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Lacey lay on her back listening to the birds singing; daybreak was her favorite time of the day. Yawning, she rolled onto her side and rested on her elbow. “Oi Jack,” she quietly said poking him in the face, knowing it would annoy him.

“What’s up?” Jack mumbled, slapping her hand away from him.

“One day I’m gonna buy some razors and shave this thing off while you sleep.” She teased running her fingers over his beard.

“Why on earth would you do that?” He laughed pushing her away.

“Because I’d get to see how ugly your face is.” She laughed.

“Ok,” Jack choked a little laugh looking down at her. “Well, I already know how ugly your face is, so can you please stop shaving and grow your beard back to cover it.”

“Aww, but you love my ugly face.” Lacey straddled over him, squashed his face between her hands, and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“Too damn right, I love your ugly face.” Jack laughed digging his fingers into her ribs and began to tickle her.

“No, Jack!” Lacey squealed with laughter throwing herself backward off him, lying on the grass gasping for breath.

“Come on,” Jack laughed standing up. He reached down, grabbed her hand, and pulled her up off the grass. “I’ll pay for breakfast.”

“You got money!” Lacey said surprised. “Where did you get that from?”

“I got some jewelry from a house burglary,” Jack laughed rolling his sleeping bag. “I got 20 pounds from the pawnbroker.”

“Nice one,” Lacey beamed as she gazed at Jack, watching him tie her sleeping bag to his rucksack; she dreamed of them getting off the streets and having a proper home together. But deep down she knew that was never going to happen. Lacey worked but didn’t earn enough. Businesses in the area where she lived, took advantage of the homeless situation. For washing dishes seven nights a week, she was paid thirty pounds. Jack was a burglar; but he was useless with his money, he’d spend it on tobacco and cheap wine.

Making their way across the city to the café where homeless people hung out, Lacey was looking forward to her weekly bath. Margret, the owner of the café who lived in the flat above, would allow the homeless people she trusted to have a bath.

Margret was a good friend to the homeless community. Every morning she would give them free toast and a drink of tea. If they wanted more, she would make them a cooked breakfast for two pounds. On one of the walls in the small shabby café, there would be job offers. All the jobs advertised were cash-in-hand low pay, but at least some of them could earn money for food or drugs. Lacey drank alcohol but had never taken drugs. All of her young life she’d watched her mom deteriorate from taking drugs and eventually die from them. She desperately wanted to survive and try and make something of herself but there was no opportunity to do that. She had now accepted that living on the street was her way of life and tried to live the best way she could.

Sitting at a small table with Jack while they ate their breakfast; the café was buzzing with gossip of a fatal shooting across the city the previous night. The man who was murdered was a regular drug dealer that visited the café every day for business.

Lacey nervously glanced across the table at Jack. “I didn’t realize it was Champ in the alley last night.” She whispered.

“Keep your voice down!” Jack snapped.

Lacey was about to snap back when she noticed one of the waitresses from the restaurant where she washed dishes, entering the café. Everyone stopped talking and stared at the slim blond-haired figure of Rachael, dressed in a tiny pink dress. A well-groomed female in the café was a sight no one ever saw. Rachael nervously chewed her lip as she scanned the café. Her eyes widened when she saw Lacey. “Hi!” she called rushing towards her.

“What do you want?” Lacey groaned; she didn’t like Racheal.

“I need you to do me a big favor,” Racheal excitedly spoke shuffling a chair next to Lacey and sitting next to her.

“Me do you a favor?” Lacey felt confused as she awkwardly shuffled in her seat. “What is it?”

Racheal paused before she answered, her attention had briefly turned to Jack who had smiled at her. She screwed her face at him and shuddered as she turned to face Lacey. “I need you to work my shift tonight.” She said opening her purse and taking out twenty pounds. “I’ve got a very important date tonight and Mike says I can’t go unless I can get someone to cover for me. I’ve told him that you will do it for me.” She sweetly smiled placing the money on the table.

Lacey nearly choked on her coffee in shock. “Why are you asking me!”

“I thought of you because you’re about my size,” Rachel giggled. “I know you’ve got no decent clothes so you can wear mine. I have a changing room at the restaurant and there’s plenty of makeup you can use.” She paused for a second and tilted her head to one side. “Do you know how to apply makeup properly?”

Jack burst out laughing as he stood up to go and buy another coffee. He knew if Rachael carried on talking to Lacey like she was stupid, she would end up with a punch in the face.

Lacey wanted to rip Racheal’s pretty little head off her shoulders but thought against it; she was going to ask for more money instead. “Give me another ten and I’ll do it for you.”

“Ok.” Racheal huffed taking a ten-pound note out of her purse, slamming it on the table, and standing up. “Be there for seven. Your shift starts at eight.” She ordered rushing towards the exit without saying thank you or goodbye.

Lacey watched Racheal leave the cafe wishing she’d asked for another twenty as she slid her new fortune into her bra. Jack was still laughing when he returned to the table and placed a mug of coffee in front of her. “What’s so funny?” she asked reaching for her coffee.

“I’m just trying to imagine you dressed in Rachael’s clothes.” Jack grinned relaxing back in his seat fiddling with his beard.

“And that’s funny because?” Lacey glared at him over her mug.

“They wouldn’t suit you.” Jack laughed. “You’re not exactly a girly girl, are you?” He answered suddenly wishing he’d never said that. The way Lacey was glaring at him; he knew he’d upset her.

Suddenly Lacey felt stupid for agreeing to work Rachael’s shift. Did Jack think that she wouldn’t look good dressed in nice clothes? Was she going to make a fool of herself? “I’m going for a bath,” she mumbled placing her mug on the table and reaching for her backpack.

“I’m sorry,” Jack quietly spoke reaching for her arm to try and stop her from walking away.

Lacey moved her arm out of his reach and ignored him.


Sitting on the edge of the bath pouring in a bubble bath, Lacey’s thoughts turned to what Jack had just said. “Argh!” she cried in temper, kicking her backpack across the bathroom, wishing Jack would support her a little more. He knew her well enough to know that she would be nervous about working Racheal’s shift; she was going to be way out of her comfort zone. “Oh god,” she groaned dropping her head in her hands; she realized why he wasn’t being supportive. Jack was jealous; he didn’t want her to work Racheal’s shift. If she looked nice when she wore Racheal’s clothes, it could possibly attract male attention.

Angrily yanking her clothes off and throwing them on the floor, Lacey stood naked in front of the full-length mirror that was fixed on the wall. Huffing a little laugh as she stared at her reflection; whether she was wearing fancy clothes or not, no one would want her. Standing at 5ft 4inches tall, she thought she was too short. Her 36B boobs were too small. Her size 6 waist was too skinny or fat; she didn’t know. Moving her waist-length dark messy hair off her shoulders, she glanced down at her chipped dirty fingernails. Her heart sank. Jack was right; there was no way she was going to look good in Racheal’s clothes.

Stepping into the bath, she lay in the hot water running her fingers through the bubbles; she couldn’t understand why Racheal had asked her to work her shift. Slowly sliding under the water, Lacey was curious to know who Racheal’s important date was. She could imagine Racheal being a gold digger; maybe her date was an old rich man.

Surfacing to take a breath, she rubbed the suds from her face and fell back in fright; Jack was standing in the doorway, watching her. “What are you doing here!” she cried.

“I’ve come to say I’m sorry.” Jack sheepishly looked at her with sad puppy eyes.

“Sorry for what?” she snapped.

“For hurting your feelings.” He mumbled

“What makes you think you hurt my feelings?” Lacey frowned. “I don’t care what you think.”

“Yes, you do.” Jack knelt by the side of the bath and ran his hand through the water, splashing a wave of it over her face.

“Arrgh, what did you do that for?” Lacey choked wiping the suds off her face. 

“Sorry,” Jack laughed staring at Lacey’s perfect bare breasts with bubbles slowly sliding down them. “I shouldn’t have said what I did earlier.” He paused. “I know you would look ten times better in Racheal’s clothes than she does.” He hummed a little still unable to take his eyes off her. “And from what I can see right now, especially out of them.”

“Stop taking the piss!” Lacey screeched throwing a bottle of shampoo at him. “Get out!”

Jack ducked as he ran out of the bathroom laughing; he knew Lacey would launch something at him. Her temper could go from zero to explosive within seconds.


When Lacey finished her bath, she dressed in black shorts and a white vest t-shirt and then made her way to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Margret was in there, talking to a tall thin man dressed in a grey suit. When Margret saw Lacey, she quickly moved a brown paper package into a drawer.

“Hey, I never saw anything.” Lacey laughed covering her eyes.

The man quickly exited the kitchen. Margret lit a cigarette and turned to face Lacey. “Did you?”

“See anything?” Lacey interrupted picking up a glass and filling it with water. “Whatever you're up to, is nothing to do with me.” She said knowing drugs had been sold from the café since she had started going there, but she had never seen that man before. Champ had just been killed so she guessed he was the new supplier

“Thank you,” Margret smiled; she knew Lacey could be trusted. “When you go downstairs, will you tell Alison to come and see me please?”

Lacey guzzled her water. “Yeah, no problem.” She answered rinsing the glass and placing it on the drainer; she knew what was going on when she’d entered the kitchen and it was nothing to do with her. She had learned from a very young age to keep her mouth shut and never get involved.




Submitted: April 09, 2016

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I'm scared to keep reading. I want her to get with jack......but somehow I have a felling its not going to be that it though

Fri, April 22nd, 2016 4:37am


Love how this is going so far! I know that man is gonna come looking for her, and Jack isn't gonna be able to save her. Or at least I think!

Tue, May 31st, 2016 12:45pm


Thank you, he's definitely going to come looking for her :)

Tue, May 31st, 2016 6:10am


I hope Jack stays sweet but...hmm, wonder how the shit will go so better keep reading.

Thu, June 16th, 2016 12:35am

Scarlett Rae

This story is a unique perspective and I really love Lacey. Wonderful character development and I'm curious where this is going to go.

Wed, August 31st, 2016 4:29pm


Thank you, I knew you would like Lacey :)

Wed, August 31st, 2016 10:07am

Amy F. Turner

This sounds dangerous with such a bad element about and Lacey right there in middle of it. Jack and she seem to really like each other. Have to wonder if there could ever be anything more between them?

Mon, February 20th, 2017 6:16pm


Lacey doesn't realise what she's getting into with the knowledge she has, She knows how to keep her mouth shut and ignore things that go on around her and she loves Jack :)

Mon, February 20th, 2017 2:46pm


I remember you telling me that my story was gritty. Well, damn, yours is definitely so much more. I love the realism it conveys. And off-topic, but 38C? Those are real big boobs, so Lacey has got nothing to feel ashamed about, LOL.

Thu, April 13th, 2017 4:18pm


Thank you, it gets more intense and emotional as it goes along.
Lacey was just feeling a little low about herself with Jack laughing at her and 38 C is about average her in the UK lol :)

Thu, April 13th, 2017 1:44pm

jenny p

I like how this is moving, typical insensitive man Jack! I like Lacey she doesnt think much of herself but she seems a cool girl.

Sat, April 15th, 2017 9:32pm


Thank you, she's definitely cool and got her head screwed on. :)

Sat, April 15th, 2017 4:32pm


So, it's once again amazing how we think alike with your stories. Last chapter I was mentioning how I wanted you to arrange some way for Lacey to keep herself up. This chapter you're all over it, and it's exactly what I envisioned.

The world of the homeless is unfamiliar to me, so I'm curious in every detail of how they get along. I never considered how businesses could take advantage of them just paying them in cash at less than minimal wage. Certainly, the drugs play a big part in everything as I expected.

I'm curious to know why Jack hangs with Lacey so closely if he is unwilling to accept her fully in a relationship (regardless of age). His ethics are reassuring but unexpected. I guess I wonder where he came from and why he became homeless...his back story.

I love how you set this up with Racheal lending her clothes and makeup. That's the piece that we need to get Lacey noticed. Jack is anything but insensitive, but guys say stupid things. He will be amazed at what she looks like all made will Mr. Dark. I'm guessing he will pay her a visit about that time.

Sat, July 3rd, 2021 6:12pm


Thank you, I'm glad you liked this chapter. I know about being homeless and how most survive so it's pretty easy to write about.
There will be more about Jack as the story progresses.
Wearing Racheal's clothes will definitely get Lacey noticed. She will meet with 'Mr. Dark' again very soon. :)

Mon, July 5th, 2021 3:16pm

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