took up half of the first floor, it looked like an apartment. There was an en suite bathroom, a sofa, drinks cabinet, television, a desk full of paperwork and several laptops, shelves full of books, ornaments and the biggest bed she had ever seen. She wondered why he needed such a big house, it looked like he could live comfortably enough in his bedroom. There were two doors on the largest wall that led into walk in wardrobes that were the size of large rooms. They stood in one of the walk-ins that had empty shelves, mirrors and a built-in dressing table and chair. Lacey just thought he used it as a storage room because it was full of boxes

Lacey looked at Evan with a blank expression on her face, she didn’t know why they were standing in his store cupboard.

Evan thought that she could at least show a little excitement, then realised she wasn’t aware that it was all for her. She flinched away from him when he tried to stroke her face. “Lacey, this is your wardrobe. Open the boxes and see what I’ve bought for you?”

Lacey stared at the boxes, why were there so many? “How long am I staying here for?” she nervously asked.

“Like I told you, until your debt is paid.”

She closed her eyes, something didn’t feel right. “I need to sit down.” She mumbled.

“It’ll take some time to sort it all out.” He laughed. “So I’ll leave you to it. When you’re ready get dressed then come and find me, I should be in my office.” Evan paused in the doorway. “I hope you like what I’ve bought you.”

When Evan left the room, Lacey curled up on the chair. She didn’t understand why she needed so much stuff, surely paying off the debt wouldn’t take long.

When Lacey opened the boxes, one was full of makeup and different perfumes, another one had electrical products for hair and beauty and there was a box full of different style shoes that were all her size. The last three large boxes were full of dresses, casual clothes, underwear and coats. She put the makeup and perfumes on the dressing table, sorted some jeans and a t-shirt out, got dressed then went to find Evan, she wanted to know how long he planned to keep her there.

As Lacey passed the bathroom where she had had her bath, she noticed her clothes were still on the floor. She searched the pockets of her jeans to see if her tobacco was still in them. Luckily it was, she sat on the edge of the bath and rolled herself a cigarette.

When Lacey went down stairs, she couldn’t remember where Evans office was so thought she’d go outside for her cigarette. It was so peaceful outside sitting on the steps listening to the birds singing but there was something that Lacey hadn’t realised, and that was when she opened the front door, a silent alarm had gone off in the security room. Lacey’s thoughts turned to Jack and her friends, she already missed them and didn’t know when she was going to see them again. Lacey jumped back in shock when Jim ran to the front of the house. She was even more shocked when she saw a gun strapped on the side of him.

Jim walked towards her, out of breath. “You shouldn’t be out here, go back inside.”

Lacey’s heart was racing as she stood up and slowly walked backwards away from him. She didn’t understand why had he got a gun.

Jim realised she had seen it. He slowly raised his hands and kept his voice calm so not to scare her more, “Lacey, just go back in the house.”

She heard Evan shout her from inside the house. He ran outside and grabbed her by the arm. “What have I told you about trying to run?”

“I wasn’t trying to run; I was having a smoke.” She pulled away from him. “I was only sitting on the steps, ask Jim.”

Evan looked at Jim. He nodded his head to confirm what Lacey said was true. Evan leaned against the wall and exhaled. “What are you doing down here anyway? You’re supposed to be sorting your things out, there’s no way you’ve finished it all.”

“I’ll just take it out when I need it.” She tried to push past him. “Then you can send the unused things back when I leave here.”

Evan could see defiance in her eyes, his jaw clenched, she was driving him mad already and she had only been there one day. He glanced at his watch, it wasn’t long to go for their evening meal. “Just go back upstairs and unpack your things, then get dressed up for dinner and stay there until I come and get you, ok.”

Lacey walked towards the stairs then turned around to face him. “I’ll get dressed for dinner but I’m not unpacking anything!” She shouted then ran up the stairs,

“Arrgh Lacey, just do as your fucking told!” Evan bellowed and punched the door, leaving a fist print in it.


Lacey thought that she had better get herself changed, she knew that she had pissed Evan off with the way he had just shouted at her. Strangely though, it hadn’t scared her, she thought that if he was going to hurt her, he would have done it by now.

Lacey ran into his bedroom and dived on the bed and rolled onto her back, she tried working out how long it would take to pay the debt off. Thinking back to the five hundred pounds the girls at the restaurant could earn each night, she would have to sleep with him twenty times then she could leave, but was she worth that much? Covering her face with her arms Lacey began to sob, she just didn’t know how this was all going to work out. Living on the streets, over the years she had been offered to work as a prostitute, it was something she never wanted to do and now she was going to be Evans whore. But Lacey accepted that she was going to have to sleep with him, she was nervous about it but it had to be done. She just wanted to go get away from Evan as soon as she could.

She sat up and glanced across the bedroom towards the small sofa was in front of the window, by the side of it was a drinks cabinet. Looking inside it, Lacey couldn’t decide which drink to have, there were so many different bottles that all looked expensive. A dark glass bottle with thick gold fancy lettering caught her eye. She couldn’t read what it was, she shrugged her shoulders and poured some into a glass. Lacey knocked it back. “Bloody hell!” She cried, holding her throat, it was strong. Pouring herself another she sat back on the sofa and looked through the letters and paperwork on the side table, none of it made sense to her. She knocked her other drink back, it wasn’t as bad as the first, the spicy, citrus flavour burning the back of her throat felt quite pleasant. Pouring herself another one, she stood by the window, the huge garden in front of the house looked quite plain from above, she imagined how beautiful it would look with more flowers. Lacey loved flowers, she remembered the time one of her mother’s many boyfriends moved in with them, Dave was one of her nicer ones and loved gardening. He helped her plant flowers in the corner of their garden that would attract butterflies, she couldn’t remember what they were but they were pretty. She was heartbroken leaving her flowers behind when her mother once again moved her to a different area to live in a squat with a new boyfriend and his friends. Those few months she lived in the squat were terrifying for her, she was ten years old and had never felt so lonely and scared in her life.

Tears slowly rolled down her cheeks, once again that same old feeling was back, she felt lonely and scared. She knocked back her other drink and poured another one and carried on drinking for the next hour. 

When Evan entered the room to see if Lacey was ready for their evening meal, he found her sleeping on the sofa. He tried to wake her up but she didn’t move, he took the empty glass out of her hand and smelt it and noticed the half empty bottle on the side table. She had drunk herself unconscious on a three-thousand-pound bottle of whiskey.

Evan didn’t know what to do now, he had never been in this situation before. He wanted Lacey to enjoy the life he had offered her and couldn’t understand why she didn’t want it. He felt sorry for her the night she openly told him about her life. When he returned home that night, he couldn’t get her out of his head, he couldn’t figure out what was it about Lacey that made him want her. She had rejected his advances twice in one night, was it because she didn’t want him that that attracted him to her?

The night Evan saw Lacey at the restaurant, he was going to meet Rachael to offer her a business deal and seeing Lacey again made him change his mind, he wanted to offer it her instead. Evan always gets what he wants and when Lacey beat up Rachael that was the perfect excuse to bring her to his house. He made up the debt to keep her there with him, he doesn’t need the money he just needs Lacey to live in his house. Together as a couple they could make a fortune.


Submitted: April 12, 2016

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That poor girl has gone through so much. I love where this is going

Tue, April 12th, 2016 2:52pm

Kitty Hall

I'm glad your enjoying it, I'm sure she will find the strength to get through this :)

Tue, April 12th, 2016 6:11pm

Kitty Hall

thank you, Lacey is struggling but she's a survivor :)

Tue, April 12th, 2016 8:18pm


Hell, I would need a few drinks too! ;) I hope he continues to be nice to her and not hurt here, but I don't that's gonna happen with who he is. Probably not! Guess I'll have to keep reading to find out. But I'm enjoying your story!

Thu, June 2nd, 2016 6:59pm


Even though he is trying to be nice to her, they both have tempers and Lacey is the worst one of them , glad your still enjoying it :)

Thu, June 2nd, 2016 12:53pm


It is interesting he hasn't tried to hurt her or anything, I love it though.

Thu, June 16th, 2016 1:04am

Scarlett Rae

Watching them butt heads is entertaining. She certainly deserved a drink but I'm sure she'll be in trouble for overdoing it.

Wed, August 31st, 2016 5:44pm


They butt heads all the time, Lacey has a temper on her, they are both strong characters

Thu, September 1st, 2016 1:38pm

Amy F. Turner

Oh my word!!!! From drugs to the alcohol! Lacey snap out of it it! You need your wits with this guy! Loving this so much Kitty!

Mon, February 20th, 2017 7:40pm


I think she needed a good drink, I know I would if I was in that situation, lol, glad your still with me on this :)

Mon, February 20th, 2017 3:04pm

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