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Over the next ten days as it was getting closer to Jim’s funeral, Evan’s mood was dark. He spent most of his time in his office and was constantly calling Lacey to go to him and he always smelt of alcohol. He had also told her that he wasn’t going to buy her the café. Lacey was upset but she didn’t show it, she didn’t even ask him the reason why, she just accepted it. Evan didn’t even mention anything about them getting married, again Lacey understood why, it really wasn’t the time to be making wedding plans.

Charlotte had asked Lacey if she would like to go shopping for the baby, she thought it would take her mind off things. But Evan wouldn’t let her go out anymore, he told her that if she needed anything she had to order it online.

When Lacey took Bonnie into the garden, he told her to only go in the part in front of his office window. He had the patio furniture moved from the back of the house to the front, so if she sat outside he could see her. And every night when they went to bed, Evan always wanted sex and when they had finished he would hold on tight to her, every time she tried to move away, he would pull her back to him.

Evan called his doctor every day to check on Lacey to make sure things were ok with her and the baby. When she told the doctor about Evan’s behaviour, he said that it was just his way of coping with Jim’s death.

Lacey couldn’t cope anymore, Evan’s paranoia since Jim’s death was suffocating her.

On the day of Jim’s funeral, the church was full, Lacey was amazed at how many people had turned up for him. Evan gripped her hand all the way through the service while Lacey sobbed, she desperately needed comfort from Evan but he was too wrapped up in his own grief to realise it.

After the service Evan stood outside talking to some of his friends, Lacey noticed a woman walk past them, she was glaring at Evan, with her were two teenage boys and a young red haired girl, the red head ran towards them. “Evan.” She cried, throwing her arms around him.

“Hello Melanie.” He said, hugging her back, he moved away and held her hands. “Look at you all grown up now.” He smiled turning to Lacey. “This is Jim’s daughter.”

“I guess your Lacey?” Melanie smiled at her.

Lacey nodded and was about to speak but Melanie didn’t give her a chance to.

“My dad always spoke fondly of you.”

A lump rose in Lacey’s throat. “Your dad was the best.”

“I know he was.” Melanie sighed as tears filled her eyes. “I miss him so much.”

Jim’s ex-wife called Melanie to go back to her. Melanie rolled her eyes and looked at Evan. “I’m bloody twenty-three and my mum still doesn’t like me being anywhere near you.” She hugged Evan and turned to Lacey. “It was nice to finally meet you.” she said then walked back to her mother.

Evan explained to Lacey that Jim’s wife had never liked him and the two boys that were with her were his sons, James and Robert.


A month after the funeral, Evan received a copy of the police investigation report regarding the accident, the report said the cause of the accident was the back tyre had blown. Evan claimed his car back and sent it to a private company to be checked over. He didn’t trust the police report, with it being his car that Jim was driving, he wanted a second opinion.

Evan was still suffocating Lacey with his paranoid behaviour and she was now nearly at breaking point with him. He was still drinking heavy and kept calling his doctor to check that Lacey and the baby were ok. The doctor thought she was quite big for her sixteen weeks and suggested that she should have an ultrasound. Lacey was shocked when he told her he thought he could hear two heartbeats and suspected that she was having twins, he then booked a 4D scan for the following day.

Evan told the doctor that there weren’t twins in his family and Lacey didn’t know if there were any in hers.

When they went for the 4D scan the next day, they both didn’t know what to expect. Lacey lay on the couch shaking with nerves, she didn’t know how she would cope if it was twins she was having. She looked at Evan sitting next to her and held her hand out to him for comfort, she was scared and needed him. Evan didn’t take her hand he just sat straight faced with his arms folded over his chest.

When the doctor began the scan, he moved around her stomach in silence looking at the screen for a while, he then confirmed it was twins. Lacey was trying to process what the doctor had just told them when he turned the monitor around for them to see. Lacey gasped, she could see two babies, it looked like they were hugging each other. Lacey looked at Evan, there was no reaction from him, she then burst into tears.

After a while of checking the babies on the screen the doctor told them that they were not going to be identical and he could clearly see what sex they were. “Would you like to know what they are?” he asked.

Lacey looked at Evan and he just nodded.

“They’re both girls.” The doctor smiled.

Lacey didn’t feel anything but anger when she looked back at Evan, there was still no reaction from him, his mood had ruined what should have been a special moment.

“Would you like a photo with a DVD of the scan?” The doctor asked.

No one answered him, Lacey pulled her t-shirt back over her stomach, swung her legs off the couch and stormed out of the room. She found her way out of the building and walked past Evans car towards the car park exit.

Evan ran behind her, grabbed her arm and swung her around to face him. “Where are you going?” He growled.

Lacey glared at him. “I’m going out, I’ve had enough of this!” She yanked her arm out of his grip.

Evan grabbed her arm again. “Enough of what?”

“Enough of you Evan.” She struggled with him, trying to get away. “What the fuck just happened in there with you, you couldn’t even raise a smile when you saw the babies.” Evan gripped her arm tighter and it was beginning to hurt. “Let me go, your hurting me!” she cried still trying to pull away from him.

Evan marched her across the car park and pushed her against the car. “You’re not going anywhere; you’re going home!”

“Evan your suffocating me!” She pushed him hard against his chest. “I don’t want to be around you right now, just give me a fucking break.” She screamed.

Evan slapped Lacey across her face.

Lacey stood in shock holding her face, she glared at Evan. “I’m going out on my own for a few hours whether you like it or not.” She calmly spoke and turned to walk away.

Evan grabbed her and pushed against the car again. “Go then.” He snarled. “See if I fucking care.”

Lacey tilted her head to one side and stared into Evan’s cold eyes, she couldn’t remember the last time she saw love in them. “I’ll see you around Evan.”

Lacey watched Even get in his car, the tyres screeched against the tarmac as he sped out of the car park.

Lacey was shocked that Evan had slapped her, it was now nine weeks since Jim had died, she had been constantly by his side comforting him whenever he needed her, he still wouldn’t let her do anything or go anywhere and the strain of it all had finally wore her out. The ultrasound should have brought them some happiness but it hadn’t, it just seemed to have made things worse.

Lacey decided to walk to the city to go and see if Margret’s café had been sold. When she got there, it was closed and there was still a for sale sign on it, she carried on walking towards the park to see if any of her friends were there. There were a few of them there and when she asked about Alison and Sam they told her that they had moved on weeks ago. Lacey was heartbroken at the thought of never seeing them again.

Lacey sat on a bench in the park and phoned Charlotte, she hadn’t seen much of her the past few weeks because she had gone away with Ralph to sort things out at the hotel that he and Evan had now bought. When Lacey told Charlotte, what had just happened with Evan and that his behaviour was getting worse, she was mortified and told Lacey she should be back in the next couple of days.

Lacey said her goodbye to Charlotte and on her walk back into the city her stomach began to ache a little. Having a rest in a coffee shop, Lacey’s stomach still ached. She checked her mobile, Evan had not once tried to ring her and she had been out on her own for just over two hours. She had half expected to see Mart driving around looking for her but she hadn’t seen him and now thought Evan didn’t care anymore. Tears welled in her eyes, as her thoughts turned to Jim, if was still alive, he would have been out looking for her within minutes of her walking away.

When Lacey finished her coffee, she run to the toilet and was sick, her stomach was beginning to ache more now. Feeling that something was wrong, she called a taxi to take her to hospital. At the hospital, Lacey was checked over, a nurse gave her another ultrasound and told her the babies looked fine, she couldn’t see anything wrong with them. The nurse told Lacey that she was badly dehydrated and she was to stay overnight on a drip, she was then taken to a room and given a gown to change into. As she got changed, the nurse explained her aching stomach could be from all the walking that she had done that afternoon.

Lacey had now been on her own for five hours and Evan still hadn’t contacted her. She didn’t ring Evan to tell him where she was, she believed she was on her own again so she rung Charlotte.

When Lacey finished her call to Charlotte, she dropped her head back onto the pillows, she was exhausted. Relieved that everything was ok with the babies, she closed her eyes just wanting to sleep. Over the past few weeks she had felt so lonely, Evan had been distant and cold since Jim’s death, she wished Charlotte was there with her but she was away with Ralph.

Once again, Lacey felt scared and alone, she didn’t know what she was going to do when she left the hospital, Evan didn’t want her, Alison and Sam had moved away, Margret’s café was closed, she was on her own again with two babies on the way and had nowhere to go. Lacey rolled onto her side, curled into a pillow for comfort and cried herself to sleep.

Lacey woke up late in the night, it was dark in her room, the only light she could see was coming from the small window in the door. Her stomach still ached, as she moved herself around to get comfortable, she jumped a little when she noticed Evan sitting on the chair by her bed. “How long have you been here?” she asked.

Evan stayed sitting back in the chair. “About six hours.”

Lacey huffed. “I guess Charlotte told you I was here.”

“Yes, she did.”

Lacey didn’t know what else to say, she just sighed.

Evan sat forward and gently moved the hair from her face. “Forgive me Lacey, I’ve been under so much stress just lately, I’ve taken it out on you and I know I shouldn’t have.”

Tears welled in Lacey’s eyes, she rolled on her back and stared at the ceiling. “It doesn’t matter, I didn’t expect us to last forever.” She coldly said.

Evan shook his head and sighed, she sounded like the Lacey that he first met. “Lacey, don’t be like this, when Charlotte rang and told me where you were, it gave me the biggest wakeup call ever.” He sat on the bed and held her hand. “I know what I’ve been like since Jim died, but that was my car he was driving, that could have been you and me in it. I just need the independent report to come back saying it was the tyre and nothing else that caused the accident. Do you understand?”

Lacey nodded.

“Lacey from now we just need to carry on.” Evan leaned over and kissed her. “Jim wouldn’t want us to be like this, would he?”

Tears streamed down Lacey’s face. “I know he wouldn’t but what was wrong with you at the scan today, I don’t understand?”

Evan stroked his hand over her stomach. “Honestly Lacey, I don’t know, but I want them babies just as much as I want you in my life. So tomorrow when you come home we will set a date for the wedding, we need to look forward now.”

“But I need my birth certificate.” She sniffled.

Evan lay on the bed next to her. “I got it weeks ago, it’s in my desk.” He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him. “You need to get some sleep now sweetheart because tomorrow, we plan the rest of our lives together.” 

Submitted: May 16, 2016

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Grief will cause you to do crazy things. But he shouldn't have hit her. I feel sad for both of them.

Mon, May 16th, 2016 12:37am


It certainly does, they are both now need to get through this together, they need to find themselves again and Evan has some making up to do.

Mon, May 16th, 2016 3:16am


This is good more

Mon, May 16th, 2016 8:39am


Thank you and will update soon :)

Mon, May 16th, 2016 3:16am


so sweet and so powerful!

Tue, May 17th, 2016 3:56pm


Thank you :)

Tue, May 17th, 2016 1:03pm


More! please more!

Tue, May 17th, 2016 3:56pm


Will update soon :)

Tue, May 17th, 2016 1:04pm


Stress, Grief, or whateaver......he shouldn't of hit her!!! He needs better control. SHe's carrying his babies for goodness sake! He better make it up to her. If she had somewhere to go, with her personality she would've probably of left. At least for a little while. I know I would have! Great Chapter!

Thu, July 7th, 2016 9:34pm


Thank you, Lacey ending up in the hospital was definitely a wake up call for him, from now on he does make it up to her :)

Thu, July 7th, 2016 2:50pm

Amy F. Turner

Geez, I just wanted to straggle him. Shake him, slap him! Snap outta it, man. Great chapter development.

Tue, February 21st, 2017 2:43am


Thank you, Evan has been struggling with paranoia since Jim's death, when the scan should have been a happy moment for them he still struggled with his grief.
People manage grief in different ways and Evan doesn't know how to handle his emotions very well :)

Tue, February 21st, 2017 1:10pm


I actually didn't like that Evan slapped Lacey... I hope he will never do it again...

Fri, April 14th, 2017 6:40pm

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