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For the next week, Bella didn’t see Howard and it was driving her crazy. He was too busy planning the election campaign so there were too many people in his house for them to spend time together. Her mother was always at his house until late at night too and when she left, she would invite everyone back to the house until the early hours of the morning so there was no chance of sneaking out. Bella had bought the two mobile phones like Howard had asked her to but hadn’t had a chance to give him his.


Alone again, Bella was sitting in the dark living room with a glass of wine. Feeling irritated with the situation, she felt that everyone else was getting along happily with their lives and hers had suddenly come to a standstill.

Just after midnight, her mother returned from Howard's house with friends. Bella glared at her mother as she burst into the living room and turned the light on. “What are you doing sitting in the dark?” Myra asked surprised.

“What do you think I’m doing, having a party?” Bella sarcastically answered.

Myra frowned at her attitude and turned to her friends. “Come in, you know where the drinks cabinet is,” She beamed. “Help yourself to a drink.”

Bella watched several of her mother’s friends entered the room all in good spirits. Glancing out of the window at Howard’s house, her heart sunk, there were still several cars parked in his driveway. Standing up to leave the room, Bella refilled her glass with wine to take upstairs with her when her mother approached her with a young dark-haired man. “Bella, I’d like to introduce you to Dominic Walters the young man I was telling you about the other day.” She smiled.

Bella took a sip of her wine as she eyed the tall slim man up and down.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Bella,” Dominic smiled holding his hand out to shake her hand. “Your mother has told me so much about you.”

“You too,” Bella half smiled as she half-heartedly shook his hand.

“Well,” Myra smiled as she walked away. “I will leave you two to get to know each other.”

Bella closed her eyes and groaned; she knew her mom was trying to matchmake. “This is awkward,” she grimaced, looking at Dominic.

“Isn’t it just.” Dominic took a swig of his drink and stared at her, not knowing what to say.

Bella cleared her throat. “So, Dominic, how are you getting on with my mother?”

“Great,” Dominic slowly nodded. “She’s a nice lady.”

“Oh really, try living with her, you’d soon change your opinion of her,” She choked a little laugh. “And what do you think of Howard?”

“Howard’s a great guy,” Dominic beamed. “He’s one hell of a host, just like your mom.”

“Has everyone come here for a drink or are some still working at Howard’s?” She curiously asked.

“Everyone’s finished work for the night now, but some have stayed at Howard's to have a drink with him.” He gazed at Bella thinking how attractive she was.

Bella was pissed off; she hadn’t seen Howard for days. He could have asked everyone to leave when they’d finished their work then she could have gone over to see him. But what was making her more pissed off, was her mother watching her and Dominic from across the room.

“Bella, are you ok?” Dominic asked.

“Yes, I’m fine,” She nodded taking a bottle of wine from the rack. “Would you like to join me on the patio for a drink, it’s getting a bit stuffy in here?”

Dominic’s eyes widened, “I would love too.” He beamed eagerly following her outside.

Bella and Dominic settled on the pine garden furniture with large plush cushions on and poured themselves another drink. Dominic told Bella he was twenty-eight. His passion was law and politics, and would one day like to run for Minister for the area they lived in. Bella was impressed with how Dominic had his life planned out. He had known since he was a child what he wanted to do with his life and had stuck to the plan, whereas she hadn’t got a clue what to do with hers.

“What do you do, Bella?” Dominic tilted his head thinking she looked beautiful in the moonlight. “Do you work?”

Bella gazed across the gardens and sighed, “I don’t do anything.”

“So, you don’t work?” Dominic curiously asked.

“No, I’ve only ever done a works experience when I was at school.” Bella choked a little laugh. “And don’t ask me what I want to do in the future because I really don’t know.”

They both turned to face the house when someone called Dominic and gestured them to go to him. “Are you going to join us?” Dominic asked standing up.

“I’ll give it a miss thank you,” Bella shook her head. “You’ll only be talking about the election.”

Bella watched Dominic enter the house, she poured herself another glass of wine and smiled to herself. Talking about the works experience had brought back memories of her time she spent a week working in Howard's offices.


“No way!” Amanda stared wide-eyed at Bella. “You’re going to work at Howard Hartman’s office for the week!”

“Yes,” Bella groaned as she flopped back on her bed, “I don’t want to do my work experience in his office, but my mom’s already arranged it.”

“Why not!” Amanda gasped. “You do know when the girls at school find out, they will all be jealous of you?”

“Why on earth would they be jealous?” Bella asked feeling confused.

Amanda lay on the bed next to her. “Nearly everyone has a crush on Howard Hartman.” She giggled.

“That’s gross,” Bella stuck her fingers in her mouth pretending to make herself sick, “He’s old enough to be their father.”

“I know yeah,” Amanda gazed up at the ceiling. “To be honest, even I think he’s hot for an older guy.”

Bella stared at her friend in disbelief. She’d met Howard a few times and thought he was a nice man but didn’t see him in the same way her friends did.


It was a month before Bella’s sixteenth birthday when she began her first day at her work experience. Her mother explained that she would shadow a different worker in each department and on her last day she would spend it with Howard.

Bella found herself enjoying her works experience even though she found politics boring. On the odd occasion, she would see Howard and find herself staring at him. She was trying to see what her friends saw in him, but she couldn’t see it; she didn’t find him attractive at all. On the fourth day she was supposed to be working with her mother, but Myra was called out of the office for something important and the only person available to work with Bella that day, was Howard.

Bella enjoyed working the next two days with Howard. He always praised her and told her what a bright girl she was. But no matter how hard she tried to see what was attractive about him, she still couldn’t see what her friends saw in him.


A few days after she had finished working in Howard’s office, Bella realized that she had forgotten to ask him to write a performance report for her to take to school for her teacher. Everyone else in the office had written one for her but Howard hadn’t. Bella asked her mother if she would ask him to write one for her, but Myra was busy and told her to go across to his house and ask him herself.


When Bella knocked on Howard's front door, he didn’t answer. His car was in the driveway, so she knew he was home. Making her way to the back of the house to see if he was in the garden, Bella opened the tall wooden gate and saw Howard swimming along the length of his pool. She watched him walk up the steps to leave the pool and reach for his towel. With his head down and rubbing the towel roughly over his hair. Bella stared at his well-toned body glistening with water slowly running down his chest. His wet swimming shorts clung to him showing the shape of his thick penis.

Bella suddenly felt weird, her stomach was tickly, she couldn’t take her eyes off him.

Howard stopped rubbing his head with the towel and noticed her. “Oh hello, Bella!” he said surprised. “What can I do for you?” He asked wrapping a large white towel around the bottom half of his body.

Bella nervously swallowed and suddenly felt confused with how she was feeling. “W Will you to write a report on my performance at work last week,” she stuttered. Her hand shook as she passed him the form.

“It will be my pleasure,” He smiled taking the form from her. “Come and see me tomorrow after 2pm and I will have it ready for you.”

Bella’s heart raced as she gazed up at Howard; she realized what all the other girls were on about now. “Thank you,” she whispered.

Bella’s whole body was shaking when she returned home. Laying on her bed, rubbing her hands over her face, she couldn’t get the image of Howard in his swimming shorts out of her mind. She’d seen boys at school with their tops off, but they were nothing compared to Howard. From that moment, Bella was obsessed with everything about Howard Hartman.

Present time

“Bella are you coming in, you’re going to catch your death out there?” she heard her mother call from the patio doorway.

“Yes mother,” Bella snapped out of her thoughts and stood up to return to the house. Her heart flipped when she saw Howard talking to Dominic in the kitchen. Bella went to her handbag and took one of the small mobile phones out and returned to the kitchen. Standing close to Howard, she slipped the small black mobile into his jacket pocket as she acknowledged him. Howard said hello then continued to tell Dominic that he was leaving town in the morning to go and stay in his log cabin in Wales. He wanted to relax after a hard week’s campaigning. Bella was annoyed with Howard; she couldn’t believe he was going away for the weekend.  

Sitting in the living room on her own, Bella sulked as she watched from afar, Howard mixing with the guests. By two in the morning, her mother was in the hallway saying her goodbyes to everyone.

Howard entered the living room and sat on the sofa opposite her. “Is everything alright?” He curiously asked. “You’ve been unusually quiet tonight.”

Bella crossed her arms across her chest and coldly stared across the room at him. “I can’t believe you’re going away this weekend, I haven’t seen you for a week.”

Howard glanced across the room at the doorway to make sure there was no one about. “Have you sorted the phones out yet?”

“Yes,” Bella nodded. “Didn’t you feel me slip it in your jacket pocket?”

“No,” Howard answered patting his pocket and smiled, he could feel the small oblong shape of a mobile in it and leaned forward. “Do you want to join me for the weekend?” He quietly spoke.

Bella’s eyes widened with excitement; her heart began to race. “Of course, I do, I can tell my mother I’m going to stay at Amanda’s to help her with the wedding plans.”

“Ok, I’ll text you the postcode so you can put it in your sat nav,” Howard smiled. He was going to say something else, but Myra entered the living room with Dominic.

Bella knew why Dominic was with her mother, Myra saw him as a suitable boyfriend for her. “I’m off to bed now.” She said standing up.

“Aren’t you going to have one more drink with us?” Myra asked.

“I’m sorry but It’s getting late,” Bella pretended to yawn. “Goodnight all.” She called as she left the room.


Bella lay on her bed; her stomach was swirling with excitement as she thought about Howard. He must love her if he wants her to spend the weekend at his log cabin with him. She felt like the luckiest girl alive to be spending quality time with the man of her dreams. She planned on going into town first thing in the morning to the sex shop and buying a few more things to take with her to make it more fun.



Submitted: January 11, 2021

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For all the potential match making moms out there, this is the perfect example of what you don't do. Dominic is probably a guy that might catch Bella's attention under the right circumstances, but being served on a platter by her self serving mother is absolutely not appetizing at all. Of course, Bella is preoccupied with a totally inappropriate relationship that's going nowhere, unbeknownst to her. She can't be bothered with younger men closer to her age with potentially successful careers ahead of them.

I love this 'sex shop' thing that Bella is into. That's about the last place on Earth you would have caught me when I was eighteen. From a literary perspective, Bella can explore some different sexual avenues on her shopping visits that lead to different scenarios with Howard. It can really spice up your piece.

Most books you read actually use a date or a specific time lapse (etc..."two years earlier") to denote a flashback...I think I mentioned that earlier. You can google possible options.

I assume that Amanda will be cooperative with this scandalous plan for the weekend, but the more people who know things, the more likely those things are discovered. I'm sensing that the shit will eventually hit the fan.

I like the flashback content in the chapter, this 'enlightenment' that occurs for Bella when she sees Howard in his swimsuit. That whole scenario of her working at this office followed by her visit over to Howard's house feels genuine and believable. I sense we will be seeing more of these 'flashbacks' for the purpose of developing this pre-sexual relationship between Bella and Howard. I think that's a cool technique, slipping back in time repeatedly to give your reader a little more insight about the history and interaction between these two people. There had to be a sexual energy between them starting from the beginning because they made a pact for Howard to take her virginity, so the reader is going to be curious how that happens.

Wed, February 3rd, 2021 5:30am


Bella's definitely not interested in Dominic lol, Howard's a lot more appealing, I guess with him being more powerful too makes him more interesting.
Bella's got quite a sexually adventurous side to her from watching porn so the sex shop is intriguing to her. There is another flashback soon to when they arranged for her to give him her virginity. :)

Wed, February 3rd, 2021 8:52am

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