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Evan had just finished talking to Jim on his mobile, he now knew that Lacey had money to survive for a while and there was a chance that she would move on and leave the city. He sat back on the sofa in his bedroom, gazing out of the window and sighed as he lit a cigarette, he looked around for an ashtray but he couldn’t find one. He then remembered Lacey didn’t like smoking in the bedroom, he opened the window and smiled to himself as he threw the cigarette out.

When he turned around he noticed the necklace he had bought her for her birthday that she had left on the small table. He picked it up and ran it through his fingers, then sat down rubbing the back of his neck to try and ease the tension in it.

He loved Lacey so much it hurt and it hurt even more that she didn’t love him back. Evan had never felt anything for a woman before and had never been in love. His life was all about making money and doing just what he wanted to do, he had plenty of women he could spend time with but they were just a fuck for whenever he fancied one.

He never understood why Lacey always called herself his whore until the day she told him that her mother was a prostitute. He didn’t see her as a whore and had always told her that she wasn’t but she just wouldn’t listen to him. In his eyes Lacey was a beautiful young woman that excited him, she was tough but he could see that was just the wall she had built around her to hide her vulnerable side. He loved her straight talking ways, her temper was one that went off the scale and that excited him too. They always argued but after they had finished she would always let him fuck her the way he wanted.

Evan’s stomach churned, he felt sick, he suddenly realised what he had been doing wrong. All he had done since she had arrived at his house was fuck her and try to buy her love with expensive things.

His heart was now full of regret; he should have told her every day that he loved her but he didn’t know how to. He should have made love to her and held her in his arms every day until she believed him.

Evan then felt for the first time ever, a wave of loneliness ache through his body. Lacey was right, he was lonely but he didn’t realise he was until now, now she had gone.

When Jim told him that Lacey knew about the bids on her, he didn’t know how hell she found out about it. When she was first brought to his house, his original plan was for her to get comfortable living with him and eventually pose as his girlfriend. He then would have approached her with the idea of making herself and him more money. It would have been one night a month that she would have had to sleep with a bidder and she could have made herself wealthy by doing this. He was fascinated with her at the beginning and made up the debt to keep her in his house but didn’t realise that along the way he would fall in love with her. He had only put her online out of curiosity and was going to outbid anyone who bid on her to keep her safe. He knew now that it was the biggest mistake he had ever made in his life.


Ralph and Charlotte had decided that they would stay a few more days with Evan. They didn’t see him at breakfast, he stayed in his room all morning.

In the afternoon, he went to his office to talk to Ralph. Ralph was worrying if had Lacey had told the police anything about them.

While they were talking, Charlotte knocked on the door and wanted to talk too. Ralph and Evan were still both angry with her for taking Lacey out of the house but she needed to have her say now.

As Charlotte entered the office, her eyes were raw from crying all night and she could feel the frostiness from them both. “Evan I am so sorry about last night but will you just let me explain.”

“Evan cut her short. “You’ve got five minutes.” He growled.

Charlotte nervously glanced at Ralph and sat down. “Lacey has told me about the debt.”

Evan glared at her. “And?”

“Evan what you did was wrong.” Charlotte’s body began to shake. “It’s no wonder she felt like a whore.”  

Ralph was not happy with her talking Evan’s business in front of him even though he already knew about the debt. “That’s none of your fucking business, I might not have known about that.” He snarled at his wife.

Charlotte turned to face him. “You think I’m dumb don’t you, of course you knew about it, you pair tell each other everything.” She snapped.

Ralph slapped her around the face. “Don’t talk to me like that!”

Charlotte held her face, she was shocked that Ralph had done that, he had never hit her before, she looked back at Evan. “Lacey told me last night she is in love with you and she didn’t want to come back here to live with a man that doesn’t love her back.” Tears streamed down her face. “And now she thinks you will go after her to pay back more losses because Racheal can’t work again.”

Evan sat straight faced but inside his heart was pounding through his chest. So Lacey was in love with him! “Did she say if she was going to leave the city?” Evan asked.

“I don’t remember.” She sniffled. “But do you know what Evan, I saw the pain in that girls face when she put the gun to her head and pulled the trigger, she looked like someone who had given up on life.”

“What!” Evan cried. “She did what?”

Charlotte nodded. “When Racheal told her that she was only your whore, I saw the look on her face and that’s when she took the gun out of her bag. I didn’t know she had it. She pulled the trigger twice at Racheal’s head then put it to her own head and pulled the trigger.” Charlotte stood up to leave. “What would have happened if there was just one bullet in that gun Evan. Would you have ever forgiven yourself for how you made her feel about herself?”

Ralph grabbed Charlotte by the arm. “Get out of here.” he bellowed, marching her towards the door.

“I’ll be your own fault if you never see her again!” She screamed as Ralph pulled her through the door.

Evan sat with his hands over his face, he could hear Ralph and Charlotte arguing in the hallway. Memories of the first night her met Lacey in the alley came flooding back to him. When she thought he was going to kill her, she thanked him. He rubbed his face and went over to the drinks cabinet, poured himself a drink and knocked it back. He threw the glass across the room in temper. He had made a mess of everything and if Lacey had harmed herself now in any way, he would never forgive himself.

Evan rang Jim and told him to go and find Lacey and bring her back home, even if she was kicking and screaming, he was to bring her back. He then rang another one of his men and told him to go to Racheal’s apartment and evict her and her sister right away and to tell them they no longer worked for him.


Jim drove to the café and parked up by the side of it and waited for Lacey. After a couple of hours, he hadn’t seen her and thought it was strange. Getting out of his car, Jim went into the cafe and asked if Lacey had been in there that day but the owner told him that no one had seen Lacey for weeks. Jim wasn’t sure if the owner was telling the truth, she may have been hiding Lacey in the flat above it.

Jim rang Evan and told him that he couldn’t find her and that no one had seen her. Within half an hour Evan was outside the café with Jim and two other men, they walked in the café and locked everyone in there with them.

Evan walked over to Margret who was standing behind the counter. “Where’s Lacey?” He growled.

Margret began to shake; she knew who Evan was. “Mr Durber, Lacey disappeared weeks ago, I don’t know where she is.”

Evan frowned. “So she’s not been in here today?”

Margret shook her head. “No she hasn’t.”

“Then you won’t mind us having a look upstairs, will you?”

Margret stood aside to let Evans men past. “Go up, you won’t find her there.”

Evan nodded to the two men who were with him. They went upstairs and tore the place apart, trying to find any trace of Lacey.

Everyone in the café were silent, Jim stood against the door and Evan paced around staring at them. One of them must know something he thought to himself.

The two men came back down; Lacey was not hiding upstairs.

Evan sat in the corner of the café for the next two hours, while the two men questioned everyone thoroughly about everything they knew about Lacey. Margret gave Evan Lacey’s sleeping bag and rucksack with all her belongings in that she had left in the café the day she had disappeared. She had kept them just in case Lacey returned for them.

Eventually when they had finished talking to everyone, all Evan found out about Lacey was that she was liked by everyone, she had a bad temper, she hung around the back of the park or the café in the day and worked most nights washing dishes in a restaurant. Her sleeping spot was usually behind the city hall with her best friend Jack who no one had seen since Lacey disappeared so they all thought that she was with him.

When Evan returned home, he spoke with Jim about when he had seen her that morning. Jim couldn’t figure out where else Lacey could be. He shook his head and sighed. “Evan, she ran towards the café last time I saw her, then I rang you, when I finished talking to you she was gone. I thought she was inside the café. She couldn’t have gone anywhere else; she was only wearing a thin summer dress and had nothing on her feet.”

“What sort of mood was she in?” Evan asked.

“She was her usual happy self, especially when she got hold of my wallet, she was laughing.”

Evan began to feel uneasy, something wasn’t right it was like Lacey had just disappeared, he wondered if the police had picked her up again. Evan rubbed his temples, the stress was building up inside him, he needed to find Lacey. He looked back at Jim. “Right go to the shops around the café area that have CCTV and ask them for it, if they won’t give it you, fucking beat it out of them.” He then rang Charles Jewel the solicitor to get in contact with a friend they had working at the police station to get him copies of any reports from when Lacey was there and to see if they had picked her up again.

When Jim left, Evan sat alone in his office, he poured himself a drink and opened the rucksack that Margret had given him. Inside were a few clothes, a toothbrush and paste, body wash and a few items of makeup. In the side pocket, he found some old photographs. Looking through them, they were pictures of Lacey and her mother. Looking at the chubby little girl with pigtails smiling next to her gaunt looking mother, bought tears to his eyes. He shook his head at the one where she looked about thirteen, standing next to her mother, wearing little denim shorts and a bikini top, she was holding a bottle of beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, she looked wasted. The last photo he came across was a recent one with four pictures on from a photo booth. It was Lacey with a man, they were laughing and pulling silly faces on three of the pictures and on the fourth they were kissing, she looked happy. A wave of jealousy swept through Evans body, he thought to himself that must be Jack who everyone had spoken about in the café and wondered if she was with him.

Later in the day the solicitor arrived with copies of the reports and told him that Lacey wasn’t being held at the station. Evan was just about to read the reports when Jim came back with four CCTV discs from shops that run along one side of the café, the other side of the café was nothing but derelict buildings which Jim had checked while he was there to see if she was hiding in them.

Evan watched all four discs on his laptop and ran them on fast forward until he saw Lacey. They all showed the same images, Lacey walking towards the café, she was counting Jim’s money and put it in her bra. She looked behind her a couple of times and as she got closer to the café, she suddenly stopped and looked down the side of it. She was talking to someone for a couple of minutes then she began to point her finger, it looked like she was arguing but they couldn’t see with who, it was the side where the CCTV couldn’t see. She put her head down and rubbed her forehead with the palm of her hand, like she was stressed, then walked down the side out of view. Evan put the disc on fast forward waiting to see her again but he didn’t. There was nothing behind the café but demolished buildings.

Evan watched one of the discs again, after he watched Lacey walk down the side of the cafe he left it on play and just stared at the screen, wondering if he had missed something. A few minutes later he noticed in the background a white car leaving the area of the demolition site. The CCTV could just see the top of the street by the derelict buildings. The car was too far away to get a licence plate and Evan couldn’t quite see what make it was. He started the disc from the beginning and saw ten minutes before Lacey got to the café, the white car drive towards the demolition site.

From the CCTV images, it looked like Lacey knew who she was talking to but why did whoever it was, stay out of sight? They must know the area and where the cameras were.

Evans heart began to pound through his chest and for the first time in his life he felt scared. Someone had got Lacey, but who was it?



Submitted: April 19, 2016

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Really omg what's going on! You gives us twists and turns!! I can see now that Evan really loves her with all his heart. Can't wait to see what happens next! Update soon!!!!

Wed, April 20th, 2016 2:19am


wow cant wait for more

Wed, April 20th, 2016 11:41pm


Great chapter! I figure either jack has her or one of the bidders. I hope it's jack instead of a bidder. But she seemed to know the person so I would think jack

Tue, June 14th, 2016 2:46pm


Thank you, now Charlotte has told Evan that Lacey loves him, he will go all out to find her now :)

Tue, June 14th, 2016 8:24am


I'm so worried about Lacey, oh the drama.

Thu, June 16th, 2016 2:07am

Amy F. Turner

All the better to lore him with I would wager. Not good. Lacey could not have completely disappeared. She's in trouble in more way than one. Great mysterious chapter.

Mon, February 20th, 2017 9:57pm


Thank you, Lacey's life is just going to go down hill for a little while now and once again she will have lost control of her own life again :)

Mon, February 20th, 2017 3:35pm


I think that was Jack... hmmm?

Fri, April 14th, 2017 12:52pm

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