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Lacey stopped off at Rachael’s room before she left the restaurant, she didn’t have a coat with her so took a jumper out of the wardrobe. Picking up the bottle of perfume that she had used that night, she put it in the back pocket of her jeans. Holding the bottle of vodka, she swept her arm over the dressing table, smashing everything onto the floor and laughed.

Walking out into the cool early morning air, she smiled when she saw Jack sitting in the alley waiting for her. He sighed with relief when he saw her, she didn’t look harmed. “I was so worried about you, is everything ok?” He run to her and threw his arms around her.

Lacey hugged him back. “I told you I’d be ok and the rumours are true about that place.”  She put her hand in her pocket and showed him the roll of money. “You won’t believe how much I’ve got here and what I had to do for it.”

Jack’s face dropped when he saw the money, he thought she had slept with someone for it. “No, you didn’t, did you?”

“What!” she cried and pushed him away. “You think I slept with someone?”

Jack shrugged his shoulders. “Well.”

“Well what Jack!” she stared at him with dismay. “You really don’t think much of me, do you?”

Jack stepped back and looked at the ground, he didn’t know what to say.

Tears welled in Lacey’s eyes. How could he think that of her? He should have just let her finish and not jump to conclusions. “You bastard!” she cried and ran down the alley, she heard him call her to go back to him but it was too late now, she didn’t want to speak to him.

Walking across the city, Lacey didn’t want to sleep behind the city hall with Jack, he could sleep on his own now. If she saw him anytime soon she would strangle him for what he had just accused her of. Knowing her best friends Alison and Sam and some of the other homeless people would be in the park she decided to go and sleep with them. When she got closer to the park she put sixty pounds of her money in her pocket, then flattened the rest of it and pushed it into the front of her jeans so no one knew that she had it. There was always the chance of being robbed in the park.

Everyone was shocked when Lacey turned up at the park but they also guessed that she had an argument with Jack again. Lacey didn’t tell them what had happened to her that night, she didn’t like telling everyone her business.

Lacey curled up next to Alison and struggled to join in the conversation. Everyone could see that there was something wrong with her and kept trying to cheer her up. But the past couple of days had thrown her, what she had seen in the alley, meeting Evan Durber and falling out with Jack it had worn her out.

Alison took her aside and told her that she could help cheer her up, she had got hold of a new drug call the fizz. It was a pill that would make her feel so good, as bad as her worries were, for a while they would be forgotten, she would feel happier than she had ever felt in her life. The feeling would only last for about three to four hours but every moment of it was worth it. It was a small pill that everyone called the fizz because when they put it in their mouths it would fizz on the tongue and it only took minutes to get into the system.

“So that’s why you all look so happy.” Lacey laughed. “Have you got one with you?”

Alison nodded and pulled one out of her pocket. Lacey looked down at the small pink pill in her hand, she recognised it straight away as the same pill Mike had offered her. Lacey nervously licked her lips, surely it wouldn’t hurt to try it once. The way she was feeling right then she needed something to make her feel good. She took the pill off her friend’s hand and threw it in her mouth before she changed her mind, it began to slowly fizz on her tongue like sherbet.

Alison held Lacey’s hand and led her back to the others. “Lacey’s just taken her first fizz!” she cried.

Everyone sat back in shock, Lacey didn’t do drugs!

Lacey laughed and stuck her tongue out for everyone see, then swallowed the pink fizzy foam. It left a nasty taste in her mouth, she drank some of her vodka out of the bottle and passed it around.

Within minutes Lacey’s heart began to beat fast and a warm feeling crept through her body. For a few second’s everything around her sounded muffled as she stared at the ground in a trance. Her body had never felt so warm and relaxed. Slowly the sounds around her became clearer and everything looked brighter, her body felt light, she blinked her eyes several times and rubbed her face, she looked at Alison and grinned.

Alison excitedly jumped around everyone, “She’s back!”

Everyone cheered and laughed.

“Oh my god!” Lacey cried, jumping up and hugging Alison. “I feel fucking amazing.”

Lacey stayed behind the park for the rest of the night, she had so much fun with them and had never laughed so much in her life. For those few hours, it was just like Alison had said, she didn’t have a care in the world.

When they all left the back of the park to go to the café for breakfast, Lacey told them that breakfast was her treat. Jack was in the café when they arrived there and he wasn’t impressed with who she had stayed the night with. Lacey paid for all the breakfasts then went and sat opposite Jack.

Jack watched Lacey sitting with her feet up on the table, drinking her coffee, she looked pale and he could see she hadn’t slept all night. He sensed that she had taken something, he didn’t want to think that about her because he knew she had never took drugs. He knew he was already in her bad books but he had to ask her. “Did you take any drugs with them last night and don’t lie to me?”

Lacey glared at him. “What’s it got to do with you?”

“It’s got everything to do with me.” He slammed his drink on the table. “I care about you.”

“Yeah, like a dad.” She snapped.

Jack pushed her feet off the table. “What have you taken?”

“The fizz.” She smirked, knowing he wouldn’t like her answer.

He was shocked. “Do you know how addictive that shit is?”

Lacey laughed. “Sorry dad.”

“If I find out you have anymore.” He paused and picked his backpack up. “I’ll leave you, is that what you want?”

Just then the café door burst open. “Lacey you bitch!” Rachael screamed.

When Lacey saw Rachael in the doorway, anger exploded through her body, she jumped up and ran at Rachael, pushing her outside onto the pavement “You’re the bitch, you set me up good and proper last night you whore!” She hissed pushing her finger in Rachael’s face.

Rachael slapped her hand away. “You got off with my date last night.” She got up off the floor and straightened her dress.

Lacey burst out laughing. “It wasn’t a date, he told me you’re just a fuck!”

Racheal tried to grab Lacey’s hair. Lacey ducked away from her, wasn’t stupid, she knew how girls like her fought with their silly hair pulling. “Really?” Lacey laughed and punched Rachael full force on her nose, knocking her to the ground.

Lacey sat on Racheal and kept punching her in the face. Rachael screamed trying protect herself, begging Lacey to stop. But she wouldn’t listen, Lacey’s temper had gone past the point of no return. She couldn’t hear Rachael’s screams she couldn’t hear Jack shouting her to stop as he ran towards her. Jack grabbed Lacey around her waist and pulled her off Rachael and threw her onto the pavement. He pulled Racheal off the floor and told her to get away quick.  

“Wait till Evan finds out about this!” Racheal screamed.

Jack stood in front of Lacey to stop her going after Rachael. “Whatever, send him my love.” She shouted over Jacks shoulder. She then looked up at Jack and slapped him around the face.

“What was that for!” He grabbed her arms so she wouldn’t hit him again.

Lacey yanked her arms out of his grip. “For thinking I’m a whore like her.” She punched him in the chest and sat down against a bollard.

Jack went back inside the café to get their backpacks and ask Margret to put their breakfasts in a takeaway tray for them. Lacey rolled herself a cigarette. She lit it and looked around to see if everyone had gone back inside the café, they always loved the drama that came with hanging around there. Taking another draw of her cigarette, she noticed Jim sitting in his car on the side street. He had seen and heard everything that had just happened with Racheal. Lacey wondered why he was there and gave him a little sarcastic smile and flicked him the middle finger. Jim laughed and slowly shook his head. The man that she had seen the day before, walked out of the café and got in Jim’s car and they drove away.

Alison then tapped Lacey on the shoulder. “You look like you could do with another one of these.”

Lacey looked up at her and she was holding a small bag of pink pills. “How much?”

Alison nervously looked around and put them back in her pocket. “Five pound each.”

“I’ll see you later when Jacks not around, ok?”

Alison smiled. “You know where to find me.”

Jack came out of the café, he grabbed Lacey by her arm and marched her to the back of the city hall.

“What are you doing?” Lacey cried when he slammed her against the wall and began searching through her pockets.

“I’m just checking to see if you bought any of that shit off Alison.” When he was satisfied that she had nothing on her, he pushed her to the ground. “You’re not moving from here until you tell me what the hell went on last night!” He shouted.

Lacey knew she had done nothing wrong and told Jack everything what had happened when she went to the restaurant. And regardless of what he and Rachael thought, she hadn’t slept with anyone there she had just spent the night talking to Evan.

“Evan who?” Jack curiously asked.

“Evan Durber.” Lacey watched the colour drain from Jack’s face.

“Do you know who he is?”

Lacey started to feel sick. “No, why?”

Jack lay his head in his hands for a few seconds to gather his thoughts. He looked up at Lacey and took a deep breath. “That man controls everything in this city, the prostitutes, the drugs, the nightclubs and that’s not just here, he’s known all over the country.” He gripped his hair with frustration. “God dammit Lacey, if I had known he was going to be in that restaurant I would never have let you go there. If he gets his claws into you, he will never let you go.”

Lacey jumped up and ran across the grass, she fell to her knees and threw up. “How do you know all this?” she cried wiping her mouth.

“I thought everyone knew about him.”

“Well I don’t!”

“You do now, so stay away from him.”

“Oh Jack do you really think I’m that stupid, of course I’m going to stay away. He’s the man I saw in the alley with the gun!”

Jack threw his arms in the air. “Oh jesus this is getting worse by the minute.”


Jack and Lacey sat behind the city hall for the rest of the morning, discussing what Lacey should do to stay safe. Jack suggested it would be safer if she left the city but Lacey didn’t want to leave on her own. Jack assured her that he would be leaving with her.

They walked back to the café in the afternoon, Jack told Lacey to stay in the café so she wouldn’t be on her own while he went to sort out travel arrangements for them. They planned to leave in the morning, it broke Lacey’s heart when he told her she couldn’t say goodbye to her friends, he didn’t want anyone to know what they were doing. Lacey gave him some money to pay for their train tickets. Before Jack left her, he made her promise that she wouldn’t leave the café on her own.

Lacey sat by the window in the café and watched Jack walk away, tears streamed down her cheeks. With only having an hour sleep in two nights, she was exhausted. Watching the crowds of people walking around the open market, Lacey spotted Alison and the temptation to feel as good as she felt a few hours earlier got the better of her. She stood in café doorway and shouted Alison but she didn’t hear her. Lacey thought it would be ok to just run across to her to buy a couple of the pills. Nothing would happen to her, there were too many people about.

Lacey ran over to Alison and bought ten pills off her, they spoke for a couple of minutes then Alison left to go and find Sam. Feeling guilty that she couldn’t tell Alison that she was leaving, Lacey felt like screaming, she hated her shit life. Slipping one of the pills in her mouth, Lacey leaned against a lamp post, her heart began to beat fast. The warm feeling crept though her body, everything around her sounded muffled. Staring at the car that pulled up beside her, two men got out and stood each side of her. One of them was Jim, she relaxed against him as he gently held her arm, he told her to get in the car. Lacey climbed into the back of the car with Jim, without a fight.

Slowly everything around Lacey became clearer, at first she wondered where she was until she realised she was sitting next to Jim in a car. The effects of the pill she took should have been a good one but with the situation she suddenly found herself in, it turned bad. Lacey screamed with fright and tried to fight her way out of the car, but Jim held her down, she couldn’t get out.


Submitted: April 11, 2016

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I'm just catching up. This is good. I'm interested to see what happens. I like the characters!

Mon, April 11th, 2016 5:08pm


thank you, I'm glad your enjoying it, each one of them has their own strengths but weaknesses too :)

Mon, April 11th, 2016 11:14am


Damn, why couldn't she just have listened to Jack? They probably would still of got her, but at least she could of put up a good fight, if she was in her right mind. I hope she doesn't take the rest of those. What are they? Never heard of them. Is it Acid?

Wed, June 1st, 2016 2:58pm


If she was in the right mind they would have known about it. Evan takes them off her and they were made up just for the story, I suppose they're like acid :)

Wed, June 1st, 2016 2:01pm


oh my how shit hits the fan....

Thu, June 16th, 2016 12:54am

Scarlett Rae

Well I guess the summary did tell us this was going to happen but I feel bad for Jack.

Wed, August 31st, 2016 5:24pm


Jack will be looking for her

Thu, September 1st, 2016 1:42pm

Amy F. Turner

What the hell?! You don't know he's dangerous when you know he shot someone, threatened you with a damn gun in your face, and now you know he runs all the bad stuff in town. Greaaaattttt!!!!! Oh, Kitty, this is so good. This girl is out of the firing pan clear in the boiling pot!

Mon, February 20th, 2017 7:10pm


Thank you, Lol, she's guessed he's bad but not many things faze Lacey, until now, now Jack has told her what Evan is really like :)

Mon, February 20th, 2017 2:58pm


Aww. It was a bad trip.

Fri, April 14th, 2017 6:33am

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