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Lacey was the first to notice Evan at the top of the stairs, she nervously stepped back. “Evan I...”

“Go in the bedroom Lacey.” Evan said calmly.

Lacey didn’t need to be told twice, she went straight to the bedroom.

Evan stood glaring at Damian while Lacey walked away. As soon as he heard the bedroom door close, Evan lunged at Damian and punched him hard in the face. Damian fell to the floor and jumped back up, he tried to punch Evan back but Evan was too quick for him and punched him in the face again.

Damian lay on the floor holding his blood covered face, Evan stood over his brother with his fist raised ready to hit him again if he stood up. “Don’t ever speak to Lacey like that again.” he growled

Damian wiped the blood off his face and laughed. “Look at you, making a fool of yourself over a girl half your age.”

Evan gritted his teeth. “What, like you did with your first wife.”

“Yeah and look what she did to me, she took me for everything, she was a whore just like!”

Evan didn’t let him finish what he was about to say, he grabbed Damian by his clothes, yanked him up off the floor, slammed him against the wall and gripped his neck. “Go on say it and I’ll snap your fucking neck.” Evan snarled.

Damian struggled to get away from Evan but couldn’t. “You’re making a fool of yourself, selling everything to be with her.” He choked.

Evan laughed and squeeze his brothers neck tighter. “I know what’s wrong with you, it’s pissing you off because you won’t be riding my coattails anymore.”

Damian was struggling to breathe and couldn’t get away from Evan’s grip. Ralph ran up the stairs to see what was going on. “Evan!” He shouted. “Let him go, whatever’s wrong between you two, he’s not worth it!”

Evan still gripped Damian’s neck glaring into his eyes. Ralph grabbed his shoulder. “Evan, calm down!” he bellowed pulling him away.

Damian slid down the wall gasping for breath. “Your making a big mistake Evan, everyone knows you’ve got a weakness now, she’s gonna be your downfall.” He cried between gasps of breath.

Evan looked a Ralph and rolled his head, why couldn’t his brother just shut his big mouth. He yanked Damian off the floor and slammed him against the wall again and punched him several times in the stomach. “Get out of my fucking house!” He bellowed as he dragged Damian by his clothes to the top of the stairs.

A bloody faced Damian ran down the stairs doubled over in pain. Ralph held Evan back until Damian had got safely through the front door.

When Damian had left the house, Evan went back to his office and smashed things up in frustration. Ralph saw Lacey by her bedroom door and told her to stay out of the way then went to try and calm Evan down.

Lacey sat at the top of the stairs crying, listening to Evan shouting and smashing around the office. She thought it was her fault why he beat his brother.

Lacey had been in the bedroom for an hour on when Evan came upstairs to her. “Are you alright sweetheart?” he asked as he walked into the room.

Lacey nodded. “Evan I..”

Evan sat next to her and put his finger on her lips. “You don’t have to say anything, I heard it all.” H sat back and sighed. “Anyway there’s more important things I want to talk to you about.”

“What about?”

Evan took a deep breath. “I don’t want to wait another four weeks to get married, do you want to get married in three days’ time?”

“What!” She gasped. “In three days?”

“Yes.” Evan shuffled closer to her and held her hands. “Ralph’s just told me that the hotel we’ve just bought is licenced for weddings. I’ve just rung them and they can arrange it for us in three days. If you want to, we can go there now and spend a couple of days with Ralph and Charlotte, get married and stay there as long as we want after.”

Lacey stared at Evan, surely he can’t be serious? “But what about the work on the house the men are coming back in the morning?”

“I’ve spoken to Mart; he said he will stay here while we are away.”

Lacey shook her head and laughed. “You got it all planned out, haven’t you?”

Evan pulled her onto his knee and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Come on Lacey Jackson.” He kissed her gently around her neck. “Let’s run away and get married.”

Lacey gazed into Evan’s eyes, he never ceased to amaze her. Her heart began to flutter at the thought of marrying the man she loved sooner rather than later. “Ok let’s do it.”

Evan grinned, moved her off him and stood up, he held his hand out to her. “Come on then, let’s get out of here.”

Lacey gasped. “What about packing our clothes first?”

Evan laughed. “You should know by now; my suitcase is always packed. You and Charlotte can go shopping when we get there for your clothes, now move it.” He pulled her up and playfully slapped her backside.

On the way to the car Evan told Ralph that the wedding was on and to meet them at the hotel.

“Don’t forget to pick up Charlotte on the way, she’ll never forgive you.” Lacey shouted to Ralph as Evan hurried her to the car.

Ralph leaned against his car, watching Evan and Lacey drive away, he was happy for Evan and in all the year’s he’d known him, he never thought Evan would ever settle down and get married. And even though he thought Lacey was a bit of a wildcat when he first met her, he knew she was the right woman for Evan. Ralph chuckled as he climbed into his car, Evan had definitely met his match with Lacey and he looked forward to the many years of watching them butt heads.


While Evan and Lacey were driving to the hotel. Evan was deep in thought.

“Is there anything wrong?” Lacey asked, she didn’t like it when he was quiet.

Evan frowned a little. “Does our age difference bother you?”

Lacey laughed. “you’ve asked me that before, you know it doesn’t, why?”

Evan shrugged his shoulders. “I just wondered, I’m forty-three in December and your twenty.”

Lacey leaned over and put her hand on Evans leg. “That’s the same age difference as Ralph and Charlotte and so far, they’ve lasted ten years. Age is just a number; I love you and all I care about is you and me.”

Evan turned and smiled at her. “So there’s no doubts?”

“No there isn’t, now shut up and drive, I’m more worried about having something to eat, these babies are craving a burger.” she laughed.


The next couple of days flew by, Lacey and Charlotte went shopping for clothes and Lacey bought herself a dress to wear for her wedding.

On the day of the wedding, it was just going to be the four of them or so Lacey thought. While she had been out busy shopping, Evan had secretly arranged for her family, Brendan and his two other brothers and their families to join them. When it was time to get ready for the wedding, Evan disappeared with Ralph and left Lacey and Charlotte to get ready. Lacey was excited as she dressed herself in a knee length cream lacy dress with matching shoes. Charlotte curled her hair for her and let it fall loosely over her shoulders.

As they walked to the door of the wedding hall, Lacey gasped and slapped her hand on her forehead. “I forgot flowers.”

Charlotte smiled. “Don’t worry about it, just go and enjoy your moment.” She knew that Lacey’s little sister was waiting the other side of the door with some for her.

When Charlotte opened the door, Lacey gasped when she saw her family, her little sister ran up to her with a small bouquet of red and white roses. Looking across the other side of the room, she recognised Brendan and guessed the others were Evans family, one of the men looked like him.

Tears welled in her eyes when she saw Evan waiting for her with the biggest smile she had ever seen on his face, he looked so handsome in his smart black tailored suit. Taking a few deep breaths to control her tears, Lacey’s heart raced as she walked towards the love of her life.

Evan and Lacey gazed into each other’s eyes as the registrar spoke, she had never felt so emotional in her life. Halfway through they had to stop for a few minutes, Lacey felt like the babies were having a kick boxing match inside her and thought she was going to faint.

After a cold drink of water, the ceremony carried. When they were finally pronounced man and wife, everyone clapped and cheered as they passionately kissed. Evan stepped back and took a long look at Lacey and smiled. “I love you Lacey Durber.”

Lacey’s head began to spin and had to sit down again, it was all too much excitement for her to cope with. Evan introduced his two brothers, Derek and Allan and their wives and children, they were welcomed her to their family. They were all excited about Lacey having twin girls, there were only boys in the family.

Peter Jackson had now seen for himself how much Evan loved his daughter, he was shocked when Evan had contacted him about the wedding and told him he thought it was important for him as a father to be there for his daughter to build up their relationship. Evan had arranged for a car to transport them to and from the hotel and after an emotional conversation with Lacey, he agreed to accept Evan into his family.

In the small function room at the hotel, tables were decorated with white table clothes and pink napkins and fancy tableware. The hotel chefs prepared a five-course meal that waiters in white suits served to them. For the rest of the day, good conversation and laughter filled the room as two families bonded as one.

By early evening Lacey was exhausted, so much had happened in such a short time. Lacey and Evan said their goodbyes to everyone and went to their room to relax for the rest of the night.

Lacey ran a bath for herself but Evan climbed in and sat behind her and moved her back to rest against him. “Who would have thought?” Evan said stroking his hands gently over her baby bump.

She smiled watching her belly push up against Evans hand. “Thought what?”

Evan sighed. “You and me, making it this far, do you remember the first time we met in that alley?”

Lacey laughed. “How could I forget that?”

“I knew there was something special about you.”

Lacey moved her head to one side to look up at him. “Oh, what was that?”

Evan kissed her forehead, “I don’t know, but I had to see you again, that’s why I sent Jim out to find you.”

Lacey closed her eyes and smiled. “You know what Evan, no matter how many times I attacked Jim when I first met him, he never hurt me once when he restrained me.”

Evan began to laugh. “Jim used to call himself your personal punch bag and that day when he rang me to tell me that you had lifted his wallet and run off with his money, he couldn’t stop laughing. He loved you.”

Tears welled up in Lacey’s eyes. “I miss him.”

“I do too sweetheart, but if he’s looking down on us now, I know he’ll be made up that we finally sorted ourselves out.”

Lacey covered her breast with her hands and faked shock. “I hope he isn’t looking down on us now. I’ve got no clothes on.” she giggled.

When they had finished their bath, Lacey wrapped herself a large towel and lay on the bed, her body felt more relaxed now. Evan lay next to her, opened the towel and put his hand on her stomach to feel the babies move. He liked feeling his girls moving, it made him more excited to becoming a father.

“Shall we decide on some names now?” Evan asked.

Lacey nodded. “Yeah do you have any in mind.”

“Well.” Evan gazed up at her. “As you know my brothers have boys, so maybe now there are finally going to be girls in the family, I’d like to name the first one born after my mother, Emily.”

Lacey gazed back at him. “Aww that’s so sweet.”

Evan smiled and sat up, “Right you choose the other name.”

Lacey lay her head back and looked up at the ceiling and thought for a while. “How about Eva?”

Evan slowly nodded. “Does that name mean anything to you?”

Lacey laughed. “Yes, it’s a bit like her daddy’s name, you know, Eva short for Evan.”

Evan raised his brows. “Really?”

“Yes really.”

Evan moved up the bed and lay on his side next to Lacey. “So Emily and Eva?”

“Yes that’ll be perfect names for them.”

Evan wrapped his arms around Lacey and pulled her close to him, never in his life had he felt as happy as he did at that moment. He looked down at Lacey who was already dozing off, she was exhausted. He kissed her gently on the forehead, “I love you Lacey Durber.” he whispered and watched his world slowly fall asleep in his arms.


Submitted: May 24, 2016

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Aww what a great chapter and love the baby names

Tue, May 24th, 2016 8:55pm


Thank you, I love them names for girls too :)

Thu, May 26th, 2016 8:01am


This was beautiful! Anything more coming up are we are done?

Tue, May 31st, 2016 4:42pm


Thank you, just in the middle of next chapter, its coming to a close now so one, maybe two more to go :)

Tue, May 31st, 2016 1:22pm

Amy F. Turner

All Emily and Eva...that is so sweet. And boy they have both come a long way from where they started for sure. It has been quite a few months of excitement. Thrills and chills joys and sadness. Wow. :)

Tue, February 21st, 2017 3:22am


They have both come a long way, it's been a tough time for them both struggling with emotions they have never felt before :)

Tue, February 21st, 2017 1:22pm


All is well... at least I hope so... I'm kinda afraid there's another twist in the next chapter, lol.

Fri, April 14th, 2017 6:54pm

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