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Evan and Lacey drove for the next hour in silence and Evan had still not told her where they were going. Eventually they drove into a rundown council estate, there were dogs and scruffy children running around the streets shouting and swearing while the parents sat on the garden walls outside drinking beer. Driving to the bottom of one of the streets, Evan parked up outside one of the houses.

“Come on.” He gestured Lacey to follow him as he climbed out of the car. When they walked down the path towards the house, Evan took some keys out of his pocket and opened the front door.

Lacey noticed everyone on the street were staring at them and children were beginning to gather around their car. She followed Evan in the house and into the living room, there was a man lying on the sofa, who looked like an older overweight version of Evan.

“Lacey, this is my oldest brother Brendan, the virgin of the family.” He laughed, picking up an old photo off the side unit.

Brendan laughed then smiled at Lacey. “What’s a beauty like you doing with a loser like him?”

Lacey instantly liked Brendan. “Oh I suppose someone has to put up with him.” She answered, gazing across the room at Evan.

Evan passed Lacey the photograph he’d just picked up, on it were five little boys, it was him and his brothers. Evan spoke to Brendan for a while then showed her more photos of his family, and ones of his beloved mother. No matter how badly behaved her boys where she loved them all unconditionally and Evan was the youngest.

Evan told her, he had offered to buy his mother a house to move her from the estate but she refused, she didn’t want to leave all her friends so he had bought the council house for her. Brendan had never left home, so when their mother died two years ago, Evan gave him the house. The last time Evan had seen all his other brothers together was at their mum’s funeral, but was close to Damian who worked for him. He didn’t see much of his other brothers, Derek and Allen but would occasionally speak to them on the phone.

When Evan and Lacey left the house, there was an old woman in the next-door garden leaning over the fence. “Evan is that you?” she shouted.

Evan walked over to the old lady, he hugged her and kissed the top of her head. “Hiya Betty, are these lot bothering you?” He pointed to the children hanging around her garden wall.

Betty chuckled. “I can still chase off the little fucker’s like I used to chase you off years ago.” She waved her fist in the air at them. Betty was Jim’s aunty and was Evan’s mother’s best friend, he had known her all his life.

Driving off the estate, Evan bought some chips from the local chip shop and drove to the back of the estate and parked up on the old fields overlooking it.

“What are we doing here?” Lacey asked.

Evan stared ahead of him, where they were parked, was the spot he and Jim used to sit at night smoking pot and drinking beer, planning their next adventure to make more money. Memories that he had not thought about for years flooded his mind. He huffed a little laugh and shook his head, he lit a cigarette and turned to Lacey. “Do you still want to know all about me?”

Lacey nervously swallowed, this was it now. If she was going to marry Evan, she needed to know who he was. Lacey took a deep breath. “Yes, from the beginning.”

Evan slowly nodded, he took a long draw of his cigarette and began to tell her about his life. He told Lacey that he first began to make money when he was eight years old. He and his friend saw a delivery van left unattended, it was full of boxes of sweets so they stole as many boxes as they could before the delivery man returned. They sold them on the estate and made ten pounds each. At the same age, they burgled his school of all the stationary and several electrical items and made thirty pounds each. Having thirty pounds at that age was a lot of money, and when it ran out he and his friend carried on with breaking into shops and as they got older, they would target large stores to make more money.

Evan had known Jim since they were little but didn’t hang around with him until high school. Jim had received some money for his fourteenth birthday and gave it Evan for them to buy drugs to sell, and that’s when they began to make serious money. Evan bought a second-hand car and illegally drove around the estate selling the drugs. Then bought another second-hand car for Jim to drive further out onto other estates to sell drugs.

By the time Evan and Jim were eighteen they had thousands each, stashed under their bedroom floorboards and needed to move the money they had made into bank accounts without raising suspicion. They rented a unit and bought cars for cash, then sold them on so the money would legally go into their bank accounts via checks.

Evan told Lacey when he and Jim were nineteen, they had trouble off another drug dealer in the area who went to his mother’s house looking for him. He terrorised his mother and beat his brother Brendan up.

Lacey gasped. “Oh my god, what happened then?”

Evan raised his eyebrows. “What do you think?”

“I don’t know.” She shrugged. “What?”

Evan leaned forward, raised Lacey’s face and looked her in the eyes. “We took his money and drugs and got rid of him.”

Lacey swallowed nervously as goose bumps prickled over her body. She knew what Evan meant when he said they had got rid of him.

“Are you alright?” Evan asked.

Lacey nodded.

It had now begun to go dark, Evan started the car up said he felt like driving for a while to show her some of the houses he and Jim had bought. While they were driving around, Evan pointed out eighteen houses that he and Jim had bought when they were younger. They would buy them cheap with the money they had in the bank and pay cash to builders to renovate them, and make a massive profit selling them. For a few years Evan kept two of the houses he had bought and had girls working in him, earning him more money.

When Evan and Jim were twenty they had ten drivers working around the city and if the drivers were caught with the drugs in their cars, the drivers would take the fall and claim that the drugs were theirs. It was safer for them to go to prison rather than cross Evan and Jim.

At the age of twenty-two, Evan and Jim were summoned by Ralph Horton to meet him in his city. He was impressed with what he had heard about them and wanted them to work for him. Both Evan and Jim refused, Evan told Ralph he was willing to invest and work with him but Jim then wanted to slow down he was getting married and had a child on the way.

Lacey was shocked. “Jim’s got a child?”

Evan laughed. “Yes, he’s got three.”

Lacey rubbed her face. “Wow, he’s never mentioned them before. Are you supposed to be telling me that?”

Evan nodded. “It was Jim that told me to talk to you, he heard us arguing earlier on. He bloody loves you and reckons that you can cope with what I have to say about my life.”

“Aww, I love him too.” Lacey gushed.

Evan turned the car into a drive through, bought them both a coffee and parked in the car park. Lacey quickly stirred sugar into their coffee, she was enthralled with Evans story and couldn’t wait to hear more. “So what happened with you and Ralph?” she asked passing him his drink.

Evan smiled, he could see she was eager to know more, in a way it made him feel more comfortable to tell her everything, he thought she would freaked out and run by now. “Well, Me and Ralph went into business together and bought a club in the city, Jim invested too but was a silent partner.”

Even then went on to tell her the club was successful and over the next ten years they eventually bought another two, and by then he had girls working for him all over the city and still invested money in drugs. There were many problems along the way in that ten years that he had to deal with from other dealers trying to take over what he had built up, and trying to open new clubs in the city. Jim would always be there for Evan and Ralph when they needed him and the three of them would sort it out and make the problem disappear.

Every time Evan said the problem would disappear, he never said the word, murder, but he would always raise Lacey’s face to make her look him in the eyes when he said it. It made Lacey shudder, she knew what he meant.

Evan then told her, ten years ago, Ralph had a heart attack and decided to step back from the clubs. Ralph gave Evan his share of the first club they bought together as a gift, then Evan bought Ralph out of the others. He also bought Ralphs clubs in the next city. Jim, by then was then divorced and went back to work with Evan.

While Evan was building his empire, he lived in a large apartment in the city and eventually bought the whole block, which he now rents out. He bought the house he lives in, eight years ago. Now he has six clubs and three restaurants in two cities and the apartments. Over five hundred girls work for him around the country, his brother Damion takes care of that side of the business for him. Evan, Jim and Ralph still invest in drugs, the fizz is their brand and all profits go to the three of them.

Lacey was surprised when Evan told her that the hotel he took her too, is up for sale and he and Ralph are both thinking about buying it.

Evan sat back and let out a deep sigh. “So there you go Lacey, you know all about me now.” He stared at her waiting for a reaction.

“Wow.” Lacey rubbed her face. “I don’t know what to say.”

Evan cupped the side of her face with one hand and gently stroked her cheek with his thumb. “Do you feel any different about me now?”

Lacey gazed into his eyes and shook her head. “No.” She whispered.

Evan leaned across and kissed her gently on the lips then sat back. “You know I will kill to protect what’s mine?”

Lacey nodded.

“Now do you understand why I killed Jack.”

Lacey nodded again.

Evan sighed. “Now the big question is, do you still love me?”

Lacey moved across her seat and straddled Evan, they began to passionately kiss, Lacey sat back and gazed into his eyes. “Of course I still love you.”

Evan stroked his hands up and down her back. “I’ve never let anyone into my life before apart from the ones I work with and they are people I have known and trusted nearly all my life.”

Lacey heart began to race, tears welled in her eyes, Evan must really love her if he trusted her with so much information. Lacey looked down and began to fiddle nervously with her fingers. “Evan.”

Evan could see there was something wrong. He raised her face and curiously looked at her. “What’s wrong sweetheart?”

Lacey’s shoulders slumped. “You know that night we met in the alley?”

Evan nodded. “Yes.”

Tears began to roll down Lacey’s face. “I told Jack about seeing a man with a gun and after that night in the restaurant, I told him your name.”

Evan stroked the hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear. “I know you did.”

“How did you know?” She sniffled.

Evan sighed. “That day Jim picked you up to bring you to my house, when he was on his way with you I received a call from my friend who works in the station. He told me that I had been named in connection with Champs murder and they were bringing a girl in to put in a safe house. Frank didn’t know your name or who it was that made the call; everything was being kept secret about who she was but I knew it was you he was on about.”

Lacey gasped. “So you knew I’d lied to you, why didn’t you tell me this?”

Evan smiled. “Because I was waiting for you to tell me the truth.”

Evan took his mobile off the dashboard and turned it on and rang Jim. “Has it been sorted yet?” He passed Lacey the mobile. “Jim wants to talk to you.”

Lacey looked curiously at Evan as she took the mobile off him.

Jim told Lacey that he had offered Racheal fifty thousand pounds in cash, to drop all the charges against her. Racheal agreed and had been to the station to tell the police that she was making it up again. Frank rang Jim from the station to confirm that Rachael had done it. The police were furious with her for wasting their time again.

Lacey was shocked that Jim would pay so much out to help her but also relieved that it was all over, she thanked Jim then passed the Mobile back to Evan.

Evan listened to Jim speak for a few seconds. “Ok. I’m ten minutes away.” He moved Lacey off him, started the car up and sped out of the car park.

Evan was silent as they drove onto a country road, he looked deep in thought. “Is everything ok?” Lacey asked.

Evan sighed. “I know Jim’s just told you about Racheal.”

“Yeah. Lacey smiled. “That’s good news, isn’t it?”

Evan kept his eyes on the road. “Not really.”

Lacey suddenly felt concerned. “Why’s that?”

“She could always change her mind and cause trouble again, with a mouth like hers, she’s always going to be a thorn in our side.”

“Surely she won’t do or say anything now, now she has all that money.”

“That won’t stop her bad mouthing us and we can do without shit like that, anyway Jim said he had offered her the money, he didn’t say he had given it to her.”

“So what’s going to happen now, she could cause more trouble?”

Evan grinned at her. “It’s up to you sweetheart.”

Evan suddenly turned the car on a sharp corner onto a dark dirt road. Lacey’s heart began to race when in the distance she saw the large figures of Jim and Mart standing by Jim’s car.

Submitted: May 09, 2016

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You are simply rocking. How you made Lacey part of Evan's world was amazing. Looking forward to next.

Mon, May 9th, 2016 11:41am


Thank you, it just had to be done , will update soon :)

Mon, May 9th, 2016 6:42am


Whoa!! Lots of info!!
I didn't think Lacey had it in her! I love that Evan was so honest with her. I like that both of their walls are coming down. Racheal shoulda kept her mouth shut and maybe she would still be alive. Great chapter!

Mon, May 9th, 2016 12:24pm


Hopefully now they can concentrate on their future together now, and thank you :)

Mon, May 9th, 2016 6:47am


Yes yes yes rachel is really stupif

Mon, May 9th, 2016 2:00pm


she should have kept her mouth shut lol :)

Mon, May 9th, 2016 11:33am


Awesome Chapter! I didnt think Lacey would have it in her to say that she wanted Rachel taken care of, but she had it coming. But I have a feeling theres a little more to the rest of your book. Cant wait for the rest.
As always great chapter!

Mon, May 9th, 2016 7:58pm


Thank you,
Racheal should have just stayed quiet but for her to say she hoped Lacey's baby died, was the thing that snapped her :)

Mon, May 9th, 2016 2:16pm


Lol I knew she would say get rid of her I wish she would've done it herself though lol

Wed, June 15th, 2016 1:15am


Lol, It would have been good if she had done it, I doubt she would have shot her, I think she would have beaten her to death instead :)

Wed, June 15th, 2016 9:58am


ding dong the witch is dead ...the very very very very wicked witch is dead in a different story I would feel a little bad thinking that but she deserved it. Wow that Evan has quite a back story but I"m glad he told her, love isn't always strawberries and cream so I guess it was better to know it all and accept him than to be in dark and denial.

Sat, June 18th, 2016 6:23pm


Maybe if Rachael had been a bit remorseful then Lacey would have let her go, she now knows everything about Evan now, now they can move on :)

Sat, June 18th, 2016 11:46am


I was surprised that they offered her money and stead of getting rid of her. But then the police would be suspicious if the charges were still against Lacey. Then I read on, and they were just covering their tracks. I like how he let Lacey decide what to do with her. In the beginning of this story, I thought Evan was gonna be the bad one for Lacey, not Jack. Looking forward to reading on!

Fri, June 24th, 2016 5:34pm


Yes they were just covering themselves, If Rachael had been a little remorseful then maybe Lacey would have let her go. They are both good for each other :)

Fri, June 24th, 2016 1:26pm

Amy F. Turner

Man, that cold... She kinda dug her own whole here though. How could she be so stupid. That's too bad. Really sad. She had her chance but that's the way the cookie crumbles. Really great chapter Kitty. She's really turning into a boss' wife for sure for sure.

Tue, February 21st, 2017 2:03am


Thank you, Rachael is jealous of Lacey being with Evan, like Evan said, she's always going to be thorn in their side. Now Evan has opened up to her she loves him all the more and wants to protect what she has now. :)

Tue, February 21st, 2017 12:56pm


LOL. Racheal's dead. And I think Evan would buy Margret's place.

Fri, April 14th, 2017 6:24pm

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